Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD Presents...Lights Out, Guerrilla Pin the Tail On The B-Boy Document

Tomorrow is the day for the HD Remix of the game that changed it. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD is slated to drop on XBLA and you may find very few as hype as I am for it. For me, this game represents a time in my life when things were changing. Freshman year of HS and all the stuff that goes with that. I gotta shout out my homie Andy (last name withheld) who let me cop it in trade for a favor I did that will also stay between those parties involved. But when I got this game this was all I played everyday. Learning the game was an experience and what was just as great was I shared it with people I knew and they loved it too. And then after 3 the magic of the games just faded for me. I tried to get back in the swing with later titles but it just wasn't happening. This game is an amalgam of courses from 1st 2 with some 3 content coming via DLC later on. At this juncture I'd still recommend 2X over this because it's everything 1 & 2 in a full package. Why you could never buy 2X on XBL is anybody's guess but this will suffice for those looking to get in or those looking to remember.

I played the demo for about 30 minutes this morning and I wasn't feeling it at all. Something just felt off at the time and I quite can't put my finger on it but then I went back to the demo a second time for another 30 minute session and stuff just started to click. The knowledge of my Warehouse line just came flooding back and all of a sudden I was just tearing it up like I did in the old days. It felt like I never lost a step at all. And for that I have to give myself props for not giving up so easy on the game and Robomodo for doing work and getting that much right of the formula.

What does this game get...A COP DAT SHIT/WAIT FOR DAT SALE! $15, my love for THPS and what this game is don't meet in a center where I could put that cash up and know I got my money's worth. The thing that's really holding me back on a purchase is the fact I have 2X at my disposal and with my knowledge on both games this'll hold for a week tops before I move to something else. $15 ≠ 7 Days of possible gameplay. Watching the Giant Bomb Quick Look confirmed that much by seeing what the full version has to offer. I do offer these words. For people who played the game initially and had a bad feeling playing it I'd suggest giving the game a second go like I did. You may find something redeeming like I did on my 2nd run at it. If not then hit eBay or Amazon and pick up 2X and play that instead. That may be what you're ultimately looking for. But if you find something that makes this worth the investment then hop into it then. SKATE ON, SKATE ON, SKATE ON!!!!


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