Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Cool: Black Cadillac Twerk

#TheCool back for another one as we do every week. Hope your week was as good as mine was but it happens to be time to put this one to rest as we do always. For the 2nd week in a row I don't have a lead off. Maybe I should be questioning this and maybe I shouldn't. But I think it does show what does really matter to me as far as news that should be ahead of everything else we do here. That might just be responsible journalism. Some could be better off learning that word and the many synonyms that accompany it and let that lead their work. Rant over. Pimping begin.

A special #RunDatReXXX #OnFireFriday edition of Super Mario Bros. 2 and continually special because it just so happens to be a Princess Toadstool takeover episode. I kind of drop a hint on why this happy accident occurred & the do's and don'ts of courting Princesses. Hope you learn something.

And that's all from me so let's drop in #DoaGHThaDOJO and see the awesome we've been cooking up over yonder.

Sengoku Basara X. I just love to see this game being played at a high level just because. Always an awesome game to watch.

Been a nice minute since I've seen anything of Psychic Force 2012. I'm wondering if Taito plans to port this version to anything. Would be nice since I've always had a hankering to learn the game at a high level. I could always bust out Psychic Force Complete if I really needed to.

Been dropping Chaos Code NeSiCa vids all week for some reason. I don't remember the last time I've uploaded so many matches of the game.

LOLI AWARENESS is always in #FULLEFFECTMODE so enjoy some LOVE MAX!!!!! vids!

There's always time for Under Night In-Birth! There's a loketest this weekend for EXE:Late but no vids have surfaced for it as of now but when they come I'll be there to provide them.

Imagine my surprise when I did my monthly check for when the Project Justice vids for the month and saw that they dropped a week early. I guess when you get into a habitual nature how a random twist can catch you off guard. And it's always wonderful to hear that the streets appreciate me showing this game some love!

And to close out Pimping Time w/TDG is the #SuperSecretMysteryGame from #OnFireFriday being Chaos Breaker! I've always wanted to get some matches on the channel but after my temporary brush with playing Dark Awake and learning the subtle differences between the two I figured I'd test the waters and ask the streets if they want more. And they do. So expect more Chaos Breaker really soon and more #SSMG's and returning games as well!

Now let us switch those gears for This Week In Gaming...

Killer is Dead is out next Thursday and the above would seem to be the last vids we'll see for the Japanese version of the game. I did decide I'll wait it out until it comes out here in MURICA unless something that this version of the game will do that others will not changes that.

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX has dropped its 1st trailer and it looks very nice for a game I'll have to go to a Dave & Buster's to even experience. The only thing of note here is the inclusion on Don-chan from the Taiko Drum Master series. What that means for other returning Namco characters is to be seen but just like when they announced Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games and that was the sign that Sonic was going to be in Brawl just might mean the same for Pac-Man in the upcoming game. Whether this theory pans out is to be seen but I'd put big money on it though. And a shame to hear that there won't be a Story Mode in the upcoming game seeing as I enjoyed The Subspace Emissary and hoping to see more of the same this time around.

And now for a PSA that should've been in the last installment. If you have a 3DS and not yet have Shantae, then I need to question your mental capacity. Just get it and all of WayForward's awesome crack. PLEASE, THANK YOU & YOU'RE WELCOME!!

Guilty Gear XXX or Xrd if your into calling it by the name given. Looks like very soon we'll catch our 1st glimpse of this game in action and regardless of my past dealings with ASW I'll be covering this to the best of my ability without causing trouble for myself. Pretty hype for it regardless of all that.

What else have I been up to this week? I didn't get in a lot of gaming this week because I was busy with stuff but I randomly played some Zelda 1 for some reason. I think it may be due watching a lot of it recently on Game Grumps and the no duh is that it is a game we'll be featuring it on #RunDatReXXX very soon. I didn't get back to Mega Man Unlimited like I wanted either to which I'm not a fan of but there's a big update coming which is going to fix some of the concerns I had with it initially so that's cool as well.

I finally got a chance to catch up on all my various shows and I'll say this so I can say I said it. Watch Ray Donovan. That show goes beyond hamsterdom. Just watch it. I also got a chance to catch up on Beware The Batman and even I was surprised how into the premise I was. I remember reading it a long time ago and dismissing it but I'm glad I was open enough to give it a chance. I will take time to mention that Dexter, True Blood & Burn Notice did work in their own special way. No spoilers on what work though.

On top of that there has been a whole lot of info dropping about the newest Kamen Rider...Gaimu. And as usual the only thing I'm even remotely concerned with is how will those riders translate to the next Climax Heroes game? We'll probably start getting info on that & the next Rider Generation game in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for those blowout articles on when they drop. I also got some time and sat down and watched the Go-Busters Returns movie too and it was great watch. The twist on it was exceptional and it was good to see the cast again too. #SWAGBUSTERS

In the world of manga Bleach is on a hiatus and Naruto just took it to another extreme. Expected extreme yes but extreme. I need to get back to Freezing & Highschool DxD because I've fallen way, way behind on both. And it might be time to pick up some old series I just completely fell out of for whatever reason. I really need to break that habit of just losing interest in things as quickly as I do.

We're just about done here so let us put a pretty bow on this shall we with stuff I watched on Youtube this week.

RWBY! Done by some dude named Monty Oum. Did something called Dead Fantasy if I recall. RWBY is sick and I've been in blackout for it since I've heard of it and it was worth the wait and then some. This is the 1st episode above and you'll always find the latest episode a week early on Just watch it!

DBZ Abridged. Do I need say anymore than that?

Scooby-Doo. Orpheusftw. Watch all 5 parts. Just do dat!

Thanks to J for letting me know that there was a sequel to the MK Rap Battles! Need not say anymore.

Vinesauce Corrupts...Conker's Bad Fur Day! Yep. The "corrupted" gets even more so.

After a small hiatus Bravest Warriors is back with no Catbug. The next episode makes up for this because it's a Catubug focused episode! #CATBUG!!

Giant Bomb's newest entry into the Encyclopedia Bombastica is Law of the West a Commodore64 game and features Jeff, Brad & Vinny doing what they do best. Hilarious. Hilarious. I gotta say I love how the 3 of them lately are on everything together and the stuff that comes out it has just been off the meter!

Chris Redfield rapes Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Seriously, premise of the above. Seriously!

And to send us out is an internet classic and one of my favorite remixes of the moment in question. Just hilarious!

As usual, thank you for spending a bit of time with me and my thoughts. The love is appreciated.

We'll be back next week for another installment of #TheCool. Until then!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Cool: The Gathering Of The Thousands

#TheCool in full effect as we usually are at the usual time and place!

Hope that everybody's end to end was a great as mine was but everyday is great. Even the not so great ones. MESSAGE!

In an oddity I don't have a lead story this week even with SDCC still in progress. Not really surprised in the slightest seeing as how that event skewers while in my wheelhouse I'm not as excited for the non-game announcements like I was once upon a time. Something cool happened and I probably missed it but it'll trickle down to me and y'all can say I was way late on it. The ebb and flow. The ebb and flow.

With that out of the way time for that pimping! You know you love it!

After an accidental week off we get back to the world saving of Super Mario Bros. 2 and we do the things we always do. Educate and make you laugh! We did have to tell Toad thanks for the work but the rest of the crew will handle the remainder of the lightweight.

Next episode is a special one so be sure to tune in. It might come earlier than expected though. And just to share a bit, #RunDatReXXX's next game has already been decided and prep work is going into it so it'll be something special. Trust me.

Just with everything else this week is even #DoaGHThaDOJO has been a bit slow but even with that being the case plenty of that crack is available this week including The Rumble Fish 2. Been a minute since the last time I was able to get some matches up and always a pleasure doing so.

More of this Cyberbots dope. It must be a sign that somebody wants me to see this game really bad. I really need to keep to a promise and get in the lab with the Saturn version. My dream is to have a custom Saturn stick that'll take care of all my fighting game needs for the system. Some games are very limited in the controller configuration department so trying to play them naturally can be a chore but one that's worth it for reasons. 4MB & Saturn handles 2D better than PS1 reasons!

BattleFantasia. Still delivers. I have plans for this game. Just wait and see.

Chaos Code: NEw SIgn of CAtastrophe. Get It!?

Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!! the 5 exclamation marks are important to the title or so I've heard. It's has and will be a joy to watch this game evolve. Still the need to question where's that port at? I'll wait.

And with that out of the way time for the week in gaming and man I've got the business as you so shall see. Thank You, SDCC!!

There are some things that seem inevitable but until they become tangible you always have to wonder if. Such is the case with the announcement of Soul Calibur 2 HD Online for PSN/XBLA!

SC2 is one of my favorite fighting games of all time and one that I not only spent a lot of time with but remembering those times fondly.

Just so the world knows it's #TEAMCASSIETILLISTOPBREATHING!! SC2 was the game where I chose Cassie as a main and never looked back!

After Soul Blade there was no Li Long and Maxi in SC1 wasn't doing it for me to be honest. I was more of a Xianghua/Astaroth/Cervantes player before that. After SC1, Xianghua didn't stick. I subbed Astaroth and still do, I consider Cervantes my other main however.

There was always Mitsurugi, Hwang, Siegfried & Sophitia in SB & SC1 and played them to death as well. But like I started this spiel is that Cassie has been my main since SC2 and was probably one of the best things I ever did fighting game wise.

She's a character who is exactly what I needed in that game, A RUSHDOWN EMPRESS! She's never let me down and this one of the reasons I've yet to to touch SC5. I know I need to and it'll happen in time.

As far as this game is concerned, what we do know is that the basis for the game is the PS2 version due to Heihachi's inclusion. What this means for Spawn & Necrid is to be seen and if there's a WiiU version I'd suspect Link would be the character in that version with or without Heihachi there.

No idea of cost at the moment and it's already looking to be a better deal than the XBLA version of SC1. What the final product became wasn't Namco's fault at all. That was M$ having those dumb ass restrictions on how big a game could be at the time and there was many a game that suffered because of it. This game will not suffer the same fate and I'm glad because this game deserves the business for being one of fighting game's greatest moments and accomplishments! The game is that good. Trust me!

Enjoy a picture of the ladies of SC2 outside of Sophitia & Seong Mi-Na because they're unlockable characters in the home ports.

Now all that's gotta happen now is a hybrid of OG Soul Calibur 3 & Arcade Edition! Want this so, so bad!!

Speaking of fighters that work in 3 dimensions, there's a new trailer for DoA5U which is just a huge reminder of what the game shall be bringing your way very soon.

And Rachel writing in pain as sexually as possible. GO!

Speaking of fighting game hotties what about Harley Quinn & Catwoman displaying their Ani-Comi costumes now available for all versions of Injustice. Wonder Woman also has a costume in this pack by the way. And Martian Manhunter & the John Stewart Green Lantern skin will be available on July 30th. HYPE!!!

Flip Bucket is in #FULLEFFECTMODE with our 1st look at Terry & Benimaru in action. From what's on display it would seem both characters take inspiration from their KoF '98 incarnations. No clue when they'll be playable for the regular folk not in the beta of the beta but when it does I'll let you know.

Let us take a moment and welcome back Strider Hiryu where he belongs. This Strider project has been known about for quite awhile and even rumored to be canceled. But like Girl Fight & Wander of the Dragons before it this game is real and we'll be seeing it Early 2014 on everything home console.

Been a minute since we've seen anything about Ace Attorney 5 but there's plenty here. SPOILER WARNING! Just saying.

Our 1st trailer for Sengoku Basara 4. You'll be importing this and if you don't know why then dig back in this blog about a year ago and I explain why. Past that though it would seem this is a prequel to the series so what this means for anything is very unknown but when I know then you will too.

Another The Wonderful 101 trailer talking about the Unity Powers of Wonder Red & Blue. There's no Wonder Pink in sight so I'm a sad panda. This game drops in September.

Jessica Nigiri playing the Gigolo Missions from Killer is Dead. At least there's a video in this series where you actually learn something and get to see boobs. HURRAH!!

And to end our gaming look for the week that was is a confirm that Pikmin & Olimar are back in the new Smash Bros. The thing is that Olimar isn't in Pikmin 3 at all so why not Alph, Charlie or Brittany to represent the series instead? May be alternate costumes possibly. We'll see.

As for everything else I've been deep into Mega Man Unlimited and a review/walkthrough for the blog similar to what I did for Street Fighter X Megaman when that hit is coming as well.

I hope everybody took my advice and picked up Mamorukun Curse! for PS3. Haven't got around to playing it because I've been busy but I hope to correct this this week along with getting back to Dissidia & the Destiny Odyssey Twitter Playthrough.

I really didn't watch or read anything that wasn't the usual suspects but I've yet to watch Beware The Batman and it's waiting for me to do that. There's a Ultimate Spider Man & Avengers Assemble marathon in the wings too.

I will say this much though, all my Sunday shows are going in one way or another and you'll need to take my word on that.

Bleach & Naruto have gotten a bit interesting too with Bleach's countdown to the end and this new fight currently happening in Naruto getting nuts by the page.

Worst of all I've fell off on watching Wizard & Kyoryuger and I really need to just relax and watch those to get caught up.

And with it being a slow week on all tips all I can offer you from my YouTube journey is this one video.

Beware however, what this looks to be on the outside isn't what you're truly looking for. Just have fun with it.

Done & done. Another installment of #TheCool is now a part of the annals of time.

As usual thanks for spending some time inside my head and be sure to be ready for another one next Sunday.

Until then!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Cool: Mortality Bites

#TheCool on a Monday. A rarity yes but explanations will come and a possible reason you could guess. So technically I'm not late just a bit early for next week's installment. With all the stuff that was last week there is only one story I could lead off with...

Gaming as a whole lost a great person in Giant Bomb's Ryan Davis. To be honest normally I wouldn't even care about something like this but as it has been echoed since the news dropped is that I feel like I lost a close friend. But that'll happen when you spend 5+ years with people who bring you all the news that matters to you. I didn't really know anything about Ryan before Gerstmanngate but once I discovered Giant Bomb and the way the decided to do what they do I was a fan and over time felt like I was a part of the family. When I saw the news in my Facebook feed I thought it was a joke before the realness set in and I teared up a bit because this man was a fixture in my gaming life and not to have that anymore is just a sad proposition. I think M. Bison will have to now share the Master of Tuesdays crown with Ryan because that familiar bellow when that Bombcast started will definitely be missed as well.

I do want to take the time to wish his wife, family, everybody at Giant Bomb and everyone dealing with this tragedy well as they deal with this. I'm so glad that the GB Crew did a podcast and got a chance to share their feelings about their fallen friend but even through the laughter you could hear the profound sadness that they lost a brother in arms and are dealing with it the best they can. I want to once more wish everyone well as they deal with this and coming from somebody who knows is that it'll take time to get back to a semblance of normality but it does come. Ryan Davis, you will be forever missed.

If you want to check out some of Ryan's best be sure to go over to where there is a bunch and I mean a bunch you can check out to see how awesome of a guy Ryan was! RIP DUDER!!!

Now back to positive things already in progress. The pimping will be a bit short because I've been a little busy with business so I didn't get a chance to record SMB2 but I'm planning a double up this week to catch up. But don't fear though. #DoaGHThaDOJO has been picking up the slack major this week. A lot of catch up sets due to getting lax and expect that this week as well. There is a lot crack to get down on however.

More #KoFXI to start with. 7 vids of that you know what. Still my favorite game in the series.

Chaos Code: NeSiCa. Still wondering will future ports of the game on PS3 will be based off this version?

Been a long minute since you've seen a set of Fate/Unlimited Codes. Enjoy this please. And bonus for Rin on the thumbnail. AWESOMESAUCE!

And for good measure some Daemon Bride: Additional Gain. I've since learned the OG Version is playable on PC and has been for a while now. GDSD for more information.

With the pimping done let us get to the week that was + a little Sunday & Monday for good measure!

Here's the 1st of many reasons #TheCool is doing a Monday special...ULTRA Street Fighter IV! And what it happens to be is what I thought it would be. Taking the new characters from X Tekken (Miss Poison, Hugo, Elena, Rolento & a 5th Character based of the clues could possibly be The Mayor of Earf: Mike Haggar.) and putting them into SF4 which makes a lot of sense in that Capcom isn't wasting the assets and retooling them which we've known was possible since the PC version of X Tekken with the Rolento example port/mod. ULTRA as it stands is more than that. Another rebalance for the game, new game modes and new costumes as well. Now the way to ULTRA is a real simple one. Any version of SUPER can upgrade to this version for $15 or if you want every costume (except for I think the Vanilla ones) you can buy the disc version for $40 which is the choice I'm going with because I never committed to buying AE at all. This also depends on if I still want to pick up the SF 25th Anniversary Set when it bottoms out in price which I will when that price is right. The game is slated for early 2014 so this what may bring me back to the series since I just dropped it when AE came knocking.

The 2nd of many reasons is the confirmation that J'onn J'onzz AKA The Martian Manhunter is leaving his post on The Watchtower stage to get in on some of this kick ass ass kicking action. And joining him is another John of the Stewart variety AKA Black Green Lantern. The John Stewart inclusion is proof that The Arrow skin is something that works and could be a way to keep pumping content into the game. The one thing I wanted and hoped for is to do a real Batman Beyond skin and pull Will Friedle back for the one time seeing as he's my favorite Batman for reasons. GDSD and you'll see why. No date when either DLC will drop but when it does I'll let you know.

Still in the realm of fighters we have our first trailer for Phantom Breaker: Extra. Now we know this isn't a port of AC at all but a very big update with new characters and the best part it is hitting the PS3 along with the 360. With the port of the 1st never coming to MURICA this version having a region free option is wonderful for more people to get their hands on it and give it a fair shake. No release date as of yet but when I get it so shall you.

Welcome back to San Andreas, I'm TDG from Grove Street! I don't even know if Grove Street is even in the game but this is our first real look at GTA5 and damn it is amazing to see. I do have to bring this up because I've heard it from multiple people. The question of this game appearing on a next-gen platform. Should you wait and see if it will or enjoy this and let Watch_Dogs be that game? Not really sure on the matter but as a fan of the series I'm on it where ever I can get it. Also, still salty about never getting a San Andreas Stories game? Why Rockstar Why?

Speaking of games with questions how about some time with the most confusing plot in all of video games...Kingdom Hearts! This trailer is nothing but an introduction to the important characters in the universe and some other things as well. Still due in September.

In our current focus on Square Enix and HD products then taking a look at this trailer that compares the OG PS2 Version with the HD Remaster is something to see. Improvements all around and looking as beautiful as it can be. The thing is that the news this week was there's a possibility that the Last Mission content from X-2 International may not be included. Depending on who you ask this is either nothing or a big deal. I sit on the big deal side of the fence because I really want to experience this with an English dub. Hedy Burress, Tara Strong & Gwendoline Yeo are awesome as YRP and I'm a huge fan of their performance in X-2 and it would be a shame not to have this epilogue available because it was the reason I was excited for the collection in the first place. I'll still buy it regardless of decision of inclusion but would be a shame if it wasn't. And Bare Dresssphere. GDSD!

I never knew ending on the notion of telling you to research the Bare Dresssphere would be the perfect segue into another episode of Killer is Dead TV! More of Nigiri & hot friends doing hot friend stuff. I always got you!

With Dragon's Crown set to drop next week in J-Pantsu here's the be all trailer for it. Even if you can't quite understand what's going on just look at the pretty pictures and let them guide you. I'll be doing something for the US release for the game so be ready for that.

And to end this extended look at this week in gaming I figured a PSA was in order. The game above is Mamorukun Curse! I need you to buy this for reasons. Reasons such as the SHMUP genre isn't very represented on PS3 as it should be. Games like this don't get localized every day so supporting one is a good thing. Supporting a game like this not only helps fans of said genre but you as well for the fact that the next game to get localized could be a game you want. Game's $20 and comes out tomorrow on PSN so be sure to get it. Please & Thank You!

On to the rest of it all. Still marching hard on Dissidia. You can follow my Destiny Odyssey exploits on Twitter @ReXXXSoprano as I beat one and share the moral of it.

Shouts to Curleh Mustache West Coast Deuce & #EVO2013 for bringing the heat to my week. I still haven't watched all of either but what I have has been amazing. Yipes can get the best of best together and let them go tit for tat. And EVO takes that to another level with all the international competition. I have to say a lot of what I got to see from both events had me on the edge of my seat and so hype. Just a reminder why I love fighting games the way I do. I'll have my full rundown on the next installment if I can get through all this content in that time frame.

Because of the business I had to handle all I can really talk about is Bleach, Naruto and what happened last week on my favorite shows and not what happened last night. The mangas are all about rebirth in its various forms. And the dramas were all about revelations, big and small. You know I'm not one for spoilers go watch it if you haven't. I'm about to hit up the new episodes as soon as were done here.

And before we part ways time for my favorite videos from around the interwebs.

Forgot to drop this last week but a new episode of Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series. If you want to watch the episodes before they hit YouTube then be sure to drop by THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE!

A new Botchamania that was actually on YouTube long enough to feature it in this section. POP BOTTLES!!! And just as with the above you can always watch these on THE OFFICIAL WEBISTE where they will always be available. JESUS!!! FAKKIN BULLSHIT!!! WE COMIN FO U NIGGA!!!

Jake Whyman's 1st foray into Neo Game Grumps with a moment from their Mega Man 2 playthrough. I will come out and say I really enjoy Arin & Danny's banter. I'm glad I didn't knee jerk the change and gave it a chance. Jon will be missed and I hope comes back for some special episodes of Grumps.

DashieXP's back with a new MK episode and you know it goes straight hamsterdom! So watch and enjoy.

And to see us out on this Monday Special Edition is of course desk with a mystery combo video. You can tell what it is by the thumbnail but there is some great stuff on display so please enjoy and learn from it.

I'm done. I have Money in the Bank, Dexter, Ray Donovan, True Blood and a host of YouTube vids that need my attention! Not to mention vids to record and #DoaGHThaDOJO to update! #TheCool will be back at its usual time slot on Sunday ready to show you your week my way! Have a good week and until the next time!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Cool: 237 Equals Freedom, Family & Food

The final day of Freedom Day Weekend and The Cool is right back at you. If you're like me at this point that food from Thursday is gone and now you have to go back to the other stuff in the fridge. I feel your pain. At least this can give you a reprieve from thinking about it if only for a little while. I do have to say I've been enjoying myself this weekend. Been kicking it with a lot of fam, eating good and learning I really like the combo if Hpnotiq + Lemonade (For ages 21 & Over). I do hope you've had just as much fun as I have and hope that continues for this week to come. Now that I've said all that sappy stuff let's get to the fun part.

More of that SMB2 because that's what the streets love. We tackle the desert this time around and things happen. Special things. Just watch.

Another foray into Smash Town featuring Ash & Rob who really enjoy the fact that they have content on YouTube. And JOTKING who's just here. #GORILLABEARSLUGRESURRECTION!!

#DoaGHThaDOJO has been putting in that work too. I've been dropping heavy, mainly for catch up purposes because I've been falling a bit behind but I was able to get the usual suspects updated and I was also able to find some special stuff to spotlight.

On the last installment of #TheCool, I said I had a surprise for the streets and Cyberbots was that. This game has always been a favorite of mine and I'm glad the streets are loving it too. So if I see it I'll upload it because I know you want it.

1st of the month always means some new Project Justice matches. I won't say what needs to be said because it has already been said.

BattleFantasia. BATTLEFANTASIA!!

It's always a pleasure to bring and to view some good Sengoku Basara X matches. There aren't many but when some come to me I'm always hyped to see the game on display.

I'll be back to usual motion for the week coming and I'll see if I can pull something special out of my hat for you guys. And now, your week in gaming!

These pictures are here for reasons other than they are here. But since they are lets talk DoA5U because there is plenty to talk about. Those wonderful pictures of Hitomi, Sarah & Helena are 3 of the costumes for the CE for DoA5U. I have no clue how this fares for MURICA but I'd be sure we'd get these somehow. And something about DoA5U making its way back to the arcades since DoA2 Millennium Edition a long, long, long time ago. I don't know what that means at all at this time but when I do I shall let you know.

Let us take the time to talk Injustice & General Zod who you should kneel for or something like that. Got a chance to play Zod for a brief second and he's exactly I'd thought he'd be and more...A BEAST!! I'm just feeling his style. He's like grimy Superman who can control the Phantom Zone and from what I've seen since I played he's broken as all get out. Worse than Scorpion X Pig if you let some people tell it. The one thing I'm happy about is that now the game is going back to having some secrets with more DLC on the way. Martian Manhunter is the gimme but anybody else that finds their way will hopefully stay a secret until NRS wants to reveal it.

Speaking of DLC it would seem that Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is getting some as well. Adding Dragon Sage Kabuto and some other stuff as well. You'll able to either download the DLC when it drops for the current game or buy the new version which will have all the previous DLC and the new stuff too. Good to see this game get this kind of support.

On the continued quest to make sure you learn nothing whatsoever about Killer Is Dead is there is a new episode of KiDTV in which they talk about DLC and I can also confirm that MURICA is getting this DLC as well with the 1st shipment of Killer Is Dead when it drops sometime in August.

I'm still deciding do I want to wait for it to come out here or do I do what I ended up doing with Lollipop Chainsaw and getting the Japanese Premium Edition? If you 1 of the billion people who hasn't played Lollipop Chainsaw and own a PS3 I suggest getting the Valentines Day Premium Edition because it has all the DLC with none of the Gamestop fun & games to get it, region free of course, choice of gore & rainbows and unlike the other version has Dual Audio & Language depending on what language your PS3 is set to. Don't worry I triple dipped. Both Japanese Premium Editions & MURICA 360 version. Doing my part to support awesome straight from Suda 51!

Continuing the string of awesome is more footage of JJBA: All-Star Battle from the CPU League being ran. Plenty of matches to watch here. Game is due in Japan on August 29th.

Drag-On Dragoon 3. Never in this life did I think I'd utter those words. This is happening and I'm hyped! Might be time for a run back of both Drakengard games. No clue if Square Enix is bringing this to MURICA but I can only hope that they are. And maybe they can sneak in a localization of NieR Replicant!

As for what I gamed on this week, if you fast forward to Friday evening I picked Dissidia back up. Not Duodecim. Not Prologus. But plain old Dissidia! This game and I have a sordid history. Broken PSP, lost memory sticks, corrupted saves and even reviews that were due 4 years ago. I've been told I should just drop it for Duodecim for spoiler reasons but I'm determined to beat it and review it. This is something that needs to be done to ease myself and prove I can continue to knock by backlog down. All I really want to do at this point is see the game to the end and I'll leave my OCD nature for Duodecim. No way am I building another Cloud to beat up Level 85 Zidane to get Thief Gloves or that Ultros Tina Friend Card for the Delicious Fish accessory set again. We'll see how long this love affair lasts before I drop it again for an obscene amount of time.

Because it was a holiday week not a lot popped of but what did was amazing. Dexter went to a place I'd never thought it would and maybe why I'll be watching it live and recording True Blood to watch after Ray Donovan which also did work. Looks like my Sunday Nights for now are nice and full of stuff to watch.

Naruto & Bleach do what they do every week and that's continue to confuse me. At least Naruto is moving a bit forward and that has some promise for a something solid to read. I need to get back to reading Freezing & Highschool DxD because I'm just overdue on reading them is all.

Haven't seen the last couple of episodes of Kyoryuger & Wizard just due to not having the time to just watch them. I did however sit down and watch Kamen Rider X Kamen Rider Movie War Ultimatum Director's Cut and that was really good. Nice to see the Fourze crew get some closure and the twist of the movie was really good yet surprising.

Burn Notice will be back this week and I'm hyped to see where it is the show goes in my hopes for a good end to it all.

It is almost time to say goodbye but before we do that how about some coolness straight from YouTube.

I want to take the time to highlight this video so I can say something. Shouts to the little homie Treezy who's putting in work and has been doing just that for a nice minute. According to him that little piece on Street Fighter EX I did so long ago inspired this playthrough of EX Plus α. Just like I told him and I'll say it once more to emphasize my point. Seeing stuff like this is what drives me to do what I do. Differences no matter the size are still differences. It's what I've come to believe over the years and knowing that I can make one matters to me. So when I do, I do to make a difference and hope the ones I help make will help create true change.

You can check Treezy and all his work on his YouTube Channel. Lots of classics and lesser known games over there so be sure to take a look and see what's popping that way and show him some love!

I've been meaning to feature this video for the last couple of weeks and now that I've remembered to do that here it is. If you ever wanted to know the inspirations and see all the colors for Skullgirls then this video is for you. A bit lengthy but very informative on the subject. I'll take the time to thank margherita0141 for the work done on this and the other videos that are on that page as well. You should watch those for yourself. You really should do that.

And to close it out, crazy dude allegedly on bath salts. I shouldn't have laughed but couldn't help it. Kids, don't do drugs. This is a reminder of why.

This right here is where we part ways until the next time. So have a great week and I'll catch you back here next week for another installment of #TheCool!

-Triple Da G.O.D!