Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Cool: Black Cadillac Twerk

#TheCool back for another one as we do every week. Hope your week was as good as mine was but it happens to be time to put this one to rest as we do always. For the 2nd week in a row I don't have a lead off. Maybe I should be questioning this and maybe I shouldn't. But I think it does show what does really matter to me as far as news that should be ahead of everything else we do here. That might just be responsible journalism. Some could be better off learning that word and the many synonyms that accompany it and let that lead their work. Rant over. Pimping begin.

A special #RunDatReXXX #OnFireFriday edition of Super Mario Bros. 2 and continually special because it just so happens to be a Princess Toadstool takeover episode. I kind of drop a hint on why this happy accident occurred & the do's and don'ts of courting Princesses. Hope you learn something.

And that's all from me so let's drop in #DoaGHThaDOJO and see the awesome we've been cooking up over yonder.

Sengoku Basara X. I just love to see this game being played at a high level just because. Always an awesome game to watch.

Been a nice minute since I've seen anything of Psychic Force 2012. I'm wondering if Taito plans to port this version to anything. Would be nice since I've always had a hankering to learn the game at a high level. I could always bust out Psychic Force Complete if I really needed to.

Been dropping Chaos Code NeSiCa vids all week for some reason. I don't remember the last time I've uploaded so many matches of the game.

LOLI AWARENESS is always in #FULLEFFECTMODE so enjoy some LOVE MAX!!!!! vids!

There's always time for Under Night In-Birth! There's a loketest this weekend for EXE:Late but no vids have surfaced for it as of now but when they come I'll be there to provide them.

Imagine my surprise when I did my monthly check for when the Project Justice vids for the month and saw that they dropped a week early. I guess when you get into a habitual nature how a random twist can catch you off guard. And it's always wonderful to hear that the streets appreciate me showing this game some love!

And to close out Pimping Time w/TDG is the #SuperSecretMysteryGame from #OnFireFriday being Chaos Breaker! I've always wanted to get some matches on the channel but after my temporary brush with playing Dark Awake and learning the subtle differences between the two I figured I'd test the waters and ask the streets if they want more. And they do. So expect more Chaos Breaker really soon and more #SSMG's and returning games as well!

Now let us switch those gears for This Week In Gaming...

Killer is Dead is out next Thursday and the above would seem to be the last vids we'll see for the Japanese version of the game. I did decide I'll wait it out until it comes out here in MURICA unless something that this version of the game will do that others will not changes that.

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX has dropped its 1st trailer and it looks very nice for a game I'll have to go to a Dave & Buster's to even experience. The only thing of note here is the inclusion on Don-chan from the Taiko Drum Master series. What that means for other returning Namco characters is to be seen but just like when they announced Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games and that was the sign that Sonic was going to be in Brawl just might mean the same for Pac-Man in the upcoming game. Whether this theory pans out is to be seen but I'd put big money on it though. And a shame to hear that there won't be a Story Mode in the upcoming game seeing as I enjoyed The Subspace Emissary and hoping to see more of the same this time around.

And now for a PSA that should've been in the last installment. If you have a 3DS and not yet have Shantae, then I need to question your mental capacity. Just get it and all of WayForward's awesome crack. PLEASE, THANK YOU & YOU'RE WELCOME!!

Guilty Gear XXX or Xrd if your into calling it by the name given. Looks like very soon we'll catch our 1st glimpse of this game in action and regardless of my past dealings with ASW I'll be covering this to the best of my ability without causing trouble for myself. Pretty hype for it regardless of all that.

What else have I been up to this week? I didn't get in a lot of gaming this week because I was busy with stuff but I randomly played some Zelda 1 for some reason. I think it may be due watching a lot of it recently on Game Grumps and the no duh is that it is a game we'll be featuring it on #RunDatReXXX very soon. I didn't get back to Mega Man Unlimited like I wanted either to which I'm not a fan of but there's a big update coming which is going to fix some of the concerns I had with it initially so that's cool as well.

I finally got a chance to catch up on all my various shows and I'll say this so I can say I said it. Watch Ray Donovan. That show goes beyond hamsterdom. Just watch it. I also got a chance to catch up on Beware The Batman and even I was surprised how into the premise I was. I remember reading it a long time ago and dismissing it but I'm glad I was open enough to give it a chance. I will take time to mention that Dexter, True Blood & Burn Notice did work in their own special way. No spoilers on what work though.

On top of that there has been a whole lot of info dropping about the newest Kamen Rider...Gaimu. And as usual the only thing I'm even remotely concerned with is how will those riders translate to the next Climax Heroes game? We'll probably start getting info on that & the next Rider Generation game in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for those blowout articles on when they drop. I also got some time and sat down and watched the Go-Busters Returns movie too and it was great watch. The twist on it was exceptional and it was good to see the cast again too. #SWAGBUSTERS

In the world of manga Bleach is on a hiatus and Naruto just took it to another extreme. Expected extreme yes but extreme. I need to get back to Freezing & Highschool DxD because I've fallen way, way behind on both. And it might be time to pick up some old series I just completely fell out of for whatever reason. I really need to break that habit of just losing interest in things as quickly as I do.

We're just about done here so let us put a pretty bow on this shall we with stuff I watched on Youtube this week.

RWBY! Done by some dude named Monty Oum. Did something called Dead Fantasy if I recall. RWBY is sick and I've been in blackout for it since I've heard of it and it was worth the wait and then some. This is the 1st episode above and you'll always find the latest episode a week early on Just watch it!

DBZ Abridged. Do I need say anymore than that?

Scooby-Doo. Orpheusftw. Watch all 5 parts. Just do dat!

Thanks to J for letting me know that there was a sequel to the MK Rap Battles! Need not say anymore.

Vinesauce Corrupts...Conker's Bad Fur Day! Yep. The "corrupted" gets even more so.

After a small hiatus Bravest Warriors is back with no Catbug. The next episode makes up for this because it's a Catubug focused episode! #CATBUG!!

Giant Bomb's newest entry into the Encyclopedia Bombastica is Law of the West a Commodore64 game and features Jeff, Brad & Vinny doing what they do best. Hilarious. Hilarious. I gotta say I love how the 3 of them lately are on everything together and the stuff that comes out it has just been off the meter!

Chris Redfield rapes Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Seriously, premise of the above. Seriously!

And to send us out is an internet classic and one of my favorite remixes of the moment in question. Just hilarious!

As usual, thank you for spending a bit of time with me and my thoughts. The love is appreciated.

We'll be back next week for another installment of #TheCool. Until then!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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