Monday, July 15, 2013

The Cool: Mortality Bites

#TheCool on a Monday. A rarity yes but explanations will come and a possible reason you could guess. So technically I'm not late just a bit early for next week's installment. With all the stuff that was last week there is only one story I could lead off with...

Gaming as a whole lost a great person in Giant Bomb's Ryan Davis. To be honest normally I wouldn't even care about something like this but as it has been echoed since the news dropped is that I feel like I lost a close friend. But that'll happen when you spend 5+ years with people who bring you all the news that matters to you. I didn't really know anything about Ryan before Gerstmanngate but once I discovered Giant Bomb and the way the decided to do what they do I was a fan and over time felt like I was a part of the family. When I saw the news in my Facebook feed I thought it was a joke before the realness set in and I teared up a bit because this man was a fixture in my gaming life and not to have that anymore is just a sad proposition. I think M. Bison will have to now share the Master of Tuesdays crown with Ryan because that familiar bellow when that Bombcast started will definitely be missed as well.

I do want to take the time to wish his wife, family, everybody at Giant Bomb and everyone dealing with this tragedy well as they deal with this. I'm so glad that the GB Crew did a podcast and got a chance to share their feelings about their fallen friend but even through the laughter you could hear the profound sadness that they lost a brother in arms and are dealing with it the best they can. I want to once more wish everyone well as they deal with this and coming from somebody who knows is that it'll take time to get back to a semblance of normality but it does come. Ryan Davis, you will be forever missed.

If you want to check out some of Ryan's best be sure to go over to where there is a bunch and I mean a bunch you can check out to see how awesome of a guy Ryan was! RIP DUDER!!!

Now back to positive things already in progress. The pimping will be a bit short because I've been a little busy with business so I didn't get a chance to record SMB2 but I'm planning a double up this week to catch up. But don't fear though. #DoaGHThaDOJO has been picking up the slack major this week. A lot of catch up sets due to getting lax and expect that this week as well. There is a lot crack to get down on however.

More #KoFXI to start with. 7 vids of that you know what. Still my favorite game in the series.

Chaos Code: NeSiCa. Still wondering will future ports of the game on PS3 will be based off this version?

Been a long minute since you've seen a set of Fate/Unlimited Codes. Enjoy this please. And bonus for Rin on the thumbnail. AWESOMESAUCE!

And for good measure some Daemon Bride: Additional Gain. I've since learned the OG Version is playable on PC and has been for a while now. GDSD for more information.

With the pimping done let us get to the week that was + a little Sunday & Monday for good measure!

Here's the 1st of many reasons #TheCool is doing a Monday special...ULTRA Street Fighter IV! And what it happens to be is what I thought it would be. Taking the new characters from X Tekken (Miss Poison, Hugo, Elena, Rolento & a 5th Character based of the clues could possibly be The Mayor of Earf: Mike Haggar.) and putting them into SF4 which makes a lot of sense in that Capcom isn't wasting the assets and retooling them which we've known was possible since the PC version of X Tekken with the Rolento example port/mod. ULTRA as it stands is more than that. Another rebalance for the game, new game modes and new costumes as well. Now the way to ULTRA is a real simple one. Any version of SUPER can upgrade to this version for $15 or if you want every costume (except for I think the Vanilla ones) you can buy the disc version for $40 which is the choice I'm going with because I never committed to buying AE at all. This also depends on if I still want to pick up the SF 25th Anniversary Set when it bottoms out in price which I will when that price is right. The game is slated for early 2014 so this what may bring me back to the series since I just dropped it when AE came knocking.

The 2nd of many reasons is the confirmation that J'onn J'onzz AKA The Martian Manhunter is leaving his post on The Watchtower stage to get in on some of this kick ass ass kicking action. And joining him is another John of the Stewart variety AKA Black Green Lantern. The John Stewart inclusion is proof that The Arrow skin is something that works and could be a way to keep pumping content into the game. The one thing I wanted and hoped for is to do a real Batman Beyond skin and pull Will Friedle back for the one time seeing as he's my favorite Batman for reasons. GDSD and you'll see why. No date when either DLC will drop but when it does I'll let you know.

Still in the realm of fighters we have our first trailer for Phantom Breaker: Extra. Now we know this isn't a port of AC at all but a very big update with new characters and the best part it is hitting the PS3 along with the 360. With the port of the 1st never coming to MURICA this version having a region free option is wonderful for more people to get their hands on it and give it a fair shake. No release date as of yet but when I get it so shall you.

Welcome back to San Andreas, I'm TDG from Grove Street! I don't even know if Grove Street is even in the game but this is our first real look at GTA5 and damn it is amazing to see. I do have to bring this up because I've heard it from multiple people. The question of this game appearing on a next-gen platform. Should you wait and see if it will or enjoy this and let Watch_Dogs be that game? Not really sure on the matter but as a fan of the series I'm on it where ever I can get it. Also, still salty about never getting a San Andreas Stories game? Why Rockstar Why?

Speaking of games with questions how about some time with the most confusing plot in all of video games...Kingdom Hearts! This trailer is nothing but an introduction to the important characters in the universe and some other things as well. Still due in September.

In our current focus on Square Enix and HD products then taking a look at this trailer that compares the OG PS2 Version with the HD Remaster is something to see. Improvements all around and looking as beautiful as it can be. The thing is that the news this week was there's a possibility that the Last Mission content from X-2 International may not be included. Depending on who you ask this is either nothing or a big deal. I sit on the big deal side of the fence because I really want to experience this with an English dub. Hedy Burress, Tara Strong & Gwendoline Yeo are awesome as YRP and I'm a huge fan of their performance in X-2 and it would be a shame not to have this epilogue available because it was the reason I was excited for the collection in the first place. I'll still buy it regardless of decision of inclusion but would be a shame if it wasn't. And Bare Dresssphere. GDSD!

I never knew ending on the notion of telling you to research the Bare Dresssphere would be the perfect segue into another episode of Killer is Dead TV! More of Nigiri & hot friends doing hot friend stuff. I always got you!

With Dragon's Crown set to drop next week in J-Pantsu here's the be all trailer for it. Even if you can't quite understand what's going on just look at the pretty pictures and let them guide you. I'll be doing something for the US release for the game so be ready for that.

And to end this extended look at this week in gaming I figured a PSA was in order. The game above is Mamorukun Curse! I need you to buy this for reasons. Reasons such as the SHMUP genre isn't very represented on PS3 as it should be. Games like this don't get localized every day so supporting one is a good thing. Supporting a game like this not only helps fans of said genre but you as well for the fact that the next game to get localized could be a game you want. Game's $20 and comes out tomorrow on PSN so be sure to get it. Please & Thank You!

On to the rest of it all. Still marching hard on Dissidia. You can follow my Destiny Odyssey exploits on Twitter @ReXXXSoprano as I beat one and share the moral of it.

Shouts to Curleh Mustache West Coast Deuce & #EVO2013 for bringing the heat to my week. I still haven't watched all of either but what I have has been amazing. Yipes can get the best of best together and let them go tit for tat. And EVO takes that to another level with all the international competition. I have to say a lot of what I got to see from both events had me on the edge of my seat and so hype. Just a reminder why I love fighting games the way I do. I'll have my full rundown on the next installment if I can get through all this content in that time frame.

Because of the business I had to handle all I can really talk about is Bleach, Naruto and what happened last week on my favorite shows and not what happened last night. The mangas are all about rebirth in its various forms. And the dramas were all about revelations, big and small. You know I'm not one for spoilers go watch it if you haven't. I'm about to hit up the new episodes as soon as were done here.

And before we part ways time for my favorite videos from around the interwebs.

Forgot to drop this last week but a new episode of Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series. If you want to watch the episodes before they hit YouTube then be sure to drop by THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE!

A new Botchamania that was actually on YouTube long enough to feature it in this section. POP BOTTLES!!! And just as with the above you can always watch these on THE OFFICIAL WEBISTE where they will always be available. JESUS!!! FAKKIN BULLSHIT!!! WE COMIN FO U NIGGA!!!

Jake Whyman's 1st foray into Neo Game Grumps with a moment from their Mega Man 2 playthrough. I will come out and say I really enjoy Arin & Danny's banter. I'm glad I didn't knee jerk the change and gave it a chance. Jon will be missed and I hope comes back for some special episodes of Grumps.

DashieXP's back with a new MK episode and you know it goes straight hamsterdom! So watch and enjoy.

And to see us out on this Monday Special Edition is of course desk with a mystery combo video. You can tell what it is by the thumbnail but there is some great stuff on display so please enjoy and learn from it.

I'm done. I have Money in the Bank, Dexter, Ray Donovan, True Blood and a host of YouTube vids that need my attention! Not to mention vids to record and #DoaGHThaDOJO to update! #TheCool will be back at its usual time slot on Sunday ready to show you your week my way! Have a good week and until the next time!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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