Thursday, August 29, 2013

DoaBH Review Edition: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle (PS3)

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle is a game created to celebrate of 25 years of just pure awesome from the mind of Hirohiko Araki. And as a fan I can confirm that this game delivers on that and so much more. Here's the thing though. Knowing that this game takes a heavy inspiration from a game that 15 years ago struck a wonderful balance between fighter & fan service is that in trade for what this delivers for fans is that some of that balance between the two had to be compromised in order to make it all work. There are a lot of fan service decisions that will keep this from becoming competitive in that way. However, the game does have enough fighter within it to have dichotomy at a high level if one wishes to explore it that way.

This is no different then when Climax Heroes comes around every year. My coverage of that series has helped me to understand that when it comes to games such as these that there's a huge gap between those in it for the fan service versus those here for a competent fighter. The telling truth is that those 2 groups don't they meet in the middle quite that often and from the reaction that this game has gotten has proven that much to be true. Looking at what I've seen & heard is that I honestly think the reason for this is because that some were looking for something that the game because of its fan service focus couldn't deliver upon in the way that they wanted. It has to be remembered and understood that this game and others like it are created to be as faithful to their source material as possible first to please the fans with everything else falling into place around that and in cases such as these that the aim and focus does show when put under the microscope for dichotomy. It doesn't however take away from the aim of the product which in this case is to celebrate this milestone and deliver an interactive experience for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in which it delivers in all the ways that a game like it should for fans of the franchise.

The only question that may need to be answered for non-fans is "With all the fan service this game provide is this a game that I can enjoy as well?" The answer is yes & no in the context of this game is fun and enjoyable for those with no previous knowledge of the series. However, you'll get a lot more out of your experience by having some familiarity with it. I do want to make sure to emphasize that this game isn't a substitute or a shortcut into the series and shouldn't be used as such. I suggest if you like what you see and want to know more then reading the manga or watching the recent anime that covered the 1st 2 parts of the series (Phantom Blood & Battle Tendency) serve that purpose a lot better than this game can alone. This isn't a fault of the game for the fact that this is a game created for the fans who are already familiar with the series first for the purpose of remembering & reenacting those moments and not necessarily for introducing those moments to the unfamiliar. The game however does a great job of telling those stories the best it can but a lot of the impact and plot is lost for someone new to the series because of how the story is told within the confines that the game has to work with. 

Like I've said before and I'll do it again to drive the point home is that this game delivers for fans in ways that few games actually get a chance to do. It is deserving of all the praise that it has received (40/40 CLUB!!!) and notes need to be taken as to how games such as these should be done. CyberConnect2 has delivered once again as they continue to create quality titles for everyone to enjoy. There's a huge part of me after playing this game that knows it wants something Sailor Moon from CC2 since the anime is coming back. I know that if given the chance that they could deliver the goods on that front and others as well. NamcoBandai would do well in keeping this in mind.

I did my best here to not share too much of what this game does so well because it needs to be experienced. So many things to do and see for everyone, fan or not. I really hope even with the DLC  coming that this isn't the last we see of All-Star Battle. Even with all it delivers is that there is so much promise for this series in the future. I would love nothing more for this game to become Dragon Ball or Naruto to the extent of how much those franchises have evolved over the years in the video game medium in telling those stories and even creating new ones too. As a fan I hope that the possibilities don't go to waste and we see even more. Also I hope non-fans as well get a good look and get hooked in to one of the coolest stories ever. Heritage for the Future is what sparked my love for this story, world and characters and I think All-Star Battle will do the same for others too.

This game is on my short list of Game of the Year and it earned its way on that list being what it is and not deviating from that. I know I'll be playing it for a long time to come and you can definitely expect some content from me once I'm able to explore the game a bit more intimately and really understand it at a high level.

I think now would be a good time to get your hands on this game seeing as there are plenty of ways of doing so. Wouldn't be the worst suggestion I've ever put out there.

 -Triple Da G.O.D!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Cool: Triple H Buried Divekick For You

#TheCool back up in it on Sunday as usual a lot of stuff happened as it usually does and we'll talk about it all more or less. Emphasis on less because if you've been reading #TheCool this long then you know the skew on the news we actually cover is just that, very skewed. I'd like to cover other stuff but it's either to depressing or boring to drudge it up because we like to keep it fun and loose here and that's what I aim for every week as I get this out to you.

There isn't a top story but it might've been if I actually cared about GamesCom and the news from it. Can't say I'm not even in a next-gen mood at the moment so knowing when the Quadruple will come out is lost on me. All the games while very shiny and pretty lead back to Point One because I won't be playing them Day 1 anyway. I don't want this to come off as I'm not paying attention. It's more like my energy is better spent in that arena elsewhere. So hurray for next-gen and I'll join you when I can afford the habit.

With those thoughts out there before we get into PT & the what we do is I want to say RIP to Lee Thompson Young AKA Jett Jackson AKA Silverstone. Caught me by surprise when I heard the news. Never heard about him having any issues or anything of the like so hearing that made me pause a bit. Thoughts and prayers with his family and friends right now.

So to lighten the mood here's It's Not What You Think By Youngstown featuring Lee Thompson Young. Memories. One day we might actually talk about them.

So from that we get into PT and I actually did something for a change. I reviewed Divekick. Like I said in the review it took a lot to not be a hypocrite and actually play and ultimately review the game. Read the review HERE for all that unbiased insight about it.

And as usual #DoaGHThaDOJO has been putting in the work that we always do.

This week...Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!!, Chaos Breaker, Project Justice, The Rumble Fish 2, Chaos Code NeSiCa and...

Saturday's #SuperSecretMysteryGame in Samurai Shodown Sen. To be honest I haven't played a lot of Sen but after watching this set I know at a minimum I need to check it out for myself and get a #TripleDaGodExplainsItAll episode out about it. It reminds me a lot of  Maximum Impact 1 where you can see where they're trying to go but just needs some refinements here and there. If at some point this series gets a Regulation A level game (still 2nd best KoF game ever by the way) from the SS series then that could be something magical. While SNK has dudes from Australia fixing their netcode for a PC game that isn't even on my radar could somebody pass the message to M2 that the NeoGeo Hyper 64 games need to live on somehow and to get SNK to put Regulation A on something I don't have to modify or hack to play. #BasedSNKPlsPlox #BasedM2PlsPlox. Or I need to get a new computer and play SS64-2 & Buruki One on MAME and never complain. Either or.

With PT in the books time to get to This Week In Gaming.

And I see no better place to start than The Wonderful 101 which is out everywhere but the place that matters. That's MURICA if you're keeping score. However, the Platinum Games blog introduced us to Wonder Yellow, Wonder White & Wonder Black this week and all they bring to the table. Click their links if you wish to read the blog post that accompany the videos in question.

And if you want a deeper look into the game then I definately suggest reading Part 1 & Part 2 of Iwata Asks featuring Kamiya-san and other members of the development team for the game. Great reads I do have to say. Click the links to find your way there.

I don't have a segue into this and I won't try to even attempt one. The Binding of Issac: Rebirth is coming and it's going to be sick. That is all.

You've already seen this once but the last 20 seconds confirms Yusuke & Gon. With TGS coming we'll be getting some gameplay footage and new trailer then.

Which brings us to a new trailer for Girl Fight that introduces Daisy, Shogun and Warchild to the cast. Release date still unknown at this time.

Speaking of Girl Fights it would seem a video for the Racing Queen costumes for DoA5U has appeared. I do have to say while nice I'm looking forward to the D.O.A Idol costumes. For reasons.

Revel in how the HD ReMIX of Final Fantasy X looks and sounds. Really looks like it'll be worth the wait.

As far as what I got into this week I got a chance to play Contra Evolution HD. The arcade version and not on the i[FILL IN BLANK HERE FEATURING MICROTRANSACTIONS THAT NO CONTRA GAME SHOULD EVER HAVE EVER!]. It just happens to be a highly accurate HD representation of the NES game. Understanding that this was only in Chinese arcades I do have to wonder why this version isn't on anything else? Other than being what it is it does add a few things like Bonus Stages & 2 new characters in Erica "Flame Rose" Ricci who dual wields pistols and Sally "Moon Shadow" Inohara who's the ninja girl. I haven't played any phone version but since I have access to the arcade version then why would I ever play that. If you want in on this then a good GDSD should get you there with no problems.

I also got pulled into Cookie Clicker which you can play HERE! The proof that complex things come in simple packages. Be prepared to be less of who you were after you finish playing it. It is that addictive!

Within all my other indulgences I got to play a lot of catch-up in the past couple of days with Ultimate Spider-Man, TMNT and even watching Bleach: Hell Verse which was very good. Now when I actually play Soul Ignition it might make some sense. Naruto's still holding the manga front down with the light bulbs coming on every which way with all that was learned. When it comes to my TV though everything as usual is going nuts. Nothing more so than Burn Notice. 2 episodes left before the end and a big twist just appeared and just...and. True Blood ended their season and I'm not really a fan of where the show is hinting at where it wants to go. I'm too invested to not watch so I'll grin and bear it. Dexter & Ray Donovan did their thing as well and with Dexter having to get to some kind of conclusion is going to have to do something to end as clean or on a spinoff as possible. Should be interesting.

As we prepare to part ways for now let me remember those videos that I watched this week.

If you want some insight on this week's subtitle then this video should help a bit. And by a bit I mean not at all. Find the actual promo for it to make some actual sense.

I'm going to be completely honest here. I really didn't want to feature this vid but it just happens to be way too funny not to put you up on. Thank J for showing this to me. If you thought internet beat producer beef was imaginary then let this video enlighten you.

FlutterBarry speaks. Also in FB's spare time owns nublets in FPS games. Goddamnit Ross!

Desk X Double Dragon Neon? This happened and is damn informative to boot. Take notes. Lots of them.

The THROWBACK OF THE WEEK is Kingdom Hearts On Crack. An awesome parody from back in the day that was so funny. Unfortunately when YouTube start doing Youtube the account of the creator of these parodies was shut down because of it but I'm really glad that people are archiving these things for more to see. One of the reasons why I do what I do with videos. There are a whole bunch of vids I wish I had the chance to archive that just seem to be gone forever I'm sad to say. But please enjoy some funny from Episodes 1 & 10. Great stuff.

Our Cover Girl this week is Juri Han. Because of Divekicks. I couldn't find a Yuri picture that wouldn't be the catalyst for this blog getting shut down. That wouldn't feel good at all.

For maximum effectiveness combine video sound with picture. Or just watch video. Whatever floats you.

And that'll do it for this installment of #TheCool. As usual Thank You for coming we do appreciate it. We'll be back for another installment of #TheCool next week. Until then.

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DoaBH Review Edition: Divekick (PS3/Vita/PC)

Divekick, the game that started off as an innocent jab to what was at the time (And maybe still is because I don't keep up with stuff like that.) an overpowered tool in the modern fighter. However, after following the game for all this time to see the changes and final metamorphosis into the product which is now available is something to see.

To be honest however this review or me playing the game wasn't even going to happen until I had huge change of heart a couple of days ago. Those reasons are hidden in this blog. See if you can find them.

However, my change of heart came into play because I happen to witness the debate over Divekick's claim to be nothing but a cash in of #FGC in-jokes & shallow gameplay mechanics in which I can confirm it is neither of those things. The thing is the gameplay doesn't need the references to work and are there for no other reason to enhance the experience for those who get a laugh from it. The gameplay serves the function it should because it answers the cry about how hard fighters are to get into because of all the facets you're required to learn to stand a chance. Divekick takes the execution facet and throws it out the window and gets people who don't play or quite understand fighting games straight to the things that truly matter and make all fighters click at their core. This is a game that will teach matchup & metagame knowledge without people knowing they're even learning about it. Divekick may be that bridge that brings new people to the fighting game because of all it can teach those new about how a fighter works internally without all the extra headache.

Honestly for me I played enough of the game to confirm my change of heart. Whether or not I play more of it is TBD but for $10 it isn't a bad deal. The PS3 & Vita versions are of the YOPO (You Only Pay Once) variety so if you get it on one then you have it on the other which is a nice touch for those rocking it on consoles. Also has GGPO as well so no reason to use the words net & code here.

End of the day though I really hope people look past the cover of the Divekick book and actually read the contents inside it. I think those detractors will find something to grab a hold to and enjoy.

So give the game a shot. If I can see past my issues and hangups then so can you. Just a reminder for me to practice what it is I preach.

Thanks for reading!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Cool: Drunken Control Surprise

#TheCool doing what it is we always do on Sunday and this week has been a hype one and there's a lot to get into and for a change before Pimpin Time is tackle the 2/3's of subtitle for the week because it was the hypest things of the week.

[Insert Video Here That Won't Destroy My Editing! Cool Video Anyway Dawg!]

You should watch this. 75 Minutes of Jim Ross & Ric Flair going nuts under the impression that they may be allegedly drunk of their asses. This shit is something beyond hilarious and wrestling fan or not is a must see. I would've saved this for the final portion of the installment as I always do but it was too damn good not to feature off the bat. For now you can watch it HERE and if it appears on YouTube I'll edit this accordingly.

The 2nd of the 3rd's is Kendrick Lamar's verse on Big Sean's Control. To be honest I wouldn't be talking about this at all if it wasn't all over my feeds everywhere this week. You're free to interpret that however you wish if you actually care.

Hopefully the message that Kendrick was trying to send to his peers makes it but with all these rappers you haven't heard about in years trying to grab to that fame even for a hot second is any indication then I don't think they haven't quite yet. Honestly, Hip Hop has been in my rear view for years just because of the recent genre shift and everybody has their take on it and I won't soapbox on it here. I'll admit some of the stuff now is real catchy and in trade all I try to do when something takes hold is have said song repeat on YouTube until I dispel the earworm or in most cases just find the instrumental because I don't remember the last time a rapper said something that even made any sense anyway. It should be interesting to see where this takes the game because of all the buzz being generated.

The Climax of the Xrds (hint, hint) will be saved for after Pimpin Time for a reason. Speaking of your weekly dose of PT is that for 3 weeks in a row no SMB2. Still not feeling up to doing what I does on that end of the spectrum. Be ready for that feel to hit me and get back to work though.

As usual #DoaGHThaDOJO doesn't take a holiday in contuining the philanthropic efforts of bringing you the best that fighting games have to offer.

Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!!, Project Justice, Under Night In-Birth, Chaos Code NeSiCa & Shin Koihime Musou are all available for your viewing pleasure now. #DoaGHThaDOJO...The Vestige For A Dying Breed!

And with PT out the way we can get to this week in gaming covering something I should've covered last week with the 1st Loketest of Guilty Gear XXX Sign. Xrd my ass. Just saying.

It would seem with the evidence presented is that XXX is the next step in the 2D fighter. Sprites are dying a bit at a time and that isn't a bad thing. The demand for fighters as high as it has ever been and with these new techniques used by ASW & SNK to keep the feel but not lose the soul is what is needed more than ever. When it comes to XXX gameplay wise it's the GG you know and love but ASW doing what they've been doing since Blazblue is lowering the bar a bit to get more people in faster and having fun while doing so. These vids however don't do the game "Justice" however from what you can see is XXX is going to be that fighter that will set the stage for fighters for this upcoming generation. As far as what XXX can provide in the future here's hoping for Jam, Slayer & Bridget seeing as Order=Sol might not be making this party and since this game is after Overture than Sin, Raven (who because of canon reasons may be in this game), Valentine & Izuna. Don't really know if Dr. Paradigm would actually make for a good fighter. He can be not-Kokonoe or something because there's only one Kokonoe. Be wise to remember that. XXX is looking good and I'm hype for it because it's more Guilty Gear for everyone. ASW wasn't done yet which brings us to the Climax of the Xrd in our subtitle for the week...

Persona 4 Arena: Climax's Surprise Loketest which may still be happening even now. P4AC adds 2 new characters from Persona 3 in Junpei Iori & Yukari Takeba. You can learn about the changes and the new characters by clicking HERE because where we go from this point is in a completely different lane.

Remember this video I made last year. It's here for one reason. To be a time marker. This video represents the first and last time I ever played Persona 4 Arena. I played that game for that one long lab session and never picked the game up again. The thing is I love watching the game at high levels and seeing that makes me want to pick the game back up. Being honest though there's a strong disconnect between me and the Persona series period. I've always wanted to get into the Shin Megami Tensei series and in proxy Persona but I didn't know about those games when I had time to devote to an 80 Hour Story and now because nothing can keep my attention for more than 5 seconds it'll probably never happen. The reason I say all of this is because it was a major reason I stopped playing. I wanted to come in to P4A with some attachment to something Persona but it just wasn't there. Because of my stance of not playing online or having someone local to play it with to evolve, my interest just waned and it seems that this will be a game I may have to settle for watching others evolve instead of it being me. I hold out the hope that I'll find that fire again and anybody who's been keeping up with me throughout the years knows my struggle in finding it but I'm still searching for it. Anything can change from now till then and if I find my way to Climax then it happens and if not then just so.

Moving right along is our first look at GTA Online. The thing is while I'm hyped for the possibilities is that when 4 first dropped the whole family was on it and that lasted about a week before it didn't matter anymore. I really don't know what the rest of the team is going to get V on but it'll be a major factor on what system I end up getting it on.

Here's a sneak "listen" to the epilogue for Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD. I'm guessing this will close the book on those games and if the internet is to be believed is that Lightning is Yuna & Tidus' kid. Should be a great listen.

Highschool DxD is coming to 3DS as a Strategy RPG which isn't surprising but the series does lend itself to many genres of games so here's hoping for the games to diversify.

Ducktales Remastered dropped on everything but XBLA this week and this is another game that proves that my attention span is so gone. I played the intro stage and I have zero initiative to pick it back up and play more of it. At the same time I didn't really play the NES version all that much anyway so this may be a tad lost on me. It played fairly well based on my experience from the NES version and the VA is spot on which does makes me wonder why all the complaints about it. Sounds just like an episode of the show which was the invocation the game is trying to make anyway.

In other stuff I got the chance to get some time in with Zatanna in Injustice and I like her. If I actually played the game I'd actually play as her. But since my time with Injustice is just testing out the DLC characters as they drop I accept it as such.

In contrast if the picture above is to be believed is that my attention span is fine. How my Sega Saturn ended up playing Cyberbots is a mystery to you but not to me. Even a stoic person such as I can have a whimsical moment and these happen more than you think they do and they usually end as they always do once I've had my fill and playing Cyberbots was no diffrerent. It started as simply as wanting to test my Saturn to see if worked and that turned into playing Devilotte's Story Mode which I learned is that the game is fully voiced acted for the console versions. Learning something new everyday. I still have a plan to feature this on the channel soon which was my other reason for pulling it out. A huge special project is coming soon...if I can actually pull it off. We'll see.

A lot of the last 2 weeks has been filled with me having some great sets in Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars with my little cousins which reminded me how much I enjoy the game even now. Still better than Marvel in all aspects especially the prospects of what each game can become in all its facets.

What I watched and read this week is the usual. The summer shows setting up for their ends in their own special ways. Naruto was full of the feels & Bleach is still on a vay-cay. There are some shows I need to catch up on but that'll happen after I dismiss you from this installment.

And as we come to the end of this installment of #TheCool, I gotta show off all those videos I watched this week.

My old man weighs in on Kendrick Lamar's verse on Control.

I enjoy so much when VA's go nuts and this playthrough of Cerebella's story is no different.

Speaking of what we just spoke on is that I had no clue that T.O.M & Wesker had beef.

The Throwback Classic of the Week is The Introduction from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Still my favorite GTA and I don't see any game unseating it ever! ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS FOLLOW THE DAMN TRAIN, CJ!!! CLASSIC!!

This right here needs no explanation other than one I'm actually giving you about not explaining it.

And with that brings this installment of #TheCool to a close. As usual thank you for spending some time with me and we'll be doing it again next week as we always do.

Our Cover Girl this week is none other than Princess Devilotte de DeathSatan IX from Onimusha Soul. Topical because I played Cyberbots this week. It may be time to finish Dawn Of Dreams and give Onimusha Soul a try. We'll see.

Thank You once more and I'll see you next time!

-Triple Da G.O.D

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Cool: Dat Dub One Oh One

#TheCool back up in it on this Sunday and we got some ground to cover and with no lead story and my soapbox from the last installment still ringing forever true with no reason to mention it again let's get to business.

For the 2nd week in a row no SMB2. The adage of doing it right or not doing it at all is totally in play here. I wanted to but it wouldn't have been my best or my all so when I do then you'll know that it is.

The philanthropic endeavors of #DoaGHThaDOJO however never comes to a halt because there's always some cool fighting games to share with the masses.

We here at #DoaGHThaDOJO are proud members of the LOLI AWARENESS movement and all that it stands for.

Chaos Code has always been a project near and dear to us here. We've been a proud supporter of getting this game in more faces since 2009. Since then, brave souls have stepped forward to do the same and we here say thank you for your dedication.

The Rumble Fish is a special game that we even after all these years stand behind and continue to support with everything we have. Time for Dimps to get this to a home console somehow. That wait has been to long.

Chaos Breaker is a game that has recently come under our umbrella and has been a game enjoyed here for quite a while. Always great to see new matches and please if you haven't pick up Dark Awake on JP PSN if you haven't. $10 gets you a great quality fighter and not a lot of games in any genre can say that.

Sengoku Basara X continues to be a fighter to look at for those seeking that something special. Always a great watch and a favorite of ours here.

Daemon Bride: Additional Gain is another game we here have been supporting for a long time now and worthy of such support. The day will come where you're not technically breaking the law to play the older version of this one.

Under Night In-Birth is a game we've seen come from humble beginnings to become something great and EXE:Late will continue that greatness whenever it shall appear.

And to round out what's available to you is En Eins Perfektwelt. A great game that may never see a way out of the arcades but one can hope. There's always Akatsuki Blitzkampf to slightly feed that need if this game tickles your fancy.

I do have to say that I'm proud of the work & service that #DoaGHThaDOJO provides. It is truly a vestige of the true heart of what fighting games were, are and still are even right now. It truly is my thank you to the FGC for what it has provided me and to take seriously my responsibility to the members of it.

With that being said time to get to the week that was in gaming and some things happened that I'm pretty hyped to share today so let me share.

If this week in gaming confirmed anything for me is that Hideki Kamiya is nothing short of genius and The Wonderful 101 proves this yet again. This was a game that I was hyped for because of my respect of his contributions to gaming as a whole. And now more than ever is now a game that truly on its own merits has truly won me over. I'm so ready for this game but not yet a WiiU. I'll be waiting a while for that one for reasons. Secretly hoping that a special edition WiiU for Bayonetta 2 drops and also just not in the budget for a console for a single game at the moment. In history hindsight though the time before last I bought a game for system was for Viewtiful Joe for GameCube also created by one Hideki Kamiya so there's that. Anything can change from now till then and if I do I'll let you know. Also the above videos are the latest English & Japanese trailers for the game. Slight differences between the two and I'll let you hunt those down on your own. I will say that from what I've heard is that it won't effect the final game too much but there have been some dialogue changes from the Japanese to the English version that may or may not make it into the final product.

If learning more about The Wonderful 101 is your thing then taking some time and looking at this special edition of Nintendo Direct all about the game and featuring Kamiya-san as well. There is a new Ask Iwata with him and all about the game but hasn't been translated into English officially yet but if the past installments are anything then we'll get a lot of fun stuff from it.

And to close out our Wonderful 101 Hype Session of #TheCool, the Platinum Games Blog gave some time to 2 speak about 2 more members of The Wonderful 10! The Smart Mouth Sharpshooter...Wonder Green & ♥♥♥♥♥♪♪♪♪♪The Queen of Pain...WONDER PINK!♫♫♫♫♫♥♥♥♥♥ It was through these blog posts that made my fascination with Wonder Pink all of a sudden make a whole lot more sense. Pink is some alternate universe combination of Sexy Silvia & Bayonetta and just happens to be voiced by "you know who" who's also the monarch of a certain group of people who like a certain TV show that was created by someone just as awesome! I just wrote this stuff and you can't write this stuff. Unite Action is real and it's time to save the world again...Wonderfully! You can read more about Wonder Green & ♥♥♥♥♥Wonder Pink♥♥♥♥♥ by clicking the links to their respective blog posts.

Continuing in the awesome news this week provided is that Senran Kagura Burst is coming to MURICA and Europe as well later this year. The only difference is that the release in MURICA is exclusive to the Nintendo eShop and the European version will have a physical release as well. Not really surprising that this is the case but I'm just happy it's coming. I only hope this is the lead in not only for Versus but other games as well. Speaking of...

Oneechanbara Z: Kagura on PS3 is a thing and I'm hoping that some of that Burst love falls over here. This game dropped at the beginning of last year on the 360 and while being published in Japan by M$ it wasn't even localized for whatever reason after the Wii & 360 versions of the last game were. The PSP version wasn't either but that isn't much of a factor to that being a reason. The thing about this game is that it's following in the footsteps in the earlier PS2 games by adding an additional character from a D3 property. That character being NoNoNo from Dream Club Zero and she brings something special to this game and you should just watch the trailer for that. My sincere hope like I said is that somebody gets this on PSN in MURICA & Europe. I don't expect for somebody to give this a retail treatment but if they do then more power to them and my unbridled thanks for such an act. I have no clue on when this is coming out but if you're importing then you may want to get your pre-orders in ASAP. Just like the 360 version there are some special costumes that come with 1st print copies so if you want them then do that before you have to find a more expensive way to get a hold of them.

Keeping this all about the ladies for now, Injustice has made me believe in magic again (Not really though. Always been a believer and not stopping now.) with NRS announcing DLC Character #6 in The Spellbinding Beauty...Zatanna Zatara. This may just be my chance at not only taking her for a spin but Martian Manhunter too. She'll be out on Tuesday for everybody and something, something about Cyborg Superman.

Speaking of magic let us focus on some of a different kind...the Disney kind with the newest Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX trailer about KH1. Not really much here but looking at how awesome it looks in HD and such. Still hyped for it coming so I can have a reason to play the series again.

Once upon a time...Fighting Was Magic but this has nothing to do with that because I just needed a segue to talk about Killer Instinct and this mini combo vid of Glacius that also teases Thunder who nobody really wanted. Bring on Orchid & Fulgore now KTHXBYE!

You'd think I'd be hype for KoFXIII to hit Steam but I'm not. I can't play it because my computer is ass. And even if my computer wasn't ass I'd still wouldn't play it because I don't like like XIII. XIII is 2002 HD Remix and I'd rather play Unlimited Match anyway and I'm not a big fan of that either. Honestly all I wanted and still want from KoF to make the Shift System work even better but that change in what was done killed that and XII did what it did and I still enjoy it more than I do XIII which is just a great game that just happens to be a huge cop out for what should've been. Just bring me KoFXI and Regulation A OKPLZTHXBYE!

Now let us talk about a fighter I'm actually excited for. The All-Star Battle creeps forever close and man this game is a JoJo's fan dream and you know a sequel's coming so if your favorite character isn't repped they'll be back for the 2nd go around. The game will be out at the end of the month and I'm so ready.

And to close us out right here is the announcement that I'm now buying J-Stars Victory Versus! YUSUKE MUTHAFUCKIN URAMESHI or You're A Meshi if that's your preference is in now and this was all I really wanted. Maybe a #TripleDaGodExplainsItAll of 120% is in order if the streets want it and even if you don't I'll do it anyway because that's what I want. I really can't think of anybody else I really want in this roster that isn't another character from Yu Yu Hakusho. Hiei, Younger Toguro, Yoko Kurama, Kuwabara, Sensui & Genkai because she's awesome. Should be hype for later this year can't wait.

When it comes to actually playing games this week I did a bit yesterday with my little cousins which happened to be the most interesting game of Tekken 5 I've ever experienced. Because the disc is so scratched up half of the time the game doesn't register inputs or play music and when it does you can actually do something which turned the game into a weird game of Musical Chairs Tekken Edition and was pretty fun. And because we were rocking the Tekken 5 I got a chance to play the Tekken 1-3 as well with an emphasis on 2 seeing as it's just a favorite of mine for all the time I spent playing it back in the day with no memory card and seeing how quick I could unlock all the characters. Good damn times. Good damn times. There was some T4 there too and it was a reminder that King Multi-Part Throws are the reason I started to and solely play stick in fighters unless the times where a pad fares better. Thanks Tekken!

Everything else is everything else. All I took in went in this week and with a lot of these shows ready to wrap up and in some cases end I'm ready for them to bring everything to those finales. It might be time to gear up some marathons so I can get on shows I've been told and been curious about with this downtime that's about come when it comes to what I watch. Naruto on the manga front took an interesting but trope turn that if I would've paid attention I would've seen coming. Bleach is still on hiatus and those other mangas I'm supposed to be reading just didn't get read. Shame. We'll get it together over here. And Sailor Moon will be part of the Winter Anime season. What this actually means for what the show will provide is unknown but I'M HYPE!!!

Now as we get ready to part ways let me share with you how YouTube has entertained me this week.

Shouts to My Way Entertainment for still bringing that funny. This time around a dub over of a classic episode of the Batman TV called The Penguin Goes Straight G! Shit is just too hilarious! Forever Cyber Goonin It!

Just so happened to run by this classic clip yesterday cruising YouTube. The Rock. Some Cops. And a Jelly Donut. Still one of my all time favorite promos from him.

If you think back to an earlier part of this installment I made a reference to this video. See if you can find it.

You will because of the thumbnail but nothing I can do about that. Still a classic from my internet youth however.

It's pretty much a fact that I've proven which is when ponies are combined with your favorite things they usually come out better.

Exhibit A: Spike Pilgrim vs The World: The Game intro which does what you think it should do and does it very well. I still haven't got a chance to get into that Wallace DLC but when it goes on sale I have a plan to gather the crew and record some gameplay footage. A fun prospect that is for all of you wonderful folks that love what we do!

Exhibit B: Celestia singing The Banana Song. Didn't know about the song's existence before and now I can't stop singing about bananas. It happens.

And to close us out is a video that describes someone's opinion on everything wrong with Equestria Girls in 7 Minutes or Less. I really should've mentioned this earlier but I did take the time and watch the movie for myself and it was quite good. A bit tropish in spots but it served its function as an extension to FiM and did that very well. Hopefully we see more of EG in the future seeing as there's a lot that can be done with that world and those characters. For those that want a warning which I shall provide is that...THIS BE SPOILERS DAWG! Figured I mention this for reasons.

And that will bring us to the end of another installment of #TheCool. Thanks so much for spending some time with your folks and I'll see you next week when I take this week and do what I did with last week and the week before that and the week before that and so on.

And for the 2nd time Miss Wonder Pink is our Cover Girl for #TheCool! Awesomesauce! I have the suspicion this won't be the last time this happens. That hype for The Wonderful 101 is so real! See you next time! Stay Wonderful!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Cool: Colluding Colluded Collusion

#TheCool right back up in it for another one on a Monday. To be honest this installment almost didn't happen which also bleeds into the Pimpin because try as I did I just couldn't get a new episode of Super Mario Bros. 2 out. Been trying to get it done since Thursday and tried to before I got this late installment out. Here's what I do understand about why it didn't. I have a real issue within about the quality of the work that I do. I even look back to my earlier reviews for games and while they're grimy as all get out I look at those and I know I did the best I could with what I had to put those together and while those and others were learning experiences to do what I do on the level in which I do it now. I never want to look back at something and know that I didn't give it my all or it was forced out because of some imaginary deadline I just have to meet. I'll stick to my ways of it'll be done when it is and it'll be something of quality in which you learn & enjoy from and something I can be proud of.

Also bleeding into this week of learning is if pay you attention to this installment's title and are familiar with that word in its various tenses is that I've seen that word driven into the ground this week with no remorse about it. And if you're not the short version is the FGC is cracking down on pot splitting and those who do it. During the week it became "the hot button issue" and people had their back and forth and did whatever it was they felt they needed to which lead me to do what I always do...shrug my shoulders and quip. This has been my safety measure for awhile for a lot of things and not just issues in the FGC but situations where I know I can straight drop a truth nuke and let it be but what I've come to understand is sometimes people have to figure it out themselves. I've also come to understand that sometimes it isn't the message but the messenger and I've said things that people looked at me sideways for but the same message verbatim coming from a different source is met with a completely different reception. And that's something I've had to come to terms with to. I've learned that the masses aren't quite ready for me and the way I see things. And it isn't something I'm even mad about. Everybody has their time and mine is going to last for quite awhile so you have to be fair and let others have theirs. Whether they deserve it or not is another topic entirely. Which leads to this in closing. In the scheme of things we all have to learn the roles we're supposed to play in the many situations we find ourselves in. I've long come to terms with the various roles I play and a lot of them personally and professionally are thankless but that isn't why I do them. I do them because they have to be done. And every now and again you get that reminder why it is you do what you do and you become motivated not to give up on it but to keep at it because the vision is clear on how it shall be in the end. This is nothing new to me seeing as it has been a life long thing and it'll continue because I believe so much in that I can be instrumental in my various roles to take those visions and make them real for all to see. And this has been SOAPBOX with Triple Da G.O.D!

Even though I didn't put out anything #DoaGHThaDOJO is always producing that you know what so let us see what's cooking on that end.

It's always LOLI AWARENESS DAY when there's some LOVE MAX!!!!! cooking in the kitchen!

The Rumble Fish 2. Still waiting on whatever Dimps was going to do that I thought was a console release of some sort.

Been a minute since we've seen some Shin Koihime Musou. That release for PS3 is slowly approaching. When news drops on it I'll report it.

Nothing came out of the UNIB Loke but with that happening EXE:Late should be out soon. Hopefully the April Fools costumes make it in the update.

Because separators between news items is needed for keeping it functional...THIS WEEK IN GAMING!

After Ray Donovan went off and I did my last check for cool stuff before bed this appeared in my sub box and it's the first real look at J-Stars Victory VS. The trailer can do a lot more justice explaining itself than I can but I'm not getting hype until I get that Yusuke confirm. That would easily take it from I'll cop it to I need that in my life. No release date as of yet but when it comes I'll let you know.

In that same time frame the 2nd trailer for Brave Soliders dropped and it was confirmed that the 3 major arcs of Saint Seiya would be covered so for anyone needing a crash course in the lore will get their fill here. It was also confirmed since the last time I covered the game is that it is coming to MURICA only on PSN. At least we're getting it.

One of the upsides of waiting until today to get this installment out is I can say is that the update for XDZW that features Terry, Benimaru and new character King is up now. I might dabble around with it and I might not. I've just lost interest in the game since it has become the fad now. Hipster I might just be. If you want to play it, I hear that beta codes are being given away to celebrate this occasion. People who actually keep up with that may be able to tell you more. And something about more guest characters coming soon.

Killer is Dead is now out in Japan and MURICA will be getting it at the end of the month. Because I'm on mega black out all I've heard is there's something wrong with the game. What that means and how that affects our version is something I don't know either. GDSD for more.

This trailer of TMNT: Out of the Shadows does answer the question of who produced that beat for each of the Character Spotlight. And seeing as I don't listen to the radio or watch music videos that much anymore it's good to see that he's still producing that good. NBA STREET VOL. 2!!

With the release of The Wonderful 101 fast approaching is that the Platinum Games blog is slowly revealing a whole lot of information about the game. The 2 trailers above introduce Wonder Red & Blue and you can read a whole lot more HERE!

And I can't leave TWIG without a PSA. Go acronyms go!!! Dragon's Crown is out tomorrow in MURICA and I'm going to need everybody to cop this. I've heard all the arguments about the aesthetics and if you heard me say anything about SkullGirls then the same applies here. The game looks good and plays great and that's all you should be concerned with. So go get it so I can get more like it. PLEASE & THANK YOU!!!

As for everything else gaming with me I didn't really play anything. I copped Martian Manhunter for Injustice but I really didn't get a chance to get into some depth with him like I've done with past DLC characters. I'll get around to it at some point and I'll report when I do. Also in my inability to play & talk at the same time I did stumble on a game I might get into soon for the NES called Esper Dream 2. A cool action RPG that came out late in the NES' life cycle and from what I've played seems really fun. Maybe a #RunDatReXXX of it soon comes?

When it comes to watching and reading all my usual suspects did work. And I'm keeping it brief at least for my dramas because the less said the better. This is a good thing if you didn't know. Bleach is still on hiatus and Naruto is Naruto. PBPW4DW! There is one thing I need to say before we get into that other portion I've should've said weeks ago...WHO'S LINE IS IT ANYWAY IS STILL GOD TIER ENTERTAINMENT!! Glad they got picked up for a full slate of episodes next season! Congrats and the points still don't matter. Want to know how much I love #WLIIA, look at the #RunDatReXXX of Mega Man X3 and you'll see it clear.

Time for the bow. The YouTube Indulgence Portion!

I have no idea how I missed Dragonball Absalon in my sub box but it happens. At least I watched it.

A combo vid for Kizuna Encounter? IN! MY! VEINS! NAO!

Shouts to the homie Aris for this awesome Soul Calibur 2 System Tutorial. My SC2 is rusty and this got me right back where I was with some new things I learned as well. #TEAMCASSIETILLIMYDYINGDAY!

It would seem that the 1st them for Attack on Titan is the new Guile's theme because it goes with everything. For example the above video is spoof of the opening featuring that Winnie the Pooh Home Run Derby game that made people go insane at the beginning of the year. Want to go insane too? CLICK HERE!!

To further illustrate my point, take the same theme and put the most random of stuff from Giant Bomb and it still works. Told you.

I'm still waiting for Season 1 to end so I can enjoy it in one fell swoop. It may even lead to the manga. We'll see.

Good to see Sherclop Pones back with a new Friendship is Witchcraft after all that happened.

With no context at all, Sad Hoshi is Sad.

Less context than before. Makes more sense with it but funny either way.

Even less context than before that. Not that this needs it but yeah it does make a valid point.

And some Bravest Warriors Minisodes starring Chris & CATBUG!!!

That's that. Even late we get the job done. I'm aiming to get over this hump to get SMB2 out because I'm ready to get to my next game so expect that when the feeling's right. Also depending on how big the GGXXX news is I may do a write up on it or save it for the next installment of #TheCool. Not really sure how I want to approach that. Hype for those reveals regardless.

Thank You as usual for spending some of time with me and I'll see you for the next installment of #TheCool.

-Triple Da G.O.D!


Tiki, time to go home sweetheart! You've had quite enough "adventuring" for one day! And you might just be drunk! Buy Dragon's Crown tomorrow! PLEASE & THANK YOU!