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The Cool: Drunken Control Surprise

#TheCool doing what it is we always do on Sunday and this week has been a hype one and there's a lot to get into and for a change before Pimpin Time is tackle the 2/3's of subtitle for the week because it was the hypest things of the week.

[Insert Video Here That Won't Destroy My Editing! Cool Video Anyway Dawg!]

You should watch this. 75 Minutes of Jim Ross & Ric Flair going nuts under the impression that they may be allegedly drunk of their asses. This shit is something beyond hilarious and wrestling fan or not is a must see. I would've saved this for the final portion of the installment as I always do but it was too damn good not to feature off the bat. For now you can watch it HERE and if it appears on YouTube I'll edit this accordingly.

The 2nd of the 3rd's is Kendrick Lamar's verse on Big Sean's Control. To be honest I wouldn't be talking about this at all if it wasn't all over my feeds everywhere this week. You're free to interpret that however you wish if you actually care.

Hopefully the message that Kendrick was trying to send to his peers makes it but with all these rappers you haven't heard about in years trying to grab to that fame even for a hot second is any indication then I don't think they haven't quite yet. Honestly, Hip Hop has been in my rear view for years just because of the recent genre shift and everybody has their take on it and I won't soapbox on it here. I'll admit some of the stuff now is real catchy and in trade all I try to do when something takes hold is have said song repeat on YouTube until I dispel the earworm or in most cases just find the instrumental because I don't remember the last time a rapper said something that even made any sense anyway. It should be interesting to see where this takes the game because of all the buzz being generated.

The Climax of the Xrds (hint, hint) will be saved for after Pimpin Time for a reason. Speaking of your weekly dose of PT is that for 3 weeks in a row no SMB2. Still not feeling up to doing what I does on that end of the spectrum. Be ready for that feel to hit me and get back to work though.

As usual #DoaGHThaDOJO doesn't take a holiday in contuining the philanthropic efforts of bringing you the best that fighting games have to offer.

Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!!, Project Justice, Under Night In-Birth, Chaos Code NeSiCa & Shin Koihime Musou are all available for your viewing pleasure now. #DoaGHThaDOJO...The Vestige For A Dying Breed!

And with PT out the way we can get to this week in gaming covering something I should've covered last week with the 1st Loketest of Guilty Gear XXX Sign. Xrd my ass. Just saying.

It would seem with the evidence presented is that XXX is the next step in the 2D fighter. Sprites are dying a bit at a time and that isn't a bad thing. The demand for fighters as high as it has ever been and with these new techniques used by ASW & SNK to keep the feel but not lose the soul is what is needed more than ever. When it comes to XXX gameplay wise it's the GG you know and love but ASW doing what they've been doing since Blazblue is lowering the bar a bit to get more people in faster and having fun while doing so. These vids however don't do the game "Justice" however from what you can see is XXX is going to be that fighter that will set the stage for fighters for this upcoming generation. As far as what XXX can provide in the future here's hoping for Jam, Slayer & Bridget seeing as Order=Sol might not be making this party and since this game is after Overture than Sin, Raven (who because of canon reasons may be in this game), Valentine & Izuna. Don't really know if Dr. Paradigm would actually make for a good fighter. He can be not-Kokonoe or something because there's only one Kokonoe. Be wise to remember that. XXX is looking good and I'm hype for it because it's more Guilty Gear for everyone. ASW wasn't done yet which brings us to the Climax of the Xrd in our subtitle for the week...

Persona 4 Arena: Climax's Surprise Loketest which may still be happening even now. P4AC adds 2 new characters from Persona 3 in Junpei Iori & Yukari Takeba. You can learn about the changes and the new characters by clicking HERE because where we go from this point is in a completely different lane.

Remember this video I made last year. It's here for one reason. To be a time marker. This video represents the first and last time I ever played Persona 4 Arena. I played that game for that one long lab session and never picked the game up again. The thing is I love watching the game at high levels and seeing that makes me want to pick the game back up. Being honest though there's a strong disconnect between me and the Persona series period. I've always wanted to get into the Shin Megami Tensei series and in proxy Persona but I didn't know about those games when I had time to devote to an 80 Hour Story and now because nothing can keep my attention for more than 5 seconds it'll probably never happen. The reason I say all of this is because it was a major reason I stopped playing. I wanted to come in to P4A with some attachment to something Persona but it just wasn't there. Because of my stance of not playing online or having someone local to play it with to evolve, my interest just waned and it seems that this will be a game I may have to settle for watching others evolve instead of it being me. I hold out the hope that I'll find that fire again and anybody who's been keeping up with me throughout the years knows my struggle in finding it but I'm still searching for it. Anything can change from now till then and if I find my way to Climax then it happens and if not then just so.

Moving right along is our first look at GTA Online. The thing is while I'm hyped for the possibilities is that when 4 first dropped the whole family was on it and that lasted about a week before it didn't matter anymore. I really don't know what the rest of the team is going to get V on but it'll be a major factor on what system I end up getting it on.

Here's a sneak "listen" to the epilogue for Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD. I'm guessing this will close the book on those games and if the internet is to be believed is that Lightning is Yuna & Tidus' kid. Should be a great listen.

Highschool DxD is coming to 3DS as a Strategy RPG which isn't surprising but the series does lend itself to many genres of games so here's hoping for the games to diversify.

Ducktales Remastered dropped on everything but XBLA this week and this is another game that proves that my attention span is so gone. I played the intro stage and I have zero initiative to pick it back up and play more of it. At the same time I didn't really play the NES version all that much anyway so this may be a tad lost on me. It played fairly well based on my experience from the NES version and the VA is spot on which does makes me wonder why all the complaints about it. Sounds just like an episode of the show which was the invocation the game is trying to make anyway.

In other stuff I got the chance to get some time in with Zatanna in Injustice and I like her. If I actually played the game I'd actually play as her. But since my time with Injustice is just testing out the DLC characters as they drop I accept it as such.

In contrast if the picture above is to be believed is that my attention span is fine. How my Sega Saturn ended up playing Cyberbots is a mystery to you but not to me. Even a stoic person such as I can have a whimsical moment and these happen more than you think they do and they usually end as they always do once I've had my fill and playing Cyberbots was no diffrerent. It started as simply as wanting to test my Saturn to see if worked and that turned into playing Devilotte's Story Mode which I learned is that the game is fully voiced acted for the console versions. Learning something new everyday. I still have a plan to feature this on the channel soon which was my other reason for pulling it out. A huge special project is coming soon...if I can actually pull it off. We'll see.

A lot of the last 2 weeks has been filled with me having some great sets in Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars with my little cousins which reminded me how much I enjoy the game even now. Still better than Marvel in all aspects especially the prospects of what each game can become in all its facets.

What I watched and read this week is the usual. The summer shows setting up for their ends in their own special ways. Naruto was full of the feels & Bleach is still on a vay-cay. There are some shows I need to catch up on but that'll happen after I dismiss you from this installment.

And as we come to the end of this installment of #TheCool, I gotta show off all those videos I watched this week.

My old man weighs in on Kendrick Lamar's verse on Control.

I enjoy so much when VA's go nuts and this playthrough of Cerebella's story is no different.

Speaking of what we just spoke on is that I had no clue that T.O.M & Wesker had beef.

The Throwback Classic of the Week is The Introduction from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Still my favorite GTA and I don't see any game unseating it ever! ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS FOLLOW THE DAMN TRAIN, CJ!!! CLASSIC!!

This right here needs no explanation other than one I'm actually giving you about not explaining it.

And with that brings this installment of #TheCool to a close. As usual thank you for spending some time with me and we'll be doing it again next week as we always do.

Our Cover Girl this week is none other than Princess Devilotte de DeathSatan IX from Onimusha Soul. Topical because I played Cyberbots this week. It may be time to finish Dawn Of Dreams and give Onimusha Soul a try. We'll see.

Thank You once more and I'll see you next time!

-Triple Da G.O.D

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