Monday, January 27, 2014

#TheCool: Sign Pointing Is Illegal You Know!

#TheCool, poised to do what we do the best in existence! As we do every single week! And with not a thing to lead us off otherwise is that PT's front and center!

It happened. #TripleDaGodExplainedItAll. Well more like just enough to get you interested in Sengoku Basara X. It has been a game I've wanted to cover since I started doing what I do best and now I'm just glad it's out there for people to learn from. If you do want to learn more then CLICK HERE for the blog companion piece with some information I didn't touch on in the video. So please indulge in this goodness that has been provided for you and expect more to come.

As usual however, #DoaGHThaDOJO stays providing that crack the streets so desperately fiends for! On deck this week...

Persona 4 The Ultimax: Ultra Suplex Hold, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code V1.07, Shin Koihime Musou, Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!! Chaos Code & Daemon Bride Additional Gain!

And our #SSMG of the week in Fighters History Dynamite. A whole lot of it in fact! So be sure to indulge in it all!

With that taken care of it's time for This Week In Gaming!

My time for sadness came to an end on Thursday with the release of Sengoku Basara 4. Haven't got a chance to get my hands on it but all I've heard is good things so far. So hope for that. When I get around to it I'll be sure to let you know how I'm feeling on it.

Day 1 DLC for Extreme VS Full Boost. Lacus' ∞ Justice and the Zaku II High Mobility are what's up first. At least its free!

New J-Stars trailer. No Younger Toguro. Not really interested.

La-Mulana 2 is coming. Learn why you should give your money to this Kickstarter then GIVE MONEY TO THE KICKSTARTER BY CLICKING ME!!!

Ivy confirmed for Soul Calibur Lost Swords. And we finally get a release date of February 16th. In Japan. What this means for everybody else is unknown at the moment.

The story trailer for Bravely Default. The usual save the world & amnesia you're familiar with.

Another week, Another Persona Q feature. This week, Shinjiro from P3 & Yukiko from P4!

This week in dumb censorship shit, Monster Monpiece! Polarizing subject for those who wish to discuss it but the short of it is that some of the cards in the game have been taken out for being a bit too "sexual" for non-Japanese players. If you want to see the cards in question then VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED!! CLICK HERE! The link is to Sankaku Complex so don't click when mommy's around or you're somewhere where looking at this will get you fired! VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED!!

As for me & gaming is that I wished I didn't get swamped with stuff so I could get some time in with Sengoku Basara 4. Hoping to get some time with it this week and like I said earlier is that I'll report back with the goods when I get that in.

Indulging in other things though is that congrats first off to The Vampire Diaries with 100 episodes. Not a lot of shows make it to that milestone so give it up where due. As a 100th episode is that it delivered on the story and mad fanservice! Just well done all around. The rest of the usual suspects did their usual work and it looks like shows are turning it up to 11 right about now. I will award the 11 Award this week to Super Hero Time though. Kyoryuger & Gaim are delivering the goods. Kyoryuger being a couple episodes from the finale is of course delivering. Even given that they've done finale level stuff mid way through the show and to say even after that it still delivers is just wonderful. And I can't say a word about Gaim except I haven't seen a Rider show deliver this much this fast and we're probably a third of the way through and like I've said before is that Gaim can go the distance and be a great Rider show from end to end. Don't prove me wrong Gaim!

The other thing I want to talk about is the Royal Rumble. As much as I love wrestling is that I can never quite fit it in during this part of #TheCool because not a lot happens and gets me hype enough to mention it. There have been a few exceptions ever now and again. Even with some references in the weekly subtitle. The Royal Rumble without being spoilery is other than Roman Reigns & Brock Lesnar doing work it just sucked. Something happened that should've never happened and the one thing that should've just didn't. It did set up for what will be the immediate storylines going forward and it'll be interesting to see how the WWE Universe reacts because it has been shown that crowds will clown if they don't get what they want and the Rumble was no different. Should be an interesting Road to Wrestlemania!

Time now for What I Watched On YouTube This Week!

New episode of Nigga Turtles. Still clowning. Still funny as fuck!

Super Smash Bros X Star Wars? TMNT X Koopa Troopers? One James Farr delivers such feats. Both of these videos are just awesome especially Super Smash Wars. Just way too good. Watch both and watch the time just disappear. If you want to check out more then CLICK HERE FOR JAMES FARR'S YOUTUBE PAGE!!

Question of the week. How hype can Family Feud get?

This is supposed to be a parody of a scene from The OC by The Lonely Island. What scene is for you to discover. I'd have more history for you about The OC but I was going through a phase where I didn't watch that teenage drama stuff on TV.

Kimi Sparkle finally gets her wish! You deserve it for being the only Pegasister reviewer after all.

Question 2 of the week. What happens when Discord, Hot Beats & Spaghetti come together?

Yep. In complete and utter love with Stephanie Sheh! I'M OPEN WITH MY FEELINGS!!!!

That's that. Shouts to one of best reps for all DA THICK GURLZ in Fighting Games being one Rainbow Mika Nanakawa! I figured this week's cover pic would be best of her pointing at something. Which is illegal. Just not in this case but in the case in which the subtitle references. Why not her for USF4 or SF X Tekken? WHY, WHY, WHY!!! Cerebella's Peach will just have to do for now! Karin, I'm still fighting for you too!!!

As usual, plans are planned. Will they be executed? Tune in next week to find out!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Friday, January 24, 2014

#TripleDaGodExplainsItAll X #SengokuBasaraX Presents...Learning Time IS Party Time!

These are the notes I took while doing my research and it's just here to mainly serve the function as something you can look to for the basics and my thoughts on the characters including some stuff I "forgot" to mention. If you have any questions don't be hesitant to ask at all.

What You Need To Know

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3


A = Light Attack
B= Medium Attack
C= Heavy Attack
E = Engun Call

Hold 4/1/7 = Guard 4 (Standing), 1 (Crouching) 4/1/7 (Air Guard)
44 & 66 = Back Step/(Dash) & Forward Dash (Also In Air)
1/2/3 to 7/8/9 = Super Jump
7/8/9 While Mid Air = Double Jump
4/6+C = Throw (Also In Air)

A → B → C = Basic Chain (Can include Crouching Attacks)
6+B Universal Mid Attack
2+BC =Universal Launcher (7/8/9 to Pursue and Attack)
2+C (In The Air) = Aerial Spike
BC = Blow Away Attack (Can be pursued by pressing 6 and you can attack during this time. A fully charged version is unblockable and you can also pursue.)

Timed 4/1/7 = Guard 4 (Standing), 1 (Crouching) 4/1/7 (Air Guard) = Just Defense (Just as in other games it heals back a portion of Blue Health if available.)
4/1/7 + AB = Perfect Guard (Also In Air) (Costs a steady amount of Basara Gauge)
Timed 4/1/7+AB = Just Perfect Guard (Costs a small amount of Basara Gauge and produces a full screen Guard Push.)
6+BC (While Guarding) = Guard Cancel Attack (Costs 50% Guard Gauge & 1 Level of Basara Gauge)
A/B/C while attacked = Recovery
7/8/9 After Hitting The Ground = Quick Get Up

Enguns, their attack attributes and how much they can be used change depending on what Level they’re at. Below 50, 50-99 & 100. And the rate in which an Engun can level from 1 to 100 depends on the character in question. Mouri, Honda & Motochika charge the fastest in that order and the rest of the cast gets there in varying degrees of time after them.

E = Standard Engun Call
1/2/3+E = Engun Launcher
5 or 7/8/9 + E = Engun Counter (Costs Full Engun Gauge, Engun Reduced 30 Levels & Varing Levels of Basara Gauge Depending On The Usage & How Many Times It Has Been Used) (7/8/9 + E are only valid when using Another Mode which is activated by holding Start while selecting a character.)
E During Any 214214+C Basara Attack = Basara Engun Assist (Costs 1 Additional Basara Gauge & Empties The Engun Gauge Upon Use)

 Character Notes

Oda Nobunaga & his Enguns, Noh-Hime & Mori Ranmaru

Nobunaga is the best character in the game for the simple fact that his infinites take the least setup and some of those setups don’t even need Noh-hime to setup for. Because of this fact is that he is the character that the rest of the cast are judged upon. Infinites aside is that he has the tools to either rushdown or zone at midrange but because your key is to make sure you opponent fears your normals when powered up is landing his infinite to take control of the matchup in all facets is key very early.

Hideyoshi Toyotomi & his Engun, Takenaka Hanbei

Hideyoshi is all about command grabs. These are keys to everything he has including all of his infinites. However he does need the assistance of Hanbei at Level 50+ for the setup into his various infinites or fish for a counter hit at anything below 50 to start it in most instances. Hanbei is very helpful with this because his Engun attack brings the foe closer to Hideyoshi and this effect is strengthened as the Engun levels up. Outside of this is that Hideyoshi has awesome tools to get in and stay in and if this wasn’t a video game where a standing jab couldn’t lead to death then this would be awesome. Regardless of this he’s still one of the best characters in the game however.

Masamune Date AKA The One-Eyed Dragon & his Engun, Katakura Kojurou

Date is 1 of 2 of the shoto’s and because of this has some decent tools for fans of the character to have someone easy to grasp the mechanics of the game. Those tools being very good chains to hit confirm off of to land his special & super moves. Has an infinite as well but he needs Kojurou at 50+ for the setup into his Wall Street infinite.

Sanada Yukimura & his Enguns, Takeda Shingen & Sarutobi Sasuke 

(Note: Only Sasuke is involved in attacking the opponent in any way.)

Yukimura is the game’s other shoto and because of this also great for beginners or fans of the character. Has an awesome mid range game because of his quick & multi hitting normals which are great for hit confirms outside of rushdown range. Just like Date is that he needs Sasuke at 50+ to assist in his Wall Street infinite. Sasuke is a great Engun that helps solidify that mid range game by being a great Engun that can hit confirm or continue long stings for Yukimura.

Oichi & her Engun Azai Nagamasa

Oichi is the definition of Touch of Death. If the setup is correct. Her Full Kill combos completely break what was supposed to keep her in line. This mechanic is a meter which limits how much and how long she can use Hirake Ne No Koku (Shadow Mode). Very similar to Eddie from Guilty Gear in the mode with the use of Shadow Mode controlled by a meter. There are some A.B.A & Zappa influences if you look closer at her as well. Normally she’s able to use it for about 6 seconds and refills in about the same time after some cool down. The thing that makes this so dangerous is that any move that hits with a shadow including one of her supers elicits random status effects that include anything bad that can happen to her opponents. Worst of all is these effects seem to happen one behind the other and in some instances stack. Combine this with one of those effects being disabling your Engun which cuts you off from using an Engun Counter. Oichi has everything she needs to be a pillar of this game’s echelon. From a SF3 like parry, useful normal and attacks in both modes including some normals & specials outside of rushdown range to start chains and all the mayhem she causes in Shadow Mode. Nagamasa does have some use as an Engun to set up some variations of her 100% & infinite combos but not much use outside of it seeing as some of her setups require at least being at 50+ for 2 Engun calls. But for all of this she stills falls short of Nobunaga because of the setup needed to activate her infinites.

Maeda Keiji & his Enguns, Maeda Toshiie & Matsu

Keiji has some keep away tools but their use is only to start rushdown offense. Because the PS2 version is different from the AC version is that 2 of his moves that had Guard Break properties no longer trigger this effect. Worst of all is that he has an infinite but because he needs 3 Engun calls to trigger it is that his Engun needs to be at Level 100 and this takes time. The Engun however is pretty decent having some effects in and out of corners. Has a pull in effect outside of corners and juggle properties in the corner.

Chousokabe Motochika & his Enguns, the Nioh Tank, Wooden Giant & Dragon Tank

Motochika is an interesting character because of his dynamic with his 3 Enguns. The way it works is that certain moves and actions earn Motochika gold in which he can spend to build and summon 3 Mechanical Weapons for his Engun call. The Nioh Tank at L1 or higher with 2000 Gold (Summoned with E+A). The Wooden Giant at L50 or higher with 5000 Gold (Summoned with E+B). And the Dragon Tank at L100 for 9999 Gold (Summoned with E+C). There is a way to circumvent spending gold for Enguns however via a round ending glitch. Each Mechanical Weapon has a use and these uses will vary upon player and situation and each of them have a use to set up for a version of an infinite. Outside of all this Motochika has many wonderful tools for all forms of offense, learning them of course key to mastery of the character.

Mouri Motonari & his Enguns, the Mouri Army Soldiers

Motonari is another interesting character because of his Engun dynamic. First off, his Engun gauge is the quickest to reach L100 uninterrupted and even given that he can summon multiple army members at a time even at L1. There aren’t any hard numbers but the gauge does deplete a certain amount depending on which of the 6 summons he wishes to use. The higher the level the more army members he can summon before completely depleting the gauge. Learning what summon does what and how they flow into Motonari’s goal of landing his infinite is the key to winning with him. He can also hit his Enguns but every time he does the Engun level goes down by 1. Once upon a time he was touted as the best character in the game before everybody had to fear any button that can be dash canceled. Regardless of all that he has one of the best toolsets in the game which keeps him at the top of the game in high level play.

Honda Tadakatsu & his Engun, Tokugawa Ieyasu

Honda is another character with a special Engun. When Ieyasu is around Honda gets additional abilities like Qubeley funnels & a lock on ability with his bombs. Ieyasu can also be kidnapped and there are certain moves that actually hit in the background that will free Ieyasu from his captors. Keeping Ieyasu safe is very important to Honda’s game so that he has all his available tools. He’s also the only character in the cast who can Super Cancel a Super. 214214+C XX 236236+C. The thing is this, even with all these cool abilities he’s the worst character in the game because he doesn’t have a legit infinite, even though with the right setup in Training Mode he can do one. He isn’t without his own special ability when it comes to breaking the game. He has a glitch where he can completely freeze the opponent. Problem with that is it’s banned in high level play where it could be a useful tool to use against his opponents. He’s a cool character, with cool stuff in a game where he can’t even compete. Shame that. Note: All of Honda’s normal dashes are managed by his Boost Gauge.

Uesugi Kenshin & his Engun, Kasuga

Kenshin is one of this game’s best characters and for good reason. His special ability to “freeze” his opponents (Which is more to slow down their attack speed) and how quickly everything he does comes out and flows into each other makes him a force to be reckoned with. Given all of this in order to land his infinite is that he needs Kasuga at a minimum to be L50 to take advantage of what she does so he can best perform. Kasuga’s Engun call can be charged for delay and damage and is the only Engun in the game that has such an ability. (In the Arcade Version)

Katakura Kojurou & his Engun, Masamune Date

One of the exclusive PS2 characters and because of this very absent in high level play. Regardless of this fact, Kojurou is a very capable fighter with all the tools necessary to be a threat at any range. This includes wonderful skill set that includes a stance change into Slaughter Mode which gives him more tools to work with. Learning how flow between normal and Slaughter Mode is key to the character and his infinite as well. He does need Date at L50 for 2 Engun calls to pull this off however. He is an excellent addition to the cast and real look at what a sequel could’ve been with additional characters. Date’s Engun attack is the Magnum Step using that adds additional hits and a Lightning attribute at L100.

Takenaka Hanbei & his Engun, Toyotomi Hideyoshi

The other exclusive PS2 character. Hanbei is all about rushdown play through his veiled “rekka” gameplay style. Many of his moves link off of each other for a myriad of combos and mind games at close range. He also has a Counter-Hit-Counter that I quite don’t understand as well. Of course he has an infinite and he does need Hideyoshi to be at L50 for the 2 Engun calls needed. Hideyoshi’s Engun attack is his 214+C Ifuubanjou. It gains the ability to charge at L50 and a range increase at L100.
-Triple Da G.O.D!

Monday, January 20, 2014

#TheCool: Batman's Gone Crazy In Silver Springs, OK! Featuring Derpy Hooves!

#TheCool back up in as usual ready to do the thing we always do in that way we do it.

PT's here now and all you need to know is #TripleDaGodExplainsItAll X #SengokuBasaraX is going down this week! Stay tuned as we get hype for Sengoku Basara 4 the only way I know how!

As usual #DoaGHThaDOJO is supplying that crack to the masses! On deck this week...

Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late, Persona 4 The Ultimax: Ultra Suplex Hold, Chaos Code, Samurai Shodown Sen, Melty Blood Actress Again Curent Code, The King of Fighters XI & Project Justice!

And with that out the way, This Week In Gaming!

As the 30th creeps closer for the release of Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost is that the only way to get hype is to show the 98 Mobile Suits you'll have at your command when you start it up. There are some DLC suits that aren't represented here but I think they'll get a vid hyping them up. 2 things. No Allenby still makes me sad. For that I have NEXT PLUS! And this game is about to be old news in a couple of months when Maxi Boost drops later this year. That's a thing. GO, SCAMCO, GO!

As my tears are being prepared to be wiped away on Thursday with the release of Sengoku Basara 4. This game is also counting down the days until then by showing off the craziness SB is known for. Can't wait!

Bravely Default shall be out soon, so no better time to get familiar with the many jobs the games offer. GET FAMILIAR!!!

Another week, another look at Persona Q. In the spotlight this week is Akihiko & Chie!

We got a new look at Deception 4! Game's looking good. Invoking the classic feel of the series. I likes. I likes a lot!

Other news. Younger Toguro & Lord Aizen are in J-Stars Victory VS! HYPE! We should be seeing a trailer soon.

For me, I've been hard at work relearning Sengoku Basara X to teach it to you next week. I'm thinking about putting my notes in a blog post after the video comes out. We'll see.

Everything's back this week and damn it's delivering. Y'all know what I watch by now and you should be watching it too. Shouts to Lady Legasus, blown up Cow parts, weird pilgrimages, and awesome hype surprise returns! You know what you did!

And with that taken care of, What I Watched On YouTube This Week!


Super Slam Barkley: Project Michael Remix! Yep.

Orpheusftw X ReBoot? SHIT IS REAL NOW!!!

Street Fighter EX2. Best SF Game? You bet your ass it is!

And that's that!

Don't know if y'all heard but...DERPY'S BACK!!! ONE MORE, FOR THE GOOD GUYS!!! Been a wild ride for Derpy-gate but I'm glad a medium has been reached. Shame she doesn't get to talk because some people are hypersensitive about nothing.

Fuck it! I got the next best thing though! Tell them haters how you feel Derpy!

Speaking of. Ask Princess Molestia got too damn big and Hasbro shut it down because Hasbro does dumb shit. Nothing new really. While Molestia is going away is that Gamer Luna isn't going anywhere. Sort of. I don't Luna will be delving into any of her sister's debauchery however. You can find where Gamer Princess Luna has set up shop. Somewhere on the interwebs! We will never forget! #ALLHAILTHEPLOT #FOREVERANDEVER #INMOLESTIASNAME

Don't forget! #TripleDaGodExplainsItAll! #SengokuBasaraX! #GetFuckingReadyToLearnSomeShit!

Until next time!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Monday, January 13, 2014

#TheCool: The 1 Million Dollar Awesome Wondershot Banshee Revolution Done Quick

#TheCool as usual back up in it ready to do what we always does. Before we traipse into the garden of PT is that I do have to congratulate everybody involved with #ADGQ2014! It was awesome to catch a lot of the runs live. Combine this with my respect of speedruns and those who do them and an awesome time was had. It was so many cool moments is that trying to list them all would take all day. Here's my suggestion though is to CLICK THIS HERE and work your way down the rabbit hole. See a game in that list that catches you, just click it and be amazed! What these wonderful folks do by breaking a game down to the essence and get that game to an efficient science. It is the reason I watch speedruns. They help me become a better player by showing me new approaches that I may have never thought of myself. The best thing of all is that over $1 Million Dollars and more since the Bonus Stream is still going will be going to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Pretty cool for gamers who play games quick. CONGRATS!!!

Now that we've gave props proper is we can get to PT and while I didn't do much is that #DoaGHThaDOJO is always delivering those goods. On deck this week....

Persona 4 The Ultimax: Ultra Suplex Hold, Akatsuki Blitzkamph Ausf. Achse, Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late, Shin Koihime Musou & Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code V1.07!

That's a whole lot of crack in which to binge on so feel free. I do have a special throwback drop planned later this week so be on the lookout for it!

And now, This Week In Gaming!

Muramasa Rebirth's 2nd DLC episode is dropping soon and while not about Cat Girls, a farmer sets out on a quest to do something. The farmer wasn't a Cat Girl so I wasn't paying much attention. All of the DLC should be out in MURICA at some point and when it does I'll let you know.

Double Dragon Neon is coming to Steam and bringing the Online Bro-Op with it! What this means for the console version is unknown but I might Double Dragon Dip! We'll see.

Another week brings us another look at Persona Q and this week we have features from Mitsuru & Yosuke. I gotta say I'm pretty hype for this whenever it drops.

And to put a cherry on the week is that we got a whole lot of Senran Kagura news. Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson which is the sequel to the 3DS games which are to include the first playable male characters. Senran Kagura: Estival Versus which nobody is sure about but the rumor is a port of Versus to PS3. Senran Kagura Dekamori which is a Rhythm Cooking game where loser strips. This trailer was deemed too sexual by YouTube which is why it isn't featured and why I took it down off my channel a couple of days ago. Regardless, it's going to be a great year for all who believe in Life & Hometown!

As far as I go is that I'm still in prep mode and things will appear when they shall. I do want to show J some love with him blessing me with a TV after mine after years of service devided to go the way of the not working anymore.
When it comes to what I watched is that Kill la Kill, Revolution & Banshee are back and they're in business of getting back to the business and they're delivering! Gaim & Kyoryuger have been holding things down during this slow time wit Gaim heating up & Kyoryuger moving toward the era of trains. Everything else on some hiatus will be on this week coming so I'm ready for that.

Speaking of being ready is that I'm ready to put a bow on this installment! Now, What I Watched On YouTube This Week!

I gotta say I'm having a great time watching one Patrick Klepek play Spelunky and I'm learning a whole lot about the game's intricacies and I'm looking to start playing the game again.

I also want to shout out ZoopSoul and his awesome Spelunky runs as well. If you need some convincing about how awesome this game is then both of those vids should do the trick.

dhim doing what dhim does. Yeah. That thing. Learn the answers of such questions such as, Who's behind Cammy during her into? Does true love bloom on the battlefield? And what happens when you have the choice of who's SEGA's True Queen? VOTE HERE!!!

Botchamania counts down the Top 10 matches of the year in the only way Botchamania can.

I remembered hearing about it but I haven't seen it until now. Always finding a way to remember Ryan Davis!

That's that.

Shouts to Nina Matsumoto for this awesome picture that summarizes the end of #ADGQ2014! #MILLIONDOLLARHYPE #WONDERSHOTHYPE! #LUCCABESSWAIFU You can check out more of her work on her TUMBLR!

As usual I thank you for blessing us with your presence. 2014 is starting to kick into high gear and we'll be here to cover it with the degree of journalism you expect!

Until next time!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Monday, January 6, 2014

#TheCool: 2014, A Space Dandy!

#TheCool! 2014! New Year! Same Takeover! Ready to do what we always do! And even with it being a slow 5 days of 2014 so far is that I can get a full featured installment in and I guess for PT we can start with this.

You see the screenshot. 10 Million Views to kick off 2014 as right as possible! 20 Million will be nothing! And what's already a part of history & what will soon be will be nothing without you all! Thanks "A Million" for the love & support! I see you! We're all taking this climb one step at a time. Every time I reach a milestone is that it isn't hard to look back and see where I came from because that vision helps light the way forward! So I'll keep bringing that crack to the masses because I know that need exists! So to millions more I say! MILLIONS MORE!!!!!

I've done enough ego stroking for a minute so why don't we get to what's up with #DoaGHThaDOJO and major drop that's been taking place over the last couple of days!

Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!!, En Eins Perfektwelt, The Rumble Fish 2, Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe, Samurai Shodown 64, Aquapazza, Persona 4 The Ultimax: Ultra Suplex Hold, Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late & Daemon Bride: Additional Gain are what's on deck and there's plenty of it so feel free to get as much as you like!

And because this is 2014 we had to add a new game to the rotation and that game is...EHRGEIZ! Ehrgeiz is a game I've wanted to cover for a while and there's no better time to now to start. Expect a lot more as it comes. And there will be more. Trust me.

Now, This Week In Gaming!

Some Profound Sadness. Fresh in fact. All we have to offer this week trailer wise in fact. Game's out on the 23rd. Expect something from me about the subject of Sengoku Basara before then.

When it comes to me and games is that more prep for upcoming projects is all. I did download the Bravely Default demon but I haven't played it yet. I might do so closer to the release so all of it is fresh in my mind. I was going to stand on the soapbox about the talk of censorship in the game but I think that deserves a post all its own. And you can read all about it HERE!!!!!

Let's just hop into my short review of Space Dandy. Crack! And I expect nothing less from the director of my favorite anime of all time, Cowboy Bebop! Based off this 1st episode is that I'm loving the loose nature of everything it offers and I know it'll come to a fulfilling end when that time comes. I'm in from end to end. And I expect the same from you.

Everything else is still on hiatus for whatever reason and I'm gearing up for marathoning the 1st half of Once Upon A Time Season 3. All I can say is this. I want this series represented in Kingdom Hearts. This show could work within those confines because it is a take on what the series has already done already. And the scenario of Gargoyles written by Greg Wiseman and Kim Possible. I just wanted this on wax is all. And know you know.

With that, What I Watched On YouTube This Week!

The Games Done Quick marathons always bring that heat but this right here is some next level shit. Figuratively & literally! The marathon is live all week so be sure to tune in whenever. Never know what you'll see. WATCH HERE!!!!!

Would you believe me if I said Timbaland was beefing with another producer. And the shit got so wild that he made a diss track with Justin Timberlake & Nelly Furtado? Before we got to that part a rapper under Timbaland named D.O.E dropped this and to this day still funny as hell!

2 Best Sisters Play is back and the monarchs of Equestria have a hoof at Pokemon Snap. DAT ENDING!!!

This whole fascination with Bats & Bronies is getting a bit out of control. Jake Whyman takes to his first YouTube Poop about the subject & everybody's favorite Pegasister Reviewer makes an attempt to review said episode.

Sometimes, you just want what you want. No matter what it costs you.

The My Little Pony Meets Series. This is pretty old but I randomly watched them all again this week and its still good for a laugh. Impossible situations and such.

Kids. This is a pretty good encapsulation of what the 90's were and what it's like a little bit now.

Speaking of the 90's. Boy Meets World X YouTube Poop. It works. I wonder when Girl Meets World is supposed to drop and will Uncle Batman be on it?

No More Slammin & Jammin 2: Barkley's Desperate Struggle! This is the best mashup of this kind ever! It does help that part of the mash is my favorite remix from No More Heroes. If you don't feel a need to dance when you hear it then I don't know what to say to you.

That's that for me. 2014 is looking bright and I plan to keep it illuminated! So just stay tuned and I'll keep proving that crack!

As usual thanks for kicking it with me and we'll be back next week to do this again.

Until next time!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

#WriteDatReXXX: From Censor To Shining Censor

This was originally a part of this week's installment of #TheCool and while writing it I felt that this deserved its own space to be heard. So here it is in all the glory! Learn something!

I felt that I would chime in on this censorship issue that made the rounds about Bravely Default this week seeing as I avoided posting in the GAF thread in question for all the no duh reasons you could think of. My stance on censoring content as part of the localization process is this. As a gamer I want to play games as close to the original vision as I can. It is one of the main reasons I import games. Everywhere in the world has their sticking points when it comes to this stuff. America with sexual content. Japan with over the top violence. And depending on where you are elsewhere it can vary depending on who's calling the shots of what you ultimately get to see. This isn't as much of a freedom of speech issue as it is a human right to express ourselves and enjoy what we wish. And sometimes when you take a stand and enjoy what you wish is that people love to label people for whatever reason.

In the case of the above picture I've seen the word pedophile thrown around like a feather and that isn't OK. In today's society that's a heavy claim to throw around and because somebody is OK with something you aren't doesn't warrant that word to be used in that way. And seeing what pedophile is actually defined as is that it may not be the word you wish to use in instances like these anyway. Now when people cross that line and commit crimes that warrant that word being used in the way that it is then that's a issue and the law deals with those who cross said lines as the law says to do so. Now back to the point though. The issue here is with the "self censorship" that this game is being subject to by adjusting the ages of the characters, the dialogue and a lot of the costumes that the different jobs in the game represent. Looking at the content in context is that the changes aren't even warranted. All it takes for a small few to make a fuss to make companies who want to stay in business take a step or 2 back.

The thing is that in the localization process there are things that have to happen in order to make it palatable to a general audience. In most cases when this process takes place is that general audience isn't paying the game any mind and those who do just want an organic experience with the game in a mostly unaltered state. On the reverse side of the coin is that localizing something costs money and because of the ESRB and the Big 3's stance on what will be on the platform is that these changes have to be made or the game won't even come out. I've wanted for years for somebody in the industry to actually use the AO rating but that fear of your game won't sell at major retailers and the stigma that goes with it is that the art somebody could create with that freedom is dampened because people have to make a living. Or in the case of Bravely Default is just leave it as it is and just use the M rating. That is why it is there. For companies to use. But again because companies have bottom lines to deal with is that they take the safe route and do what's necessary to get it to market. I felt that if the Big 3 accepted AO games and that company just sold it online which would keep the children you're allegedly protecting from this content and give a way for the art form to be used to its fullest extent without that fear of the product succeeding.

In the end it's all about the ebb & flow of cultural differences. Even though the view of some will never represent every single viewpoint that exists is that this will continue to be a facet of video games until the form and those in it mature a bit more as a whole and this'll be less of an issue when it does happen. I for one hope that day does come where a game that may have some questionable content is just released as it is somewhere else. It'll save me a couple of bucks and for that company releasing that game is that I won't be as ready to pull the trigger to go to the nearest import site to get the complete experience that the game was created to provide the player before it was altered. One step at a time though. One step at a time!

-Triple Da G.O.D!