Thursday, December 31, 2015

#TheCool: 2015





Before we get to the business at hand is there's some new work in the streets from #TeamGRF that truly you should be aware of if you weren't previously!

#TheBattleChronicles X Gekitou Ninja Taisen! The A-Factor & Robeness247 and I decide to take our battle to the World of Naruto and when its done a new champion will emerge! Who will it be?!

No matter what day or time is #DoaGHThaSHOP always has what the fiends need in stock and if you have a fiend to shop for I guarantee you'll find something for that special one!

In stock right now...

Project Justice, Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel, Dissidia Final Fantasy, Koihime Enbu, Daemon Bride Additional Gain, Persona 4 The Ultimax: Ultra Suplex Hold, Under Night In-Birth: EXE:Late[st], BlazBlue Centralfiction, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code & KOF Maximum Impact Regulation "A"!

It has been our pleasure serving every fiend this year and those before! We'll continue to do the same in 2016 and beyond!







Sash Lilac, Carol Tea & Milla Basset are back to save the world again!

That's all that needs to be said really.

The DLC for the first is still coming and no release date on this one but I'm ready for some more action in world of Freedom Planet and so should you!

This is Valkyria Chronicles Remaster! Damn it looks good! I want this and Azure Revolution like last week! GIMME!

Azure Striker Gunvolt has a new update with Speedrun Mode: Perma-Anthem/Song of Diva Mode and it goes to show that power isn't without consequences. Give it a shot and remember it's still $7/49 until the end of the Winter Sale so pick it up if you haven't. If you seek more information about this subject is you'll find it HERE.

Yuki & LLENN have been released for the console version of Ignition and will be free until January 31, 2016 on PS4PS3 & PSVita! Click the link for your version! Also know that if you download 1 of these you get the content for all 3 versions just so you know. Enjoy!

Here's your Invitation From Another World! Deathsmiles is coming to Steam in Spring 2016 and other than such not much is known. Degica has stated that they want to do something extra with this port so maybe that means the content from the mobile releases but we'll know when we know.

Speaking of Cave & Steam is after the last installment of #TheCool dropped is I found out that Mushihimesama is on sale for $9.99. However for $2.50 more you can cop the Matsuri pack that includes Mushihimesama V1.5 and the OST for less than you'd buy them separately so if you're looking to get your Bug Princess on then give this one a go. You can pick it up HERE!



Thanks to the Giant Bomb 2015 GOTY Podcasts I've been getting into some things like Metroid: Zero Mission, Pokemon Shuffle, Extreme Butōden & Senran Kagura Burst while I wait for my copy of Sega Reprint Archives 2 to appear in my mailbox.

The magic came when I got reacquainted with Panzer Bandit & Gunner's Heaven via my PSP! Both games are 2 games that invoke that Treasure spirit and are must plays for anybody looking for a good action game to fill their time. You can hunt them both down on eBay but be prepared to put down some cash. However you can pick up both games on JP PSN for around $6 and they're playable on PSP, PS3 & Vita so no excuses! Get out there and have some fun. The links for both are below!

Panzer Bandit

Gunner's Heaven

You'll be getting familiar with both games really soon! If I have my way about it!

I've got plans. I always have those. I however want 2016 to be the year I actually move on them. I say this every year and then I get in my own way so I need to drop that bad habit ASAP! I even have a plan for that! Just stay tuned to the usual spots! It is all I can ask of you!

Nothing to report from the Usual Suspects other than Tokon Boost & we'll be talking about Ash vs Evil Dead and the return of Heroes Reborn next time!



This trailer confirms one thing...I'll be waiting intently on some Unrated/Director's Cut of Deadpool. I don't do the movie thing too much anyway and I know there will be some stuff that will need to be cut to make that R. I'll be waiting Deadpool!

I appreciate this in a special way. Doom is a very important game to my growth as gamer and games itself so to see it in this way is mindblowing! If you wish to keep with the latest that is Brutal Doom then check the mod's Facebook Page.

A throwback classic for sure. Where my Goons at?

For your viewing pleasure the Season Finale of FF7:MA and Episode 51 of DBZ Abridged!

SSFF takes a look at Bushido Blade 1 & 2.

New Voices of Gaming featuring Fairy Fencer F!

Got that new MES cart on deck and it seems to be filled with the sounds of the Millennial Fair from Chrono Trigger.

Brickroad plays Metroid Fusion?

Shouts to MiKaDo for some Regualtion A action because there's never enough of that to go around!

desk back at it once again with some Super Turbo Revival madness!

Shouts to the folks Sleepmode who's getting deep into Super Climax Heroes and digging out stuff I wished to keep secret from everybody! Honestly though, the reason why I don't feature stuff like this in primers is because as a teacher and someone who appreciates this game for everything good and bad about it is that tech like this goes against trying to teach the good folks out there to respect the game as a fighter first and a crazy land of madness second. Also, my primers started this so I do come in and explain the madness that's being found because I've had 6 years of being in this crazy land all by lonesome so I've seen everything this series has to offer. Thanks for opening yourself up to all of this!

Know what other SHMUP has a crazy soundtrack...Ketsui!

For the record, let it be said that Undercover Cops (Japan/α Renewal Version) is one of the best soundtracks in the business! By the way, you a straight busta if you play the World version! A! STRAIGHT! BUSTA! That is all!

Be sure to take a trip down memory lane with Linkara as he shows us the "glory" that is Power Rangers Megaforce and new RWBY: World of Remnant is in the streets as well!

THAT'S 2015!

Before we say goodbye to a 5 and welcome the 6 is I'd like to use our Art Spotlight to share some of my favorite things!

All Allenby Beardsley! All the time!

You already know what's good with Jam! Best high kick in the bidness today!

Squirrel underboob is best underboob!

Samus Aran! The star of the greatest video game ever and a game that I shall one day finish!

Dawn's supposed to be here but Misty'll do!

Dark Magician Girl gang, represent!

Coming soon to #TheBattleChronicles is Arina Makihara! Expect those Arina Beams, player!

Didn't I tell you earlier to download Panzer Bandit! Senka should be a reason you consider my words!

I'd like thank metataex for helping share some of my favorite things with you! If you'd like to see more of his art then be sure to visit his Tumblr, Pixiv and @tanakatarouEX on Twitter for more!

Click anything above with caution! You've been warned!

2015 is a wrap and as always we thank you for riding with us every single week!

Like I said earlier 2016 will hopefully be the year that plans are acted upon. Maybe then I get something done by actually doing it!

We'll be back in 2016 ready to do it like we always do so please be sure to join us when that becomes what we do!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!



Thursday, December 24, 2015

#TheCool: How Triple Da G.O.D! Jedi Mind Tricked Christmas!


Before we get to the business at hand is there's some new work in the streets from #TeamGRF that truly you should be aware of if you weren't previously!

JOTKING & I are back at it again with our check in of our favorite shows and our thoughts on Akuma in Tekken 7 & Bayo and Corrin in Smash as well! There are plans for a minisode of #TeamGRFSpeaksOn before the end of the year so be watching for that if it drops!

As usual, #DoaGHThaSHOP's always has what the fiends need in stock and if you have a fiend to shop for I guarantee you'll find something for that special one! And unlike your Santa Claus #WeServe258367 #4ThaFiends #AlwaysAndForver! In stock right now...

Dissidia Final Fantasy, En Eins Perfektewelt, Aquapazza Aquaplus Dream Match, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade, Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe, Under Night In-Birth: EXE:Late[st], Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm, Blazblue Centralfiction, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code, Persona 4 The Ultimax: Ultra Suplex Hold & Koihime Enbu!






They promised a Kingdom Hearts trailer and we damn sure got one. DDD looks damn good and what they're setting up for 0.2 leading into III looks to be well worth the wait we've gone through to get here!

We can now confirm that Capcom can count to 3 faster than SquareEnix! Think about that for a second!

Get your import dollars ready ladies and gents! I told the streets to stand still on this Xtreme 3 bidness and now its time to make that work! It's safe to get an Asian copy of whatever version you like from wherever you can find it! February 25, 2016! Do what you does!

BlazBlue Centralfiction Presents...Act 2: Nightmare Memory. We step ever closer to closing the book as it were on BB but THE question remains...Playable Father-in-Law when?

There's a new build for Hyper DBZ with ALL NEW EVERYTHING! I was also happy to know that some feedback I gave is getting some serious consideration for the final build so kudos to the team for taking what everybody had to say seriously!

If you want to get your hands on it then there are 3 separate links depending on where you reside. US, South America or Europe!

Enjoy one hell of a fan game!

If you wish to keep with the latest that is Hyper DBZ then be sure to keep your eyes to their Facebook Page for such information!

Out in your hood right now is Eyes of Heaven in "Japan" and with it our final batch of characters to check out!

Parallel World Diego Brando, Joseph Joestar (Stardust Crusaders), Josuke Higashikata (JoJolion), Kosaku Kawajiri, Koichi Hirose, Akira Otoishi, N'Dool, Narciso Anasui, Vanilla Ice, Giorno Giovanna & Enrico Pucci (Whitesnake)!

Speaking of BandaiNamco is they've made their presence known and felt that they want to get some games localized! So let's take a look at what's coming up!

February 9th, Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 drops and from the looks of things is this will be the last "Naruto" game because for reasons we'll speak on a bit later.

The 16th of February brings Project X Zone 2: Brave New World and in January we'll be getting a demo just like they did in Japan. So if you're at all interested in playing the game then be sure to keep the demo in mind.

Cyber Sleuth drops on March 12th on PS4 & Vita and there are some interesting pre-order bonuses so be sure to take a look at those if you're interested.

Burning Blood is coming to America. I didn't doubt it would but will this be the game that actually gets the Funi cast to actually do something?

We just spoke about Eyes of Heaven and it as well is coming stateside. Question here is how much more jacked up will the names be when localized? Jean Pierre Eiffel?! Eyes still in the back of my head on that one!

Now we know why Rise of Incarnates had to die. Shame it had to die for something I could've just imported seeing as I never got to play it myself. Streets are buzzing on VS-Force and it isn't a good kind of buzz. I will however be the judge of that when this drops in 2016.

I know we've spoken about the pre-order incentives for V and it looks like the streets were due for a reminder I suppose. Instead of retreading old ground is I've left pictures for you below. Highlight said pictures to see what costume comes from where and make a decision if you deem one necessary.

Also, if you were looking for the OP to V then this is what that be.

Sengoku Basara is going side game on Dat Ass! Yukimura is getting his own game for some reason and you know what's good on this if you're interested. For all the new folks, Capcom USA killed the series with Samurai Heroes and if you want some SB in your heart then put up those import dollars!

Our first real look at Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom! Took a lot to get here and as a long time fan of the series I'm glad to see the series live on in this way! If you wish to keep up with the game then be sure to visit the game's blog HERE to do just that! HURRAY!

Noitu Love: Devolution is coming to WiiU & 3DS next year! This was supposed to come to the Wii forever ago but things happened which prevented that. This is probably going to be the definitive version simply for the control options available! So even if you've already picked up the game on Steam (which happens to be $1.99 for the Steam Winter Sale if you're curious and don't own it already) then this version is still a must when it drops next year!

My Hero Academia is coming to 3DS in Battle for All in April 2016! I'm getting Climax Heroes vibes from this game. I know this will be a game that not a lot of folks are going to lab with so I'm looking forward to seeing what this game has to offer me on that front. Read My Hero Academia if you haven't yet. Enough Shonen to be Shonen but enough My Hero Academia to keep you reading.

30 Years Kunio-kun's been a part of gaming history and it looks like we're hitting the mean streets once again with Riki in Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari SP on 3DS. Just so you know is this game is an update to the classic I love so much with all new everything intertwined with the old!

With River City All-Stars dropping on PS3/PC recently it begs the question of "Is this game headed this way?"

To further compound things is the fact that we didn't get the games that celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the series on 3DS and those were some damn good games! Hopefully somebody realizes this and we get all those games and this one here in America too!

I'll be keeping a close eye on this one as we get closer to its April 26th release!

Shouts to Nintendo Everything for the scans and if you want to see what else was in Famitsu this week then head over to AllGamesBeta for that!

If you wish to see the scans in their full resolution then be sure to click them!

Because it's that time of year is that things are on sale so I figured #TeamGRF could show you some love via a PSA from People Like Us and let you know what's out there.

If you want to see what's good in the land of XBONE then Major Nelson's Blog Post all about it should be a bit helpful. Be sure to check it every day for the Daily Deals.

What's good on PSN you ask? HERE is where you need to be! Check this daily as well so you know what's good.

Steam as usual is doing its thing and you should just check out their storefront and see what you can find. There are a couple of games you may want to pay special attention to.

The game is easily worth the $10 I paid for it so long ago before you could cop it on Steam and for said $2 you'll get a hell of a lot of game in return for your investment! If you don't buy anything else during this sale then THIS IS THAT ONE TO COP!

This is a Public Service Announcement within a Public Service Announcement brought to you by #TeamGRF & Savages Like Us! Thank You!

Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy and Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming are in a bundle for $2 as well! If you like what you see and want to have everything Half Minute Hero then be sure to see what's good on all the available versions of the first game if you want!

Yatagarasu: AoC is $9.89 if you're interested. Not as a deep cut as what we've already talked about but a discount on a good fighter is just that.

Azure Striker Gunvolt & Mighty Gunvolt are 50% off their normal price so if you looking to play the version of ASG and some Mighty Gunvolt as well then $7.49 & $2.49 respectively isn't a bad way to make that journey happen for yourself.

If you looking to shack up this holiday with a Half-Genie Hero and/or a Defender of the Puzzle Justice then everywhere you can find a Shantae or Mighty Switch Force title digitally is they're on sale right now if you're interested! Be interested!

Be sure to spend wisely out there!



Lots of planning for 2016! We'll get into some specifics next time when we bid adieu to 2015. Just know stuff is coming!

That last 42 minutes of Into the Badlands S1 made my investment into it more than worth it! Go watch this if you haven't yet! You won't regret it!

It's never over! Boruto's coming! I'm ready for Boruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen & Boruto: Borutimate Hero/Accel/Storm/Put Something Here! Just good to know we'll be able to see Boruto and the next generation do their thing!

I'm thinking of getting into a marathon or 2 before everything comes back on. It has been a relief and a wonder of all the extra time on deck when I don't have 2-4 shows to keep up with every night. I'm glad it's that way but breaks are always good. Always.

The remaining usual suspects of Ninninger, Ghost & Ash vs Evil Dead are holding things down in the downtime! For that, they all have my thanks!




For it is time to Duwang the damn thing! Diamond is Unbreakable is coming in April! Get ready!

Shouts to the Some-Stuff Sub Group for subbing this trailer for all to enjoy!

It's official now! Not there there was any doubt ever that Sinister1 is THAT DUDE in Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!! New Blindfolded World Record! Watch this here! Still room to keep improving on this run! BEAST MODE INDEED!

Follow this man on Twitch & Twitter @sinister1sda so you know when he's live!

Botchamania 296!

New episodes of The Mark Remark & Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged!

New episode Pokémon 'Bridged!

A new installment of Fluffle Puff Tales!

The newest cart on the MES is Star Wars inspired. A take on the Throne Room theme from Episode IV: A New Hope!

C-Wizzy reviews Shovel Knight!

Even Oolong wishing for panties was a better wish this this was!

BotanicSage wants you to celebrate the entrance of the Baddest Witch into Smash!


Mashup of the Year Contender right here!

The following Twerk Session is brought to you by Freako!


You can also combine this with the song mentioned earlier if you like.

I highly suggest it.

For the record, the only other Twerk Session in 2015 that comes close is brought to you by that Aladdin on SaltyBet and a gif of Pokémon's Touko after somebody taught her the HM to grant her such an ability!

This has been your 2015 Twerk Report!

Shouts to AlexxShadenk777 for all this 3rd and 4th Strike TAS goodness! Pick a video out of either playlist and just enjoy the crazy!

I've been mirroring work from TRF for years now and just recently they got their own YouTube channel with stuff you won't even find on Nico. This does also mean that the usual hits from The Rumble Fish & Power Instinct 5 can be found here now instead of #DoaGHThaSHOP.

Be sure to subscribe to them for high level action from all the fighters out and other stuff as well!

Shouts to GAMEAcho for 70 minutes of KoF XI!

The one and only Falcoon...

Yes, that Falcoon!

That same Falcoon that's responsible for Mignon Beart! KITTY MEOW! KITTY MEOW! THIS WAY! THIS WAY!

That same Falcoon that's responsible for that Blue Mary costume that nobody appreciates but me! getting back to his old ways by teaming up with KO-HATSU and together hosted a Regulation "A" tourney that you should watch all 4 hours and 36 minutes of this high level play that's rarely seen in action!

It's great to know he's still around and doing his thing and you can follow him on Twitter @falcoon_master to see what he's up to!

A lot of sketches and combos from Regulation "A" which you can learn something from!

Last sketch he shared was of Rain from Star Gladiator 2! Just awesome stuff to say the least!

Below are a bunch more of my favorite sketches that he's shared so far!

Wish he would've been able to close out Fatal Fury from Space! Maybe he just might! You never know!

SHMUPS always bring the awesome in the music department!

This week, Sally from DoDonpachi Daifukkatsu Black Label!

That shall be that!

If you want to spread the love this holiday then I have a small list via some featured art I'd like to share in hopes of getting my holiday wishes granted!

I'd like to that ATdan for the first wish on my list, Cake à la Rin Tohsaka! I love Red Velvet Cake just so you know!

If you'd like more art from ATdan then visit his Pixiv or webpage for more!

Wish #2: A Double Shot of Princess Sisters!

I'd like to thank Koveliana for this "set" of Celestia & Luna! Can't have one without the other! Know what I'm saying?!

I've been a fan of Koveliana's art for a while now and I'm glad to get an opportunity to share her art with you guys!

By the by, if you like what you see then there's a themed holiday pack of Ponies of the "Pay What You Want" variety that the Luna pic is a part of which you can get HERE!

For your boy, drop a couple of bucks to the artists! Just the right thing to do to support the art you like!

If you want to see more from Koveliana then check out her deviantArt for much more of her beautiful art work!

When I said Double Shot I meant it!

Thanks to ManiacPaint for the Princesses getting into the holiday spirit in their own way!

Be sure to check out that there Patreon, Tumblr & deviantArt for so much more from ManiacPaint!

Wish #3: I Want a Sm4sh Harem!

And Akai-Riot makes that an easy gift to give!

To complement the Sm4sh Ladies of Summer is we now have the Sm4ash Ladies of the Holiday Season as well!

If you like any one of the ladies individually then clicking the pic will get you to the Tumblr post that has avatar versions of each picture so you can wear one if you wish!

And to make sure no Smash Lady isn't left out is there's an avatar of Nana of the Ice Climbers to compliment it as well!

Hope to see you and Popo in the next game!

If you like to see more art then be sure to show some love to Akai-Riot on Patreon, Tumblr, deviantArt & Pixiv & Facebbok!

We'll be leaving the station one more time in 2015 next time!

Be sure to join us then!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

#TheCool: Everybody vs Everybody 2: The Fall Finale's Fated Retribution Climax! OVA #2


As usual, #DoaGHThaSHOP's always has what the fiends need in stock and if you have a fiend to shop for I guarantee you'll find something for that special one. In stock right now...

BlazBlue Centralfiction, Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel, Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late[st] & Dissidia Final Fantasy!

We've got a special in the classics section on Senko no Ronde DUO so be sure to pick some up while we have it on shelves!





This here! Been there & done that! You want THIS!

The final Smash Direct! Will it deliver the goods? Read on to find out!

Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates has chosen to defy fate and take on the strongest in the Smash arena! There's a lot to question here but Corrin's only here to remind you that Fire Emblem Fates exists. I like what I see but this slot could've been used a whole lot better for a character who "deserves it." Corrin drops in February so be watching for that news when it comes.

Out in your hood right now is Cloud Strife. $5.99 on either system or $6.99 on both. Omnislash things to death!

Out now as well is Wave 5 of Mii Fighter costumes which include the Chocobo Hat and a Geno Gunner costume. Sad Geno didn't make it in as a fighter but better this than nothing at all. Both items are $0.75 a piece on either system or $1.15 on both systems.

Wave 6 will drop in February with Corrin. There's the Bionic Armor for Brawlers, a Takamaru Swordfighter costume, an Ashley Female Swordfighter costume, a Gil Male Swordfighter costume (Where's the Ki love?). a Tails Male Gunner costume & a Knuckles Male Brawler costume.

And that would be the end of that except for...


The thing they said couldn't happen without some humongous compromise and the only thing I saw different is how Bayo looks after Wicked Weaves and a camera pan when she summons Gomorrah. She's one hell of a dynamic character from what's on display and you can gladly have $6.99 for this no hesitation.

However the trade off for this was Bayo was the character who "realistically" won the Smash Ballot even though when you consider it like that was Bayo should've been in the game from the jump with WonderRed joining her to represent Platinum. I'm still in the camp that would've love to see Shantae win because she was the most deserving 3rd party character in the running and I have no doubt WayForward would've made it happen however they could.


They say Bayo drops in February so when she does make her climatic appearance in Smash I'll let you know.

If you want more information about all this stuff then HERE is where you want to be.

If you want the source for the pics used then click them!



The Design Award Costumes 2015 Set for Last Round is out. So peek at what's what and we'll talk cash below.

A single costume will run you $1.99 and you can pick up the set for XBONE, PS4 & Steam for $18.99 if you so choose.

In other costume news is the New Costume Pass 3 + Character for XBONE and Season Pass 3 + Character for PS4 are now available for $92.99. This works as the previous ones did and comes with that exclusive Kasumi Ninja "Miyukizakura" costume.

The other piece of news is that this also comes with the upcoming new character as well. I'd advise waiting until the character drops and finding out how that fits into this puzzle before making a purchase but if you gotta have the Kasumi costume now then do what you do.

Also out this week is Marie Rose "Red Bull 5G B" costume which has been an exclusive costume until now which is available on XBONE & PS4 for $FREE.99 until January 12th.

The other caveat is you can only get this costume on PS4 if you're rocking Plus. History does dictate with previous content like this that you can still get this costume after this date if you get Plus and do a little digging in the web version of the store but this may vary so if you want Marie Rose to rock some Red Bull gear then get it before then.

The fight on the island of Bhikhunni has begun! Valkyrie Drive: Bhikhunni is now in a hood near you!

In other Valkyrie Drive news is Mirei & Virgin-chan from Mermaid will be making an appearance in Bhikkhuni as DLC. When that DLC drops is unknown but I'll keep you up with the latest as it comes.

Speaking of Life & Hometown is Naraku's finally dropped for Estival Versus and you can pick her up on PS4 or Vita for ¥350.

There's also a pack with both Naraku & Kagura for PS4 or Vita for ¥1000 but you aren't saving any money buying it this way but convenient enough to mention just in case. Remember the DLC is cross-platform so grab one to get them both! Enjoy!

Also out in your hood now is Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel.

For now until January 7th is if you wish to pick the game up digitally on PS3 or PS4 is you'll get Heart & Homura for free. After that they'll be sold separately along with the costume and swimsuit DLC that came with the Collector's Edition at a later date. Act fast if you choose to!

The Stylish Battle Tournament starts on the 17th and with that a look at Funny Valentine, Weather Report, Wammu, Pannacotta Fugo, Lisa Lisa, Pet Shop, Johnny Joestar, Kira Yoshikage, Diavolo, Diego Brando, Noriaki Kakyoin, Kars, Jolyne Cujoh, William Anthonio Zeppeli, Ermes Costello, DIO, Yukako Yamagishi, Iggy, Joshu Higashikata, Jean Pierre Polnareff, Guido Mista & Muhammad Avdol is what's on tap.

Also the 17th brings Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition to a hood near you as well and with that a couple of DLC characters who'll be joining the roster from Sword Art Online!

It'll be Yuuki as a playable character and LLENN on the assist side of things. No word of when the DLC drops or when an update to the arcade version will reflect this additional content at this time. When word comes you'll know.

The source for the pics came from this wweet from the official DBFC Twitter Account.

This week in Gundam gives a look at Mikazuki Augus in the ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos who'll be ready for VS-Force on the 23rd and Heine Westenfluss in the ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam Heine Westenfluss Custom which will be making an appearance in Maxi Boost as well.

The 23rd also sees the release of Assault Suit Leynos on PS4 so get your weapons ready!

That same day brings the Sega 3D Reprint Archives 2 to 3DS so you can get your Power Drift & Puyo Puyo 2 on. If you've been curious on the import tip is that there's a dual pack that has both Archives in it dropping on the same day. Give that option some consideration as well.

Battride War Genesis drops on February 25th. A reminder of this fact is all I deliver!

Coming exclusively to XBONE is Raiden V on February 25th as well. I'd stay close for a localization announcement but if it doesn't happen then the game should be import friendly enough if you want some Raiden in your life.

Hyrule Warriors Legends comes to 3DS on March 25th! LINKLE!

Coming soon to Pokkén Tournament is Sceptile and also when the game releases on WiiU is there'll be a replica arcade controller as well so be watching for that.

Yakuza 5's already in the streets so know that 6 and Kiwami are in sight so keep your eyes open for more news on both games!

Looks like the streets didn't get enough of Call of Waifu: Moe Warfare so a sequel's in order! Hopefully Bullet Girls 2 can be a better outing than its predecessor was. No idea if the DLC bullshit the first one was full of will be present or not but don't bet a localization for this one. Be ready to import!



Did a check in of FiM Premium and while doing that I found out there's more forks to what Mane 6 left behind than I ever thought there were. There were a couple of them that didn't get past the starting line but one of note did in MEGA. The reason why I bring this up is Big Mac who's in MEGA is a guest character in the latest Beta of Premium.

I tried to take MEGA for a spin and couldn't. Don't know if its an XP thing or something else but I'll wait for a new update and let y'all know how that goes.

You can pick up Premium Beta 2 HERE and MEGA V0.0.3 HERE and give it the once over yourself! Fighting Pony Gamez and such!

We're officially on break but Into the Badlands is on its way to the same fate, Ninninger is on the way out and plenty of Ghost & Ash vs Evil Dead to go is there's entertainment to be had but what about what just went on break?

Is Flash still killing it? YESSIR! Where the show left things is perfect for some craziness when it returns and knowing what I know is how will they do THAT?

iZombie's still doing the thing and I'm glad they have more time to tell this story. The point where we are now puts things in an odd place. Will things not be so odd by time it's over?

Arrow went there. A tease we've been privy to since the end of E1 of the Season but the question is that what this is or is another twist coming around after the break?

The Vampire Diaries has been doing a good job of keeping things interesting and where things sit at the moment aren't looking good but we do know there's a lull before the realness begins. So all we can do is sit back and watch it unfold.

The Originals is doing the thing but how they went on hiatus I would've never saw coming. What this does mean is the other side of this break is going to be nasty and bloody and I'm ready for it.

Dino Charge has come to an end and I've got to say it did what it does and then some. Some of the best Power Rangers action in a long time and Super Dino Charge should deliver on even more of the same. I'd appreciate if it did.

Supergirl has been holding it down and where the show sits on the way to break has me wanting more so I can't wait to see where this goes from here.

And for some reason I can't explain, the above happened. No matter what context you put this event in is that it doesn't make sense for this to be happening now. Even the fact that the stops were pulled to make sure this got over. You should really see said stops for yourself if you haven't. The only question now is will the course be stayed or will this quickly fade. Congrats regardless all around though!



The streets gave the 1st movie shit and some of it was rightfully earned but as I've said before I enjoyed it and the sequel looks to be more of the same X 1000 so it can't lose. I think?

Botchamania 295!


More Lindbeck & Lee! More McDerpaderp! More Fun!

As the battle of League of Legends comes to a close, Voices of Gaming looks forward to the story of Fairy Fencer F.

In our Giant Bomb corner this week we wonder how long will Mario stay missing and what could be the next Twitch smash in BomberBet!

THE MERKINS are back at it again spitting that truth about how life really is and what not.

Treezy played Tōkidenshō Angel Eyes and I just wanted the streets to know that happened.

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Shouts to TrueNinjaTactics for all this Extreme Butōden tech. You'll find something useful inside. Trust me.

Just a reminder that Battle Garegga is one of the best SHMUPS of all time and is only equaled by its amazing soundtrack! MIC DROP!

Also be sure to check out the latest episodes of RWBY and FF7:MA!

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