Monday, July 30, 2012

Street Fighter X Tekken Presents...1st Glance, 2nd Look

With Capcom's hope that the 2nd chance for this game comes with the release of the DLC and the start of the re-balancing process that I feel that a real look at what this game does well really needs to be highlighted. Let's be honest here for a second. I see the hate spewed at this game because of actions that don't hinder gameplay as much as people claim is unwarranted and you wanna know why? Most of you hating don't know what or why you're hating in the first place. You're doing it so you don't feel left out but while you're worried about how your peers are going to see you if you're not joining in then you're the one missing out. In the FGC and gaming period it's just one of those things that just so happens to be very commonplace. Now I'm not going to stand on my soapbox and scream I'm holier than thou because of my enlightenment on the subject because I was once there too. I took gaming advice from people who had no business giving it out in the first place. I got to the point that I'll be my own judge, jury and executioner when it comes to this stuff. And because of that I was able to discover things about games that others never did due to their complete dismissal because of not giving it that real chance. With Street Fighter X Tekken that's where we are now and I hope that after you read this you'll take that 2nd look and give this game the chance it deserves to nurture and help it mature into a great fighter that'll be enjoyed for years to come.

Question is where do we start to look. Honestly, the game at the core is fine. Conceptually speaking anyway. It just so happens that the execution of said concepts have been this game's downfall. If you want to look at Street Fighter X Tekken as a good game then you kind of have to very obtusely. Nobody said getting to the good was going to be easy though. Luckily though we don't have have to go that far. Remember that Capcom vs SNK 3 you always wanted? This is about as close as you're going to get to that for a long time. With that being said, Street Fighter X Tekken is made up of a lot of the basic concepts that made the CvS series so great. That CvS, especially 2 was a real middle ground of what was great about Street Fighter & King of Fighters and it was enough of both combined with heart and character that made those great games. What factors of this game links itself back to the Capcom vs SNK series?

Let's start with everybody's favorite, the Gem System. Gem Units are in a weird sort of way is a version of a Custom Groove System. Here's how. Gems as we all know bestow upon you magical super powers beyond your wildest dreams. Not really but we know how gems work though. Because the community never gave gems an actual chance here's what you missed. As usual, the meta-game for a fight starts even before it begins. The first meta-game in fighters is at the character select screen where all of your pre-battle setup takes place. In this game one of those games are the selecting of gems. Because the game was designed around this fact a lot of your gem selection flows right into Team Synergy. The game expects you to a degree to know that in order for your battle strategy to function correctly that all of what you've selected works within the confines given. Knowing what your characters do and combing that with the proper gems is what was supposed to happen but it didn't. The give and take of gems wasn't balanced correctly the first time in. I understand the idea and reasoning behind it, however it just wasn't executed correctly for something that was supposed to be the most important part of this game's pre-fight meta-game as it was touted to be. The future of gems are that they're supposedly being reevaluated so that they can be taken advantage of as they were meant to be. Problem is I think it may be way too late for that because of how the game is being played currently without gems and the backlash that follows when they're used. Maybe the balance changes make things better. We'll just have to wait and see.

Now how offense is played out is very similar. Ignoring jabs of course. But seriously though one thing CvS did so well was translate how SNK characters felt in their own games with a Capcom twist. I could only imagine if P-Groove got those EX Moves that I remember hearing was planned and possibly implemented in development. Street Fighter X Tekken however takes a different approach and tries to amalgamate Tekken intricacies into an established Street Fighter 4 base albeit a tad looser. The biggest example of this is the Cross Rush. Which is a magic chained combo which ends in a launcher. I use magic chain loosely but you get it. Tekken is known for strings and launchers and the Cross Rush puts those two together to nod what the other side is known for. Another Tekken nod that doesn't get as much notice is charging specials. Now charging specials is supposed to substitute for the lack of the Focus Attack. But you know how you can cancel a L2 charge and you get the powers of a counter. That's a nod to the Super Charger AKA the Kiai Tame Power Up. I remember when I first found out about it and was geeking because that was a cool nod and marriage between the two.

When we get into more of an indepth look how characters actually function what you may find might shock you. Street Fighter characters are still bound to a degree of links and Target Combos in a free form fashion but the offensive options they do have are a lot more open than from where they come from. When it comes to Team Tekken in order to have them feel as close to normal in a 2D as possible some healthy borrowing from another game had to take place. Tekken characters in Street Fighter X Tekken have the same basic combo structure as characters from...The King of Fighters. You're probably looking at this like WTF does this dude mean? Let me explain. The Tekken cast have a basic combo structure that usually works like the following: Normal → Command Normal → Whatever. Most of Team Street Fighter can't even do that exactly the way it's laid out because they're still bound to their links and Target Combos versus Team Tekken's strings. You've probably played the game and probably never noticed the similarity because I've never heard it brought up at all. The reason for me bringing it up is these things need to be highlighted because it shows that this was carefully considered and actually does work within the confines.

The confines however are a different story and another thing that just for me personally didn't quite add up. The game at its core is a loose version Street Fighter 4 that are allegedly lighter on the mechanics. This also helped Tekken players feel more at home especially with the fact that a lot of Team Tekken's strings are the same here and function mostly the same. The problem is characters still have one frame links and some characters on Team Street Fighter rely on it heavily for extended combos. From my understanding from the facts of the known is that this game was as usual and even much more so here was aimed at Casual Joe Blow. Joe can press buttons and things happen even more so than normally. So this begs the question of why does that execution wall even exist in a game like this?

To be honest I'm not really sure. It just didn't make sense as part of the formula but you have to have something to separate the players and I guess this was that. When it comes to looking at Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter X Tekken I look at the 2 as I would NBA2K and NBA Jam. NBA2K is the rigid simulation of basketball while NBA Jam takes the basic formula and amps it up a bunch. Street Fighter X Tekken wasn't enough NBA Jam in this situation. I feel the game wasn't loose enough given what could've been possible. I do however understand in the development process trying to play to two sets of fans that do to some degree intersect and give them an experience that reflects both brands on show. So of course the game is more Street Fighter because it's Street Fighter X Tekken. And I expect Harada and crew to have Tekken X Street Fighter more Tekken like. So while I'm a bit confounded into the why I do understand and accept the game for what it is.

The only legit gripe with this game like I do most team games of this type is the lack of accentuating the Team Up. And this game could've taken advantage of that easily with the Cross Assault but it didn't. That was something that could've been borrowed from Tekken Tag. Give players a reason to experiment with certain teams of characters and the cool effects that come from that synergy. For the record the worst offender ever was NeoGeo Battle Coliseum just to state that. There should've been more Special D-Assaults. They had the teams and the cool to do it but it just wasn't executed. Shame that was. I really hope crossover fighters in the future play to that more. I understand why a TvC or Marvel can't but a X Tekken can given what we see in action. Time will only tell.

And that wraps up another episode on Triple Da God Schools Em. I gotta be honest. I'm really rooting for this game's second chance. I have my $20 ready so I can get Cody in the mix and Lalisa as well. What, I'm a huge proponent of that ship so please don't judge me. So let's try to be a bit more open minded this time. Leave all the nonsense at the door and try to give the game a true fair shot. It deserves that much and you owe it to yourself to do just that.

At this time I wish you all luck with your new found enlightenment and I'll see you on the battlefield.


Street Fighter X Tekken Presents...The Fiasco

Another one of the notes from Facebook transferred over to the blog. I didn't give this article that much shine because to be honest it was wrote on a weird comedy slant but at the same time trying to be informative and really taking a look at how the situation looked to me personally. But now after really taking notice of all I really think I have to compliment this article with a real technical look at the game because the game does a lot of right that nobody notices at all because of how hive minded and bulldoggish the FGC can be about things at times. So for now take this stroll down memory lane and I'll link the other article here when its done.

This game has become a hot bed of issues regarding everything this game is about and I just wanted to ring in on it really quickly and just share what I've learned and observed from this whole thing.

Full Disclosure is a wonderful thing. Had Capcom been honest about their plans from the start then maybe the backlash wouldn't be as nasty as it was. Hopefully developers in the future will learn that their customers can understand a business decision whether they agree with it or not. On the reverse though QA's need to get on their job. There should've been no way that the 360 version came out as gimped as it was and nobody knew about these glaring issues until after the fact. Even I gotta look at this as something fishy.  If I can do it in other games on the same system I should be able to do the same here. If they knew this before the game released then FULL DISCLOSURE should've entered the picture right about here. You let the consumer assume (Yeah, I know assumptions makes asses of you and me.) that what was advertised is what we paid for. And for some reason the PS3 version is THE VERSION of the game to play. Not that I'm trying to insinuate anything but again looks very suspicious. Remember everybody, FULL DISCLOSURE! Say it with me now, FULL DISCLOSURE!

On Disk DLC was a bad idea and Capcom should've known this. All their efforts in the past to keep a damn secret have been for naught in one way or another. Either people leak info, you leave stuff in the HTML code (Side Note: This happened twice. See TvC:UAS and UMvC3), or people become nosy when ISOs hit and all the dirt is leaked anyway. Learn in this day and age people want answers and they'll go to any lengths to get said answers. We've become an impatient society and this is one of the effects of that change. At the same juncture as a society we need to relearn paitence because that'll help a lot while you're forced to wait because of what I personally think was just a bad business decision. And cue our new best friend, FULL DISCLOSURE!!!

I'm afraid I can't be a CapCop snitch in this matter to see hackers get shine on them. This is for a lot listed above and when I got my account hacked and Microsoft then left me on stuck so I really like the karma return that stems from this. On top of that Cherryl didn't raise no tattletale. However, if you're out there hacking and getting online I'd back off at this point. Unless the account you're using to get online doesn't matter to you because you're gonna be offline till 12/31/9999 and MS will probably ban the console you're using as well. So while I can respect the "I Don't Give a Fuck" attitude you have on the subject, think about the risk you're taking here. On some real shit I just suggest playing the game completely offline so you don't even tempt yourselves into doing something possibly detrimental to you and your money. Take it from somebody who's been there.

I really hope not only Capcom but other developers have learned something from all of this. Keeping secrets from your consumer base is bad news because it always finds a way out as we've seen here and in many other situations in the past. I would love for more developers to take a consumer first, money second approach to gaming but it's too late now. Honestly, as soon as somebody bought Horse Armor we were all fucked. When things like that happened it changed everything. It let developers know that there is a consumer for that type of product and it just then became a way of the world and I honestly don't think there's no going back to the way things were because DLC is a part of gaming life and it's about the nickel and dime game now. On the flip side, I do understand that games cost a lot to make and DLC is supposed to offset it but what you put up for purchase and how much is a bit much to me anyway. That's why I wait for sales and deals to soften the blow in most cases. We as a community need to learn the power of our wallets. If we all together wield that power and show that there needs to be a balance then it can be one. Because as people used to tell me that "Money Talks, Bullshit Walks." It means that when money's on the table what you say means nothing. Use your money to speak for you. Because in conversations like those it's the only thing in the world that gets heard.

So now we wait to see what the future holds for this game and others. It's a shame that great game like this is muddled in all this controversy because the game could be the next coming and more energy needs to be focused on that instead of all the issues. I hope everybody involved has learned something here and maybe we can make a better tomorrow. Or prove we've not learned a damn thing and just do it all over again. Know what they call that in the dictionary...INSANITY!! Don't be insane for your sake and mine.

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Most Underrated Fighter from the Last Generation is...Super Dragon Ball Z??!!!

Been a while since you've seen this expose, huh? However, I'll be starting that slow move of bringing my Facebook Articles to the blog slowly but surely when it's time for that article to get some new shine.

Today happens to be that day for Super DBZ because for the first time in about 3 years there's actually new high level play footage out and this is to mark that occasion.

So enjoy the footage like I am and be reminded of why you should take another looked at an overlooked future classic fighter.

This all started when I posted on GAF and stated that Super Dragon Ball Z is the most underrated fighter from the last generation. It started my mind working as to why I would state that when even I'd expect me to say Arcana Heart, Melty Blood or even The Rumble Fish. But here's the thing though.

Arcana Heart is on its 3rd game and Examu is constantly working to keep it one of the best fighters in the business and there's a wonderful community all over the world that keeps that shit going.

The same applies to Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code as well with Ecole keeping the game constantly updated and the community that stands behind it as well.

The Rumble Fish 2 is still played a bit in Japan and nobody on the face of the planet knows this better than I do.

Super Dragon Ball Z however has none of these things going for it. The scene in Japan for the game died a long time ago. It didn't help that it came out before the Renaissance and the worst part about it is that the 2 groups that this was aimed at didn't really give a fuck about the game.

The hardcore fighting game fan dismissed it as a Sparking/Budokai Tenkaichi game and paid it no mind and the Dragon Ball fans need their damn hands held through everything. "If it takes more than 2 buttons to make flashy shit happen then please count me the fuck out."

Here's the problem with all of that though. Super is deep as fuck. There aren't any comeback mechanics or shortcut motions. This is a pure fighting game through and through. Having a pure fighting game is easy when you have Noritaka Funamizu behind the wheel, the wonderful folks of Crafts & Meister and the group of people who brought you the most shitted on fighting game series in history, Arika.

That same series in turn could be the most underrated fighting game series of all time in Street Fighter EX. I could go on forever about EX and how its leagues better than SF4 could ever be but that's another conversation for another day and a conversation we'll be having really soon.

Back on the subject though. Super Dragon Ball Z at the base doesn't really look like much more than just another DBZ fighter but underneath all of that beats the heart of a game that is deep, complex and engrossing.

Super is one of the few games in history to really keep DBZ honest without resorting to all the flash that the games are very known for and the best part it's done by one gauge, the Action Gauge.

The Action Gauge controls everything that is movement based from sidesteps, dashes and most importantly flight. You can't just fly around forever while waiting for a chance to strike. The Action Gauge also lends itself to some advanced gameplay functions like fireball nullification & parries and some other functions as well. Who knew that one gauge could do so much good.

 Now this game is very rushdown oriented but it doesn't mean that there isn't a zoning game here and that game is just as if not more dangerous than the rushdown itself. Wondering why this could be the case?

It's all because of the wonders of Super DBZ's most important feature, the Skill System. Now skill systems in fighters have been done and even DBZ did it and still does it. However, the Skill System in this game can make the difference in whether you win or lose and here's why.

The Skill System in Super is designed to do two things. Either compensate for your weaknesses or enhance your strengths. Now you may say that's what Skill Systems do but in Super how you build your character goes a long way in what your options are in battle.

All the characters at their base can compete and win; Even Android 16 who at his base is the worst character in the game. However, an investment in skills to compensate for what he lacks which in this case are his speed and the fact that he only has 2 Action Bars and now your chances of winning have drastically improved because your investment in your character via the Skill System.

This does also work in reverse as well. Let's take Chi Chi for example who's zoning in this game in my view is second to none at base. Now to her credit she does have some nice basic combos and a decent rekka chain but her strength is that she can lock the opponent down with her zoning game because her different fireballs control all the game's possible space. Now by investing in her skills that way you gain additional abilities from her Skill Tree to compliment her zoning game. In this case you'd gain an additional way to keep up zoning pressure and get to use the coolest part about the Skill System which is the Skill Inherit.

With Skill Inherit you're able to steal another character's move or special trait they possess. For example, Vegeta's special trait within Skill Inherit is the must have skill for most builds, the Super Cancel and the Super Cancel in this game opens up a myriad of possibilities of not only being able to do more damage but also by covering a super move that misses. A great use for it is for Saiyans after a missed super can cancel into a Super Saiyan transformation to cover that mistake if need be.

These are just a couple of examples of how you can make a character in this game fit how you play and not playing a character the way they were created to be and it's all thanks to the wonders of the Skill System.

There is so much to this game I didn't get into but in time I'll be showing what this game can really do and I hope that it opens up people to be more open minded in their gaming choices by just giving a game a chance.

I could only imagine if this game really took off. Life in itself is so unpredictable so who knows if this is the start for that catalyst for that change. So do yourself a favor and go pick up Super Dragon Ball Z if you haven't already. You'll thank me later.


For the record do you wanna know the Most Underrated Fighter of this generation is? That would be a draw between Tatsunoko vs Capcom and Castlevania Judgment. Yeah I said it, Castlevania Judgment.

That game has some hidden depth to it as well and in 2012 I'll be shedding light on that on that subject too and Tatsunoko vs Capcom is just better than Marvel 3. Point blank period! There is one other game that even eclipses those two in this generation and takes underrated fighter to a whole new extreme. But I'll be holding that one to the chest until the time is right to blow that game up. Be watching for that one.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

DoaBH Review Edition Presents...Malicious

Just found out that Malicious dropped on the NA PSN this week. Problem, I kinda beat this game 2 years ago when it came out the JP PSN. It was worth the ¥¥¥ I paid for it in 2010 and then some. But the question is does this game hold up now especially that Malicious Rebirth is not too far off? The answer to that is, FUCK YEAH!!!! Malicious is the amalgam of a whole bunch of other games you've played before and it's done really well. There's a bit of a stylish action feel. A pinch of 3rd Person Shooter. And there's even a hint of strategy games in there in how you manage the resource you're given or in this case take away. And managing that resource is life and death in Malicious. Trust me.

I'm trying the best I can not to get into any of the story because the game does an excellent job introducing you to and keeping you interested in the lore of Malicious and as I always state that having that type of immersion into the narrative helps you appreciate it that much more. It can be completely skipped but I wouldn't suggest that because the story and gameplay go hand in hand. In other words, the two separate are good but both together are awesome.

The premise at a bare minimum is this. You good guy. You destroy bad guys and use their abilities on other bad guys. Use all those abilities to beat the super bad guy. Sound familiar? That game I won't mention by name is the core premise but it doesn't exactly work the same. This again is story related so I'm duck, duck, goosing around it the best I can here.

Here's what I'm getting at here. This of course gets a COP DAT ASAP. This is worth every bit of $10 ($8 if you're PS+ member at the moment) and your missing out if you let this pass you by. There's of course a demo if my words aren't enough but you should just honestly skip that part and just buy it. The game offers enough replay value to cost what it's asking for and trust me you'll get addicted to getting better marks like I was when this was a mainstay in my library. I'll be definitely buying this again and having it later to play with once I kill off more of my backlog. So in short if you have a PS3, the Internet, a way to access PSN Store and 10 McDoubles then BUY FUCKING MALICIOUS OK!!! You'll thank me later. And be on the lookout for Rebirth on the Vita really soon. That's going to be a great game to have on the go.


And speaking about Rebirth, the 1st trailer is below to watch at your leisure. Game drops on 11/22 on PSVita. Get familiar.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Dead or Alive 5 Presents...Combos & Those Who Need Them To Win

This video is very important on the subject of offense when it comes to DoA5. Combos in DoA have always flowed from 4 distinct categories.
  • Launchers
  • Stuns
  • Throws 
  • Holds
For the most part, the rule of thumb is all characters have access to all 4 categories in various degrees of actual combo usefulness. This is where truly learning your character comes into play along with knowing the intricacies of the battle system. Knowing the Jan-Ken-Pon of it all along with what strings does what to who is really important. And for the record the Rock. Paper, Scissors of DoA is the following.
  • Strikes > Throws
  • Throws > Holds
  • Holds > Strikes

Knowing that information is great for combos because any offense starts with this basic knowledge of DoA. Knowing what beats what when is helpful not only to continue your offensive pressure but knowing how to keep yourself out of those situations when you're on the defensive. If you're looking to get into DoA then knowing what the "The Triangle" is the first thing you need to become a better player playing this game.

Watching the video with this info will definitely help you in understanding how DoA battles function and the little things you should watch for. Hope it helps.


    Dead or Alive 5 Presents...Bunny Angels!!! Fighting Sexy Time!!!

    These trailers are just a nice reminder of why you should pre-order Dead or Alive 5. Bunny Costumes for all the ladies. Depending on the lady in question, she'll have a Angel (White Bunny Outfit) or Devil (Black Bunny Outfit). Thinking with the other head may come in handy here. So if you want skimpy bunnies then run to where ever you pre-order stuff and do that. And then make an attempt in September to play the game with one hand. Have fun.


    Thursday, July 26, 2012

    All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2 Presents...50

    According to the trailer Rider Generation 2 will have 50 playable characters. But this doesn't include Wizard who if history tells us will be a secret character with a password released right before that show premieres. And the possibility to play as the boss riders aren't confirmed. So I shall now reiterate what the trailer tells you in text form.

    Playable Riders in All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2

    *Denotes New Playable Rider
    1. Ichigo
    2. Nigo
    3. V3
    4. *Riderman
    5. X
    6. Amazon
    7. Stronger
    8. Skyrider
    9. Super-1
    10. ZX
    11. Black
    12. Black RX
    13. Shin
    14. ZO
    15. J
    16. Kuuga
    17. Agito
    18. *G3-X
    19. *Gills
    20. Ryuki
    21. *Knight
    22. *Zolda
    23. Faiz
    24. *Kaixa
    25. Blade
    26. *Garren
    27. *Chalice
    28. *Leangle
    29. Hibiki
    30. *Ibuki
    31. *Todoroki
    32. *Zanki
    33. Kabuto
    34. *Gatack
    35. Den-O
    36. *Zeronos
    37. *New Den-O
    38. Kiva
    39. *IXA
    40. Decade
    41. *DiEnd
    42. *Kivala
    43. Double
    44. *Accel
    45. *Skull
    46. OOO
    47. Birth
    48. *Proto Birth
    49. *Meteor
    50. Fourze

    Those are a lot of playable characters. Really excited to see Kivala in the game. I always wanted to see her in the Climax Heroes series but I do understand that's she very similar to Femme so I see why they skip her. Other than her no real surprises on who made it. Like I said earlier this may not be the full playable roster with those passwords out there. We'll see if the theory holds water next week. Expect a review then.


    Wednesday, July 25, 2012

    Cool Shit From The Week That Was: July 16th Edition

    As usual I have the last week on lock down. So I won't waste anytime with niceties. Let's get that in.

    The main idea of that is I'm one step closer to playing this game legally. Now when games are re-released for NESiCA X Live there are usually balance changes that come as well. What those changes are something that I don't know at the moment but I'd assume that these changes will be released by Dimps at some point and when they do I'll have a breakdown of what those changes actually mean for the game's future at high levels of play.

    Dear Sega, thank you for making this happen. The game is still the crack and now you gave it a HD SEXY TIME MAKEOVER!! If you haven't discovered the crack that is Yakuza then this is your chance to get the whole story from the beginning. This isn't really necessary because each game gives you an abridged look at the previous ones but there's something about playing and experiencing everything the games have to offer. So this is Japan bound for sure but there isn't any confirmation for anywhere else for release. When that info comes out I'll put you up.

    We had some new gameplay footage of Krazy Azz Krackaz 6. Because of the spoilers involved I didn't watch them but you're free to do so. And 2 Krackaz in China is FUCKING GENIUS!!!! Somebody get on that please.

    This week also brought us some new info about Double Dragon Neon mainly the fact that this'll be out 9/11 on PSN and 9/12 on XBLA for the low, low price of $10/800 MS Points. So this is a must if you're a fan regardless of how you feel about the aesthetics of it all. The trailer above did give us some additional information about combat though. It seems that the Lee Boys have a Dragon Summon now which would be the equivalent of a bomb in a SHMUP. The Cyclone Kick has been massively improved now hitting multiple times. There seems to be a Chi Charge Punch and Sweep that was demoed and a Dashing Elbow as well. Game is shaping up to be good and I'll have a review on this when it drops in September.

    Looks like Ruroni Kenshin is back on PSP with Kaisen the sequel to last year's Saisen. Looks like the combat is pretty much the same. It looks a lot more fluid and faster and the best part, MOAR CHARACTARZ!!! This game is throwing the whole series and OVA in its story mode and the majority of major players from the series as a whole. I'll be hopefully doing a review on it if I can get my hands on it. Be watching for that.

    As we do every week it's time for a TV and Toku Review Break!

    605: Split Decision. Michael is on the search for Rebecca's brother and has to convince the group he snitched on to stop their search from finding him. Fiona cuts a deal with Card to become a CIA asset in exchange for her freedom.

    507: In The Beginning. The only thing you need to know about this episode is some characters get really high and damn its hilarious. More plot happens but as always I never mention it. Have I ever? Nope!

    107: Collateral Damage. If this episode teaches us anything is stay strapped and don't snitch. They just lead to bad things happening is all.

    Fourze 43. To be honest this show is starting to head to creepy town just a bit. With 5 episodes left the series is in hurry-up plot offense and we're still short the power up the Fourze needs to win. We'll see if they can get the job done.

    Swag-Busters 21. Technical filler all about Evil Ryuji. Enter escapes and Escape enters next time.

    For the 2nd week in a row there is no JOTKING Moment of Clarity because I've been too busy. And that sucks. However in trade I'll put you up on something instead.

    The above is the 1st episode of the Game Grumps playthrough of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The Game Grumps duo is made up of "THE FUCKING GENIUS" Egoraptor and Drunken JonTron. They're in the middle of a couple of playthroughs that include Mega Man 7, Kirby Super Star and Goof Troop. They're not JOTKING and I but they suffice at the duo playing games and saying hilarious shit thing. So tune in to them for a different look at some of the classics.

    And to close our week out some gratuitous self pandering of my own works.

    RUN DAT REXXX IS BACK HOES!!!! 2.5 week hiatus my ass. It was hot as fuck and I was busy. So watch as I show you the way through World 6 as only as I can.

    And as quick as it came, it goes even quicker.

    As usual thanks for your time.

    Make sure you're doing those things where you like and follow me and if you aren't then the right side of the page can help you out.

    Have a wonderful week.


    Thursday, July 19, 2012

    Dead or Alive 5 Presents...WHOOMP!!! THERE IT IS!!!

    It's a cool thing to see what Tag Battles are all about this game. It does seem that some former official Tag Teams are a bit shaken up with the new characters introduced and all. But it does seem that characters have more than one usable tag partner for throws, combos and the like. Finally good to see Jann Lee in action. Those furious feet of his haven't lost a step. As long as he sticks to his mixups and combos from holds he'll be OK. And they also stealth confirmed La Mariposa/Lisa as well. There wasn't really much to see because they used her in the trailer to be Bass' partner to show off tag moves. So I'll hold my wrap up about her when she gets the official confirm. Game is getting better and better every time I see it. And as long as I can keep repeating that sentence when it comes to a DoA5 breakdown then we'll be quite all right.

    We finally get a look at Lisa and not a lot has changed. She's still a character you need to understand how to use correctly. Knowing her throws and how her strings work in tandem with that is her key to victory. In essence, you can play Lisa and press buttons but her offense is used best when knowing how it all flows from one set of attacks to next. I repeated myself but that's how important knowing this info about Lisa is. Have fun.

    -Triple Da G.O.D!

    Triple Da God & JOTKING in 2 Niggas Game Dat...Krazy Azz Krackas 6 Demo (Leon/Helena)

    JOTKING and I take on the all of the scenarios in the Resident Evil 6 demo. First up is Leon & Helena. We bring all sorts of social commentary to the table of a zombie apocalypse. Like gun control. Sexual harassment in the work place. The forward movement of the African-American in the world today. Perception in beauty within stereotypes and many more. We really hope you come from this video with an enlightened sense of worth for yourself and others. And make sure to join us next time as we tackle Chris & Piers.

    Wednesday, July 18, 2012

    Diary of a Game Whore Blog Review Edition Presents...Dungeon Fighter Live: The Fail of Hendon Myre

    Dungeon Fighter Live: The Fall of Hendon Myre is for a lack of better words, not a good game. Everything is in place for it to be an awesome game but it falls short in all categories. Mind you I just played the demo to make my decision on whether I'd buy it ASAP or wait for the sale just to show support. You can guess how this went. My one and only hang up is the game's feel. And everything in the game feels wrong. It feels very clunky and non-intuitive all around. Everything a marriage between beat-em-up and RPG shouldn't feel like. With Capcom bringing Jojo back it may be time for the HD Remix of Tower of Doom and Shadow Over Mystara to show a game like this how you actually do it. If you were interested in this game and haven't played Dungeon Fighter Online then I suggest that over this. Full Disclosure on the subject is my craptastic PC can't even make the game start but from what I've seen of that it looks like the better option if you have it. Like I said I want to support this game just not for 800 points. There is DLC coming for what I have to assume is for more classes and stuff and maybe an engine fix to let the combat flow a whole lot better than what the game presents.

    So seeing as this is a write up and not the full taste I have a different grading scale for the reviews I'll be doing in this format and they consist of the following 3 possible grades.
    • Cop This ASAP: This game is a must no matter what they're asking for it. BUY THIS NOW!!
    • Wait For Dat Sale: The game might be cool but what they're asking for it may not represent the quality of the product in question. So if you're in no hurry to have that game in your library then waiting would be your best bet.
    • Skip Dis Shit: The game has no reason to exist so ignoring it outside the shine I gave it is what might be best. If you want to be curious and check it out for yourself then feel free. You've been warned.  
    What does this game get...WAIT FOR DAT SALE! DFL isn't a bad game it just isn't a good one in the current state it's in right now. This game needs work and a lot of it. Right now this game isn't worth what they're asking for but is a game that for a reduced price is definitely worth it. I'll be keeping that eye out and I'll gladly let you know.

    If you need to download the trial or full version you can do so HERE! Once this game gets that nice price drop I'll make sure me and the crew have a shot at this.


    Tuesday, July 17, 2012

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD Presents...Lights Out, Guerrilla Pin the Tail On The B-Boy Document

    Tomorrow is the day for the HD Remix of the game that changed it. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD is slated to drop on XBLA and you may find very few as hype as I am for it. For me, this game represents a time in my life when things were changing. Freshman year of HS and all the stuff that goes with that. I gotta shout out my homie Andy (last name withheld) who let me cop it in trade for a favor I did that will also stay between those parties involved. But when I got this game this was all I played everyday. Learning the game was an experience and what was just as great was I shared it with people I knew and they loved it too. And then after 3 the magic of the games just faded for me. I tried to get back in the swing with later titles but it just wasn't happening. This game is an amalgam of courses from 1st 2 with some 3 content coming via DLC later on. At this juncture I'd still recommend 2X over this because it's everything 1 & 2 in a full package. Why you could never buy 2X on XBL is anybody's guess but this will suffice for those looking to get in or those looking to remember.

    I played the demo for about 30 minutes this morning and I wasn't feeling it at all. Something just felt off at the time and I quite can't put my finger on it but then I went back to the demo a second time for another 30 minute session and stuff just started to click. The knowledge of my Warehouse line just came flooding back and all of a sudden I was just tearing it up like I did in the old days. It felt like I never lost a step at all. And for that I have to give myself props for not giving up so easy on the game and Robomodo for doing work and getting that much right of the formula.

    What does this game get...A COP DAT SHIT/WAIT FOR DAT SALE! $15, my love for THPS and what this game is don't meet in a center where I could put that cash up and know I got my money's worth. The thing that's really holding me back on a purchase is the fact I have 2X at my disposal and with my knowledge on both games this'll hold for a week tops before I move to something else. $15 ≠ 7 Days of possible gameplay. Watching the Giant Bomb Quick Look confirmed that much by seeing what the full version has to offer. I do offer these words. For people who played the game initially and had a bad feeling playing it I'd suggest giving the game a second go like I did. You may find something redeeming like I did on my 2nd run at it. If not then hit eBay or Amazon and pick up 2X and play that instead. That may be what you're ultimately looking for. But if you find something that makes this worth the investment then hop into it then. SKATE ON, SKATE ON, SKATE ON!!!!


    Monday, July 16, 2012

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Presents...It's Time for Adult Swim!!!

    Well. well, well. TTT2 is going all out in trying to get as many people to plop down those pre-orders as possible. Not only are there 4 characters & Tha Dogg Father AKA Snoop Lion AKA Bob Marley Reincarnated and now there are a myriad of swimsuits for all the characters if you put something down on it. These two trailers will give you all the goods on what to expect for your patronage.

    If the trailers didn't do enough convincing then maybe some pictures of some of the confirmed swimsuits will help out.

    The Lili's sporting is the one suit she rocked on the Girls of Gaming 7 cover.

    This one here is Kunimitsu's famous Watermelon Bikini.

    This picture of Jun Kazama is one of the Tekken.NET 2D game pictures by Shunya Yamashita and one I'm hoping makes it in the game.

    There is some hope for that possibility though. Some of the pictures that are a part of that set have been confirmed to be in the game by way of customization items so that's a ray of hope we'll be seeing more stuff via those illustrations soon. Really hoping we see that one because it's really nice on her. So keep all this content free and coming Namco! You have my thanks.

    One more thing. For everyone who's sounding the Tekken is selling out alarm let me put you up on game. All of these items are completely optional. Let not what a developer adds to their product deter you from playing it when you already planned to. We've had this discussion before and not a damn thing's changed. Whatever high moral horse you wish to stand on you need to just get off and just enjoy the product for what it is and not for what you think it should be. It's just a bad idea and it never ends good for you because you're missing out. But if you still think that's what you need to do then I'll be in the lab enjoying the shit out of Tag 2 and you'll be on the outside looking in. Your call.

    -Triple Da G.O.D!

    PlayStation® All-Stars Battle Royale: We Live From Daygo

    Another major something means more characters have accepted invites to the All-Star Battle Royale. But who are the lucky ones who've excepted invites?

    This trailer confirms Jak & Daxter and new characters Kratos and Cole MacGrath. Didn't really see anything new in this trailer that wasn't in either spotlight video but I'm glad to see the roster slowly expanding and becoming more diversified.

    Cole seems to be quite an example of how all the characters should be. They plucked him straight from InFamous and let him DO WORK!!! His Street Fighter X Tekken appearance was good but this is on something else. I may have found somebody to take to the battlefield.

    Jak & Daxter look great as a team but I think they have enough to let Daxter be his own fighter in the game. However what Jak & Daxter have to be some of the best of the best weapons from the trilogy. I think I peeped the Blaster, Gyro Burster, and the Mass Inverter. Also Dark and Light Jak are here and I think Dark may be a L1 Super and Light being a L3 so that should be something to keep an eye on. Daxter is backing Jak up with some assistance during some of his attacks but again Daxter could be his own character.

    Game is still looking good and it won't be far off until we all get into the ring with Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale!

    -Triple Da G.O.D!

    Saturday, July 14, 2012

    Cool Shit From The Week That Was: July 9th Edition

    This here is going to be a mega extended edition of the wrap up because San Diego Comic Con was this week and it gave me a lot to report on and breakdown as I always do. So if Comic Con is what we're on then I know the perfect segue to get us started.

    The new Injustice: Gods Among Us trailer went in. Got a nice taste of what the battle system is going to be like and our first look at Nightwing and Cyborg. Nightwing has his trademark staff and he's able to break the staff apart to keep his offensive varied. Cyborg is bringing a lot more than the boom to this fight. He's a hard hitter no doubt but he'll have that zone game proper with that cannon and his other tools firing at will. On top of all that I'm just impressed on how this game is coming along. This trailer shows that this game will be one to watch out for if for nothing else that this is DC done right in a fighter and that hasn't happened in a while. MY BODY, SO READY!!!

    Since my body is still so ready let us flow with the feeling. Our favorite 4th wall breaking "Merc With A Mouth" is finally getting his own game. From what the trailer showed it'll be Deadpool in all his "GLORY!!!!" So from that I know that nothing is safe, sacred or off-limits here. High Moon Studios are the ones behind it and if any of the recent Transformers games say anything I think we'll be OK. Can't wait for this one.

    And with our transition from comics to manga we have some new footage in which to gawk at from One Piece: Pirate Warriors. The first trailer is just an introduction to the Straw Hats and what they can do in game. The second features a fight between Luffy and the PX-5 Pacifista which is a perfect example of how 1 v 1 encounters work. The best news was at least in the US we have a confirmed release date of September 25th. The 9th month of the year is looking to be a packed month for gamers and this just adds another gem to the pile. Kind of glad I didn't import it like I originally planned. Just 2 more months. 2 more months.

    Keeping in tune with our current manga theme, the first trailer for Tiger & Bunny On Air Jack! premiered this week. As a huge fan of the franchise I'm glad that they finally got around to making a game for the series. It isn't what I quite expected for the first video game foray but I'm excited regardless. The thing is because this is a PSP title I wouldn't put much hope into a localization of the game but stranger things have taken place so you never know. The game doesn't have a pinpointed release date as of now but I'll keep you posted when that info becomes available.

    From one team of heroes to another, Swag-Busters has a game for DS coming and it seems to be your standard Sentai action game fare. So if nothing else it should be enjoyable for fans of the show. All the Busters, Buddydroids and Machines seem to be present in one way or another so the game should be pretty current to where the show is now. I'll be keeping an eye on this one for more information. So stay posted to the blog for that.

    On the current flow of giant robots, the new Zone of the Enders HD Collection trailer dropped and damn does it look beyond sexy!!! I can't really say much because I'll spoil the games for you and I'd never do that for you. I just suggest watching the trailer and spazzing like I did. Still in shock and awe that this is even happening. Everybody better buy this so I can get more ZoE action. Really on the fence about double dipping just for the love factor I have for the series in general. And obligatory, CHICKS DIG GIANT ROBOTS!!!!

    I couldn't have planned a better transition from Giant Robots to Giant Ass Bugs!!! SWEET!!!  This is the latest trailer for Earth Defense Force 3 Portable for the PS Life After Death. Some may know it better as EDF 2017 that came out on the 360 some years back. Now the significance of this trailer is the return of an old unit the Pale Wing from Part 2. Now believe me or not that having Pale Wing in this version does change how you approach things. So it'll be a fun treat to run the game back as her and to have that added unit is a wonderful bonus and I'm so glad that Sandlot being as #FUCKAWESOME as they are thought to do so. I wouldn't place bets on a release over here but the Vita is Region Free so if you have some extra cash and want to try something new then put some research into this and see if its up your alley.

    Segue from guns to more guns. New Borderlands 2 trailer. Something about Wimoweh or whatever. Game is still looking to trump 1 in every way and this trailer shows that off regardless of choice of musical accompaniment. Side note. I'm getting this on 360 and I'll be looking for more people to play with when that time comes. So I'll put that recruitment drive into action when the time comes.

    FULL DISCLOSURE: I didn't even watch this trailer. I'm on mega black out for The Last of Us. The game has me wanting to savor every moment without being spoiled in anyway. My job is to serve crack not necessarily take part in it. The Last of Us is going to be just that. POINT BLANK PERIOD!!! So watch the trailer if you want to but just don't tell me about it.

    Maybe not the best transition in the world but who's not up for more Sonic & All-Stars Racing news. The trailer while not giving anything new other than a peek at the Panzer Dragoon level we did find out that the titular character from the movie Wreck-It Ralph will be in the game. No word if he's a system exclusive character or anything like that. I have my picks on who I'm waiting to see but I gotta know if Banjo & Kazooie will come back as XBOX exclusive characters this time around? We'll just have to wait and see.

    A segue from Sonic and friends to Mario seems a lot less jarring. Nintendo dropped a trailer for NSMB2 and Mario's still embracing this greed kick. I wonder do you get bonus coins for playing on the 1st & 15th? Regardless of all the jokes the game still looks to be your standard Mario fare with this coin emphasis. And White Tanooki Suit be mad broken. But power like that comes at a very high price.

    This week in Ponies barring anything Season 3 related finally did get us Youtube footage from the latest build of Fighting is Magic. During EVO weekend The FGB AKA FightingGameBronies did a stream live from EVO which was the only thing I could actually stomach watching for more than 10 minutes that wasn't MBAACC, Skullgirls, KoF or Final Showdown. All that aside the game is coming along nicely and you can really tell that Mane6 is putting their heart and soul into making this game work. So submitted for the approval of nobody I give you more FiM than you could possibly handle. 9 HOURS WORTH!!!! There are some new things to look for in this build and I'll leave that for you to find if you haven't already.

    And then after that Mane6 did a live stream from Pon-E3 and this was also soon in the hands of the YouTube masses. They go a bit deeper into the changes from the last build that was shown off a couple of months ago. So for that alone it is a must watch into the developmental process of this game.

    If you want to know more about the project then feel free to hit up ManeSix's Website for more updates about and make sure to READ THE DAMN FAQ FIRST!!!! They seem to be real hung up on that. So just do it. And shout out to The FGB AKA FightingGameBronies for not only hosting the stream but showing me some love on the Twitters. If you want to see more content from them then mosey over to their Youtube Channel for that.

    And at this time we interrupt whatever the hell you were doing for a TV and Toku review break. I haven't gotten around to listening to the first AkibaRadio episode yet. If I don't get into it here then I will on the next one. REVIEW TIME!!!

    604: Under The Gun. After what went down in the Season 5 finale we get the return of Rebecca who ends up kidnapping Sam. Michael and Jesse go after her and do what they do. Meanwhile in jail, Fiona still marked for death has to do another favor for Ayn to keep from getting killed.

    54: Hopeless. Russell Edginton's back for real real. Not for play play. That's the only thing you get outta me. Episode went ham as usual and I think this 2nd half of the stretch is going to be good TV.

    6: The Enemy of My Enemy. Christopher & Bobby get some much needed info to put a stop to John Ross' drilling on Southfork. J.R. is in Vegas trying to get into a high stakes poker game hosted by Cliff Barnes so he can get some info on what his plans happen to be. And John Ross has a stalker. Mixing DAT BIDNESS AND DAT PLEASURE IS NEVER GOOD BUSINESS!

    Fourze 42 went in with the introduction of Sagittarius to the battlefield. If there was ever a need for a plot based power up this would be that place. Watch the episode for exactly what I'm speaking on.

    Swag-Busters 20 was the entrance of Great Go-Buster Oh! Now that's how you do a Megazord. Outside of that nothing really happened worth mentioning. We look to be getting back to normal next episode.

    A JOTKING Moment of Clarity is going to be different this week because I didn't get a chance to listen to some original music but I'll replace that with some music I have been listening to this week.

    A classic piece of VGM from the game Dunk Dream (NeoGeo) titled Funky Heat. This is my favorite song in the game and the whole soundtrack has a similar urban feel to it. I wish one day to play Dunk Dream '95 on a console...legally.

    WWF SmackDown 2: Know Your Role a figment of my High School career and in my Fave 5 of WWF/WWE games. This is the menu music for the game and I've always loved how mellow but upbeat it is. I'd leave the PS1 on for hours doing other stuff with this music in the background. So listen to it yourself and see what you think.

    I can't honestly believe I forgot that this song had a remix in Tekken Tag 2. The Strongest Iron Arena was the theme for of course the Arena stage in Tekken 4 and one of my favorite songs so it threw me a bit when I heard it in one the new trailers that dropped last week. I'll make sure this is checked off in Tekken Tracks when the game drops.

    And with that another week wrapped up by yours truly. I apologize again for Run Dat ReXXX not popping off like it should be. I've been very busy doing responsible people stuff so once I get that squared away I'll be back to it.

    So to leave you I leave you with Desk being Desk and doing what Desk does best, showing off and breaking Wookies.

    The above is a CMV for Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior. Make sure to leave the annotations on so you can learn something about your history. KICK ASS JOB, DESK!!!!

    See You Next Week!!!


    Thursday, July 12, 2012

    Dead or Alive 5 Presents...The Sarah Bryant & Friends Super Show Chronicles

    I'm so proud to present to you the first vids of my waifu SARAH BRYANT in DoA5 but also some of your favorite geisha-in-training Kokoro, the aptly named Rig and posterboy Akira Yuki as well. From what I saw the game is coming together real nicely. I'm still getting used to that every time I knock somebody into something I have to scream WHY IS THIS SHIT FALLING!?!?!?!?! and that I'M THE WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION, THA JUGGERNAUT BITCH!!!! These matches are being played by staff from both Team Ninja and Dengeki Online so thank them for all you see. Now as I do, BREAKDOWN IMMINENT!!

    First up is Bayman vs Zack. Bayman is still Bayman with 50 million ways to break your bones. I really wanted a Dean Malenko reference here but I need to save that for when I really need it. Still he doesn't need a 1001 Holds to really make you hurt but what he still has is a way to keep pressure and make you afraid of a throw which could lead to some nasty damage. Zack is still free form with that Muai Thai we know him for. Nothing much has changed from what I've seen so his strategy of keeping you guessing with strings that can switch from High to Low and back again is still very present. Eclectic as he may be he is always a threat in capable hands.

    Next is Kokoro and Hitomi-chan. I really don't have much to report on Kokoro. I don't really see a lot of new but her offensive pressure hasn't lost a step. That'll always be her key to the win column. Really looking forward to Kokoro/Akira matches to really see some Baji-quan diversity between the two of them. Hitomi-chan is still Hitomi-chan. Her whole game is powering through and staying constantly in motion. The reason I main her. This match proved that and then some. Just watch it with that thought in mind and you'll see what I mean.

    Being in DoA5 has done wonders for Sarah's offensive game. As the video shows that stuns are the future. What it seems to me while she plays like her VF5FS counterpart playing as her here will take some learning and adjusting how I control offensive pressure with her. Kasumi's Kasumi. I did see what I think are some brand new moves that I may have saw. Her rushdown with the option to mix up is still very available and should be very abused. And RPG!!!!!!

    I really had something to say here and THAT DRESS appeared and I lost all train of thought. However, after watching this I see the underlining difference between Akira and Kokoro. Akira has to be a bit more worried about keeping pressure because his hard hitting combos usually create unneeded space between him and the object he should be ramming his fist into. There's a reason why Akira is always tiered high in VF and he looks to be taking that dominance on the road. While trying to hold my composure as Lei-Fang does what Lei-Fang does she still seems to me anyway to be much of the same old same. If anything her varied strings and reversals still would seem to be her course to victory. And dress. Definitely more dress.

    Well I just hopped on the Rig bandwagon. From the play I saw he reminds me a lot of Ein and how his offense usually plays out with that IN DAT CULO ACTION!!! His TKD stuff looks great as well. I went from wanting to play him to he could be my secondary. I really want to see more of Rig as we get closer to release. Sarah's here as well and it was very mindblowing to see some of my go to BnB's for her being played out in DoA. Very cool.

    In conclusion, the process of seeing this game evolve little pieces at a time when I see it is so cool to be A witness to. This game has some stiff competition with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 dropping around the same time but Dead or Alive has always been able to hold its own and I don't see that changing any.

    If more of DoA5 is what you desire then please take a look at THIS ARTICLE and Dengeki Online's YouTube Channel for even more.

    -Triple Da G.O.D!

    EXTRA INNINGS EDIT: Looks like there were more videos from Dengeki showing some Sudden Death matches. The only video that you may want to pay special attention to is the 2nd video with Bayman & Zack which features a new stage which looks like a remade old stage. Tritower Heliport to be more precise. Looks cool in the vid and it was worth that mention. Enjoy.

    Wednesday, July 11, 2012

    Street Fighter X Tekken Presents...Sony's Money X CAPCOM: The Final Stretch

    Before we get into breaking down both trailers I gotta say the best move made in this debacle was moving up the release date for the DLC characters to July 31st. Good Job, Capcom!!!

    Now to new business.

    In the latest episode of Sony's Money X Capcom we're still following the exploits of the DLC characters now at the Antarctic. You really have to suspend some belief here because I gotta know how is Elena half-naked and not dead yet from the alleged cold that the Antarctic is known for? Eddy also makes an appearance in this episode as well. Watch the whole episode to fill in those story blanks.

    Now we come to what you can expect from the Vita version when it comes. You can share custom characters and replays. There's also a gallery mode that has the cutscenes, music and SFX from the games. Why this wasn't in the console version and taken out of SSF4 is just stupid in my view, The KO Monuments looks like a cool feature in which I assume as you beat characters you get statues you can gawk at similar to Dead or Alive Dimensions, And all of the multiplayer features you expect from the PSVita. If you have the PS3 version there's no reason at some point this shouldn't be part of your library. Still no exact release date but when one comes I'll let you know.

    -Triple Da G.O.D!

    Tuesday, July 10, 2012

    TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Presents...The I In Team Is Silent & Being Stylish Has Never Been More Dangerous

    Another day, more Tekken breakdowns to do. The above is an exhibition of some of the possibilities available using your partner in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The main 4 uses of your partner in combo situations are...

    1. Tag Cancels. Pressing TAG when performing a move that allows for a Tag Cancel will bring your partner right in to do work so you can continue your current flurry of offense. Most attacks of this nature happen off of moves that juggle or stun. Knowing what moves in your arsenal have this effect will go a long way in synergy for the team you've selected.
    2. Tag Assaults. These are new to TTT2. You activate this by pressing LP+RP+TAG or for my Tekken fam 1+2+5 to start one and then unleash hell. To really take advantage of Tag Assaults take practice and TEAM SYNERGY!!! So practice and you'll be doing flashy stuff in no time.
    3. Tag Throws. There are 2 kinds. The RP+TAG (2+5) are the ones that everyone on the roster can pull off. There are also certain throws that can be Tag Canceled by pressing TAG at the right time. They also knock of red health as well as do most moves that involve partners one way or another. This is key to keeping your opponents out of the match by limiting their options with using partners and Tag Actions.
    4. Secret Moves & Combos. Secret Combos are moves that can only be done with certain partners in certain situations. TTT1 were filled with these. Paul/Forrest, Jin/Heihachi & Lee/Kazuya are a couple of examples in part 1. Part 2 is filled to the brim with these and with the additional console cast please expect the number of these to go way up.
    So now that you know all of that you can watch the video and have some idea the what and why of what you're watching.

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is set to drop 9/11 in the US!!

    -Triple Da God

    GIANT ASS EDIT: The Item Moves Trailer just dropped and here's your breakdown.

    For the uninitiated, since Tekken 5 you could spend in game money to customize a character to your liking by buying different colors, accessories or even brand new outfits by piecing the parts together. Tekken 6 took this one step further by adding items that give your character additional moves that they otherwise wouldn't have to use. This video shows the myriad of example of these Item Moves for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. These really aren't moves that should determine your offense but give you additional ways to have fun while on offense. So have a look at this video and see if there's something you like. Already have my eye on a couple. See you at the Tag Festival.



    Monday, July 9, 2012

    Cool Shit From The Week That Was: July 2nd

    Cool Shit From The Week That Was is here to tell you what you should've been on last week. Because if it was cool it's here and if it aint then it just wasn't, dig. But where do we start our cool quest? How about one of the most important anime shows in recent history, Sailor Moon.

    After not getting anything for the 20th Anniversary of the manga I'm so excited to be getting something for the 20th Anniversary of the anime. And what they're doing is producing a new anime for WORLDWIDE RELEASE next year. There isn't information to say what the new show will actually be. Will it be a runback of the original anime? Something DB Kai like in execution where it's more of an abridged series of sorts? Or a brand new series? We'll just have to wait to find out. For all the latest about this story THIS LINK will get you to Anime News Network's article about the initial announcement.

    This does bring up the question of what else is being done for this celebration. So I decided to make a list of demands of stuff I want.

    1. A 3DS Version of Another Story. If you don't know what Another Story is the let me put you up. Another Story is a RPG set in the Sailor Moon universe during the time frame of S and SuperS that came out for the Super Famicom in 1995. I don't want to get into any plot or anything of the sort. However, the game is pretty cool and a must play for any fan of the series. The game has been fan translated into English so there's no excuse for you not to go out there and give it a shot.
    2. English Redub. The rumor was for years that Funimation was planning to redub the complete series. No time like the present. The original dub fine until it got to S when they recast all the characters and it just sounded bad. And we'd finally get Stars in English. I wish I would've come up with a hypothetical cast list. Maybe I'll edit one in later.
    3. CyberConnect2 Fighting Game. Seems like everything under the NamcoBandai banner gets one now of days. I really would prefer an action game or RPG instead but a new game is a new game.
    4. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Series 2. I want this really bad but because of how the show ended I'd have no idea where they could even canonically even fit it but it would be awesome nonetheless.
    5. Ami Mizuno spinoff series. SHE'S BEST SENSHI SO HOLD DAT SHIT BITCH!!!! I wouldn't give a damn what the subject matter was I'd watch it.

    As Ami Mizuno's #1 Fan I'll be watching all these developments really closely and getting that information to you when it surfaces.

    Next up is THE RETURN OF GOOTECKS!!!!! to Cross Counter.

    After I spread that rumor that Gootecks impregnated a Peruvian Hooker we actually learned the truth of his disappearance from Cross Counter Live and The Adventures w/Mike Ross. He's been in the cut building up territory and getting other projects off the ground like Ask Dr. Sub Zero and NewestraTV. I'm glad to see him back in front of the camera again because he is one of the few people in the FGC I have a legitimate respect for. And him and Mike "Miguel Rosslington" Ross are just a great team and they always keep me entertained and laughing my ass off. Keep putting in that work and throwing them sticks my dude!!!

    And on the subject of the Good Doctor, peep the Dr. Sub-Zero anthem by Hot Rolla. SHIT IS FYRE!!!! SMOOTH MOVES!!!!

    I guess the best segue from THE RETURN OF GOOTECKS and THA ANTHEM OF THE MUNTED ONE would be Ponies.

    Ponies the Anthology 2 dropped last week and it kicks the shit out of part 1 easy. Damn near 4 times as long as just as awesome PtA2 has something for everybody Pony Fan or not. So get your favorite snack and drink and chill out for 82 minutes and prepare to be amazed at the awesome this fandom pulls off like its nothing. Thanks to every single Brony & Pegasister involved in this masterpiece.

    To keep with this streak of awesomeness let us say bye temporarily to the best thing on the internet, Sonic For Hire.

    This is the season finale here. We finally get to see Two Bad Characters and a bit of a surprise ending which does set up some plot for next season. SO WATCH DAT SHIT ALREADY!!!!

    From one kickass internet show to another let me put you up on the #FUCKAWESOME Shelf Life.

    The premise be this. 4 toys living life on the shelf of their owner. There's a lot more to it than that but telling you anything outside that would ruin it. The above is the first episode so maybe you should get caught up. Be prepared to laugh your ass off.

    Time for your weekly TV & Toku Review Break. Unfortunately there was no Burn Notice last week but it comes back Thursday it looks to be something to watch.

    True Blood is still going as ham as ever making up for Season 4. This episode treats us to some hallucinations by Jason. Tara starting to get used to her new vampire life. Crazy crackers getting burned alive. And some other spolerific stuff I'll just skip. But people get shot and someone gets found. That's all you get from me.

    If the last episode of Dallas proved anything is J.R Ewing still is a damn beast after all these years. Not that I doubted that any. On the plot front, Christopher and Bobby are out to prove that J.R had something to do with the fake Del Sol deal. John Ross has to deal with some consequences of mixing business with pleasure and Dallas being Dallas more lies hit the surface.

    Fourze 41 wasn't as much of a doozy as it was confirming a lot of hints of who's doing what. At least we got to see Super Rocket and that Gentarou didn't forget about Nadeshiko. This is the final stretch and the previews of the episode confirms that IT'S MARCUS BURNETT TIME IN FOURZE LAND!!!

    Swag-Busters 19 was a Nick focused episode. I didn't quite get it myself initially but it was some good character building for Nick and Hiromu and Buster Hercules didn't fail to disappoint. Is there nothing the #SWAGTASTIC DUO can't do? Great Go-Buster Oh is next and that thing looks killer.

    AkibaRangers 13 wasn't an ending but a hope for a new beginning. It was a hilarious way to do a clip show though. Doesn't top The Ember Island Players episode in Avatar: The Last Airbender as the greatest of all time in that department. They did state if you want more to bug the hell out of Toei and as soon as I figure out how to do just that I will be doing so.

    In this week's moment of JOTKING Clarity BKA as BEATS OF THE WEEK I have a whole album for you to take a listen to.

    The above is MagicXBeats new album TheMagic Vol.3. This came out a couple of weeks back and JOTKING finally shared this one and this is some good mellow music, Most of this post was typed with this as the musical accompaniment. Some of my personal favorite tracks were Golden Falls, Searching Memories, Wat a Day and Vibe International. The whole album is no skip from end to end. Now you can listen for free or buy the whole album for 5 McDoubles. I suggest the 2nd option because good music like this needs to be supported. So sit back, chill and put this on and I guarantee a better mood for you. If you want to hear more from MagicXBeats then hit up his BandCamp, YouTube, and Facebook for more.

    My other pick of the week is of course from the homie WizzyWhipitWonderful who's still cooking up those alien tracks from yesteryear.

    This is a track he cooked up for Sean from the Street Fighter 3 series. And to quote the comment I made on his video, "DIS HEA BE DAT CARNIVAL SHIT!!!" This has to be one of the most fitting themes I've ever hear Wizzy do. I could do 50 posts easy on some of my favorite joints I've heard since I found his work. If you want to hear more of his work and more like it then hit him up on YouTube.

    And with that the week has been wrapped up. Before I go I do want to put some extra shine on a special vid I did last week.

    This is Episode 4 of Run Dat ReXXX was dedicated to my wonderful mother and I just wanted to share it again because all you see is for her memory. Run Dat ReXXX will be back soon. It was just too hot in the lab to drop one. So stay tuned and I'll see y'all at the next one.


    Saturday, July 7, 2012

    Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection Presents...On the Dragon Road There Is No Infinite World!!

    Looks like those rumors were true. Problem is that this collection had the opportunity to be so much more. Just having Z1 & 3 while awesome ignores 2, the Shin games and Infinite World. Infinite World was the best choice for the compilation but Burst Limit is the better game and you need to play it regardless of what you hear. And here's the worst part as of now...NO ONLINE PLAY!!! I'd murder to play some Z3 online. My Videl is a monster and you heard it here first. The only good about skipping some of the games in the series is that I don't have to trudge through 2's Story Mode. It may be possible that there's another one in the works if this sells well and it will. But the question is what will that contain? I'm also loving that people are screaming Super DBZ for some love. I wonder who had something to with that? From what I've seen from screens and videos is that it looks damn good but I don't think outside Achievements/Trophies that nobody will be playing Z1 that much when 3 is already there. Only question is now is when will I be playing Zenkai on a home console?

    -Triple Da G.O.D!

    Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Presents...The Secret Life of Minato Namikaze

    Here's what we know. Naruto when it comes to games is starting to go the DBZ route by telling the same story but using more dynamic ways to experience said story. And also Minato is getting some love by getting an alternate story line for the game's story mode. Which I can hope means we finally get some Kushina love in playable character form. I also have to assume that all those assets from past games won't go to waste as they find new ways to use those characters and add others. So what they do from here is anybody's guess but at a minimum we'll have to wait to get those answers.

    -Triple Da G.O.D!

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Begins Its Final Prep for The King of Iron Fist Special Tag Festival

    This game has been on the move this week dropping 2 trailers that are bringing the hype and then some.

    The above trailer is the JP Mode Overview Trailer. It confirms what we already knew about the console version being a beefed up Unlimited port. So all the battle variations are available. Pair Match mode is here. All of the characters have full endings even though they're non-canon. The awesome Fight Lab featuring Combot. And if you didn't know that mode is a nod to Robo-Ky Mk.2 mode from Guilty Gear Isuka. The less we talk about Isuka the better. And all the other stuff you expect from your fighter in this day and age. I've heard a rumor that there are some bonus unlockables if you picked up Tekken Hybrid and have a save on your system for PS3. How this works for 360 if this is legit is anybody's guess but knowing MS they'll make NamcoBandai charge for it for no apparent damn reason.

    On top of that Harada-san blessed the world with announcing 4 new characters for the game who haven't been seen since Part 1. Forrest Law, Tiger Jackson, Prototype Jack and ALEX BAYBEE!!!! Technically you can custom Forrest, Tiger and P. Jack in games with customization but ALEX IS BACK BAYBEE!!! My favorite non-human character is back and now Jun & Lili have a 3rd. HAPPY DAY ARE HERE!!!! What's even better is that we're not done yet. There are more character announcements to come. But when you think about it though, who's left? From T3 & TTT1 forward, Devil (Was his own character in TTT1.) Jack-2, Dr, B, Miharu, Gon, the Tekken Force guys (playable via hacking in T3), Azazel, Nancy & Tetsujin (Silver & Gold). With those being what's left for Harada-san and crew to work with I can only see Dr. B and Devil getting slots on the character select screen. Jack-2, Miharu and Tetsujin being bonus costumes. Azazel & Nancy being secret bosses. And possibly Gon seeing as he has a new show out and a game produced by NamcoBandai. But for the answers to these questions and more will just have to wait until later.

    #DiaryofaBlogWhore is on the case for anything and everything Tekken related.

    -Triple Da G.O.D!

    Friday, July 6, 2012

    PlayStation® All-Stars Battle Royale: Live from Vegas

    Today at the Evolution World Tournament was an interesting one for this game. 2 new characters have accepted invites to the All-Star Battle Royale. Toro Inoue who's the Mascot for PlayStation in Japan. And Heihachi Mishima from the Tekken series who has his look from Tekken Tag Tournament 2. And as you know with information comes trailers for me to understand so you understand easier.

    This trailer here introduces us to Heihachi and Toro and Parappa's stage Chop Chop Master Onion's Dojo where kicking and punching will be in the mind of all the combatants.

    This trailer shines a light on the patriarch of the Mishima Clan, Heihachi. Now it seems that every time he makes the cameo appearance in a fighter that nothing changes when it comes to his moveset. See Soul Calibur 2 (PS2), What we do know about his All-Star moves is one summons Kuma and the others has him re-enacting his Tekken 5 ending on his opponents. Which I have to admit is a really sweet reference.

    The above is all about Toro who's fresh from his appearance in the PS3 version of Street Fighter X Tekken. He's brought some of Ryu's moves with him here with him showing off DAT CULO KICK!!! He can also turn into a ninja and what I suspect is a caveman cook with a chip on his shoulder. Gotta say kind of sorta Kirby in execution but there's more to him than what we know now.

    As usual #DiaryofaBlogWhore will have the latest on this and whatever else shall come.

    -Triple Da G.O.D!

    Thursday, July 5, 2012

    NiGHTS into dreams... Presents...Don't Wake Me Up When I'm Dreaming, Nightopia Dreams!!

    Not much of breakdown as much trying to guess what isn't here. From what I noticed this has to be a port of the PS2 version because all of what described to be included. And if everything that was in there is here then Christmas NiGHTS, the Sonic into Dreams and those added bonuses from that version are here as well. So get that cash ready and return back to Nightopia once again.

    -Triple Da G.O.D!

    P.S: Dynamite Deka next for the love of everything good!!!!

    Marvel vs. Capcom Origins Presents...NIGGA, WE INVENTED THE INFINITE!!! CAPCPOM REDDEMMED!!!!

    Actually the game that I first remember to chronologically have one was X-Men: Children of the Atom. But Killer Instinct could be first. Who knows. But to the point of this. Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins is another HD Compilation that features 1995's Marvel Super Heroes and 1999's Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of the Super Heroes. Here's what I can gather from the trailer. MSH has playable Thanos and Doom. So if that version is based of the arcade version then some hacking had to happen here unless the codes from the JP version are there. This could possibly mean a playable Anita as well. When it comes to MvC1 I didn't really see much other than all the characters are here. Unknown if there's a playable Onslaught or Megaman with the Magnetic Shockwave or any of the other cool features from the ports. I'd bet that Cross Fever will be in with online to boot I hope. Good on Capcom for knowing this is what your fans want and are giving it in Sexy Vision. We'll be able to get our hands on this in September on XBLA/PSN!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!

    #DiaryofaBlogWhore is on whatever may transpire when it comes this. Because that's what I do.

    "Dreams Don't Die!!!!" -Scott "Cyclops" Summers (X-Men vs Street Fighter, 1996)

    -Triple Da G.O.D!