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Cool Shit From The Week That Was: July 2nd

Cool Shit From The Week That Was is here to tell you what you should've been on last week. Because if it was cool it's here and if it aint then it just wasn't, dig. But where do we start our cool quest? How about one of the most important anime shows in recent history, Sailor Moon.

After not getting anything for the 20th Anniversary of the manga I'm so excited to be getting something for the 20th Anniversary of the anime. And what they're doing is producing a new anime for WORLDWIDE RELEASE next year. There isn't information to say what the new show will actually be. Will it be a runback of the original anime? Something DB Kai like in execution where it's more of an abridged series of sorts? Or a brand new series? We'll just have to wait to find out. For all the latest about this story THIS LINK will get you to Anime News Network's article about the initial announcement.

This does bring up the question of what else is being done for this celebration. So I decided to make a list of demands of stuff I want.

  1. A 3DS Version of Another Story. If you don't know what Another Story is the let me put you up. Another Story is a RPG set in the Sailor Moon universe during the time frame of S and SuperS that came out for the Super Famicom in 1995. I don't want to get into any plot or anything of the sort. However, the game is pretty cool and a must play for any fan of the series. The game has been fan translated into English so there's no excuse for you not to go out there and give it a shot.
  2. English Redub. The rumor was for years that Funimation was planning to redub the complete series. No time like the present. The original dub fine until it got to S when they recast all the characters and it just sounded bad. And we'd finally get Stars in English. I wish I would've come up with a hypothetical cast list. Maybe I'll edit one in later.
  3. CyberConnect2 Fighting Game. Seems like everything under the NamcoBandai banner gets one now of days. I really would prefer an action game or RPG instead but a new game is a new game.
  4. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Series 2. I want this really bad but because of how the show ended I'd have no idea where they could even canonically even fit it but it would be awesome nonetheless.
  5. Ami Mizuno spinoff series. SHE'S BEST SENSHI SO HOLD DAT SHIT BITCH!!!! I wouldn't give a damn what the subject matter was I'd watch it.

As Ami Mizuno's #1 Fan I'll be watching all these developments really closely and getting that information to you when it surfaces.

Next up is THE RETURN OF GOOTECKS!!!!! to Cross Counter.

After I spread that rumor that Gootecks impregnated a Peruvian Hooker we actually learned the truth of his disappearance from Cross Counter Live and The Adventures w/Mike Ross. He's been in the cut building up territory and getting other projects off the ground like Ask Dr. Sub Zero and NewestraTV. I'm glad to see him back in front of the camera again because he is one of the few people in the FGC I have a legitimate respect for. And him and Mike "Miguel Rosslington" Ross are just a great team and they always keep me entertained and laughing my ass off. Keep putting in that work and throwing them sticks my dude!!!

And on the subject of the Good Doctor, peep the Dr. Sub-Zero anthem by Hot Rolla. SHIT IS FYRE!!!! SMOOTH MOVES!!!!

I guess the best segue from THE RETURN OF GOOTECKS and THA ANTHEM OF THE MUNTED ONE would be Ponies.

Ponies the Anthology 2 dropped last week and it kicks the shit out of part 1 easy. Damn near 4 times as long as just as awesome PtA2 has something for everybody Pony Fan or not. So get your favorite snack and drink and chill out for 82 minutes and prepare to be amazed at the awesome this fandom pulls off like its nothing. Thanks to every single Brony & Pegasister involved in this masterpiece.

To keep with this streak of awesomeness let us say bye temporarily to the best thing on the internet, Sonic For Hire.

This is the season finale here. We finally get to see Two Bad Characters and a bit of a surprise ending which does set up some plot for next season. SO WATCH DAT SHIT ALREADY!!!!

From one kickass internet show to another let me put you up on the #FUCKAWESOME Shelf Life.

The premise be this. 4 toys living life on the shelf of their owner. There's a lot more to it than that but telling you anything outside that would ruin it. The above is the first episode so maybe you should get caught up. Be prepared to laugh your ass off.

Time for your weekly TV & Toku Review Break. Unfortunately there was no Burn Notice last week but it comes back Thursday it looks to be something to watch.

True Blood is still going as ham as ever making up for Season 4. This episode treats us to some hallucinations by Jason. Tara starting to get used to her new vampire life. Crazy crackers getting burned alive. And some other spolerific stuff I'll just skip. But people get shot and someone gets found. That's all you get from me.

If the last episode of Dallas proved anything is J.R Ewing still is a damn beast after all these years. Not that I doubted that any. On the plot front, Christopher and Bobby are out to prove that J.R had something to do with the fake Del Sol deal. John Ross has to deal with some consequences of mixing business with pleasure and Dallas being Dallas more lies hit the surface.

Fourze 41 wasn't as much of a doozy as it was confirming a lot of hints of who's doing what. At least we got to see Super Rocket and that Gentarou didn't forget about Nadeshiko. This is the final stretch and the previews of the episode confirms that IT'S MARCUS BURNETT TIME IN FOURZE LAND!!!

Swag-Busters 19 was a Nick focused episode. I didn't quite get it myself initially but it was some good character building for Nick and Hiromu and Buster Hercules didn't fail to disappoint. Is there nothing the #SWAGTASTIC DUO can't do? Great Go-Buster Oh is next and that thing looks killer.

AkibaRangers 13 wasn't an ending but a hope for a new beginning. It was a hilarious way to do a clip show though. Doesn't top The Ember Island Players episode in Avatar: The Last Airbender as the greatest of all time in that department. They did state if you want more to bug the hell out of Toei and as soon as I figure out how to do just that I will be doing so.

In this week's moment of JOTKING Clarity BKA as BEATS OF THE WEEK I have a whole album for you to take a listen to.

The above is MagicXBeats new album TheMagic Vol.3. This came out a couple of weeks back and JOTKING finally shared this one and this is some good mellow music, Most of this post was typed with this as the musical accompaniment. Some of my personal favorite tracks were Golden Falls, Searching Memories, Wat a Day and Vibe International. The whole album is no skip from end to end. Now you can listen for free or buy the whole album for 5 McDoubles. I suggest the 2nd option because good music like this needs to be supported. So sit back, chill and put this on and I guarantee a better mood for you. If you want to hear more from MagicXBeats then hit up his BandCamp, YouTube, and Facebook for more.

My other pick of the week is of course from the homie WizzyWhipitWonderful who's still cooking up those alien tracks from yesteryear.

This is a track he cooked up for Sean from the Street Fighter 3 series. And to quote the comment I made on his video, "DIS HEA BE DAT CARNIVAL SHIT!!!" This has to be one of the most fitting themes I've ever hear Wizzy do. I could do 50 posts easy on some of my favorite joints I've heard since I found his work. If you want to hear more of his work and more like it then hit him up on YouTube.

And with that the week has been wrapped up. Before I go I do want to put some extra shine on a special vid I did last week.

This is Episode 4 of Run Dat ReXXX was dedicated to my wonderful mother and I just wanted to share it again because all you see is for her memory. Run Dat ReXXX will be back soon. It was just too hot in the lab to drop one. So stay tuned and I'll see y'all at the next one.


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