Sunday, July 1, 2012

The 5 Best Fighting Games On The Planet Today

When I decided that I wanted to tackle the question I had to figure out a way to limit myself to just 5 fighters and not the 10 I should be naming. So in order to do just that I set a couple of ground rules to keep the list legit and spark up some conterversy in the process. I will be reaching out to some knowledgeable people in the community to get their "Fave 5" as it were later on. And if you want you can submit your own. So here are the ground rules.

1. The game in question has to have either come out in the last 2 years, received a console port or a major update of some kind within that same time frame. So this does open doors for games that have been re-released on NESiCA X Live recently to give someone a chance to add it to their "Fave 5."

2. Every single person who looks at a "Fave 5" has to be able to legally access the game in some form. This means games like Power Instinct 5 can't make the list because it's very possible to play the game but not very legal to do so. Same goes for Xuandou Zhiwang which is awesome as fuck but if you're not from China you pretty much have to break the law to even play it. In retrospect, breaking the law is worth it for both games just for the simple fact of Rin and Claire Fox.

3. In contrast to part 2, if a person who drops a "Fave 5" can legally access a game then they're free to name it. So because of where I live as much as I would love to drop Chaos Code on my list I can't because St. Louis doesn't have a decent arcade to save its damn life. But I know some people who have access to these games so I know they'll drop them if I allow it.

4. Because I know 5 isn't enough I'll give each person an honorary mention so they can slip a 6th game that they feel the need to mention but just outside their "Fave 5." And the honorary mention completely ignores Rules 2 & 3. Also legal are games that haven't come out yet but will be released before the end of 2013. The only reason I've made this concession is for games like Monster: AC & Retribution and My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic.

5. Just a reminder that any fighter is legal as long as it follows Rules 1-3. So I don't care who made it. What it looks like. What you can play it on. Or what the subject matter is. As long as it is a fighting game then don't be bashful and name it.

I'm going to consult with some folks about the rules and see if any adjustments need to be made before people start popping off "Fave 5's." Expect me to start creating my list and reviewing others within the next 2 weeks or so. This gives people time to really think out their answers before passing them to me. So stay tuned to everywhere I am for the go ahead.

-Triple Da God

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