Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dead or Alive 5 Presents...The Sarah Bryant & Friends Super Show Chronicles

I'm so proud to present to you the first vids of my waifu SARAH BRYANT in DoA5 but also some of your favorite geisha-in-training Kokoro, the aptly named Rig and posterboy Akira Yuki as well. From what I saw the game is coming together real nicely. I'm still getting used to that every time I knock somebody into something I have to scream WHY IS THIS SHIT FALLING!?!?!?!?! and that I'M THE WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION, THA JUGGERNAUT BITCH!!!! These matches are being played by staff from both Team Ninja and Dengeki Online so thank them for all you see. Now as I do, BREAKDOWN IMMINENT!!

First up is Bayman vs Zack. Bayman is still Bayman with 50 million ways to break your bones. I really wanted a Dean Malenko reference here but I need to save that for when I really need it. Still he doesn't need a 1001 Holds to really make you hurt but what he still has is a way to keep pressure and make you afraid of a throw which could lead to some nasty damage. Zack is still free form with that Muai Thai we know him for. Nothing much has changed from what I've seen so his strategy of keeping you guessing with strings that can switch from High to Low and back again is still very present. Eclectic as he may be he is always a threat in capable hands.

Next is Kokoro and Hitomi-chan. I really don't have much to report on Kokoro. I don't really see a lot of new but her offensive pressure hasn't lost a step. That'll always be her key to the win column. Really looking forward to Kokoro/Akira matches to really see some Baji-quan diversity between the two of them. Hitomi-chan is still Hitomi-chan. Her whole game is powering through and staying constantly in motion. The reason I main her. This match proved that and then some. Just watch it with that thought in mind and you'll see what I mean.

Being in DoA5 has done wonders for Sarah's offensive game. As the video shows that stuns are the future. What it seems to me while she plays like her VF5FS counterpart playing as her here will take some learning and adjusting how I control offensive pressure with her. Kasumi's Kasumi. I did see what I think are some brand new moves that I may have saw. Her rushdown with the option to mix up is still very available and should be very abused. And RPG!!!!!!

I really had something to say here and THAT DRESS appeared and I lost all train of thought. However, after watching this I see the underlining difference between Akira and Kokoro. Akira has to be a bit more worried about keeping pressure because his hard hitting combos usually create unneeded space between him and the object he should be ramming his fist into. There's a reason why Akira is always tiered high in VF and he looks to be taking that dominance on the road. While trying to hold my composure as Lei-Fang does what Lei-Fang does she still seems to me anyway to be much of the same old same. If anything her varied strings and reversals still would seem to be her course to victory. And dress. Definitely more dress.

Well I just hopped on the Rig bandwagon. From the play I saw he reminds me a lot of Ein and how his offense usually plays out with that IN DAT CULO ACTION!!! His TKD stuff looks great as well. I went from wanting to play him to he could be my secondary. I really want to see more of Rig as we get closer to release. Sarah's here as well and it was very mindblowing to see some of my go to BnB's for her being played out in DoA. Very cool.

In conclusion, the process of seeing this game evolve little pieces at a time when I see it is so cool to be A witness to. This game has some stiff competition with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 dropping around the same time but Dead or Alive has always been able to hold its own and I don't see that changing any.

If more of DoA5 is what you desire then please take a look at THIS ARTICLE and Dengeki Online's YouTube Channel for even more.

-Triple Da G.O.D!

EXTRA INNINGS EDIT: Looks like there were more videos from Dengeki showing some Sudden Death matches. The only video that you may want to pay special attention to is the 2nd video with Bayman & Zack which features a new stage which looks like a remade old stage. Tritower Heliport to be more precise. Looks cool in the vid and it was worth that mention. Enjoy.

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