Friday, July 27, 2012

Dead or Alive 5 Presents...Combos & Those Who Need Them To Win

This video is very important on the subject of offense when it comes to DoA5. Combos in DoA have always flowed from 4 distinct categories.
  • Launchers
  • Stuns
  • Throws 
  • Holds
For the most part, the rule of thumb is all characters have access to all 4 categories in various degrees of actual combo usefulness. This is where truly learning your character comes into play along with knowing the intricacies of the battle system. Knowing the Jan-Ken-Pon of it all along with what strings does what to who is really important. And for the record the Rock. Paper, Scissors of DoA is the following.
  • Strikes > Throws
  • Throws > Holds
  • Holds > Strikes

Knowing that information is great for combos because any offense starts with this basic knowledge of DoA. Knowing what beats what when is helpful not only to continue your offensive pressure but knowing how to keep yourself out of those situations when you're on the defensive. If you're looking to get into DoA then knowing what the "The Triangle" is the first thing you need to become a better player playing this game.

Watching the video with this info will definitely help you in understanding how DoA battles function and the little things you should watch for. Hope it helps.


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