Monday, July 2, 2012

Run Dat ReXXX!!! Super Mario Bros. Part 4: Cherryl Rena Shavers-Woods:The Epitome of Wonderful

July 2, 2008 is a day I can't forget if I tried. That was the day my mother passed away. I'll never forget the days after and what I went through. However, 4 years removed from it and I'm stronger than I've ever been. More than ever I'm a symbol of every lesson she imparted and I will be that same teacher to my son. Mom, thank you for all that you gave and continue to give. I honestly believe that nothing truly dies but the energy of the ones who leave live on in the those they leave behind. If nothing else I'm made of that wonderful energy that power my positive actions. Cherryl Rena Shavers-Woods was and still is the greatest person that I will ever know. If I can ever be a fraction of what she was then I know I've done right. Thanks Boss for everything. I will live the rest of my days as a symbol of what you left behind.

-Terrance M. Shavers

Run Dat ReXXX!!! is back with World 4 and seeing as I only get to the vine in 4-2 it's good to see the awesome 4-3 and one of 2 mazes in 4-4. I don't count 8-4 in that. That's a beast all it's own. Join me next time as I take on World 5 and an onslaught of Hammer Bros.

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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