Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Begins Its Final Prep for The King of Iron Fist Special Tag Festival

This game has been on the move this week dropping 2 trailers that are bringing the hype and then some.

The above trailer is the JP Mode Overview Trailer. It confirms what we already knew about the console version being a beefed up Unlimited port. So all the battle variations are available. Pair Match mode is here. All of the characters have full endings even though they're non-canon. The awesome Fight Lab featuring Combot. And if you didn't know that mode is a nod to Robo-Ky Mk.2 mode from Guilty Gear Isuka. The less we talk about Isuka the better. And all the other stuff you expect from your fighter in this day and age. I've heard a rumor that there are some bonus unlockables if you picked up Tekken Hybrid and have a save on your system for PS3. How this works for 360 if this is legit is anybody's guess but knowing MS they'll make NamcoBandai charge for it for no apparent damn reason.

On top of that Harada-san blessed the world with announcing 4 new characters for the game who haven't been seen since Part 1. Forrest Law, Tiger Jackson, Prototype Jack and ALEX BAYBEE!!!! Technically you can custom Forrest, Tiger and P. Jack in games with customization but ALEX IS BACK BAYBEE!!! My favorite non-human character is back and now Jun & Lili have a 3rd. HAPPY DAY ARE HERE!!!! What's even better is that we're not done yet. There are more character announcements to come. But when you think about it though, who's left? From T3 & TTT1 forward, Devil (Was his own character in TTT1.) Jack-2, Dr, B, Miharu, Gon, the Tekken Force guys (playable via hacking in T3), Azazel, Nancy & Tetsujin (Silver & Gold). With those being what's left for Harada-san and crew to work with I can only see Dr. B and Devil getting slots on the character select screen. Jack-2, Miharu and Tetsujin being bonus costumes. Azazel & Nancy being secret bosses. And possibly Gon seeing as he has a new show out and a game produced by NamcoBandai. But for the answers to these questions and more will just have to wait until later.

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