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Cool Shit From The Week That Was: July 9th Edition

This here is going to be a mega extended edition of the wrap up because San Diego Comic Con was this week and it gave me a lot to report on and breakdown as I always do. So if Comic Con is what we're on then I know the perfect segue to get us started.

The new Injustice: Gods Among Us trailer went in. Got a nice taste of what the battle system is going to be like and our first look at Nightwing and Cyborg. Nightwing has his trademark staff and he's able to break the staff apart to keep his offensive varied. Cyborg is bringing a lot more than the boom to this fight. He's a hard hitter no doubt but he'll have that zone game proper with that cannon and his other tools firing at will. On top of all that I'm just impressed on how this game is coming along. This trailer shows that this game will be one to watch out for if for nothing else that this is DC done right in a fighter and that hasn't happened in a while. MY BODY, SO READY!!!

Since my body is still so ready let us flow with the feeling. Our favorite 4th wall breaking "Merc With A Mouth" is finally getting his own game. From what the trailer showed it'll be Deadpool in all his "GLORY!!!!" So from that I know that nothing is safe, sacred or off-limits here. High Moon Studios are the ones behind it and if any of the recent Transformers games say anything I think we'll be OK. Can't wait for this one.

And with our transition from comics to manga we have some new footage in which to gawk at from One Piece: Pirate Warriors. The first trailer is just an introduction to the Straw Hats and what they can do in game. The second features a fight between Luffy and the PX-5 Pacifista which is a perfect example of how 1 v 1 encounters work. The best news was at least in the US we have a confirmed release date of September 25th. The 9th month of the year is looking to be a packed month for gamers and this just adds another gem to the pile. Kind of glad I didn't import it like I originally planned. Just 2 more months. 2 more months.

Keeping in tune with our current manga theme, the first trailer for Tiger & Bunny On Air Jack! premiered this week. As a huge fan of the franchise I'm glad that they finally got around to making a game for the series. It isn't what I quite expected for the first video game foray but I'm excited regardless. The thing is because this is a PSP title I wouldn't put much hope into a localization of the game but stranger things have taken place so you never know. The game doesn't have a pinpointed release date as of now but I'll keep you posted when that info becomes available.

From one team of heroes to another, Swag-Busters has a game for DS coming and it seems to be your standard Sentai action game fare. So if nothing else it should be enjoyable for fans of the show. All the Busters, Buddydroids and Machines seem to be present in one way or another so the game should be pretty current to where the show is now. I'll be keeping an eye on this one for more information. So stay posted to the blog for that.

On the current flow of giant robots, the new Zone of the Enders HD Collection trailer dropped and damn does it look beyond sexy!!! I can't really say much because I'll spoil the games for you and I'd never do that for you. I just suggest watching the trailer and spazzing like I did. Still in shock and awe that this is even happening. Everybody better buy this so I can get more ZoE action. Really on the fence about double dipping just for the love factor I have for the series in general. And obligatory, CHICKS DIG GIANT ROBOTS!!!!

I couldn't have planned a better transition from Giant Robots to Giant Ass Bugs!!! SWEET!!!  This is the latest trailer for Earth Defense Force 3 Portable for the PS Life After Death. Some may know it better as EDF 2017 that came out on the 360 some years back. Now the significance of this trailer is the return of an old unit the Pale Wing from Part 2. Now believe me or not that having Pale Wing in this version does change how you approach things. So it'll be a fun treat to run the game back as her and to have that added unit is a wonderful bonus and I'm so glad that Sandlot being as #FUCKAWESOME as they are thought to do so. I wouldn't place bets on a release over here but the Vita is Region Free so if you have some extra cash and want to try something new then put some research into this and see if its up your alley.

Segue from guns to more guns. New Borderlands 2 trailer. Something about Wimoweh or whatever. Game is still looking to trump 1 in every way and this trailer shows that off regardless of choice of musical accompaniment. Side note. I'm getting this on 360 and I'll be looking for more people to play with when that time comes. So I'll put that recruitment drive into action when the time comes.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I didn't even watch this trailer. I'm on mega black out for The Last of Us. The game has me wanting to savor every moment without being spoiled in anyway. My job is to serve crack not necessarily take part in it. The Last of Us is going to be just that. POINT BLANK PERIOD!!! So watch the trailer if you want to but just don't tell me about it.

Maybe not the best transition in the world but who's not up for more Sonic & All-Stars Racing news. The trailer while not giving anything new other than a peek at the Panzer Dragoon level we did find out that the titular character from the movie Wreck-It Ralph will be in the game. No word if he's a system exclusive character or anything like that. I have my picks on who I'm waiting to see but I gotta know if Banjo & Kazooie will come back as XBOX exclusive characters this time around? We'll just have to wait and see.

A segue from Sonic and friends to Mario seems a lot less jarring. Nintendo dropped a trailer for NSMB2 and Mario's still embracing this greed kick. I wonder do you get bonus coins for playing on the 1st & 15th? Regardless of all the jokes the game still looks to be your standard Mario fare with this coin emphasis. And White Tanooki Suit be mad broken. But power like that comes at a very high price.

This week in Ponies barring anything Season 3 related finally did get us Youtube footage from the latest build of Fighting is Magic. During EVO weekend The FGB AKA FightingGameBronies did a stream live from EVO which was the only thing I could actually stomach watching for more than 10 minutes that wasn't MBAACC, Skullgirls, KoF or Final Showdown. All that aside the game is coming along nicely and you can really tell that Mane6 is putting their heart and soul into making this game work. So submitted for the approval of nobody I give you more FiM than you could possibly handle. 9 HOURS WORTH!!!! There are some new things to look for in this build and I'll leave that for you to find if you haven't already.

And then after that Mane6 did a live stream from Pon-E3 and this was also soon in the hands of the YouTube masses. They go a bit deeper into the changes from the last build that was shown off a couple of months ago. So for that alone it is a must watch into the developmental process of this game.

If you want to know more about the project then feel free to hit up ManeSix's Website for more updates about and make sure to READ THE DAMN FAQ FIRST!!!! They seem to be real hung up on that. So just do it. And shout out to The FGB AKA FightingGameBronies for not only hosting the stream but showing me some love on the Twitters. If you want to see more content from them then mosey over to their Youtube Channel for that.

And at this time we interrupt whatever the hell you were doing for a TV and Toku review break. I haven't gotten around to listening to the first AkibaRadio episode yet. If I don't get into it here then I will on the next one. REVIEW TIME!!!

604: Under The Gun. After what went down in the Season 5 finale we get the return of Rebecca who ends up kidnapping Sam. Michael and Jesse go after her and do what they do. Meanwhile in jail, Fiona still marked for death has to do another favor for Ayn to keep from getting killed.

54: Hopeless. Russell Edginton's back for real real. Not for play play. That's the only thing you get outta me. Episode went ham as usual and I think this 2nd half of the stretch is going to be good TV.

6: The Enemy of My Enemy. Christopher & Bobby get some much needed info to put a stop to John Ross' drilling on Southfork. J.R. is in Vegas trying to get into a high stakes poker game hosted by Cliff Barnes so he can get some info on what his plans happen to be. And John Ross has a stalker. Mixing DAT BIDNESS AND DAT PLEASURE IS NEVER GOOD BUSINESS!

Fourze 42 went in with the introduction of Sagittarius to the battlefield. If there was ever a need for a plot based power up this would be that place. Watch the episode for exactly what I'm speaking on.

Swag-Busters 20 was the entrance of Great Go-Buster Oh! Now that's how you do a Megazord. Outside of that nothing really happened worth mentioning. We look to be getting back to normal next episode.

A JOTKING Moment of Clarity is going to be different this week because I didn't get a chance to listen to some original music but I'll replace that with some music I have been listening to this week.

A classic piece of VGM from the game Dunk Dream (NeoGeo) titled Funky Heat. This is my favorite song in the game and the whole soundtrack has a similar urban feel to it. I wish one day to play Dunk Dream '95 on a console...legally.

WWF SmackDown 2: Know Your Role a figment of my High School career and in my Fave 5 of WWF/WWE games. This is the menu music for the game and I've always loved how mellow but upbeat it is. I'd leave the PS1 on for hours doing other stuff with this music in the background. So listen to it yourself and see what you think.

I can't honestly believe I forgot that this song had a remix in Tekken Tag 2. The Strongest Iron Arena was the theme for of course the Arena stage in Tekken 4 and one of my favorite songs so it threw me a bit when I heard it in one the new trailers that dropped last week. I'll make sure this is checked off in Tekken Tracks when the game drops.

And with that another week wrapped up by yours truly. I apologize again for Run Dat ReXXX not popping off like it should be. I've been very busy doing responsible people stuff so once I get that squared away I'll be back to it.

So to leave you I leave you with Desk being Desk and doing what Desk does best, showing off and breaking Wookies.

The above is a CMV for Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior. Make sure to leave the annotations on so you can learn something about your history. KICK ASS JOB, DESK!!!!

See You Next Week!!!


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