Monday, July 16, 2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Presents...It's Time for Adult Swim!!!

Well. well, well. TTT2 is going all out in trying to get as many people to plop down those pre-orders as possible. Not only are there 4 characters & Tha Dogg Father AKA Snoop Lion AKA Bob Marley Reincarnated and now there are a myriad of swimsuits for all the characters if you put something down on it. These two trailers will give you all the goods on what to expect for your patronage.

If the trailers didn't do enough convincing then maybe some pictures of some of the confirmed swimsuits will help out.

The Lili's sporting is the one suit she rocked on the Girls of Gaming 7 cover.

This one here is Kunimitsu's famous Watermelon Bikini.

This picture of Jun Kazama is one of the Tekken.NET 2D game pictures by Shunya Yamashita and one I'm hoping makes it in the game.

There is some hope for that possibility though. Some of the pictures that are a part of that set have been confirmed to be in the game by way of customization items so that's a ray of hope we'll be seeing more stuff via those illustrations soon. Really hoping we see that one because it's really nice on her. So keep all this content free and coming Namco! You have my thanks.

One more thing. For everyone who's sounding the Tekken is selling out alarm let me put you up on game. All of these items are completely optional. Let not what a developer adds to their product deter you from playing it when you already planned to. We've had this discussion before and not a damn thing's changed. Whatever high moral horse you wish to stand on you need to just get off and just enjoy the product for what it is and not for what you think it should be. It's just a bad idea and it never ends good for you because you're missing out. But if you still think that's what you need to do then I'll be in the lab enjoying the shit out of Tag 2 and you'll be on the outside looking in. Your call.

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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