Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Street Fighter X Tekken Presents...Sony's Money X CAPCOM: The Final Stretch

Before we get into breaking down both trailers I gotta say the best move made in this debacle was moving up the release date for the DLC characters to July 31st. Good Job, Capcom!!!

Now to new business.

In the latest episode of Sony's Money X Capcom we're still following the exploits of the DLC characters now at the Antarctic. You really have to suspend some belief here because I gotta know how is Elena half-naked and not dead yet from the alleged cold that the Antarctic is known for? Eddy also makes an appearance in this episode as well. Watch the whole episode to fill in those story blanks.

Now we come to what you can expect from the Vita version when it comes. You can share custom characters and replays. There's also a gallery mode that has the cutscenes, music and SFX from the games. Why this wasn't in the console version and taken out of SSF4 is just stupid in my view, The KO Monuments looks like a cool feature in which I assume as you beat characters you get statues you can gawk at similar to Dead or Alive Dimensions, And all of the multiplayer features you expect from the PSVita. If you have the PS3 version there's no reason at some point this shouldn't be part of your library. Still no exact release date but when one comes I'll let you know.

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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