Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Presents...The I In Team Is Silent & Being Stylish Has Never Been More Dangerous

Another day, more Tekken breakdowns to do. The above is an exhibition of some of the possibilities available using your partner in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The main 4 uses of your partner in combo situations are...

  1. Tag Cancels. Pressing TAG when performing a move that allows for a Tag Cancel will bring your partner right in to do work so you can continue your current flurry of offense. Most attacks of this nature happen off of moves that juggle or stun. Knowing what moves in your arsenal have this effect will go a long way in synergy for the team you've selected.
  2. Tag Assaults. These are new to TTT2. You activate this by pressing LP+RP+TAG or for my Tekken fam 1+2+5 to start one and then unleash hell. To really take advantage of Tag Assaults take practice and TEAM SYNERGY!!! So practice and you'll be doing flashy stuff in no time.
  3. Tag Throws. There are 2 kinds. The RP+TAG (2+5) are the ones that everyone on the roster can pull off. There are also certain throws that can be Tag Canceled by pressing TAG at the right time. They also knock of red health as well as do most moves that involve partners one way or another. This is key to keeping your opponents out of the match by limiting their options with using partners and Tag Actions.
  4. Secret Moves & Combos. Secret Combos are moves that can only be done with certain partners in certain situations. TTT1 were filled with these. Paul/Forrest, Jin/Heihachi & Lee/Kazuya are a couple of examples in part 1. Part 2 is filled to the brim with these and with the additional console cast please expect the number of these to go way up.
So now that you know all of that you can watch the video and have some idea the what and why of what you're watching.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is set to drop 9/11 in the US!!

-Triple Da God

GIANT ASS EDIT: The Item Moves Trailer just dropped and here's your breakdown.

For the uninitiated, since Tekken 5 you could spend in game money to customize a character to your liking by buying different colors, accessories or even brand new outfits by piecing the parts together. Tekken 6 took this one step further by adding items that give your character additional moves that they otherwise wouldn't have to use. This video shows the myriad of example of these Item Moves for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. These really aren't moves that should determine your offense but give you additional ways to have fun while on offense. So have a look at this video and see if there's something you like. Already have my eye on a couple. See you at the Tag Festival.



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