Monday, July 30, 2012

Street Fighter X Tekken Presents...The Fiasco

Another one of the notes from Facebook transferred over to the blog. I didn't give this article that much shine because to be honest it was wrote on a weird comedy slant but at the same time trying to be informative and really taking a look at how the situation looked to me personally. But now after really taking notice of all I really think I have to compliment this article with a real technical look at the game because the game does a lot of right that nobody notices at all because of how hive minded and bulldoggish the FGC can be about things at times. So for now take this stroll down memory lane and I'll link the other article here when its done.

This game has become a hot bed of issues regarding everything this game is about and I just wanted to ring in on it really quickly and just share what I've learned and observed from this whole thing.

Full Disclosure is a wonderful thing. Had Capcom been honest about their plans from the start then maybe the backlash wouldn't be as nasty as it was. Hopefully developers in the future will learn that their customers can understand a business decision whether they agree with it or not. On the reverse though QA's need to get on their job. There should've been no way that the 360 version came out as gimped as it was and nobody knew about these glaring issues until after the fact. Even I gotta look at this as something fishy.  If I can do it in other games on the same system I should be able to do the same here. If they knew this before the game released then FULL DISCLOSURE should've entered the picture right about here. You let the consumer assume (Yeah, I know assumptions makes asses of you and me.) that what was advertised is what we paid for. And for some reason the PS3 version is THE VERSION of the game to play. Not that I'm trying to insinuate anything but again looks very suspicious. Remember everybody, FULL DISCLOSURE! Say it with me now, FULL DISCLOSURE!

On Disk DLC was a bad idea and Capcom should've known this. All their efforts in the past to keep a damn secret have been for naught in one way or another. Either people leak info, you leave stuff in the HTML code (Side Note: This happened twice. See TvC:UAS and UMvC3), or people become nosy when ISOs hit and all the dirt is leaked anyway. Learn in this day and age people want answers and they'll go to any lengths to get said answers. We've become an impatient society and this is one of the effects of that change. At the same juncture as a society we need to relearn paitence because that'll help a lot while you're forced to wait because of what I personally think was just a bad business decision. And cue our new best friend, FULL DISCLOSURE!!!

I'm afraid I can't be a CapCop snitch in this matter to see hackers get shine on them. This is for a lot listed above and when I got my account hacked and Microsoft then left me on stuck so I really like the karma return that stems from this. On top of that Cherryl didn't raise no tattletale. However, if you're out there hacking and getting online I'd back off at this point. Unless the account you're using to get online doesn't matter to you because you're gonna be offline till 12/31/9999 and MS will probably ban the console you're using as well. So while I can respect the "I Don't Give a Fuck" attitude you have on the subject, think about the risk you're taking here. On some real shit I just suggest playing the game completely offline so you don't even tempt yourselves into doing something possibly detrimental to you and your money. Take it from somebody who's been there.

I really hope not only Capcom but other developers have learned something from all of this. Keeping secrets from your consumer base is bad news because it always finds a way out as we've seen here and in many other situations in the past. I would love for more developers to take a consumer first, money second approach to gaming but it's too late now. Honestly, as soon as somebody bought Horse Armor we were all fucked. When things like that happened it changed everything. It let developers know that there is a consumer for that type of product and it just then became a way of the world and I honestly don't think there's no going back to the way things were because DLC is a part of gaming life and it's about the nickel and dime game now. On the flip side, I do understand that games cost a lot to make and DLC is supposed to offset it but what you put up for purchase and how much is a bit much to me anyway. That's why I wait for sales and deals to soften the blow in most cases. We as a community need to learn the power of our wallets. If we all together wield that power and show that there needs to be a balance then it can be one. Because as people used to tell me that "Money Talks, Bullshit Walks." It means that when money's on the table what you say means nothing. Use your money to speak for you. Because in conversations like those it's the only thing in the world that gets heard.

So now we wait to see what the future holds for this game and others. It's a shame that great game like this is muddled in all this controversy because the game could be the next coming and more energy needs to be focused on that instead of all the issues. I hope everybody involved has learned something here and maybe we can make a better tomorrow. Or prove we've not learned a damn thing and just do it all over again. Know what they call that in the dictionary...INSANITY!! Don't be insane for your sake and mine.

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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