Monday, July 2, 2012

Cool Shit From The Week That Was: June 25th Edition

My weeks start on Monday so it is what it with that. But Cool Shit From The Week That Was allows me to share cool stuff I've bumped into and stuff that wouldn't fill up a blog post but cool to talk about anyway. So with any further ado let us get into it.

And what better way to start than Curleh Mustache Numero Cuatro!!! Shout Outs to Murda Mike Mendoza BKA BrokenTier IFC Yipes, Victor Fontanez AKA Sp00ky Montana AKA The Hardest Working Man In The Business and the rest of the Team Spooky Family for making that shit work last night. Now I've gone on record and stated my base dislike for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 but when it comes to events like this I can put that aside and here's why. First off Yipes gets the best players to come to the Curleh because it's an invite only tournament which means you get matches that would be Top 16 matches in most majors every single time. And because it's a high roller tourney which means you gotta bet heavy on yourself to take it and that makes you wanna play harder because you wanna win your entry fee back and the fees of everybody else too. What was especially cool that this was a West Coast Edition of CM which brought out the who's who of Marvel players from there, surrounding areas and some international comp too. And speaking of international comp I gotta say I got my eyes on Zak Bennett to put in some work at EVO! That man's Firebrand/Dormammu/Ammy team is nothing short of amazing to watch. And he should do well against the comp this week. I won't spoil the tourney for you. But if you missed it because you were watching True Blood, the Coon Entertainment Awards or the Olympic Trials then keep an eye on Team Spooky's YouTube Page for all the action.

I just wanted to take some time out to shout out a fellow Cancer who just happens to be THE MOST MUNTED UBER TORE UP MUHFUCKA ON THE PLANET...John Dangerous AKA Dr. Sub Zero!!! Even with the move of the show to hasn't slowed the show down. I miss the old format but this is just as good. So Happy Belated to him, me and for all my Cancer's doing what they do. And ReNiC did a hell of a job with Zhi on Cross Counter holding his own filling in for White "Mike Ross" Mike Ross.

If I said that 2 of my favorite entertainers were in the same room talking about how awesome the sexy one was would you believe me? Well this is the scenario for Episode 4 of Fatman on Batman featuring Tara Strong. Her and Kevin Smith talk about everything Batman and non-Batman related. Damn near 90 minutes of pure #FUCKAWESOME!! A hell of a listen whether you're a fan of the subject matter or not. You can listen to it for yourself HERE!!

The only reason I'm posting the last 2 Episodes of Sonic For Hire is because I forgot to post it on my FaceBook Page and Retweet like I do every time an episode drops. But the abdriged version of the two episodes is that Sonic has to go back to Central America to retrieve Jim and Eggman so they can film the Sonic For Hire movie. They'd would rather to continue to enjoy COKE ON TITS with their friend El Padrino. If you're not watching Sonic For Hire then WHAT THE FUCK IZ U DOIN?!?!!! CORRECT YOSELF!!!

Now it's time for Cool Shit Bronies and Pegasisters do. The above is a PMV (Pony Music Video) for the song Green and Purple by Kritikal from BronyVids. Just a all around bang up job on the vid. Been banging the song since it was introduced to me.

A new episode of Friendship is Witchcraft by the wonderful group at Sherclop Pones came out this weekend. It's always a treat to see a FiW vid in my sub box and this one was no different. Always good for a laugh.

And this awesome human RD. I just like that it encapsulates what's special about her. Shouts to Kerry. You can check out her Tumblr HERE! Wonderful artwork to be seen.

Now it's time for a TV & Toku Review Break!!!

603: Last Rites went in as always. Fi is still in jail but brokers a deal for some important info while we get some major character development and back story for Agent Pierce.

Fourze 40 went hard as it usually does. We got some real interesting character development from a character for spoiler reasons I won't name. The Golf segment with Meteor was fun to watch as well. The show is looking to wrap up with a bang and I don't expect anything less.

Swag-Busters 18 was of course #SWAGGARIFIC as usual. Underground Zord Battle and some character development for J too. Buster Hercules is debuting next week. That will be something to watch out for.

Akibaranger 12 was unfortunately the "end" of the series. 13 seems to be a clip show of some sort and maybe we'll get some answers on the show's future. Hopefully the find a way to either keep the show going or revisit the premise of the show.

In an unusual way of channeling my inner JOTKING I found this beat by TheOldschoolBrotha which is a remix of the Character Select theme from Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact called Select Yo Pimp. It's cool for the most part but there were some choices of extra stuff that didn't quite vibe which messed up the mellow sound I've loved that song for. But listen to it yourself and be the judge.

And continuing in the JOTKING takeover I gotta big up my BEAT OF THE WEEK by Raisi K. called Fuckin' Cockroaches from one of the greatest movies of all time SCARFACE!!! Raisi K. is mad fucking talented and every time JOTKING puts me on a new beat he does I ASAP it to my phone to have some morning marching music.

And that seems to wrap this week up other than some small things I'll be sprinkling throughout the day. Run Dat ReXXX!!! is going down with me taking on World 4 of Super Mario Bros. So I'll see you over there.

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