Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Cool: Musou Games On Motorcycles

Another Sunday comes and with that The Cool prepares to do work. This week has a lot for us to cover but before we get into pimping I will state my feelings about #XBONE a bit just because you want to hear them. It goes simply like this. The #XBONE is a media center device that happens to play games. Like a reverse PS2 & 3 in the case where they were game consoles that at the time doubled as affordable DVD & Blu-Ray players. You may be wondering where the problem lies in that logic because they do on initial read sound like the same thing. The difference is that M$ wants you to buy this console not as a successor to the 360 but to replace everything in your entertainment center and if you so happen to buy a game to play on it then then bonus for them I suppose. I'm not even going to speak on all that other insanity about used games, backwards compatibility & the future of XBOX Live when it comes to the OG XBOX and 360 right now. From what I know I do question why they turned off OG XBOX Live when it seems that going from 360 to #XBONE will likely be a one way trip. However, I'll be a good journalist and wait for E3 where we'll get all the answers where I'll confirm I won't be buying it at all unless they drop Killer Instinct and even then it'll be a long shot.

To be honest the only reason I want a #XBONE on launch is for the inevitable day where some kind soul hacks the shit out that that thing and it can be used for something actually good. My honest thoughts on M$ at the moment is that they're PS3 era Sony coming off the PS2 murder spree and under that hubris producing a system that ultimately in the end had to make them humble down. The PS4 being touted for all it does is fact of that humility spilling out of Sony and it looks to have paid off due to the leader of #TeamShekie breaking Sony's back and making them humble and in my opinion as the the best thing smoking heading into E3. Not forgetting that there is a 3rd chariot in this race is that the WiiU still has a chance because the Wii did the same stagnation thing and then all of a sudden blew like gangbusters out of nowhere but the chances of that happening twice for Nintendo is slim at best. They had a problem out of the gate with just bad branding and not enough games to get people to buy and keep buying.

The honest thing about this generation of upcoming consoles is that somebody isn't making it to the next one if the industry can even sustain itself long enough for it to make it out in one piece. This is going to be an interesting next couple of years in gaming and may be where I stop all together...or not. Like I said I have my sights set for E3 when we hopefully get some answers from all 3 about the burning questions we all have. Expect J & I to speak on that when the time comes.

Now that I said my peace for now let us get to the pimping portion of the broadcast.

Musou Games on Motorcycles are so official because I got Kamen Rider Battride War in and I'm having a good time with it so far. Like I do mention in the video I do hope that this is the game that pulls me out of my gaming hole I've been in as of late. How often a video drops is in my court so when I feel that need I'll get be recording and playing and I'll do it like that so no pressure on me.

And of course because the weekend is so official your weekly fix of the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject and all I can say is just watch the whole thing. Guarantee that the hilarity will flow. That's all you get from me. Another episode will be on deck next Friday so be ready.

Now for This Week In Gaming from the eyes of one Triple Da G.O.D! Let us do this.

We'll start with the God of Prep Time because for some reason he needs an origin game. That's where Batman: Arkham Origins comes into play. More Deathstroke & Deadshot than I was actually expecting and Black Mask being all boss like and hiring folks to kill Batman. Sounds like No More Heroes in reverse to me. I could make most things sound like No More Heroes if I tried hard enough. However if the past Arkham games speak than this will be a banger even though Rocksteady isn't working on this one. Should be a good one.

Speaking of Batman and DC in general there's a game coming out for that canceled show about teenage superheroes. I think they called it Young Justice once upon a time. This'll be as close as we get to a 3rd season even though this will fill in some of the 5 year gap between S1 & 2 which truly is the reason I'm interested in it. It seems to play a bit like the X-Men Legends/Marvel Ultimate Alliance games which even had a DC counterpart called Justice League Heroes a while back. So if that happens to be the pedgriee which this is based then it is a good way to make peace with the show being off the air. The game drops later this year so I'll be keeping an eye out for it.

Bringing it back to the Bat Family, Barbara Gordon AKA Oracle AKA Batgirl made her way into Injustice this week and other than coming out with an infinite that was quickly patched by NRS is a great character and works well there. I'll be playing more of her and if the info is true the Hell Spectre Scorpion from MORTAL KOMBAT will be next on the DLC block. And that is the reason I paid good money for a season pass. It could be a hint into the future of MK and on that alone I'm very excited.

Staying in the realm of fighting games we got more information about the upcoming Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate in which not only is the "Amnesiac Karate Man" Ein back but the one who shits thunder and farts lightning from Virtua Fighter 5, the brother of one of my many waifus...Jacky Bryant and even though I dropped Jacky off back in VF2 I'm glad Team Ninja picked him to include in 5 Ultimate. Vanessa, Eileen or Aoi could've been used and would've served a better use not only expanding on the female persuasion but each one of those ladies brings something to the table of DoA5 that no other character currently there fulfills. Should be interesting to see where DoA5U goes and I'll hold my hope for a WiiU port and Ryo Hazuki!

In the realm of spinoffs of fighting games we finally get more information on the Blazblue spinoff, XBlaze: Code Embryo. Still don't know too much about it even with this new trailer. The only relevant info acquired is that this will be dropping on July 23rd in Japan. I'll wait and see if somebody picks this up for MURICA because it is a Visual Novel after all. We'll see.

And speaking of Blazblue a new trailer dropped for ChronoPhantasma which gives us our first look at Kagura & Yuki and they are looking spiffy if I do say so myself. Game drops in the glorious Nippon on October 24th. What that means for MURICA and all other involved parties remains to be seen.

P.S: Blazblue has an anime dropping soon titled Alter Memory. Interesting that. I'll wait for the English Dub thanks.

Speaking of spinoffs there's a new Phantom Breaker due us with the subtitle Extra which I'm assuming is a port of the above game currently in arcades. We didn't even get the 1st one for whatever reason in MURICA and I'm doubting we'll be getting this one. If something changes in the magical world and some information does come that states otherwise then I'll let you know.

And in the same realm of reverse is that I failed to mention some time ago that Ginga Force & Eschatos are getting a double pack which combines both releases has bonus games as well which would bring the count to 4 games for a low, low price. The best news is that...IT BE REGION FREE DAWG!!!! So no reason for you if you're one into SHMUPS then no reason to at least check it out. And another reminder for me to get a JP 360 after #XBONE drops.

Into the depths of watching and reading we go and I elected to skip doing a marathon this week so I could catch up on watching match videos and play...

Yeah, back on that again. It was accidentally the only game I wrote about in my What Games Have I've Been Missing in 2012 feature where I planned to play a different game everyday and give my thoughts about it. You can click here and read it! And even going back to it I'm more excited than ever to see this to some finality. While I was in limbo about playing it I picked up the DLC just on the fact that I want to support this game in anyway I can since I did pick it up in the bargain bin. The least I could do for Capcom & CC2 to let them know I do enjoy the game and would like to see more of it and more like it. I'm about to hit the last 3rd of the game today and I plan to do a Review Edition on the blog because when I think about it a #DoaGH review wouldn't work because of my feelings on letting the game give you all it has without my interference. I knew the answer all along about my gaming rut and it is completely true that I put myself here and I can easily get myself out. There are 2 games in particular that now I have the knowledge to get myself out that I can see those games to finality because they've been haunting my backlog for longer than even I can remember. When I do get around to either or we'll discuss the why it took so long in length.

When it came to catching up on match videos which I'm glad I did up I had a wonderful opportunity watch and mirror match some impressive stuff that included this awesome King of Fighters XI Ratio Battle. If you don't know what a Ratio Battle is that characters are assigned a point value based off of character use and tier rankings and you have to make a team which is equal to or less than the total. The reason I mention this is because when people make their argument on how good KoF XI is as a game that the KulaGatoOswald card is played and what this video proves is that the game doesn't revolve around those 3 it just so happens to be with any fighter some characters are given tools that ultimately filter out to be better ones than their cast mates have. But with anything that can change so nothing is absolute but try telling people that and see how far you get. If nothing else you should watch this because there's a lot to be learned and could be a mind changer for those who happen to be napping on the best KoF game. I'll save that argument for when the time is right.

Continuing in that spirit I finally got a chance to watch the 4-Man MAHVEL 2 Exhibition from the 5th installment of the East Coast Throwdown major. Shouts to all the players involved. Team Spooky for streaming and uploading it to their YouTube page. And Keth Sillian AKA Chris Matrix & The King of Curleh, IFC Yipes for keeping that hype and bringing me back even for a little bit back to those days when I was a raging inferno for some competition. Remember, even though I'm a teacher & mentor doesn't mean I can't still go! Those are the facts.

Been a nice long minute since I've had the opportunity to not only watch but happily mirror some Rumble Fish 2 action. Ko-Hatsu usually takes care of the fix on their end but I love this game to death and I'm really hoping that Dimps does something soon with a port of the NESiCA 1.1 version. And I have a feeling that they just might. I hope.

Speaking of games on NESiCA X Live that need to be on a console badly, Power Instinct 5. It goes really well with the Groove on Fight I had last week and I just don't understand Atlus' reasoning on why this isn't on a console. Just as with The Rumble Fish 2 it's been a while since I've watched and mirrored some fights from this and I just love the game and just want to see more of it.

I see no other way to end this than with some Capcom vs SNK 2 action from Game A-Cho. 103 minutes of pure goodness. I miss playing this game and maybe for fun I should revisit it. I've had plans to but they never quite come together but when they do it'll be going down. Trust me.

Everything else was as usual everything else. Knocked off the arc of Freezing I was in. Got in some Diamond is Unbreakable. Bleach's dirty laundry is all out there and something with a certain cell reforming and some dude that isn't Naruto with aspirations of being Hokage. It happened.

With the slowdown in stuff to watch on TV all I have right now is Game of Thrones, Revolution, RAW, Teen Titans GO! & Impact Wrestling to fill that need until the summer stuff drops. I say that every week but what I will say that Revolution went in on all fronts and right now I'm proud to be a fan.

You're free to go now. Get out of my head but be sure to return next week for another installment of #TheCool.

And to leave you with something that J & Steve-O think is hilarious in which I do agree.

Peace Out!

-Triple Da G.O.D

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Cool: The Marathon Interruption Mindblow

The Cool is here wrapping up your week and this is being brought to you on the late tip and I'll explain why in a minute. In the mean time I gotta do my lead off pimping of wares and then we can get to everything else on our wrap up session this week.

New episode of the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject is advent and J & I stay keeping the funny coming. Special Shout Outs & Power Words are what's on the menu for this episode so please watch and enjoy and we'll be back next Friday for another episode of the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject!!

With the pimping done let us get straight 1/3 of the reason of this week's subtitle...GUILTY GEAR...XRD...SIGN!!! You read that right. A brand spanking new Guilty Gear is coming and you can watch the first look below you now!

I for one thought the series was done on ^Core+R but this news does away with that thought entirely. Lots of Sol & Ky banter about a bounty of some sort which means the story has moved forward but how forward is forward with Overture lurking out there? I'm not really concerned just due to the over hype I'm feeling knowing a new Guilty Gear fighter is coming. The look for the game is great and could be one of the ways to keep that 2D feel alive. When more comes I'll have it. Just not on my page. ASW is hardcore with dropping Copyright Strikes on those who upload their stuff. This is the main reason why #DoaGHThaDOJO doesn't host matches for P4A, AC+R, BBCP and other ASW games and for the same reason this trailer will not be uploaded to my channel. I want to keep that hype up but not at the cost of business. I did write a letter to ASW about getting their permission to host their videos and I'm hoping for a positive response or hell, a response. We'll see how that goes though. GUILTY GEAR XRD -SIGN-...HEAVEN OR HELL...DUEL THREE...LET'S ROCK!!!!

I can't follow an announcement of a brand new Guilty Gear with something equally as hype because I just can't. I'll do my best get us to the end of all this but I don't blame you if you watch the trailer a couple of times. I did it too so no harm, no foul.

Back on the wrap up track we have a brand new Character Spotlight for TMNT: Out of the Shadows featuring Raphael. I'm excited for this game because it has been a minute since a TMNT game with some promise. I'll be keeping my eye on it and hopefully a release date comes soon.

Ace Attorney 5 is coming to rest of the world officially with the announcement of Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies. The trailer does a lot more justice than my words can so watch it instead. You were going to do that anyway.

A new episode of Killer is Dead TV featuring less subtitles and more of what you really want. You're welcome.

And that's what was last week in gaming so with that you know where we shift to next...

I know you're all wondering what I marathoned this week. So not to keep the world in suspense I watched Engine Sentai Go-Onger. I've wanted to watch Go-Onger for a while now due to the Shikenger vs Go-Onger Movie & to compare and contrast RPM which after this marathon I have no clue how they pulled it off at all. I do have to say I enjoyed myself and I would've been done sooner if I wasn't repeatedly distracted by stuff including the Guilty Gear Xrd trailer and some other things. I have to say after watching it is that I enjoy the light hearted Sentai as much as the ones with a more serious tone and there's room for both. So if you're looking for something to watch then giving this a shot won't kill you. And before we leave the subject here's my favorite thing about Go-Onger...

What ever I tackle for this week won't have a hint of G3 Princess in it but I'll have something to report regardless of this major oversight.

For everything else that was mindblowing insane including the season finales of Arrow & The Vampire Diaries and the last 2 minutes of Revolution. Everything went baneeners and if I pull that word out then I mean business. A shame the wait for new episodes but the summer shows start soon so there will be something to talk about then. And more stuff to get excited about.

On the reading tip the truth from Bleach and a reunion for Naruto. And I got to catch up on Freezing a bit while I listened to the Giant Bombcast. Still planning to get to and finish Diamond is Unbreakable before All-Star Battle drops in July so I have time but not the best idea to waste it. We'll see how this goes too.

And before the end of our journey let me take a look at some stuff I liked on Youtube this week.

How about some high level Groove on Fight brought to you by #DoaGHThaDOJO because that's what I do best. In honesty, I love watching this game be played at a very high level. So fun to watch and for me to study so I can be a better GoF player. Enjoy that.

Staying with fighting games for a bit more, how about 5 HOURS of Daemon Bride Additional Gain provided by GAMEacho. I still dream of the day when this game will be brought to consoles or emulated because at this point I don't care which one comes as long as an option to play this does. I still wait.

I know I'm hella late on DashieXP's MK stuff but not really. I remember watching these years ago but I rediscovered how funny they were this week and it was worth a mention because of such. So if you watch this and like it then be sure to check out his other stuff available. I have a feeling you'll be watching more than this 1episode.

And with that I bid last week adieu and welcome whatever comes next.

As usual Thank You for kicking with your boy for a little while and digging around my head a bit. #TheCool will be back next week keeping Sundays on a forever lockdown. Until then.

-Triple Da G.O.D

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Cool: We Eating Good Tonight

The Cool in full effect on Mother's Day and even though I never been too keen on holidays ever a Happy Mother's Day to all who deserve one. I'd chime on about The Boss right about now but I never needed a day where I was forced to show her that I loved, cared, respected, understood and appreciated all of her sacrifices which in turn made me who I am as this is being written. And to be honest the only thing that really comes from holidays is a guaranteed fire ass meal and an excuse to get the family together which are my favorite things about it anyhow. Shout outs to SUPA PLATES on the one time!! That be on that throwback ish and maybe one day I'll discuss it.

And with my thoughts about holidays in general out of the way it be time for that pimping!!

The latest episode of the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject and J & I take the battle to the amusement park and things happen after that. Hilarious things. Very hilarious things. So go ahead and take a gander if you haven't and remember episodes drop every Friday to make sure your weekend starts off the right way!

Pimping done. Now the week at hand when it comes to video games and where is it that we can kick it off proper like...

#LOLIAWARENESSISBAK in full effect mode because Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! is out for the world and on release day 4Gamer dropped this video showcasing all of the Arcana Eclipses which is a new maneuver exclusive to LOVE MAX!!!!! Also 4Gamer dropped a full change list for all the Maidens & Arcanas which you can gander at HERE!!

And because I am who I am I have that LOVE MAX!!!!! crack up first at #DoaGHThaDOJO and you can enjoy the first of a 6 part set above you! #GAMINGZBUMBA1DOPEMAN bringing it to you first!!

Next up is we finally get to see some Injustice action featuring DLC Character #2, Batgirl. And to my surprise plays nothing like Batman at all. This is a better thing than you think it is. I gotta say I'm pretty hype and it would also seem that Tara Strong is 3 for 3 for DC Characters she's voiced that are in Injustice. This vid also comes with a look at Joker from The Killing Joke which will be getting a DLC Costume Pack down the line. Should be interesting to see how that pans out.

And I got a bit of time to peep out "THE MAIN MAN" Lobo and he's the beast I expected he would be. Has a varied offensive offering with that Shottie & Chain to keep people out and some nice grabs for the mistake you make letting him get in on you. I see myself giving Lobo the chance and maining him because he is "THE MAIN MAN!!" We'll see how long this actually lasts for.

Shifting the focus back to the fairer sex, a new episode of KiD TV dropped and since this isn't subtitled you'll have to settle for ogling hot chicks. Do what works and do work I say!

Another week another Dragon's Crown character spotlight featuring the Amazon! Mo thighs then you'd ever know what to do with!

And we reach the end of the gaming portion with our first look Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate featuring Momiji from the Ninja Gaiden series, Sky High Tokyo from Ninja Gaiden 2 and the confirmation that Leon will return. Other than that not much to go on. I'm holding out for a WiiU port in the hopes of some DoA2U Booster Pack shenaingans for DoA Dimensions because I missed all the DLC for that one. When more drops I'll have it for you.

Moving from games to what else I indulged in, this week's marathon was Kamen Rider Kabuto! And remember how I preached the good news about watching it? I'm doing it again because watching it reconfirms that it is still one of the best rider shows ever. I want to talk about it more but I decided against a full-fledged review of it because you'll just have to take my word for it being awesome and indulge in it for yourself. Have a couple of ideas of what I'll marathon this week coming and you'll have to stay tuned to find out what I watched.

In other news everything else went in. Revolution has won Quote of the Week via OG Young Tom Neville which was and I quote, "You can go back to being the general of my nuts!" A quip aimed at one Miles Matheson. If not for that quip Quote of the Week would've went to anything Felicity ever says to Oliver in Arrow. Speaking of Arrow it has set up for one hell of a Season Finale which I'm ready to see ASAP! Kyoryuger is going in as well adding the Gold Ranger Utsusemimaru to the squad and what this actually means for the show is unknown but the show is still doing very well hitting all the "beats" it needs to. Everything else I view is either coming to an end next week or in some cases setting up for their final seasons. The end is coming for Dexter & Burn Notice which I hate to see go but when I think about both shows they've really done all they can story wise and dragging it out any longer could be dangerous for the show's storytelling so I guess getting out on top is the thing to do I see. So this part of The Cool will be for a but of slowdown until the summer shows start dropping and Burn Notice will be up first. Should be interesting.

In what I read, Isshin got to the end of his story just to tell Ichigo there's another one for me to tell you and hopefully this doesn't take as long to get through. And Kakashi & Obito have a moment of violence for Rin. I'm about to get ready to start Diamond is Unbreakable because I need something to read in the meantime but when I do is anybody's guess.

Before I bounce out for the week I want to shout out finally discovering Vinesauce Corruptions. That shit is hilarious. Straight dying of laughter over here. I'll put you on some of my favorites and if you like them yourself then do whatever it is you do to keep track of them.

And to make my leave for real I'll leave you with the musical stylings of Arin Hanson's Happy Song from Game Grumps. Ponyfied by Jake Whyman.

And Japanese Pussy by Jamie Boxx featuring JC Flames!

I'm out. Again, Happy Mother's Day to all those who put that work in day in and day out! It is appreciated how awesome of a job you ladies do by doing the best you can by your children!

I'll see y'all next week for another installment of #TheCool!!

-Triple Da G.O.D

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Cool: Sunday Funday

2 in a row for that on timeness and after the risk I took last Saturday not waiting for not only for "that" to be announced but something else that caught me completely off guard shows me that Sunday should be the perfect fit for The Cool and when I actually look at it logistically it works. You'll just have to trust me on this one. And this week has been filled with a lot of cool stuff to cover. Before we do that though a new episode of the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject is here and is chock full of everything you expect from J & I. Everything. You. Expect. Episodes of the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject drop every Friday to get your weekend started off right. Glad I could help.

OK, with the pimping done I can actually cover news because that's what we do here. Like you actually needed a reminder but there if you needed one. After last week's The Cool dropped I knew that Netherealm Studios was scheduled at C2E2 to announce #BasedLobo and I could've waited and should've but we're talking about it now. Watch the trailer if you haven't and I'll catch you after to discuss it a bit in length.

When I said discuss it in length I meant more as I want to scream, OH SHIT SON BASED FUCKING LOBO ALL UP IN MY INJUSTICE DERRTY!!!! or something along those lines. Lobo is just a very special character who isn't represented as much in any form of media and having him in Injustice is just a bonus and for some a reason to actually buy it to get him in a playable form. Still believe if those Midway issues never came to pass he would've made it as DLC in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. Very salty to this day because of what that game could've became with post-release content of any kind. Either or I'm super hyped for Lobo and he'll be out this week and I'll report back in the next installment about what I actually think about it all. Speaking of Injustice & DLC guess who's coming next...

Looks like Batgirl to me. Doesn't look like Caitlin Fairchild either but I won't judge. This was leaked earlier this week and is starting to fit with the leaked DLC rumors which include Zod & Scorpion. If there's one thing I can say about Injustice that this is Batman: Incorporated the fighting game as a light jab to the character roster. I could go on a character diversity rant and I will but not here and definitely not now. I'll hold all judgments about Batgirl until we get more info about it seeing as it looks like Barbara and if the casting of other characters are indication then Alyson Stoner will be reprising the role from Young Justice or Tara Strong could be voicing a 3rd character in the game. We'll find out soon.

And with the mentioning of Tara Strong and so you can't say I never do nothing for y'all here's a fight with Harley Quinn vs. Catwoman showing off the Arkham City costumes in the game. GIRL FIGHT!!!!

You know the something else that dropped last Saturday that I didn't cover in the last installment of The Cool. The trailer for V3.0 of Super Mario Bros. Crossover is just that. If you're unfamiliar with SMBC then let me hip you. SMBC is a fan game of the orignal SMB that lets you play with characters from other games including Mega Man, Samus Aran, Bill Rizer, Link, Simon Belmont, Ryu Hayabusa and even SOPHIA from Blaster Master. The characters play exactly as they do from the games they come from but balanced in a way that the game isn't broken. In earlier versions all characters could stomp things and while cool was a bit imbalanced because that gave them a superior leg up on Mario and Luigi because that was an included offensive tool on top of what they come with. Later versions not only fixed that but added visual upgrades to make the game look like other Mario games and skins for the base characters like Bass, Proto Man, Haggle Man & Demon from Game Center CX, Trevor Belmont and many others you'll see when you play. V3.0 is no different as it adds a brand new character who you'll see in the trailer and and very hype for and one of these days I'll share why. The draw to this version is that there's a brand new Mario game to go through and it isn't the Lost Levels but actually the first Nintendo licensed sequel to SMB and that being SMB Special for the PC-88. And if you've ever experienced it then you know how "Special" it is. I won't get into talking about Special too much but I'm hyped that because of Crossover I'll actually be able to experience it in some fashion and I'm all about the new experiences as you know. Good on Exploding Rabbit for choosing it so that more can experience it. I've been a huge fan of this game since I discovered it and I'm very glad to see this game continuing getting some love and new elements added to it. If you'd like more info about the v3.0 update then CLICK HERE and if you want to play the latest version out which is 2.1 then CLICK HERE! According to the creator Jay Pavlina the game should be out in either May or June. #BASEDHYPE!!

Speaking on classic franchises, Grand Theft Auto 5 is back in the spotlight with 3 character features of the protagonists of the game Michael, Franklin & Trevor. These 3 trailers really give a look at how these characters differ and makes you really wonder how these 3 are going to come together. I'm excited to actually get my hands on it and the wait won't be long either. September 17th is the date and this seems to be the game that kicks off the season for blockbuster games.

Talking about blockbuster games for that time of year there's a new Watch_Dogs trailer to see and there's a lot to learn, backstory wise. So just a little nugget to keep you interested while you wait.

And in the realm of straight mayhem I'm glad to say that the smash hit Hotline Miami is coming to PS3/Vita sometime at some point in the Spring of 2013. I didn't get a chance to get in on the initial hype it gathered making the PC rounds but I'm not going to miss out on this though. These versions have added stuff that the PC version doesn't mainly having to do with controls. I wonder can you use a mouse and keyboard on the PS3 version? Regardless of that I'm very hyped for this and I'll let you know the goods on it soon enough.

While still in the realm I might as well bring up the latest Killer is Dead trailer which features the ladies of Mondo's life and some other things which you'll see in the trailer.

And our escape from one realm to another leads us into this week's Dragon's Crown Character Spotlight featuring The Wizard. Have I mentioned how great this game looks before? Because if I didn't I'm mentioning that right now.

With Remember Me's release date slowly approaching we finally get a trailer which delves deep into Nilin and the world around her. There are some rehashes of old information but the new outweighs it. Has my attention more than it ever did. Can't wait.

And to end the week that was gaming is that the week that comes brings Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!! to NESiCAxLive and everything that comes with that. #DoaGHThaDOJO will be covering this in a big way when it drops next week so make sure to stay tuned to the channel when the vids start dropping.#LOLIAWARNESSISBAKINBIDNESS

Now that we've covered gaming what about what I watched & read the past week even though nothing was to be read other than my catching up on Freezing and Highschool DxD because of the majesty of Golden Week in Japan.

My Jojo's Bizarre Adventure marathon came to an end yesterday with the completion of my favorite arc in the series in Battle Tendency. I have to say that the show did a wonderful job telling both stories and I'm so ready for Stardust Crusaders and possibly Diamond is Unbreakable for Season 2. The reason I say a possible on DiU for Season 2 is simply because I could see SC eating up a whole season of the series if they wanted to but they could get it to fit if they streamlined the story a bit. We'll see how that goes but regardless still so excited about it.

In other stuff that last week's episode of The Vampire Diaries was actually a backdoor pilot for a now greenlit spinoff called The Originals. The reason I'm mentioning this is I need to vent a bit on the subject. The fact that this got greenlit and The Secret Circle got canceled last season does piss me off a bit. That story was going places and for it to be the 3rd highest rated show on The CW last season and it got canceled and this is coming is just very weird to me but I don't know too much how to run a TV network but numbers are numbers so a mystery to all in my opinion.

I finally got to see Go-Busters vs Gokaiger and it was what I expected. Very good. A kind of rehash of the Super Hero Taisen plot at pure base but it worked and that's all you can ask for in the end.

All of the other usual suspects did the work required of them and I'm ready for the Season Finale of Arrow because after this week's episode shed a whole lot of light on the events leading up the start of the series and those effects on the show now.

And with that, that's that. Thanks for spending some time in my hype and head and now that The Cool has found a home on the Lord's Day I'll make sure to have something for you every Sunday.

Thanks as usual and I'll see you next Sunday for a new installment of...#TheCool!

-Triple Da G.O.D.