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The Cool: Sunday Funday

2 in a row for that on timeness and after the risk I took last Saturday not waiting for not only for "that" to be announced but something else that caught me completely off guard shows me that Sunday should be the perfect fit for The Cool and when I actually look at it logistically it works. You'll just have to trust me on this one. And this week has been filled with a lot of cool stuff to cover. Before we do that though a new episode of the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject is here and is chock full of everything you expect from J & I. Everything. You. Expect. Episodes of the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject drop every Friday to get your weekend started off right. Glad I could help.

OK, with the pimping done I can actually cover news because that's what we do here. Like you actually needed a reminder but there if you needed one. After last week's The Cool dropped I knew that Netherealm Studios was scheduled at C2E2 to announce #BasedLobo and I could've waited and should've but we're talking about it now. Watch the trailer if you haven't and I'll catch you after to discuss it a bit in length.

When I said discuss it in length I meant more as I want to scream, OH SHIT SON BASED FUCKING LOBO ALL UP IN MY INJUSTICE DERRTY!!!! or something along those lines. Lobo is just a very special character who isn't represented as much in any form of media and having him in Injustice is just a bonus and for some a reason to actually buy it to get him in a playable form. Still believe if those Midway issues never came to pass he would've made it as DLC in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. Very salty to this day because of what that game could've became with post-release content of any kind. Either or I'm super hyped for Lobo and he'll be out this week and I'll report back in the next installment about what I actually think about it all. Speaking of Injustice & DLC guess who's coming next...

Looks like Batgirl to me. Doesn't look like Caitlin Fairchild either but I won't judge. This was leaked earlier this week and is starting to fit with the leaked DLC rumors which include Zod & Scorpion. If there's one thing I can say about Injustice that this is Batman: Incorporated the fighting game as a light jab to the character roster. I could go on a character diversity rant and I will but not here and definitely not now. I'll hold all judgments about Batgirl until we get more info about it seeing as it looks like Barbara and if the casting of other characters are indication then Alyson Stoner will be reprising the role from Young Justice or Tara Strong could be voicing a 3rd character in the game. We'll find out soon.

And with the mentioning of Tara Strong and so you can't say I never do nothing for y'all here's a fight with Harley Quinn vs. Catwoman showing off the Arkham City costumes in the game. GIRL FIGHT!!!!

You know the something else that dropped last Saturday that I didn't cover in the last installment of The Cool. The trailer for V3.0 of Super Mario Bros. Crossover is just that. If you're unfamiliar with SMBC then let me hip you. SMBC is a fan game of the orignal SMB that lets you play with characters from other games including Mega Man, Samus Aran, Bill Rizer, Link, Simon Belmont, Ryu Hayabusa and even SOPHIA from Blaster Master. The characters play exactly as they do from the games they come from but balanced in a way that the game isn't broken. In earlier versions all characters could stomp things and while cool was a bit imbalanced because that gave them a superior leg up on Mario and Luigi because that was an included offensive tool on top of what they come with. Later versions not only fixed that but added visual upgrades to make the game look like other Mario games and skins for the base characters like Bass, Proto Man, Haggle Man & Demon from Game Center CX, Trevor Belmont and many others you'll see when you play. V3.0 is no different as it adds a brand new character who you'll see in the trailer and and very hype for and one of these days I'll share why. The draw to this version is that there's a brand new Mario game to go through and it isn't the Lost Levels but actually the first Nintendo licensed sequel to SMB and that being SMB Special for the PC-88. And if you've ever experienced it then you know how "Special" it is. I won't get into talking about Special too much but I'm hyped that because of Crossover I'll actually be able to experience it in some fashion and I'm all about the new experiences as you know. Good on Exploding Rabbit for choosing it so that more can experience it. I've been a huge fan of this game since I discovered it and I'm very glad to see this game continuing getting some love and new elements added to it. If you'd like more info about the v3.0 update then CLICK HERE and if you want to play the latest version out which is 2.1 then CLICK HERE! According to the creator Jay Pavlina the game should be out in either May or June. #BASEDHYPE!!

Speaking on classic franchises, Grand Theft Auto 5 is back in the spotlight with 3 character features of the protagonists of the game Michael, Franklin & Trevor. These 3 trailers really give a look at how these characters differ and makes you really wonder how these 3 are going to come together. I'm excited to actually get my hands on it and the wait won't be long either. September 17th is the date and this seems to be the game that kicks off the season for blockbuster games.

Talking about blockbuster games for that time of year there's a new Watch_Dogs trailer to see and there's a lot to learn, backstory wise. So just a little nugget to keep you interested while you wait.

And in the realm of straight mayhem I'm glad to say that the smash hit Hotline Miami is coming to PS3/Vita sometime at some point in the Spring of 2013. I didn't get a chance to get in on the initial hype it gathered making the PC rounds but I'm not going to miss out on this though. These versions have added stuff that the PC version doesn't mainly having to do with controls. I wonder can you use a mouse and keyboard on the PS3 version? Regardless of that I'm very hyped for this and I'll let you know the goods on it soon enough.

While still in the realm I might as well bring up the latest Killer is Dead trailer which features the ladies of Mondo's life and some other things which you'll see in the trailer.

And our escape from one realm to another leads us into this week's Dragon's Crown Character Spotlight featuring The Wizard. Have I mentioned how great this game looks before? Because if I didn't I'm mentioning that right now.

With Remember Me's release date slowly approaching we finally get a trailer which delves deep into Nilin and the world around her. There are some rehashes of old information but the new outweighs it. Has my attention more than it ever did. Can't wait.

And to end the week that was gaming is that the week that comes brings Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!! to NESiCAxLive and everything that comes with that. #DoaGHThaDOJO will be covering this in a big way when it drops next week so make sure to stay tuned to the channel when the vids start dropping.#LOLIAWARNESSISBAKINBIDNESS

Now that we've covered gaming what about what I watched & read the past week even though nothing was to be read other than my catching up on Freezing and Highschool DxD because of the majesty of Golden Week in Japan.

My Jojo's Bizarre Adventure marathon came to an end yesterday with the completion of my favorite arc in the series in Battle Tendency. I have to say that the show did a wonderful job telling both stories and I'm so ready for Stardust Crusaders and possibly Diamond is Unbreakable for Season 2. The reason I say a possible on DiU for Season 2 is simply because I could see SC eating up a whole season of the series if they wanted to but they could get it to fit if they streamlined the story a bit. We'll see how that goes but regardless still so excited about it.

In other stuff that last week's episode of The Vampire Diaries was actually a backdoor pilot for a now greenlit spinoff called The Originals. The reason I'm mentioning this is I need to vent a bit on the subject. The fact that this got greenlit and The Secret Circle got canceled last season does piss me off a bit. That story was going places and for it to be the 3rd highest rated show on The CW last season and it got canceled and this is coming is just very weird to me but I don't know too much how to run a TV network but numbers are numbers so a mystery to all in my opinion.

I finally got to see Go-Busters vs Gokaiger and it was what I expected. Very good. A kind of rehash of the Super Hero Taisen plot at pure base but it worked and that's all you can ask for in the end.

All of the other usual suspects did the work required of them and I'm ready for the Season Finale of Arrow because after this week's episode shed a whole lot of light on the events leading up the start of the series and those effects on the show now.

And with that, that's that. Thanks for spending some time in my hype and head and now that The Cool has found a home on the Lord's Day I'll make sure to have something for you every Sunday.

Thanks as usual and I'll see you next Sunday for a new installment of...#TheCool!

-Triple Da G.O.D.

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