Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Cool: The Marathon Interruption Mindblow

The Cool is here wrapping up your week and this is being brought to you on the late tip and I'll explain why in a minute. In the mean time I gotta do my lead off pimping of wares and then we can get to everything else on our wrap up session this week.

New episode of the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject is advent and J & I stay keeping the funny coming. Special Shout Outs & Power Words are what's on the menu for this episode so please watch and enjoy and we'll be back next Friday for another episode of the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject!!

With the pimping done let us get straight 1/3 of the reason of this week's subtitle...GUILTY GEAR...XRD...SIGN!!! You read that right. A brand spanking new Guilty Gear is coming and you can watch the first look below you now!

I for one thought the series was done on ^Core+R but this news does away with that thought entirely. Lots of Sol & Ky banter about a bounty of some sort which means the story has moved forward but how forward is forward with Overture lurking out there? I'm not really concerned just due to the over hype I'm feeling knowing a new Guilty Gear fighter is coming. The look for the game is great and could be one of the ways to keep that 2D feel alive. When more comes I'll have it. Just not on my page. ASW is hardcore with dropping Copyright Strikes on those who upload their stuff. This is the main reason why #DoaGHThaDOJO doesn't host matches for P4A, AC+R, BBCP and other ASW games and for the same reason this trailer will not be uploaded to my channel. I want to keep that hype up but not at the cost of business. I did write a letter to ASW about getting their permission to host their videos and I'm hoping for a positive response or hell, a response. We'll see how that goes though. GUILTY GEAR XRD -SIGN-...HEAVEN OR HELL...DUEL THREE...LET'S ROCK!!!!

I can't follow an announcement of a brand new Guilty Gear with something equally as hype because I just can't. I'll do my best get us to the end of all this but I don't blame you if you watch the trailer a couple of times. I did it too so no harm, no foul.

Back on the wrap up track we have a brand new Character Spotlight for TMNT: Out of the Shadows featuring Raphael. I'm excited for this game because it has been a minute since a TMNT game with some promise. I'll be keeping my eye on it and hopefully a release date comes soon.

Ace Attorney 5 is coming to rest of the world officially with the announcement of Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies. The trailer does a lot more justice than my words can so watch it instead. You were going to do that anyway.

A new episode of Killer is Dead TV featuring less subtitles and more of what you really want. You're welcome.

And that's what was last week in gaming so with that you know where we shift to next...

I know you're all wondering what I marathoned this week. So not to keep the world in suspense I watched Engine Sentai Go-Onger. I've wanted to watch Go-Onger for a while now due to the Shikenger vs Go-Onger Movie & to compare and contrast RPM which after this marathon I have no clue how they pulled it off at all. I do have to say I enjoyed myself and I would've been done sooner if I wasn't repeatedly distracted by stuff including the Guilty Gear Xrd trailer and some other things. I have to say after watching it is that I enjoy the light hearted Sentai as much as the ones with a more serious tone and there's room for both. So if you're looking for something to watch then giving this a shot won't kill you. And before we leave the subject here's my favorite thing about Go-Onger...

What ever I tackle for this week won't have a hint of G3 Princess in it but I'll have something to report regardless of this major oversight.

For everything else that was mindblowing insane including the season finales of Arrow & The Vampire Diaries and the last 2 minutes of Revolution. Everything went baneeners and if I pull that word out then I mean business. A shame the wait for new episodes but the summer shows start soon so there will be something to talk about then. And more stuff to get excited about.

On the reading tip the truth from Bleach and a reunion for Naruto. And I got to catch up on Freezing a bit while I listened to the Giant Bombcast. Still planning to get to and finish Diamond is Unbreakable before All-Star Battle drops in July so I have time but not the best idea to waste it. We'll see how this goes too.

And before the end of our journey let me take a look at some stuff I liked on Youtube this week.

How about some high level Groove on Fight brought to you by #DoaGHThaDOJO because that's what I do best. In honesty, I love watching this game be played at a very high level. So fun to watch and for me to study so I can be a better GoF player. Enjoy that.

Staying with fighting games for a bit more, how about 5 HOURS of Daemon Bride Additional Gain provided by GAMEacho. I still dream of the day when this game will be brought to consoles or emulated because at this point I don't care which one comes as long as an option to play this does. I still wait.

I know I'm hella late on DashieXP's MK stuff but not really. I remember watching these years ago but I rediscovered how funny they were this week and it was worth a mention because of such. So if you watch this and like it then be sure to check out his other stuff available. I have a feeling you'll be watching more than this 1episode.

And with that I bid last week adieu and welcome whatever comes next.

As usual Thank You for kicking with your boy for a little while and digging around my head a bit. #TheCool will be back next week keeping Sundays on a forever lockdown. Until then.

-Triple Da G.O.D

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