Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Cool: We Eating Good Tonight

The Cool in full effect on Mother's Day and even though I never been too keen on holidays ever a Happy Mother's Day to all who deserve one. I'd chime on about The Boss right about now but I never needed a day where I was forced to show her that I loved, cared, respected, understood and appreciated all of her sacrifices which in turn made me who I am as this is being written. And to be honest the only thing that really comes from holidays is a guaranteed fire ass meal and an excuse to get the family together which are my favorite things about it anyhow. Shout outs to SUPA PLATES on the one time!! That be on that throwback ish and maybe one day I'll discuss it.

And with my thoughts about holidays in general out of the way it be time for that pimping!!

The latest episode of the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject and J & I take the battle to the amusement park and things happen after that. Hilarious things. Very hilarious things. So go ahead and take a gander if you haven't and remember episodes drop every Friday to make sure your weekend starts off the right way!

Pimping done. Now the week at hand when it comes to video games and where is it that we can kick it off proper like...

#LOLIAWARENESSISBAK in full effect mode because Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! is out for the world and on release day 4Gamer dropped this video showcasing all of the Arcana Eclipses which is a new maneuver exclusive to LOVE MAX!!!!! Also 4Gamer dropped a full change list for all the Maidens & Arcanas which you can gander at HERE!!

And because I am who I am I have that LOVE MAX!!!!! crack up first at #DoaGHThaDOJO and you can enjoy the first of a 6 part set above you! #GAMINGZBUMBA1DOPEMAN bringing it to you first!!

Next up is we finally get to see some Injustice action featuring DLC Character #2, Batgirl. And to my surprise plays nothing like Batman at all. This is a better thing than you think it is. I gotta say I'm pretty hype and it would also seem that Tara Strong is 3 for 3 for DC Characters she's voiced that are in Injustice. This vid also comes with a look at Joker from The Killing Joke which will be getting a DLC Costume Pack down the line. Should be interesting to see how that pans out.

And I got a bit of time to peep out "THE MAIN MAN" Lobo and he's the beast I expected he would be. Has a varied offensive offering with that Shottie & Chain to keep people out and some nice grabs for the mistake you make letting him get in on you. I see myself giving Lobo the chance and maining him because he is "THE MAIN MAN!!" We'll see how long this actually lasts for.

Shifting the focus back to the fairer sex, a new episode of KiD TV dropped and since this isn't subtitled you'll have to settle for ogling hot chicks. Do what works and do work I say!

Another week another Dragon's Crown character spotlight featuring the Amazon! Mo thighs then you'd ever know what to do with!

And we reach the end of the gaming portion with our first look Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate featuring Momiji from the Ninja Gaiden series, Sky High Tokyo from Ninja Gaiden 2 and the confirmation that Leon will return. Other than that not much to go on. I'm holding out for a WiiU port in the hopes of some DoA2U Booster Pack shenaingans for DoA Dimensions because I missed all the DLC for that one. When more drops I'll have it for you.

Moving from games to what else I indulged in, this week's marathon was Kamen Rider Kabuto! And remember how I preached the good news about watching it? I'm doing it again because watching it reconfirms that it is still one of the best rider shows ever. I want to talk about it more but I decided against a full-fledged review of it because you'll just have to take my word for it being awesome and indulge in it for yourself. Have a couple of ideas of what I'll marathon this week coming and you'll have to stay tuned to find out what I watched.

In other news everything else went in. Revolution has won Quote of the Week via OG Young Tom Neville which was and I quote, "You can go back to being the general of my nuts!" A quip aimed at one Miles Matheson. If not for that quip Quote of the Week would've went to anything Felicity ever says to Oliver in Arrow. Speaking of Arrow it has set up for one hell of a Season Finale which I'm ready to see ASAP! Kyoryuger is going in as well adding the Gold Ranger Utsusemimaru to the squad and what this actually means for the show is unknown but the show is still doing very well hitting all the "beats" it needs to. Everything else I view is either coming to an end next week or in some cases setting up for their final seasons. The end is coming for Dexter & Burn Notice which I hate to see go but when I think about both shows they've really done all they can story wise and dragging it out any longer could be dangerous for the show's storytelling so I guess getting out on top is the thing to do I see. So this part of The Cool will be for a but of slowdown until the summer shows start dropping and Burn Notice will be up first. Should be interesting.

In what I read, Isshin got to the end of his story just to tell Ichigo there's another one for me to tell you and hopefully this doesn't take as long to get through. And Kakashi & Obito have a moment of violence for Rin. I'm about to get ready to start Diamond is Unbreakable because I need something to read in the meantime but when I do is anybody's guess.

Before I bounce out for the week I want to shout out finally discovering Vinesauce Corruptions. That shit is hilarious. Straight dying of laughter over here. I'll put you on some of my favorites and if you like them yourself then do whatever it is you do to keep track of them.

And to make my leave for real I'll leave you with the musical stylings of Arin Hanson's Happy Song from Game Grumps. Ponyfied by Jake Whyman.

And Japanese Pussy by Jamie Boxx featuring JC Flames!

I'm out. Again, Happy Mother's Day to all those who put that work in day in and day out! It is appreciated how awesome of a job you ladies do by doing the best you can by your children!

I'll see y'all next week for another installment of #TheCool!!

-Triple Da G.O.D

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