Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Cool: The Supposed Normalcy

I think I finally figured it out. Saturdays are perfect for The Cool because nothing that I would cover in anyway would happen except for one thing that is taking place today but that can wait until next week to cover anyway so I'll do it then because it makes sense for next week's The Cool anyway. My lead story was going to be all the hoopla about Nintendo pulling out of E3 but then I remembered how much that doesn't really matter because they'll still be there but less spectacle in trade. But when damn near every other Nintendo Direct lately has a bomb being dropped then what would have been left for E3 when you need to pull those weapons out? What happens to be Nintendo's goal with this is yet to been if ever but with the way the WiiU's been this may not have been the best thing to do but maybe Nintendo knows better than everybody else. We'll soon see.

Before we get to everything else I'll take a moment to let everybody who doesn't know is that the #StreetsOfRageTrilogyProject is back and more off the chain than ever. The pimping out of my wares isn't the reason for me bringing this up though. There's a reason why you haven't seen DmC or the Vampire Savior review or anything original for a while and it was because I ran into some issues with Viacom that had to be dealt with and because of that I had to hold off for a minute. All of that and more will be coming soon so please stay tuned. And I'd suggest watching the latest episode of the Project because J & I go nuts on this video and this is just Stage 1 so imagine how crazy this is going to get. So enjoy and more episodes shall be out soon and peep out Episode 10 down below.

Now that we taken care of that let us get to the bidness at hand and wrapping up your week and such.

As good of a place to start than any is Shinji Mikami's return to the genre he helped defined with the game formally known as Project ZWEI now re-branded as The Evil Within. The trailer doesn't give us much other than the hope that with Resident Evil gone astray as it has that we can get a really good Survival Horror game with this one. No other info is know at this time but when it does come I'll make sure you have it too.

I guess our Gaming Wrap Up is to slowly tone down the scary and I guess the latest look at Earth Defense 4/2025 can do just that for us. Nothing but a showcase for you to see and there's things to see. Dead things. Lots of it. Enjoy that.

And speaking of the dead the latest information about Suda51's Killer is Dead is here in form a "TV Show" starring Cutie 3. Shouts to Pepsiman on GAF for adding subtitles to the video so you actually know what's going on because a lot of story elements are revealed here. So now you can ogle and understand at the same damn time. Please never say I haven't done anything for you. You're welcome.

I have no idea how to make this segue and damn I won't try but here's the first Character Spotlight for TMNT: Out of the Shadows for the Best Turtle...Michelangelo. People have been giving the game flack for the design choices and I do tend to agree with them because how slick and cool the Turtles look in the new cartoon (Which you should be watching by the way.) but since the look was revelaed it has grown on me quite a bit. The last couple of games from the TMNT license have been not so good but OotS may be the start of the redemption cycle for the series in video game form. Game drops this summer so we shall see.

From Ninja Turtles to Lawyers with our 1st legit look at Ace Attorney 5 and it's looking good. At least the chance is high that we'll get this in the US before Ace Attorney X Layton which I've heard a Early 2014 release for. Just good to know I'll be able to feed my AA need really soon.

Seeing as I can get The Cool out on time it would seem this would be the last time we'll double up on Character Spotlights for Dragon's Crown which shall be out soon. The two spotlights are for the Dwarf & Elf and they're just as cool as all the other ones you've seen and will see. I just have to convince the crew to get on this. And that shouldn't be too hard in all honesty.

And to close out the gaming portion for this week we have a look at some of the additional characters soon to come to BlazBlue: ChronoPhantasma.

We'll start by introducing the brand new character to the story, Kagura Mutsuki. He's mentioned in the CP story but other than that because I'm trying to stay away from story elements I don't know much else. His Drive however has him using different stances to alter the 2 moves he has in his aresnal.

And a character anybody even remotely familiar to the series should know, Yuuki Terumi. Terumi is supposed to be drastically different than Hazama. How so we don't know but it should be interesting to see Terumi let loose in a playable fashion. Can't wait.

Game time is over for this week and now just a quick recap on what I've been reading and watching. I'll start with this. Watch Archer. Do that. I've been hearing such good things on it for years but finally had some real exposure to it this week and I love the show to death now. Had a marathon of Season 2 and I'll be tackling Season 3 when I get a nice long day to do that.

Finally got to start Season 2suu of Akibaranger and when you think they can't top Season 1 they do so immediately into Season 2suu. I really don't want to get into how they do but I'm very excited to tune in every week and watch.

I'll take this time to say I had my doubts about Teen Titans GO! but after watching it with a smile from ear to ear the whole time I watched it I have to say it's good to have them all back. We won't be getting the hard hitting storylines of old but this new format is fun, fast and loose and I like it. So if you had your doubts like me then please give it a shot anyway. You may be surprised what you find.

In what I've been reading this week I got a chance to look in on how Fighting is Magic is doing via a very cool Polygon article which you can read by CLICKING HERE! It chronicles how FiM got started to where Mane6 is now with Lauren Faust on the team and their starting adventures into making a great fighter with the Z Engine. I wish them the best of luck as I always do and I have the confidence that they'll create a great product for everyone to enjoy.

All of the other usual suspects went in on the I watched and read this week. And what I usually watch on will be getting dry in a couple of weeks with all the network shows going on hiatus from the summer. I just want to see how they all wrap up this season. But I have been getting into some things that'll hold me until Dexter & True Blood make their way back at the end of June.

And that takes care of The Cool for this week. I know I can make this Saturday thing hold so make sure to be ready for it when I drop it. Thank You as always and I'll see you next time.

-Triple Da G.O.D

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