Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Cool: 11 Days Later Edition

Look at us close to a week as this will ever get for now. But I'm starting to understand why these come out the way they do. A lot of times when it comes to doing this there's not enough to talk about to reason writing one but it may be time to reconsider that stance and just write every week because I need the practice and to keep my creative juices flowing. And you'd be surprised how hard that is for me and one of my admitted weaknesses when it comes to this stuff. But when it is flowing I see it in the work I do and it represents something that I can be proud of and that's what counts. So I'll find some balance for The Cool and it'll be either on Tuesday like it was or Friday/Saturday/Sunday depending on the news available. We'll see it that works out. And with that I'm very glad I waited and was lazy to approach because a lot can happen in a day and things really did happen and that's why The Cool is here to make sure you know what's really good! Let's do work!

A Nintendo Direct happened yesterday and when I say it happened, it happened! Something about a sequel to A Link to the Past and EARTHBOUND IS FINALLY COMING TO THE VIRTUAL CONSOLE!!...on WiiU. But at least it comes. When it actually does nobody knows yet and any edits to game if any are unknown as well but fans of the series will finally get some justice real soon. More is available so go ahead and watch it.

Injustice dropped on Tuesday and I'm having fun with it so far and that's all you get from me because a review comes soon. However, there's some unfinished business including the no duh finals of the Battle Arena between Batman vs Superman, the confirms of Ares & Killer Frost to round out the initial cast and some deeper looks into the story mode featuring Hal Jordan and the catalyst of the why the story mode is even happening. All of that will be below and you'll join me there when you finish that.

Batman vs Superman (Grand Finals Match of the Battle Arena)

Introducing Ares & Killer Frost

Story Mode Opening

Story Focus: Hal Jordan

The Launch Trailer

Hope you enjoyed the coverage because it'll be a minute before you see anymore at least until time to get hype for LOBO!! Very hype for that. Trust me.

We've known for a while that it was coming but now we have trailers to make it all official. Project X Zone will soon be here on June 25th! HINT, HINT, HINT!! The thing is that the voice overs in Japanese were muted during the trailer and I have no idea what that means for the final product. Hope it means a dub or dual audio because that'd be sweet. Either or we're getting it and there's a limited edition version coming as well which is just the original one repackaged. So the wait will soon be over and another game for your 3DS! #BasedHarada

Another game that soon comes is Dragon's Crown and recently we've gotten a look at 2 of the available classes of the Fighter and Sorceress! They're real insightful even though being in Japanese and you can learn a bit about both classes. Join me after you've watched them both.

Class Spotlight: The Fighter

Class Spotlight: The Sorceress

Kamen Rider Battride Musou dropped another trailer and man this game is looking better and better. We got more confirms of characters but I'll leave those for you to discover. Game is due to us on May 23rd. HYPE!!!

Darkstalkers Resurection recived a title update this week that adds Burst-In Play during certain scenarios. I have to applaud Capcom for staying hard with this title and trying to get it to more people but in due honesty I think too much was wagered on the success of this game to gauge a sequel from it. Maybe things turn around and maybe they don't but if you haven't bought it then please do so. Please & Thank You!

And I guess we can leave our gaming news on this note. Maybe you remember my coverage on the F2P Chinese Fighter Xuan Dou Zhi Wang and all that came with that. Now the creators of the game are reaching out to SNK for some "legitimacy" by announcing that Terry Bogard and Benimaru Nikado will be playable characters in the game. When they'll be available for play is unknown but when something comes I'll let you know. And I'll have something for people who want to play the game up soon. So be watching from that. Honestly, looks like I picked the right time to get cracked out on it. Been playing it very heavily the past 2 weeks. That good!

We leave games behind for what I've been watching and reading and it hasn't been a lot because of the prep for May Sweeps. I do have to say that all that I consume in this area is going in. And some of it is going in without me and that happens to be out of my control and when I do get to that I can get hype for that too. The major moments that stick out for me are the Dallas Season 2 Finale, Sasuke's choice, Hyper Beast & Infinity Style and the last 15 minutes of the last Game of Thrones episode. SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!

I do have to quickly shout out the GARO because I was finally able to get past Episode 1 and I'm really enjoying it. Trying to get through all of it so I can get to the new series ASAP. Give it a go if you haven't. Very recommended.

And with that I'm all out of stuff to say. Here's the hope to getting this out on time next week. Until next time.

-Triple Da G.O.D

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