Thursday, July 26, 2012

All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2 Presents...50

According to the trailer Rider Generation 2 will have 50 playable characters. But this doesn't include Wizard who if history tells us will be a secret character with a password released right before that show premieres. And the possibility to play as the boss riders aren't confirmed. So I shall now reiterate what the trailer tells you in text form.

Playable Riders in All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2

*Denotes New Playable Rider
  1. Ichigo
  2. Nigo
  3. V3
  4. *Riderman
  5. X
  6. Amazon
  7. Stronger
  8. Skyrider
  9. Super-1
  10. ZX
  11. Black
  12. Black RX
  13. Shin
  14. ZO
  15. J
  16. Kuuga
  17. Agito
  18. *G3-X
  19. *Gills
  20. Ryuki
  21. *Knight
  22. *Zolda
  23. Faiz
  24. *Kaixa
  25. Blade
  26. *Garren
  27. *Chalice
  28. *Leangle
  29. Hibiki
  30. *Ibuki
  31. *Todoroki
  32. *Zanki
  33. Kabuto
  34. *Gatack
  35. Den-O
  36. *Zeronos
  37. *New Den-O
  38. Kiva
  39. *IXA
  40. Decade
  41. *DiEnd
  42. *Kivala
  43. Double
  44. *Accel
  45. *Skull
  46. OOO
  47. Birth
  48. *Proto Birth
  49. *Meteor
  50. Fourze

Those are a lot of playable characters. Really excited to see Kivala in the game. I always wanted to see her in the Climax Heroes series but I do understand that's she very similar to Femme so I see why they skip her. Other than her no real surprises on who made it. Like I said earlier this may not be the full playable roster with those passwords out there. We'll see if the theory holds water next week. Expect a review then.


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