Monday, January 20, 2014

#TheCool: Batman's Gone Crazy In Silver Springs, OK! Featuring Derpy Hooves!

#TheCool back up in as usual ready to do the thing we always do in that way we do it.

PT's here now and all you need to know is #TripleDaGodExplainsItAll X #SengokuBasaraX is going down this week! Stay tuned as we get hype for Sengoku Basara 4 the only way I know how!

As usual #DoaGHThaDOJO is supplying that crack to the masses! On deck this week...

Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late, Persona 4 The Ultimax: Ultra Suplex Hold, Chaos Code, Samurai Shodown Sen, Melty Blood Actress Again Curent Code, The King of Fighters XI & Project Justice!

And with that out the way, This Week In Gaming!

As the 30th creeps closer for the release of Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost is that the only way to get hype is to show the 98 Mobile Suits you'll have at your command when you start it up. There are some DLC suits that aren't represented here but I think they'll get a vid hyping them up. 2 things. No Allenby still makes me sad. For that I have NEXT PLUS! And this game is about to be old news in a couple of months when Maxi Boost drops later this year. That's a thing. GO, SCAMCO, GO!

As my tears are being prepared to be wiped away on Thursday with the release of Sengoku Basara 4. This game is also counting down the days until then by showing off the craziness SB is known for. Can't wait!

Bravely Default shall be out soon, so no better time to get familiar with the many jobs the games offer. GET FAMILIAR!!!

Another week, another look at Persona Q. In the spotlight this week is Akihiko & Chie!

We got a new look at Deception 4! Game's looking good. Invoking the classic feel of the series. I likes. I likes a lot!

Other news. Younger Toguro & Lord Aizen are in J-Stars Victory VS! HYPE! We should be seeing a trailer soon.

For me, I've been hard at work relearning Sengoku Basara X to teach it to you next week. I'm thinking about putting my notes in a blog post after the video comes out. We'll see.

Everything's back this week and damn it's delivering. Y'all know what I watch by now and you should be watching it too. Shouts to Lady Legasus, blown up Cow parts, weird pilgrimages, and awesome hype surprise returns! You know what you did!

And with that taken care of, What I Watched On YouTube This Week!


Super Slam Barkley: Project Michael Remix! Yep.

Orpheusftw X ReBoot? SHIT IS REAL NOW!!!

Street Fighter EX2. Best SF Game? You bet your ass it is!

And that's that!

Don't know if y'all heard but...DERPY'S BACK!!! ONE MORE, FOR THE GOOD GUYS!!! Been a wild ride for Derpy-gate but I'm glad a medium has been reached. Shame she doesn't get to talk because some people are hypersensitive about nothing.

Fuck it! I got the next best thing though! Tell them haters how you feel Derpy!

Speaking of. Ask Princess Molestia got too damn big and Hasbro shut it down because Hasbro does dumb shit. Nothing new really. While Molestia is going away is that Gamer Luna isn't going anywhere. Sort of. I don't Luna will be delving into any of her sister's debauchery however. You can find where Gamer Princess Luna has set up shop. Somewhere on the interwebs! We will never forget! #ALLHAILTHEPLOT #FOREVERANDEVER #INMOLESTIASNAME

Don't forget! #TripleDaGodExplainsItAll! #SengokuBasaraX! #GetFuckingReadyToLearnSomeShit!

Until next time!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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