Monday, August 5, 2013

The Cool: Colluding Colluded Collusion

#TheCool right back up in it for another one on a Monday. To be honest this installment almost didn't happen which also bleeds into the Pimpin because try as I did I just couldn't get a new episode of Super Mario Bros. 2 out. Been trying to get it done since Thursday and tried to before I got this late installment out. Here's what I do understand about why it didn't. I have a real issue within about the quality of the work that I do. I even look back to my earlier reviews for games and while they're grimy as all get out I look at those and I know I did the best I could with what I had to put those together and while those and others were learning experiences to do what I do on the level in which I do it now. I never want to look back at something and know that I didn't give it my all or it was forced out because of some imaginary deadline I just have to meet. I'll stick to my ways of it'll be done when it is and it'll be something of quality in which you learn & enjoy from and something I can be proud of.

Also bleeding into this week of learning is if pay you attention to this installment's title and are familiar with that word in its various tenses is that I've seen that word driven into the ground this week with no remorse about it. And if you're not the short version is the FGC is cracking down on pot splitting and those who do it. During the week it became "the hot button issue" and people had their back and forth and did whatever it was they felt they needed to which lead me to do what I always do...shrug my shoulders and quip. This has been my safety measure for awhile for a lot of things and not just issues in the FGC but situations where I know I can straight drop a truth nuke and let it be but what I've come to understand is sometimes people have to figure it out themselves. I've also come to understand that sometimes it isn't the message but the messenger and I've said things that people looked at me sideways for but the same message verbatim coming from a different source is met with a completely different reception. And that's something I've had to come to terms with to. I've learned that the masses aren't quite ready for me and the way I see things. And it isn't something I'm even mad about. Everybody has their time and mine is going to last for quite awhile so you have to be fair and let others have theirs. Whether they deserve it or not is another topic entirely. Which leads to this in closing. In the scheme of things we all have to learn the roles we're supposed to play in the many situations we find ourselves in. I've long come to terms with the various roles I play and a lot of them personally and professionally are thankless but that isn't why I do them. I do them because they have to be done. And every now and again you get that reminder why it is you do what you do and you become motivated not to give up on it but to keep at it because the vision is clear on how it shall be in the end. This is nothing new to me seeing as it has been a life long thing and it'll continue because I believe so much in that I can be instrumental in my various roles to take those visions and make them real for all to see. And this has been SOAPBOX with Triple Da G.O.D!

Even though I didn't put out anything #DoaGHThaDOJO is always producing that you know what so let us see what's cooking on that end.

It's always LOLI AWARENESS DAY when there's some LOVE MAX!!!!! cooking in the kitchen!

The Rumble Fish 2. Still waiting on whatever Dimps was going to do that I thought was a console release of some sort.

Been a minute since we've seen some Shin Koihime Musou. That release for PS3 is slowly approaching. When news drops on it I'll report it.

Nothing came out of the UNIB Loke but with that happening EXE:Late should be out soon. Hopefully the April Fools costumes make it in the update.

Because separators between news items is needed for keeping it functional...THIS WEEK IN GAMING!

After Ray Donovan went off and I did my last check for cool stuff before bed this appeared in my sub box and it's the first real look at J-Stars Victory VS. The trailer can do a lot more justice explaining itself than I can but I'm not getting hype until I get that Yusuke confirm. That would easily take it from I'll cop it to I need that in my life. No release date as of yet but when it comes I'll let you know.

In that same time frame the 2nd trailer for Brave Soliders dropped and it was confirmed that the 3 major arcs of Saint Seiya would be covered so for anyone needing a crash course in the lore will get their fill here. It was also confirmed since the last time I covered the game is that it is coming to MURICA only on PSN. At least we're getting it.

One of the upsides of waiting until today to get this installment out is I can say is that the update for XDZW that features Terry, Benimaru and new character King is up now. I might dabble around with it and I might not. I've just lost interest in the game since it has become the fad now. Hipster I might just be. If you want to play it, I hear that beta codes are being given away to celebrate this occasion. People who actually keep up with that may be able to tell you more. And something about more guest characters coming soon.

Killer is Dead is now out in Japan and MURICA will be getting it at the end of the month. Because I'm on mega black out all I've heard is there's something wrong with the game. What that means and how that affects our version is something I don't know either. GDSD for more.

This trailer of TMNT: Out of the Shadows does answer the question of who produced that beat for each of the Character Spotlight. And seeing as I don't listen to the radio or watch music videos that much anymore it's good to see that he's still producing that good. NBA STREET VOL. 2!!

With the release of The Wonderful 101 fast approaching is that the Platinum Games blog is slowly revealing a whole lot of information about the game. The 2 trailers above introduce Wonder Red & Blue and you can read a whole lot more HERE!

And I can't leave TWIG without a PSA. Go acronyms go!!! Dragon's Crown is out tomorrow in MURICA and I'm going to need everybody to cop this. I've heard all the arguments about the aesthetics and if you heard me say anything about SkullGirls then the same applies here. The game looks good and plays great and that's all you should be concerned with. So go get it so I can get more like it. PLEASE & THANK YOU!!!

As for everything else gaming with me I didn't really play anything. I copped Martian Manhunter for Injustice but I really didn't get a chance to get into some depth with him like I've done with past DLC characters. I'll get around to it at some point and I'll report when I do. Also in my inability to play & talk at the same time I did stumble on a game I might get into soon for the NES called Esper Dream 2. A cool action RPG that came out late in the NES' life cycle and from what I've played seems really fun. Maybe a #RunDatReXXX of it soon comes?

When it comes to watching and reading all my usual suspects did work. And I'm keeping it brief at least for my dramas because the less said the better. This is a good thing if you didn't know. Bleach is still on hiatus and Naruto is Naruto. PBPW4DW! There is one thing I need to say before we get into that other portion I've should've said weeks ago...WHO'S LINE IS IT ANYWAY IS STILL GOD TIER ENTERTAINMENT!! Glad they got picked up for a full slate of episodes next season! Congrats and the points still don't matter. Want to know how much I love #WLIIA, look at the #RunDatReXXX of Mega Man X3 and you'll see it clear.

Time for the bow. The YouTube Indulgence Portion!

I have no idea how I missed Dragonball Absalon in my sub box but it happens. At least I watched it.

A combo vid for Kizuna Encounter? IN! MY! VEINS! NAO!

Shouts to the homie Aris for this awesome Soul Calibur 2 System Tutorial. My SC2 is rusty and this got me right back where I was with some new things I learned as well. #TEAMCASSIETILLIMYDYINGDAY!

It would seem that the 1st them for Attack on Titan is the new Guile's theme because it goes with everything. For example the above video is spoof of the opening featuring that Winnie the Pooh Home Run Derby game that made people go insane at the beginning of the year. Want to go insane too? CLICK HERE!!

To further illustrate my point, take the same theme and put the most random of stuff from Giant Bomb and it still works. Told you.

I'm still waiting for Season 1 to end so I can enjoy it in one fell swoop. It may even lead to the manga. We'll see.

Good to see Sherclop Pones back with a new Friendship is Witchcraft after all that happened.

With no context at all, Sad Hoshi is Sad.

Less context than before. Makes more sense with it but funny either way.

Even less context than before that. Not that this needs it but yeah it does make a valid point.

And some Bravest Warriors Minisodes starring Chris & CATBUG!!!

That's that. Even late we get the job done. I'm aiming to get over this hump to get SMB2 out because I'm ready to get to my next game so expect that when the feeling's right. Also depending on how big the GGXXX news is I may do a write up on it or save it for the next installment of #TheCool. Not really sure how I want to approach that. Hype for those reveals regardless.

Thank You as usual for spending some of time with me and I'll see you for the next installment of #TheCool.

-Triple Da G.O.D!


Tiki, time to go home sweetheart! You've had quite enough "adventuring" for one day! And you might just be drunk! Buy Dragon's Crown tomorrow! PLEASE & THANK YOU!


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