Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DoaBH Review Edition: Divekick (PS3/Vita/PC)

Divekick, the game that started off as an innocent jab to what was at the time (And maybe still is because I don't keep up with stuff like that.) an overpowered tool in the modern fighter. However, after following the game for all this time to see the changes and final metamorphosis into the product which is now available is something to see.

To be honest however this review or me playing the game wasn't even going to happen until I had huge change of heart a couple of days ago. Those reasons are hidden in this blog. See if you can find them.

However, my change of heart came into play because I happen to witness the debate over Divekick's claim to be nothing but a cash in of #FGC in-jokes & shallow gameplay mechanics in which I can confirm it is neither of those things. The thing is the gameplay doesn't need the references to work and are there for no other reason to enhance the experience for those who get a laugh from it. The gameplay serves the function it should because it answers the cry about how hard fighters are to get into because of all the facets you're required to learn to stand a chance. Divekick takes the execution facet and throws it out the window and gets people who don't play or quite understand fighting games straight to the things that truly matter and make all fighters click at their core. This is a game that will teach matchup & metagame knowledge without people knowing they're even learning about it. Divekick may be that bridge that brings new people to the fighting game because of all it can teach those new about how a fighter works internally without all the extra headache.

Honestly for me I played enough of the game to confirm my change of heart. Whether or not I play more of it is TBD but for $10 it isn't a bad deal. The PS3 & Vita versions are of the YOPO (You Only Pay Once) variety so if you get it on one then you have it on the other which is a nice touch for those rocking it on consoles. Also has GGPO as well so no reason to use the words net & code here.

End of the day though I really hope people look past the cover of the Divekick book and actually read the contents inside it. I think those detractors will find something to grab a hold to and enjoy.

So give the game a shot. If I can see past my issues and hangups then so can you. Just a reminder for me to practice what it is I preach.

Thanks for reading!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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