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The Cool: Triple H Buried Divekick For You

#TheCool back up in it on Sunday as usual a lot of stuff happened as it usually does and we'll talk about it all more or less. Emphasis on less because if you've been reading #TheCool this long then you know the skew on the news we actually cover is just that, very skewed. I'd like to cover other stuff but it's either to depressing or boring to drudge it up because we like to keep it fun and loose here and that's what I aim for every week as I get this out to you.

There isn't a top story but it might've been if I actually cared about GamesCom and the news from it. Can't say I'm not even in a next-gen mood at the moment so knowing when the Quadruple will come out is lost on me. All the games while very shiny and pretty lead back to Point One because I won't be playing them Day 1 anyway. I don't want this to come off as I'm not paying attention. It's more like my energy is better spent in that arena elsewhere. So hurray for next-gen and I'll join you when I can afford the habit.

With those thoughts out there before we get into PT & the what we do is I want to say RIP to Lee Thompson Young AKA Jett Jackson AKA Silverstone. Caught me by surprise when I heard the news. Never heard about him having any issues or anything of the like so hearing that made me pause a bit. Thoughts and prayers with his family and friends right now.

So to lighten the mood here's It's Not What You Think By Youngstown featuring Lee Thompson Young. Memories. One day we might actually talk about them.

So from that we get into PT and I actually did something for a change. I reviewed Divekick. Like I said in the review it took a lot to not be a hypocrite and actually play and ultimately review the game. Read the review HERE for all that unbiased insight about it.

And as usual #DoaGHThaDOJO has been putting in the work that we always do.

This week...Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!!, Chaos Breaker, Project Justice, The Rumble Fish 2, Chaos Code NeSiCa and...

Saturday's #SuperSecretMysteryGame in Samurai Shodown Sen. To be honest I haven't played a lot of Sen but after watching this set I know at a minimum I need to check it out for myself and get a #TripleDaGodExplainsItAll episode out about it. It reminds me a lot of  Maximum Impact 1 where you can see where they're trying to go but just needs some refinements here and there. If at some point this series gets a Regulation A level game (still 2nd best KoF game ever by the way) from the SS series then that could be something magical. While SNK has dudes from Australia fixing their netcode for a PC game that isn't even on my radar could somebody pass the message to M2 that the NeoGeo Hyper 64 games need to live on somehow and to get SNK to put Regulation A on something I don't have to modify or hack to play. #BasedSNKPlsPlox #BasedM2PlsPlox. Or I need to get a new computer and play SS64-2 & Buruki One on MAME and never complain. Either or.

With PT in the books time to get to This Week In Gaming.

And I see no better place to start than The Wonderful 101 which is out everywhere but the place that matters. That's MURICA if you're keeping score. However, the Platinum Games blog introduced us to Wonder Yellow, Wonder White & Wonder Black this week and all they bring to the table. Click their links if you wish to read the blog post that accompany the videos in question.

And if you want a deeper look into the game then I definately suggest reading Part 1 & Part 2 of Iwata Asks featuring Kamiya-san and other members of the development team for the game. Great reads I do have to say. Click the links to find your way there.

I don't have a segue into this and I won't try to even attempt one. The Binding of Issac: Rebirth is coming and it's going to be sick. That is all.

You've already seen this once but the last 20 seconds confirms Yusuke & Gon. With TGS coming we'll be getting some gameplay footage and new trailer then.

Which brings us to a new trailer for Girl Fight that introduces Daisy, Shogun and Warchild to the cast. Release date still unknown at this time.

Speaking of Girl Fights it would seem a video for the Racing Queen costumes for DoA5U has appeared. I do have to say while nice I'm looking forward to the D.O.A Idol costumes. For reasons.

Revel in how the HD ReMIX of Final Fantasy X looks and sounds. Really looks like it'll be worth the wait.

As far as what I got into this week I got a chance to play Contra Evolution HD. The arcade version and not on the i[FILL IN BLANK HERE FEATURING MICROTRANSACTIONS THAT NO CONTRA GAME SHOULD EVER HAVE EVER!]. It just happens to be a highly accurate HD representation of the NES game. Understanding that this was only in Chinese arcades I do have to wonder why this version isn't on anything else? Other than being what it is it does add a few things like Bonus Stages & 2 new characters in Erica "Flame Rose" Ricci who dual wields pistols and Sally "Moon Shadow" Inohara who's the ninja girl. I haven't played any phone version but since I have access to the arcade version then why would I ever play that. If you want in on this then a good GDSD should get you there with no problems.

I also got pulled into Cookie Clicker which you can play HERE! The proof that complex things come in simple packages. Be prepared to be less of who you were after you finish playing it. It is that addictive!

Within all my other indulgences I got to play a lot of catch-up in the past couple of days with Ultimate Spider-Man, TMNT and even watching Bleach: Hell Verse which was very good. Now when I actually play Soul Ignition it might make some sense. Naruto's still holding the manga front down with the light bulbs coming on every which way with all that was learned. When it comes to my TV though everything as usual is going nuts. Nothing more so than Burn Notice. 2 episodes left before the end and a big twist just appeared and just...and. True Blood ended their season and I'm not really a fan of where the show is hinting at where it wants to go. I'm too invested to not watch so I'll grin and bear it. Dexter & Ray Donovan did their thing as well and with Dexter having to get to some kind of conclusion is going to have to do something to end as clean or on a spinoff as possible. Should be interesting.

As we prepare to part ways for now let me remember those videos that I watched this week.

If you want some insight on this week's subtitle then this video should help a bit. And by a bit I mean not at all. Find the actual promo for it to make some actual sense.

I'm going to be completely honest here. I really didn't want to feature this vid but it just happens to be way too funny not to put you up on. Thank J for showing this to me. If you thought internet beat producer beef was imaginary then let this video enlighten you.

FlutterBarry speaks. Also in FB's spare time owns nublets in FPS games. Goddamnit Ross!

Desk X Double Dragon Neon? This happened and is damn informative to boot. Take notes. Lots of them.

The THROWBACK OF THE WEEK is Kingdom Hearts On Crack. An awesome parody from back in the day that was so funny. Unfortunately when YouTube start doing Youtube the account of the creator of these parodies was shut down because of it but I'm really glad that people are archiving these things for more to see. One of the reasons why I do what I do with videos. There are a whole bunch of vids I wish I had the chance to archive that just seem to be gone forever I'm sad to say. But please enjoy some funny from Episodes 1 & 10. Great stuff.

Our Cover Girl this week is Juri Han. Because of Divekicks. I couldn't find a Yuri picture that wouldn't be the catalyst for this blog getting shut down. That wouldn't feel good at all.

For maximum effectiveness combine video sound with picture. Or just watch video. Whatever floats you.

And that'll do it for this installment of #TheCool. As usual Thank You for coming we do appreciate it. We'll be back for another installment of #TheCool next week. Until then.

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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