Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Cool: The Gathering Of The Thousands

#TheCool in full effect as we usually are at the usual time and place!

Hope that everybody's end to end was a great as mine was but everyday is great. Even the not so great ones. MESSAGE!

In an oddity I don't have a lead story this week even with SDCC still in progress. Not really surprised in the slightest seeing as how that event skewers while in my wheelhouse I'm not as excited for the non-game announcements like I was once upon a time. Something cool happened and I probably missed it but it'll trickle down to me and y'all can say I was way late on it. The ebb and flow. The ebb and flow.

With that out of the way time for that pimping! You know you love it!

After an accidental week off we get back to the world saving of Super Mario Bros. 2 and we do the things we always do. Educate and make you laugh! We did have to tell Toad thanks for the work but the rest of the crew will handle the remainder of the lightweight.

Next episode is a special one so be sure to tune in. It might come earlier than expected though. And just to share a bit, #RunDatReXXX's next game has already been decided and prep work is going into it so it'll be something special. Trust me.

Just with everything else this week is even #DoaGHThaDOJO has been a bit slow but even with that being the case plenty of that crack is available this week including The Rumble Fish 2. Been a minute since the last time I was able to get some matches up and always a pleasure doing so.

More of this Cyberbots dope. It must be a sign that somebody wants me to see this game really bad. I really need to keep to a promise and get in the lab with the Saturn version. My dream is to have a custom Saturn stick that'll take care of all my fighting game needs for the system. Some games are very limited in the controller configuration department so trying to play them naturally can be a chore but one that's worth it for reasons. 4MB & Saturn handles 2D better than PS1 reasons!

BattleFantasia. Still delivers. I have plans for this game. Just wait and see.

Chaos Code: NEw SIgn of CAtastrophe. Get It!?

Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!! the 5 exclamation marks are important to the title or so I've heard. It's has and will be a joy to watch this game evolve. Still the need to question where's that port at? I'll wait.

And with that out of the way time for the week in gaming and man I've got the business as you so shall see. Thank You, SDCC!!

There are some things that seem inevitable but until they become tangible you always have to wonder if. Such is the case with the announcement of Soul Calibur 2 HD Online for PSN/XBLA!

SC2 is one of my favorite fighting games of all time and one that I not only spent a lot of time with but remembering those times fondly.

Just so the world knows it's #TEAMCASSIETILLISTOPBREATHING!! SC2 was the game where I chose Cassie as a main and never looked back!

After Soul Blade there was no Li Long and Maxi in SC1 wasn't doing it for me to be honest. I was more of a Xianghua/Astaroth/Cervantes player before that. After SC1, Xianghua didn't stick. I subbed Astaroth and still do, I consider Cervantes my other main however.

There was always Mitsurugi, Hwang, Siegfried & Sophitia in SB & SC1 and played them to death as well. But like I started this spiel is that Cassie has been my main since SC2 and was probably one of the best things I ever did fighting game wise.

She's a character who is exactly what I needed in that game, A RUSHDOWN EMPRESS! She's never let me down and this one of the reasons I've yet to to touch SC5. I know I need to and it'll happen in time.

As far as this game is concerned, what we do know is that the basis for the game is the PS2 version due to Heihachi's inclusion. What this means for Spawn & Necrid is to be seen and if there's a WiiU version I'd suspect Link would be the character in that version with or without Heihachi there.

No idea of cost at the moment and it's already looking to be a better deal than the XBLA version of SC1. What the final product became wasn't Namco's fault at all. That was M$ having those dumb ass restrictions on how big a game could be at the time and there was many a game that suffered because of it. This game will not suffer the same fate and I'm glad because this game deserves the business for being one of fighting game's greatest moments and accomplishments! The game is that good. Trust me!

Enjoy a picture of the ladies of SC2 outside of Sophitia & Seong Mi-Na because they're unlockable characters in the home ports.

Now all that's gotta happen now is a hybrid of OG Soul Calibur 3 & Arcade Edition! Want this so, so bad!!

Speaking of fighters that work in 3 dimensions, there's a new trailer for DoA5U which is just a huge reminder of what the game shall be bringing your way very soon.

And Rachel writing in pain as sexually as possible. GO!

Speaking of fighting game hotties what about Harley Quinn & Catwoman displaying their Ani-Comi costumes now available for all versions of Injustice. Wonder Woman also has a costume in this pack by the way. And Martian Manhunter & the John Stewart Green Lantern skin will be available on July 30th. HYPE!!!

Flip Bucket is in #FULLEFFECTMODE with our 1st look at Terry & Benimaru in action. From what's on display it would seem both characters take inspiration from their KoF '98 incarnations. No clue when they'll be playable for the regular folk not in the beta of the beta but when it does I'll let you know.

Let us take a moment and welcome back Strider Hiryu where he belongs. This Strider project has been known about for quite awhile and even rumored to be canceled. But like Girl Fight & Wander of the Dragons before it this game is real and we'll be seeing it Early 2014 on everything home console.

Been a minute since we've seen anything about Ace Attorney 5 but there's plenty here. SPOILER WARNING! Just saying.

Our 1st trailer for Sengoku Basara 4. You'll be importing this and if you don't know why then dig back in this blog about a year ago and I explain why. Past that though it would seem this is a prequel to the series so what this means for anything is very unknown but when I know then you will too.

Another The Wonderful 101 trailer talking about the Unity Powers of Wonder Red & Blue. There's no Wonder Pink in sight so I'm a sad panda. This game drops in September.

Jessica Nigiri playing the Gigolo Missions from Killer is Dead. At least there's a video in this series where you actually learn something and get to see boobs. HURRAH!!

And to end our gaming look for the week that was is a confirm that Pikmin & Olimar are back in the new Smash Bros. The thing is that Olimar isn't in Pikmin 3 at all so why not Alph, Charlie or Brittany to represent the series instead? May be alternate costumes possibly. We'll see.

As for everything else I've been deep into Mega Man Unlimited and a review/walkthrough for the blog similar to what I did for Street Fighter X Megaman when that hit is coming as well.

I hope everybody took my advice and picked up Mamorukun Curse! for PS3. Haven't got around to playing it because I've been busy but I hope to correct this this week along with getting back to Dissidia & the Destiny Odyssey Twitter Playthrough.

I really didn't watch or read anything that wasn't the usual suspects but I've yet to watch Beware The Batman and it's waiting for me to do that. There's a Ultimate Spider Man & Avengers Assemble marathon in the wings too.

I will say this much though, all my Sunday shows are going in one way or another and you'll need to take my word on that.

Bleach & Naruto have gotten a bit interesting too with Bleach's countdown to the end and this new fight currently happening in Naruto getting nuts by the page.

Worst of all I've fell off on watching Wizard & Kyoryuger and I really need to just relax and watch those to get caught up.

And with it being a slow week on all tips all I can offer you from my YouTube journey is this one video.

Beware however, what this looks to be on the outside isn't what you're truly looking for. Just have fun with it.

Done & done. Another installment of #TheCool is now a part of the annals of time.

As usual thanks for spending some time inside my head and be sure to be ready for another one next Sunday.

Until then!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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