Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Cool: 237 Equals Freedom, Family & Food

The final day of Freedom Day Weekend and The Cool is right back at you. If you're like me at this point that food from Thursday is gone and now you have to go back to the other stuff in the fridge. I feel your pain. At least this can give you a reprieve from thinking about it if only for a little while. I do have to say I've been enjoying myself this weekend. Been kicking it with a lot of fam, eating good and learning I really like the combo if Hpnotiq + Lemonade (For ages 21 & Over). I do hope you've had just as much fun as I have and hope that continues for this week to come. Now that I've said all that sappy stuff let's get to the fun part.

More of that SMB2 because that's what the streets love. We tackle the desert this time around and things happen. Special things. Just watch.

Another foray into Smash Town featuring Ash & Rob who really enjoy the fact that they have content on YouTube. And JOTKING who's just here. #GORILLABEARSLUGRESURRECTION!!

#DoaGHThaDOJO has been putting in that work too. I've been dropping heavy, mainly for catch up purposes because I've been falling a bit behind but I was able to get the usual suspects updated and I was also able to find some special stuff to spotlight.

On the last installment of #TheCool, I said I had a surprise for the streets and Cyberbots was that. This game has always been a favorite of mine and I'm glad the streets are loving it too. So if I see it I'll upload it because I know you want it.

1st of the month always means some new Project Justice matches. I won't say what needs to be said because it has already been said.

BattleFantasia. BATTLEFANTASIA!!

It's always a pleasure to bring and to view some good Sengoku Basara X matches. There aren't many but when some come to me I'm always hyped to see the game on display.

I'll be back to usual motion for the week coming and I'll see if I can pull something special out of my hat for you guys. And now, your week in gaming!

These pictures are here for reasons other than they are here. But since they are lets talk DoA5U because there is plenty to talk about. Those wonderful pictures of Hitomi, Sarah & Helena are 3 of the costumes for the CE for DoA5U. I have no clue how this fares for MURICA but I'd be sure we'd get these somehow. And something about DoA5U making its way back to the arcades since DoA2 Millennium Edition a long, long, long time ago. I don't know what that means at all at this time but when I do I shall let you know.

Let us take the time to talk Injustice & General Zod who you should kneel for or something like that. Got a chance to play Zod for a brief second and he's exactly I'd thought he'd be and more...A BEAST!! I'm just feeling his style. He's like grimy Superman who can control the Phantom Zone and from what I've seen since I played he's broken as all get out. Worse than Scorpion X Pig if you let some people tell it. The one thing I'm happy about is that now the game is going back to having some secrets with more DLC on the way. Martian Manhunter is the gimme but anybody else that finds their way will hopefully stay a secret until NRS wants to reveal it.

Speaking of DLC it would seem that Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is getting some as well. Adding Dragon Sage Kabuto and some other stuff as well. You'll able to either download the DLC when it drops for the current game or buy the new version which will have all the previous DLC and the new stuff too. Good to see this game get this kind of support.

On the continued quest to make sure you learn nothing whatsoever about Killer Is Dead is there is a new episode of KiDTV in which they talk about DLC and I can also confirm that MURICA is getting this DLC as well with the 1st shipment of Killer Is Dead when it drops sometime in August.

I'm still deciding do I want to wait for it to come out here or do I do what I ended up doing with Lollipop Chainsaw and getting the Japanese Premium Edition? If you 1 of the billion people who hasn't played Lollipop Chainsaw and own a PS3 I suggest getting the Valentines Day Premium Edition because it has all the DLC with none of the Gamestop fun & games to get it, region free of course, choice of gore & rainbows and unlike the other version has Dual Audio & Language depending on what language your PS3 is set to. Don't worry I triple dipped. Both Japanese Premium Editions & MURICA 360 version. Doing my part to support awesome straight from Suda 51!

Continuing the string of awesome is more footage of JJBA: All-Star Battle from the CPU League being ran. Plenty of matches to watch here. Game is due in Japan on August 29th.

Drag-On Dragoon 3. Never in this life did I think I'd utter those words. This is happening and I'm hyped! Might be time for a run back of both Drakengard games. No clue if Square Enix is bringing this to MURICA but I can only hope that they are. And maybe they can sneak in a localization of NieR Replicant!

As for what I gamed on this week, if you fast forward to Friday evening I picked Dissidia back up. Not Duodecim. Not Prologus. But plain old Dissidia! This game and I have a sordid history. Broken PSP, lost memory sticks, corrupted saves and even reviews that were due 4 years ago. I've been told I should just drop it for Duodecim for spoiler reasons but I'm determined to beat it and review it. This is something that needs to be done to ease myself and prove I can continue to knock by backlog down. All I really want to do at this point is see the game to the end and I'll leave my OCD nature for Duodecim. No way am I building another Cloud to beat up Level 85 Zidane to get Thief Gloves or that Ultros Tina Friend Card for the Delicious Fish accessory set again. We'll see how long this love affair lasts before I drop it again for an obscene amount of time.

Because it was a holiday week not a lot popped of but what did was amazing. Dexter went to a place I'd never thought it would and maybe why I'll be watching it live and recording True Blood to watch after Ray Donovan which also did work. Looks like my Sunday Nights for now are nice and full of stuff to watch.

Naruto & Bleach do what they do every week and that's continue to confuse me. At least Naruto is moving a bit forward and that has some promise for a something solid to read. I need to get back to reading Freezing & Highschool DxD because I'm just overdue on reading them is all.

Haven't seen the last couple of episodes of Kyoryuger & Wizard just due to not having the time to just watch them. I did however sit down and watch Kamen Rider X Kamen Rider Movie War Ultimatum Director's Cut and that was really good. Nice to see the Fourze crew get some closure and the twist of the movie was really good yet surprising.

Burn Notice will be back this week and I'm hyped to see where it is the show goes in my hopes for a good end to it all.

It is almost time to say goodbye but before we do that how about some coolness straight from YouTube.

I want to take the time to highlight this video so I can say something. Shouts to the little homie Treezy who's putting in work and has been doing just that for a nice minute. According to him that little piece on Street Fighter EX I did so long ago inspired this playthrough of EX Plus α. Just like I told him and I'll say it once more to emphasize my point. Seeing stuff like this is what drives me to do what I do. Differences no matter the size are still differences. It's what I've come to believe over the years and knowing that I can make one matters to me. So when I do, I do to make a difference and hope the ones I help make will help create true change.

You can check Treezy and all his work on his YouTube Channel. Lots of classics and lesser known games over there so be sure to take a look and see what's popping that way and show him some love!

I've been meaning to feature this video for the last couple of weeks and now that I've remembered to do that here it is. If you ever wanted to know the inspirations and see all the colors for Skullgirls then this video is for you. A bit lengthy but very informative on the subject. I'll take the time to thank margherita0141 for the work done on this and the other videos that are on that page as well. You should watch those for yourself. You really should do that.

And to close it out, crazy dude allegedly on bath salts. I shouldn't have laughed but couldn't help it. Kids, don't do drugs. This is a reminder of why.

This right here is where we part ways until the next time. So have a great week and I'll catch you back here next week for another installment of #TheCool!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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