Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Cool: Wiser I Am, Wiser I Shall Become!

Sunday in #FULLEFFECTMODE with The Cool as usual and nothing's changed except I'm older. I have to say that I've come a long way since the last time I added a +1 to my age which I won't share with you. A lot of changes personally & professionally, however by following some advice from someone way wiser than I am I was able to really get things together. Perfect they aren't but I know the rule of thumb is that if you think you have it bad, there's someone who's getting it even worse. So I'm blessed and thankful for what I do have and I'll continue to work hard and become better at what I do. Speaking of getting older and getting better what I do...

#RunDatReXXX's 1 Year Anniversary and of course we celebrate the milestone by following up how we started by taking on the mission of saving Subcon in Super Mario Brothers 2! I have to say looking at this video and going back to the beginning of #DoaGH it's like looking at 2 different people making videos. Starting from Shaky Cam 1.0 to capture cards I've come a long way. I'm blessed to have the ability to do what I do and I strive to be the best period at it. You'd be surprised how much work I do goes into that goal that doesn't even involve making the videos everybody watches. I don't mind the work for the fact that practice makes perfect. The harder I work the better the end product will be. SMB2 will be on a when I feel like schedule but don't expect it to take too long. What comes next shouldn't be a surprise. Or maybe it will be. Can't wait.

#DoaGHThaDOJO has been putting in work all week with some special surprises coming up this week. So enjoy a taste of Phantom Breaker AC & Daemon Bride Additional Gain. Stay tuned to the page later for a throwback exclusive.

With the pimping out of the way time for the week in gaming that was.

And I see no better place to start with the confirmation that Girl Fight isn't as dead as once thought. I honestly thought this and Wander of the Dragons would never drop but here's a trailer that says otherwise. All I will say is this...#TripleDaGodExplainsItAll!

Speaking of girls and fighting we have plenty of Killer Is Dead stuff for you this week. 2 episodes of KID TV where nothing is learned and the newest trailer for the game. Game is due sometime in August.

Bang! Babes! Mayhem! That Deadpool game finally dropped on some semi-stealth because I had no idea it was dropping so soon. I copped it but haven't got around to playing it yet. When I do I'll report back. I have heard things though. And I'll ignore them and make that judgement call on my own.

We're getting ever so closer to actually playing Out of the Shadows. For now enjoy the Leo trailer. All we do know is that this is one of the 4 Summer of Arcade titles for XBLA so what that means for release is unknown but I'll be on it Day 1 though.

Saint Seiya is getting the Ultimate Ninja Storm treatment with a new fighter in Brave Soldiers. Seems like a perfect transition from the Musou game that dropped a while back. I do want to confirm something really quick. Yes, this game has an ESRB rating. No MURICAN citizens will not be getting this. The rating is for Latin MURICAN countries. If you're thinking of importing this then get the European version because that'll be the only one that will be in English if the last game is any indication. Kind of wish now it was more popular here though. Awaits Sailor Moon and Ronin Warriors games.

In other news Project X Zone & Hotline Miami dropped this week and you know what they have in common? They both dropped this week and have played neither one. And I do feel bad about that and something I plan to correct soon. When I do you'll know.

The final EDF4/2025 trailer before the Japanese release on the 4th of July! If it wasn't for the looming fact that it wasn't dropping here I would've imported this no questions. I've always loved the dumb fun this game provides and this game isn't any different. Just waiting for the MURICAN release date and some confirmation of that rumor from D3 that Oneechanbara Z: Kagura is coming to PS3.

New XBLAZE trailer. Didn't understand a damn thing. Importing the hell out of it. No way that's coming here. Feel free to prove me wrong.

The original Mega Man 10 now known as Unlimited has a release date. And it happens to be sooner than you think. Watch the trailer to find out when that is.

If you wanted to know about every available character in Flip Bucket to this point then this playlist will take care of this. Just doing my duty of archiving history.

What else did I do this week. There was that point when I started my Sheep in the Big City marathon that I didn't finish but I did confirm that it is still a #ThrowbackClassic. There was just something special about that show I don't think a lot of people understood but I'll understand it for you. Something if you haven't checked out then it is something you should do.

On the eve of getting older I played VF5 Ver. C for whatever reason which I think had to do with the Items for Final Showdown being on sale. That game is still very solid and I'm still only playing it to complete the Quest Mode and if you're looking for a VF experience then just play Final Showdown. That's where the people are. I still want a disc version that is the arcade game with all the bells and whistles. Maybe for PS4 & #XBONE.

For some reason on Friday night I had the biggest urge to play Bloody Roar 1 & 2 and what I discovered is what I already knew but now truly understand. Those games built up to 3 & Primal Fury/Xtreme in a very gradual way. I do understand that there's some tech there that without my current mindset I'd never understand without it. It may be time to get on that ball and get the whole #DoaGH family of programs on the case. Something I've always planned to do but nowhere to really fit it. May be time and long overdue as such to get that Vampire Savior review out.

What I watched this week was the usual. Finally got caught up on all my Toku and everything is getting to that boiling point where something is going to pop off. True Blood is getting is wild and they've got a lot to fit in with the shortened 10 episodes. Have a feeling it won't disappoint. Dexter is coming on tonight and the end is coming and how it ends is anybody's guess but somebody will die and that's a guarantee. Bleach & Naruto did their work on the manga front with Bleach going to a no duh place but surprising and some flashbacks for Kakashi & Obito. And Burn Notice is taking to that next level with things that had to happen to push the story forward. I'm just hoping for a clean ending or a movie to end it all if that doesn't happen.

And to wrap up our trip how about that stuff I watched on YouTube this week.

Shouts to my PurrfectTrio fam doing dirt with their 100th video playing some Rockman 5. They have a YouTube page which you can check out HERE! Now nobody can say I don't be putting my people up! Community service for the month...COMPLETE!!!

Watch video. Laugh hard as hell. Go to THIS TUMBLR! Laugh more. You're welcome.

Promos from past WCW Clash of the Champions featuring 2 Cold Scorpio and Das Wunderkind Alex Wright. Hilarious memories.

Fun fact. One of my favorite songs is the theme of The Price is Right. Bob Barker > You, fact and such. Raisi K. on the remix. YESSIR!!

Motorbike: A Giant Bomb Quick Look. Hiliarity as a no duh with Jeff & Vinny on duty.

This was a thing that happened. It just did. I won't explain it because I can't. Just not possible. Or is. I'm just not doing it.

Pink. Fluffy. Unicorns. Dancing. On. Rainbows. Hold Dat!

I'm done. As usual thank you for hanging out in my head for while. Always love the company so bring your friends if you like. Have things planned for the week ahead. Whether they come to fruition is another story all together. We shall see. Until then. See you next time for another installment of #TheCool!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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