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The Cool: After Aftermath

I have to say that the war is official now with most of what we're dealing with when it comes to the next generation of gaming. The thing is I won't be joining on an ASAP mission. I've never done this and never seen a reason to. I'll let the world be the beta testers even though as we'll talk about are some things dropping on launch I want to get my hands on so, so, so bad! I really think this will give me a chance to focus on my backlog and milk where we are and even before that for a while before making that next leap. With everything that happened this week I know the best thing is just spotlight what really caught me as I do every week on The Cool.

And because I've had another lazy week, no pimping again but the family is getting together sometime next week to discuss the subject you're about to read about and I'll do my best to get something out for the streets the week ahead. So at this time let us look at all E3 brought and bring you the highlights from this way.

We start with M$ (I hear that said company and others aren't fans of the abbreviation. Should've never told me that!) who took the early spot on Monday and opened with this...

Well, not exactly this. This is the Director's Cut version of what was shown. The game is amazing. That's all I can really say. Even though I haven't beat 4 yet or played Rising at all, I'm really excited for 5 for lots of reasons. The main one being that is a prequel to Metal Gear on MSX/NES. (In which always the MSX version is superior. Subsistence will help you with that.) Learning the story of what happened to Big Boss to the lead up to Zanzibar Land should be an interesting one. And now that the game is taking an open world approach is how you make one of the best even better. Surprisingly this is a split-gen game and I wonder how seeing how insane it would've been to put 4 on the 360.

One of the most telling pictures on the internet. The thing with this game and others that are doing the split gen thing is what am I going to choose to play this on. With my decision to hang in the past for a while how will this affect how I game. Will I pick it up on the hardware I have? Or will I bite the bullet and wait until I pick up new hardware? Some of the decisions have already been made and others in which the jury's still out. This is how it'll be for a minute during this transition. I don't suspect that this magical little window will stay open long however. So as a consumer take advantage of this if you can while you can.

Some other stuff was shown and then THIS HAPPENED....

KILLER INSTINCT!!! You don't quite understand how happy it makes me even now to even have the ability to even speak words on how this exists now. I had a pure liquid pride moment when this graced my screen. I'm so happy that this game is back because this was the game that even before Marvel 2 when I wanted to be really serious about fighters how I wanted to be good at Killer Instinct. I know I must have clocked in major lab time on the SNES version in the days of spryness and how around that time I was also introduced to the internet and how that really helped me get the information I needed without paying for it. All in all Killer Instinct has a special place in my heart and to see how people are gravitating to it and loving it really makes me happy. The Double Helix family really knows their stuff and it shows in everything I see about this game. This was the game that as I write this is the reason I want a #XBONE because this is an experience I can only receive there. All I can say is that Killer Instinct is a system seller. I forgot all about everything wrong with #XBONE and all I know is I want this experience and I'm willing to buy a console to have it. However this isn't the first time that a console purchase has been made on my behalf because of a singular experience. Viewtiful Joe, Super Smash Bros. Brawl & Metal Gear Solid 4 are examples on how this happens. And so I cover myself here, at the time I bought a black lunch box Viewtiful Joe was only an experience I could have on GameCube. I really need to get around to playing the PS2 version. The other ports of the Capcom 5 didn't fair so well maybe except RE4 but now you have much better versions of the experience available to you now. A Moment of Reflection by Triple Da G.O.D!

Hopping of the KI HYPE TRAIN M$ MEDIA BRIEFING LOL had some other things I was interested in.

Dead Rising 3 is another one of those experience that is only available on #XBONE! Duct Tape Everything Together! Will wait for the Off the Record version with Chuck & Frank. (Note to self: Finish Dead Rising 1.)

The new Insomniac game, Sunset Overdrive. Switching from zombies to mutants it does seem to be the same formula we always see but with Insomniac on the case nothing is ever what it appears to be.

From those who brought you Max Payne now bring you bullet time in a different way. Just now you can bullet time everything. Quantum Break is another game that has sold me a #XBONE because I can't get this anywhere else. I really want to see how the narrative and the game really play off each other. Should be something to see.

Another game that really caught me was Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. Looks like a game I'd be very interested in playing and reminds me a lot of the Gianna Sisters game that came out recently (Which I need to play by the way.)

Another Swery joint, huh? I need not say anymore other than go play Deadly Premonition. Now! D4 looks great and I'll be waiting for it.

I'm finally glad this game is coming out...WITH CONTROLLER SUPPORT! I've heard things about the development of this game and if those things are true then that is horrible. At least those folks can put it behind them.

And then out of nowhere came Respawn's Titanfall. I wasn't expecting this or even to care about this but after I saw it I want to play this. I haven't been into FPS games in a very long time. GoldenEye will always be that and I love playing Left 4 Dead and Borderlands with the family but other than that I tune the genre out because since Halo took it there and Call of Duty right after I just never had a reason. I think after all this time Titanfall may be my reason for caring for the genre once again. What I saw hit all my buttons and I'm excited to play this on an #XBONE really soon.

And that was M$ LOL! To be honest they stuck to their word and showed games not mentioning TV once and that I respect. I don't really care about Twitch integration or making video remixes but those are wonderful tools for those who wish to use them. M$ are still standing on their always online stance and even Don Matrick saying that if you don't like it then stay with your 360! That's a bold stance to take and I have no idea where this goes from here but there is no middle ground for all these restrictions. They're either going to stay on top of the game or completely fall and do so very hard. It'll be interesting to see if M$ LOL will loosen up on things once the battle for supremacy starts heating up even more.

Later in the day EA came on and stuff about stuff I'm not really interested in that looked pretty cool featuring one Drizzy Drake. There was one thing that came out of EA I'm psyched about though...

MIRRORS EDGE DEUCE!! I don't think I need to say anything else at all. So I won't.

After that Ubisoft hit the stage with Aisha Tyler just looking so fine and all they had that I even paid attention to was some new Watch_Dogs gameplay

and a new South Park: The Stick of Truth trailer.

I've heard some things about Tom Clancy's The Division as well but that's something I'll investigate on my own time and report back on that later. And that was Ubisoft.

Later in the evening Sony stepped up to bat and showed some stuff too.

Like Transistor from Superbig Games. They brought you Bastion and I'm hype for this because of that.

More of The Dark Sorcerer tech demo which is hilariously funny.

A new look at Beyond: Two Souls. So excited for this as well.

More of inFAMOUS: Second Son. I'm really liking the divergence from the first 2 games and how that will play out overall.

Our first look at The Order: 1886. Love the Steampunk vibe I'm getting from it.

Sony also brought a huge focus on indie titles like Transistor that we talked about earlier. Mercenary Kings brought to you by the folks behind the Scott Pligrim game. The Witness and a HD Remake of Abe's Odyssey.

Sony then introduced Tetsuya Nomura and then he went on to do this...

For the first time in a minute we were getting something about Final Fantasy Versus XIII. And that's fine becuase the game looks fucking amazing. Then the trailer ended. And then then the logo changed which revealed that Versus XIII was now Final Fantasy XV and my mind was all over the ceiling.

Mind you, I'm getting my brain off the ceiling and not soon after it was firmly back in place THIS HAPPENED...

We then learned that Nomura can count to 3. Kindgom Hearts 3 that is. I have to assume that this will be the end of the Saga of Sora & Friends and anything after will be a reset of some sort. This doesn't mean that I'm any less excited for this and all the things upcoming from this franchise.

And it all ended with Bungie showing off the first look at Bungie's Destiny which is another game I'm excited for just for the simple fact that it's a game to get the crew together on and have some fun with.

When it comes to Sony and their "media briefing" overall is that Monday night toward the end completely buried M$ LOL like only Paul Levesque could under their own policies and flat out confirmed that used games were OK and 24 hour check ins were not part of Sony plans had me excited to be purchasing a PS4. At the time all I was seeing was the death of Microsoft because of all these "rules" that really had no use to me as a gamer and as such was happy to see Sony's stand was as such. Looking at now with clear vision is that while M$ LOL is doing it is that it is fair game to do it on PS4 as well. Sony is doing the smart thing by leaving that door open so the blame while directed can be deflected just as such. Just as with the #XBONE seeing how things are now and how they end up with the PS4 should be something to watch. And to have those statements like a time capsule of some sort. Hurray, Twitter!

After Sony's burial of M$ LOL, I awoke the next day to the E3 Edition of Nintendo Direct and...

I want to shout out Jarosh for always cooking crack and the above while no different is pretty accurate to how that went down. Nintendo here's an idea for you. Maybe you should lock down more UStream channels so I'm not warping around like I'm holding 28 Warp Whistles in my inventory! Just saying!

Regardless of this Nintendo dropped straight crack and that I can't sleep on and happy to say I'm so hype for!

Mario Kart 8. I still see we're not doing the subtitle thing. And from what I've heard outside of the F-Zero swagger jack is it plays a lot like 7 did. Problem, I haven't played 7 or even DS. Why, I don't know but they are on a long list of corrections that need to be made in my life. I've always been a fan of Mario Kart but I do think it is long overdue to get that Smash like feel here with more Nintendo characters instead keeping it to the Mario extended family. And I want a sequel to Double Dash too but I don't think Nintendo's going back to that well anytime soon.

Super Mario 3D World. I knew we'd get to this point sometime but never did I think it would be this. Super Mario Bros. 2 deserves a bit more than to be have what it did so specially be used in this format. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate it. Advance showed how you can play around with the formula but a New version of the game would be something I'd be interested in. Just like a true version of Deluxe. Best version of SMB1 ever outside of the screen issue. And with Mario continuing to ask for assistance from the Animal Kingdom gets a Cat Suit this time around. It'll be a fun way to play the game and see how far they take this.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. It's that as the title describes it to be. I hear of improvements to the overall sea traveling portions and a new way to use the Tingle Tuner. The game will not be adding in the the dungeons dropped for the game because it would seem we've experienced them in other games. I wonder which ones?

And if you want to make a sequel to Link to the Past and subtitle it A Link Between Worlds then I'm down with this. The original is easily a 1, 2 any day of the week with Super Metroid as possibly the best game ever and for Nintendo to want to do a straight sequel is a bit scary. This game will have to live up to that legacy and even surpass it but if that is what Nintendo wants this game to do than it so shall. So excited for this.

We got a new look at X the alleged sequel to Xenoblade. I say nothing more than it looks so, so sick!

Now we take the time to feature the Platinum Games Power Hour with a brand new look at The Wonderful 101! This game sold me a WiiU back when it was Project P-100 and to see it now I'm still amazed at what it is I'll soon be playing. Hideki Kamiya is a genius at making games that grab at your attention and this game is no different.

Wonder-Eyes Pink is mine. You want her, come fight for her!! So ready for this game and we won't have to wait long. September 13th! Can't wait!

Our focus still being on Platinum and Nintendo of course we have some Bayonetta 2 for you! Bayo's sporting a brand new everything including what could be consider the sexiest technical mullet I've ever seen or will see. This game is seeking to trump the original in every way and looks at this juncture to be doing just that. If you want to know more then watch the trailer.

Or watch lead director Atsushi Inaba talk all about the game in this focus on it.

I'm buying a WiiU for this game and what I'm secretly hoping for is a special WiiU design because this game needs every bit of a reason for those who don't know to get familiar and quick. What would help is a WiiU version of the 1st which the streets keep asking Kamiya-san for. Will it come? Who knows but this is going to be something special regardless of whatever.

After all the warping I did through Nintendo Direct I landed where I wanted to be. Right when the new Smash Bros. trailer was being shown.

I saw it and it confirmed that the Villager from Animal Crossing is the confirmed first newcomer. I do wonder if the game will have some connectivity with New Leaf and you can import your character to replace this one. Also confirmed Mario, Bowser, Samus Aran (Other M), Pit, Link, Fox McCloud, Donkey Kong, Pikachu & Kirby. Good opening roster and I'm feeling it. I thought this is what we were getting for the time being and then Iwata-san followed it up by showing another trailer and then THIS HAPPENED...

The thing that all Smash fans wanted since Snake was confirmed for Brawl was MEGA MAN ALL UP IN YA SMASH BROS. SUCKA!!! The internet died but somebody had the Phoenix Down so we were good after the shock. Mega Man looks damn good and it seems that Capcom is doing right by the Blue Bomber by letting this happen. He seems to be kitted up for the fight. Mega Man is bringing the following Robot Master weapons to Brawl with him. Super Arm (MM1), Metal Blades & Crash/Clash Bomber & Leaf Shield (Also a weapon used in his VS series appearances)(MM2), Spark Shock (Functions as Spark Man would use it), Top Spin & Hard Knuckle (MM3), Flame Blast (Functions similarly as Flame Man would use it) (MM6), Slash Claw (MM7) & Flame Sword (MM8). Mega Man 4, 5, Rockman & Forte, 9 & 10 aren't represented and looking at those games would bring more Robot Master weapons he could use. Some examples that could work in the game are the Charge Kick (MM5), Astro Crush (MM8), Copy Vision (Rockman & Forte), Black Hole Bomb (MM9) & Rebound Striker (MM10). Also it would seem that Mega Man uses a tornado of some sort in the air but nobody can confirm if it is the Air Shooter (MM2) or Tornado Blow (MM9). I could also see some of Mega Man's arsenal be "pallet swapped" for other similar weapons which would add a bit of fun to the character. Mega Man is an awesome inclusion and I as many Smash fans are so happy to welcome him.

For a while the streets praised the inclusion of Mega Man. However there was one more newcomer and I'll be one to admit I never saw it coming.

THE WII FIT TRAINER! This character represents what the series is all about. Unpredictability! These games are designed to have fun and sometimes to have fun you have to think and step outside of the box. She seems to be a wonderful fit in the game and she as well is welcomed with open arms to the Smash family!

After that Sakurai sat down with the world and discussed at length all the new we know so far about the game. A wonderful watch for all fans!

This was Nintendo and even though the stream initially was bad is that they brought reasons why if you own a Wii U you should be ready for more and if you haven't why you should. The future is looking bright for Nintendo for the immediate future and where they go from here is anyone's guess.

After digesting the news I went around and uploaded trailers from the hoopla that wasn't featured in somebody's briefing.

There was some Dragon's Crown which is looking better every time I see it. Must be the hype closing in!

Another look at Castle of Illusion HD which is looking wonderful as well. I might run the OG version back before that drops.

A reminder that 1.5 HD ReMIX is still coming out over here soon. Now waiting for 2.5!

And the same reminder that X & X-2 HD Remastered is still coming complete with the Zanarkand scene that still can get me to tear up!

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z is something special I'll tell you what. Just my type of game is all.

There's also Toukiden which may not have that name when it drops on Vita later this year in MURICA!

Not only are you blessed with the return of Girl Fight XXX featuring Momiji & Kasumi, you also get the official Leon confirm and Rachel from Ninja Gaiden who seems to be sporting a modified Nicole moveset is here as well. Wonder why Irene isn't here?

We also got a new class confirm for EDF4...THE AIR RAIDER! LOOKING SICK!!!

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 is confirmed for MURICA and I have to assume another digital release with no VA from the dub.

For something that was nowhere near LA this week a new JJBA All-Star Battle trailer with some confirms of confirms. Watch for more.

And that was E3 from my view. Who won? Who lost? What I loved? What I loathed? You'll have to wait for me and the #TeamGRF crew to talk about it all! Can't wait for that to pop off!

Since this was E3 week I didn't get a lot done on the other side of the ball.

I watched and read the usual stuff with Bleach being the mindblower this week having me wondering what's happening next. OG Team 7 showed out this week in a way that fans can be proud. Game of Thrones is setting up for the you know what. Burn Notice is getting interesting and with no real idea where the show is going from here should be a wild ride for the finale. And tonight is the return of True Blood. After the wild way Season 5 ended I'm so ready to find out what's happening next with those folks in Bon Temps.

I'm really considering trying to finally finish Mega Man Zero. I played a bit last night and I have to say I need a Gamecube Digital Controller AKA the Hori Game Boy Player Controller. The regular GC controller is decent but for a game like MMZ or Metroid I need that level of precision that only a controller brings and having big hands for a small handheld doesn't help matters. I'm also ready to hit that The Last of Us but actually hitting it seems to be something different entirely. And I downloaded Tekken Revolution but have not yet played it. Maybe this week maybe. One can hope.

So with that time to show the world what I watched on YouTube this week.

New DBZ Abridged? Yep. Still one of the best things this planet has to offer us? Yep.

This new episode of Pokemon Abridged confirms what we already know. Everybody in that show is crazy, a rapist or sometimes both!

Here, have speed running brothers break Sonic 3 & Knuckles for a great cause!

Raisi K. doing what Raisi K. does, making hot tracks. Just so happens to be a remix of Roundball Rock. You know it better as the NBA on NBC theme. (Note to self, pull out Dreamcast for that and Blitz 2000!)

I'd like to thank Baagful for doing the work of wonderful people and re-hosting all 3 days of the Giant Bomb After Hours show because Twitch be so ass all the time except when it isn't when it usually is. If you haven't watched any of this then you may want to. Expert analysis from experts!

Seems like it has been forever and a day since we've had more of Porkchop & Flatscreen but here's 22 minutes of it. Such a fan of this and all of Emezie's work. Wonderful job!! Also just so happens to be a fan of what I do.

I'm done. Longer than average episode of #TheCool but glad it's in the bag. Like I said, really hoping to get something out this week and getting the #TeamGRF crew together for our E3 analysis like only we can bring it to you!

So as usual thanks for kicking it with your folks for a while and experiencing my Higher Brain Patterns! Make sure to be back next week for another episode of #TheCool!

Your week from my point of view!

-Triple Da G.O.D

P.S: Happy Father's Day to those who deserve the day! If not then step your weight up!!

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