Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Cool: It's A Family Affair

Sunday as usual and #TheCool is in FULL EFFECT MODE and we're back to the normal flow of things with E3 in our rear view. And of course before we get down to business I do have to talk about M$' complete 180 on all that always online stuff that nobody agreed with. I for one am glad that they rethought something that never should've crossed anyone's mind to begin with. However, some of the more interesting concepts like no discs for playing the game and the sharing concepts at this time seem to have gone with the good. I really hope that some balance is struck between the extreme of everything and the same old hat. Where Sony sits is still a mystery to all and it would be nice for Sony to clear the air so that consumers are informed. The great news on both ends is that both the PS4 & #XBONE is REGION FREE GAMING IS OFFICIAL! And for someone who's a heavy importer really opens my library for both systems without having to do something extra to get to that state. One can only hope that the Wii U gets to that same point but I highly doubt that this'll happen before someone hacks that and the 3DS. This incoming generation and what it offers is ever changing and will stay in constant flux for a long time after they've launched. And I as always am an interested party in watching the evolution of it all.

Initial thoughts, down. Pimping incoming. After 2 weeks of nothing #TeamGRF has plenty this week and I'm glad to be back to work in some fashion.

I got a chance to finally get my little cousins some shine as we played some Brawl. I'm really happy to know that they're excited that they have content on YouTube and they want to do more and more will be done. Be expecting that.

Finally I was able to get more of the crew involved and I'm excited for the prospect of doing more with the rest of the team. We talk all about E3 2013 and so much more. As usual we bring the hilarity along with our serious opinions about the stuff we happen to speak of. More features with the rest of the crew along with J & I continuing the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject coming soon as well.

And don't forget that #DoaGHThaDOJO is steadily dropping crack like always. E3 pushed the drops back a bit but I'm slowly but surely catching up. You know how to find it and what we do so no reason to repeat it.

Pimping done. Gaming wrap up, now!

Seems like the place to start is the confirm, confirm, confirm of General Zod for Injustice. I gotta say I'm pretty hyped for Zod after seeing his gameplay. He has some weird control of the Phantom Zone that has me very, very hyped to play with him. I'm hoping that what happened with Scorpion happens with Zod with those with the Season Pass get early access to him this week coming. Zod does drop for everybody on July 2nd!

Speaking of the DC Universe a new trailer for Arkham City Origins. Just more of fleshing the premise of $50 Million on Batman's head. I haven't really seen anything for the Vita/3DS version which is way different from the console versions. It is supposed to have a "Metroidvania" feel to it which seems interesting in concept for the series. Executing it is another story entirely.

Hopping from one throwback experience to another is that we got the 1st teaser for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. Nothing but a teaser but hyped for it anyway and also just for mentioning sake is that the 1st one is on the way to PS3/Vita this week and I'll finally get a chance to experience it. I'll report back on that on the next installment if I get around to playing it.

From violence on human beings to exterminating a bug menace. Here's another look at EDF4/2025's 1st trailer with more footage. Enjoy that. You really should.

No segue needed is just this is a reminder for all my people with a Vita is that Malicious Rebirth is still coming. That's all.

Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers. CyberConnect2 is taking the UNS Engine for another spin with another anime license. I'll play it like I always do. Which reminds me that I need to do a Triple Da God Explains It All on .hack//Versus because I know the streets need that right?

Dragon Ball Z is back with another fighting game that isn't Zenkai. However, Battle of Z looks great so far because I'm reminded with how the battle system works of Legends a bit. So while hype for that I still need to import Ultimate Budoten for DS because that game is true sequel to Hyper Dimension which still stands as one of the best games with the DBZ license in the forever. Of course my eyes are on it.

In our HD Classics corner is that Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara is out and as much as I want it I want this instead...

What you're looking at now is the e-Capcom limited edition version of this game which from what I've learned is way different from the version out now. This version is actually being hooked up by those who made it in the first place and adding options like having all 4 players being the same class and more as it would be assumed to be coming. Whether or not the version out will have these additions via a patch later down the line is unknown as well.

And the above is a playlist so be sure to check out all the Class Spotlights for all the playable classes in Shadows over Mystara.

That was gaming this week. So what happened with the things I watched & read this week?

Billith. Ultimate Mega Insane Swerve! 2 Zanpakutos? Sasuke's true nature? And not everything is what it seems even if it seems that way.

I also got a chance to get back into Anima: Ark of Sinners. There's good and there's bad. When I finish it just expect a review explaining it all.

As it is customary to do is what I saw on YouTube.

A speedrun of Super Meat Boy? Who thought such a thing was even possible.

Maybe this should've been in the gaming portion but here's some gameplay of JJBA: All Star Battle featuring Buccaratti, Josuke, DIO & Johnathan.


2 Best Sisters Play Persona 4! No more needs to be said.

That's that folks. Out of my head you exit only to come back again really soon. Thank You as always for taking the time out to read my thoughts on the things you did. See you next Sunday for another edition of #TheCool!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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