Saturday, June 1, 2013

The FGC's Road To Redemption?

It would seem that the talk of the week is about how the FGC needs to evolve somehow to get to that next level of E-Sports. And because of the behavior of the community it happens to be holding it back from reaching that next plateau. Thing is that this has been a problem for years and now because your favorite favorite whoever is making a big hoopla about it now that it should be a call to arms to straighten up and fly right I guess. The thing is that when the shine wasn't on the FGC this same behavior was looked past for the most part and there were the limits that everybody respected and they were respected. Now that the public eye is here is that those same things are looked down upon and shamed but not for the reasons that they should be. And this is where the problem lies. If the community is going to move any further then the first step is just to tell the truth and stand on it.

The FGC as it were hasn't been a community in a while. It has been since the dawn of SF4 changing everything...a business. The thing is nobody who's in it with some business ties will never admit this because of the implications it brings. Everyday in the FGC or the FGB as it were is that business decisions are made and they aren't hard to spot if you have the eye and mind for it. The game has now become exploit or be exploited and it is a shame this is the game but it is in fact the game. Worst part is that those being exploited have no idea or even care that they are. And this is where the other problem lies, personal responsibility.

It becomes so easy to place blame but not take any for yourself. I understood what my personal responsibility was to this community and still is. It is one of the main reasons DoaGH Tha DOJO even exists. And why I put my all in writing those articles for Super Dragon Ball Z & Street Fighter EX. It's there to show folks that even though things are stuffed down your throat from up high doesn't mean that it isn't the only thing that's out there for you for you to learn about, play and enjoy. This community is reason why I have an opportunity to reach people so even though I'm not in agreement with everything done it is a community I still consider myself a part of.

The other way I take personal responsibility is how I fully utilize my resources. I choose very carefully what I speak about, watch, support, stand behind and what I spend my money on. I understand fully that because this is a business is that I have to think about the business of ME and how that all works out. I have to say is that I'm not into retweeting you and feeding the drama. I choose very carefully who's stream I'm watching, who I'm subscribed to Youtube and whether or not you'll get that view you need to cash out and equally so what games I support when I upload videos to my various channels. I can't really say if I'll buy that shirt or stick you're selling. I'm not really concerned that your cousin Timmy has a brain aneurism or about your Kickstarter for whatever it is you need this week.

And you want to know why? I know that my attention and my money is power and I respect it as such. I know that I have the power of choice about who and what I support. The problem then lies in the fact that people have stopped thinking for themselves and this isn't just in the FGC. It is everywhere in the world right now. Instead of making the decisions about what you want to learn about and experience you wait for somebody to tell you instead of making the pilgrimage and finding out for yourself. And that same energy focused on those same somebodies you're waiting for an answer from about what to do next could be just as easily focused into your own evolution as a person, player and community member. Because while you're focused on them and not making any forward progress at all they're doing them and steadily advancing themselves and I can guarantee you that they aren't concerned about you in the least because that is the way of the world you live in. In truth, once you lose yourself to something or someone else then you lose you and that isn't something anyone can afford to lose.

At the end of the day we all need to find a way to be completely honest about what we do and why. This starts with each of us individually and once we all figure that out for ourselves we can move together as united front. The way it should be.

This the first time I've spoken so candidly and 100% truthfully about how I feel about things. I always tend to want to say something but pull back or hint toward and let inferences tell it. This is me taking personal responsibility for my feelings for a community I know I have a responsibility to. I'll do what I think is best for me for the community and hope it fits with the vision of a community we can all be proud of.

-Triple Da G.O.D

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