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The Cool: Failure Due To Manufacturer Defect

The Cool back up you know where for a Sunday recap before the party gets going. Expect a blowout edition of The Cool next time and the sequel to something special.

With no lead off story this week that won't be covered by the planned E3 coverage we'll get to the reason for no pimping this week and your spiffy title. Long story short, one of my hard drives failed and because of this some previously completed work was lost. I was able to salvage something from it and I may put up the salvaged stuff up on the page just because. All that was lost however is easy to run back because of some precautions I took while doing it so I may try to slip something up during the E3 hoopla or just wait until next week and spread the uploads out then. Decision's still out. This isn't my first rodeo and you'd think I'd learn by now that nothing is made of any decent quality anymore and I'd do other things to make sure that doesn't happen. Precautions have already been taken so this isn't something that happens in the future. Forward and forward more!

Now that I've had my Confessions (Remix) time, let us get to the gaming portion of our broadcast.

In a week fighting games went from having no major F2P titles to 2 of them announced right before E3. DoA5: Core Fighters was the first the drop the bomb and it isn't anything but DoA5: Ultimate in a F2P package which will release along side it on the same day it drops on retail. When it comes to Core Fighters you start with the quadorgy of ninjas, Ryu, Ayane, Hayate & Kasumi and after that you can buy individual characters for $4 each & Story Mode for $15 (Cost subject to change). So if you main one of the four ninjas or willing to drop some cash on the characters you like. Core Fighters will come out alongside Ultimate on September 3rd. If you want to read more about the compare and contrast of everything Dead or Alive 5 then HERE IS WHERE YOU NEED TO BE!

The other fighter going F2P is Tekken with Revolution dropping this week on the 11th on PSN. This game will have 8 initial characters (Kazuya Mishima, Paul Phoenix, Emilie "Lili" de Rochefort, Marshall Law, Asuka Kazama, Steve Fox, Alisa Bosconvich & Lars Alexandersson with Jin Kazama, King the Third & Jack-6 being hinted at coming soon.) and seems to be a heavy modification of the 1v1 battles from Tekken Tag Tournament 2. It would seem you use BIKE MONEY to power your characters up. I'll be getting this most definitely and I'll report back my findings when I do.

The thing is F2P fighting games have been a thing for a long time in various forms. Recently done by some game the streets call "King of Combat." I'm from the Old School when we called Xuan Dou Zhi Wang as Flip Bucket, created fake Chinese IDs and loved every second of it! #XDZWHipster. The thing with XDZW is that it does F2P fighter good because the fighter that you play for free is damn competent. It's always balancing and adding new things at every turn to keep the masses hooked. With Core Fighters & Revolution coming is it that fighting games have found their new way to be profitable? The good and bad that comes from that is yet to be seen however if this is the gateway to bring new players in then do that. As I am who I am I'll be watching this closely because that's what I do.

Going from F2P fighters to money well spent when it comes to the Season Pass of Injustice. Not a fighter that is F2P with DLC Character #3 that isn't a DC Character at all! It's the "One Guest Character" straight from MK...SCORPION! When this was confirmed confirmed saying that people weren't fans of the decision at all wouldn't even start to cover all the hate this got. Fast forward to the beginning of the week when Season Pass holders were treated to some love with Scorpion a week early. Once people got their hands on him the all that hate turned into mostly love for what was available to them now. And after taking him for a spin I definitely feel the same. NRS did everything they could and succeeded at making Scorpion work in Injustice and it may be a peek into the future of MK. All we wait for now is the Zod confirm confirm and the trailer hints at Martian Manhunter as well so this DLC train isn't coming to a stop anytime soon.

Speaking of things on fire, let us take a second to make sure we're on the same page to say the following. MIGHTY SWITCH FORCE 2 COMES OUT JUNE 13TH IN MURICA AND JUNE 27TH IN EUROPE ON THE 3DS AND IF YOU HAVE SAID SYSTEM YOU BETTER COP THIS OR BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN! HORRIBLE THINGS!

This has been a Triple Da G.O.D Threatens You To Do The Right Thing Moment! Thank You For Your Time!

From a world on fire to something the breathes it. The Dragon's Crown intro is above you. Watch it or something. Obligatory humongous boobs and thighs! HELL YEAH!

Now to someone who's the lord of a place on fire which the DLC character we spoke about earlier is allegedly from. The new trailer for Lords of Shadow 2 is something. That something being very interesting. I really enjoyed the turn the first took and this one is doubling down on it. And looking really good to boot. Will be out later this year.

Staying below ground but rising up a bit we have the latest character spotlight for TMNT: Out of the Shadows featuring Donatello. The long range bruiser he's always been on the gaming side of things and that doesn't seem to have changed at all. The more and more I see of this game, the more promise I see in it. Will it live up to that promise? We shall see really soon.

If we step up a bit from the sewers after the trip to Hell we just so happen to land straight into the world of Charlie Murder. This game is created by Ska Studios the creators of The Dishwasher games on XBLA in which the sequel is getting a port to PC. There's a whole other story behind that we shouldn't get into. GDSD for more. Back on topic, Charlie Murder has been labeled by the creators as a BrawlPG. A beat-em-up with the RPG elements, get it? However as I've been keeping tabs on this game it has come a long way from almost being on XBLIG to what we'll soon get. If it wasn't on your radar before you can thank me that it is now.

Speaking of murder, it happens to be time for our Killer is Dead moment with a brand new trailer about stuff that Killer is Dead is about.

There was some other stuff that dropped this week via 4Gamer and it's a whole lot of gameplay footage that you know I haven't seen. So if you want a peek at it then go HERE! You're welcome!

And something about Ichigo Kurosaki & Kenshin Himura joing the cast of J-Stars Victory VS. NO YUSUKE URAMESHI NO BUY!! REAL FUCKING TALK MY NIGGA!!

There were some other things talked about this week but because some of these things will be covered all week and in the next episode I figured I'd skip them. I'm hype as fuck for these things and I will be doing my live tweeting thing of all my E3 findings as I find them. So be watching for that.

With that time to hip the streets on what I read and watched and this was another week of no marathon because of the HD failure and with E3 on the horizon I might not be able to fit one in this week coming either but you never know. If anything you'll be seeing me watching an underrated classic in...Sheep in the Big City! When I do get around to watching it I'll give my take on it.

Everything else can be summed up like this. Red Wedding! Guantanamo Baytrice, Cubeatrice! The beginning of the end of yogurt time! How in the fuck can you be everything in this shit and technically be the final boss at the same damn time? And ninjas doing their best to show off as much as Dolph Ziggler. #BigELangston

So now the new old custom before I send you about your way is a couple of videos from Youtube that I enjoyed this week.

#DoaGHThaDOJO is always proud to showcase and present...BattleFantasia. Not a secret how much I love this game and wish more people played it. So watch more of it. And there's more coming so stay tuned to the channel.

Viewer Discretion is Advised. Or not. You've been warned. If you so happen to do bodily harm to yourself after viewing we at #TeamGlobalRapeForce & Savage Myndz Entertainment are not liable or held responsible for whatever shit you do because you've watched. Thanks!

Vinesauce corrupts a classic and hilarity ensues!

Someone sings a reworked version of Bloody Stream (JJBA's 2nd Opening Theme) in English!

This video took me for a trip. Back to my high school lunch room. Spitting flows and whatnot. Killing the beat. Good times and feels.

A new episode of Yu-Gi-Oh GX: The Abridged Series! Just what I always wanted.

One of the greatest games of all time being played blindfolded! You read that right. All of it. Even I learned some new tricks I may be displaying soon via your favorite Let's Play series in the universe.

And Pony + Other Stuff That Isn't Pony = DAT AWESOME!!

Now go and get out my head. You'll be back tomorrow when I take a hard look at the PrE3 Nintendo Direct not live from E3. I'll be live tweeting and uploading all the trailers for all this crack Nintendo will be dropping. So be sure to make your way back here tomorrow at some point in time.

As always, thanks for spending some time with your folks and as said above I'll see you tomorrow if Nintendo doesn't megaton it off the planet! Until then!

-Triple Da G.O.D


Kiefer Sutherland is Big Boss. That happened. Let us move on.

Peace Out!

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