Wednesday, March 30, 2016

#TheCool: Crossovers Are Very Hard Work!





Before we get to the business at hand is there's some new work in the streets straight from #TeamGRF that truly you should be aware of if you weren't previously!

J wanted to play The Punisher so we played The Punisher! We'll be playing more of this soon!

You'll be seeing the playthrough sooner than you think! For right now enjoy me beasting J & Deep Scan!

Gotta teach our history to our future! There's more here than a bootleg version of Champion Edition! You'll see soon!

After we finished recording the Koryu vid is we got to the main event of the evening...Battle Stadium D.O.N! Love this game and still do and I was glad to get the crew on it with me! I'll be reviewing this soon. As I should've done 7 years ago!

As promised, the other 2 videos of Robeness247's decent into the Battle Maison! If you want more content from Robeness247 then you want THIS HERE!

We've all have to start somewhere!

Be proud you started and make damn sure you finish!




In your hood right now is Hyrule Warriors Legends on 3DS! More characters, more action and you can even bring Linkle to the Wii U version because that's what you should really want!

In other news, Link's dream girl Marin from Link's Awakening is coming the Hyrule Warriors as well. Shame the shopkeeper didn't get in and if Link doesn't get Bow-Wow as a weapon then I'm not going to be happy!

Also in your hood right now is Gust's Nights of Azure on PS4! Go get this game now! Please and Thank You!

Alex is in Street Fighter V along with most of the stuff that should've shipped with the game. HYPER BOMB!

Killer Instinct Season 3 is out as well with Mira in April and Gargos in May.


The Replacement Blue! March 31st! The end is blue!

HunieCam Studio is April 4th!

Make her happy!

Keep them spending!

Stay rich if you can!

June 7th is Odin Sphere Leifthrasir and it's just a reminder that every great hustler has to learn how to cook and serve that work!

Learn how!

You get that Athena's confirmed for $FREE.99! You'll have to pick up the latest update to the KoF XIV #PocketChange article for everything else!

With Eyes of Heaven on the way to us is a look at the playable cast of Battle Tendency is in order!

April 12th brings DLC Pack 2 to Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 and with a side story for Gaara, a costume for Sasuke, Team Jutsus for Team Guy (Lee, Neji & Ten Ten), Rock Lee & Might Guy and Sasuke & Itachi as well. There's some additional stuff there as well and it's all yours for $9.99.

Don't forget that there's a Season Pass for PS4XBONE & Steam for $19.99 which gets you all 3 DLC Packs and a Team Jutsu for the members of the Akatsuki as well. Also buying all 3 seperately gets you the same bonus. Consider the math on that one though. Your choice.



Kamen Rider Ghost: Tokon Boost DLC for Battride War Genesis is now available for $FREE.99!

Go get your DLC now for PS4, PS3 & Vita!

Ako & Lucian from Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? are now a part of Fighting Climax Ignition for ¥800 on PS4, PS3 & Vita!

There's a new set of crossover costumes with Samurai Warriors to celebrate Naotora Ii's inclusion in the 5th Fame Douglas Tournament of Champions!

Scroll down. Highlight the pictures. Learn who's who. Afterward I'll have the part where I talk numbers!

You can get a single costume for $1.99 or the set of 30 for $36.99.

You can pick up the set on PS4, XBONE & Steam.

Naotora Ii also dropped on Steam for the same price she did on consoles and you can pick up the set HERE. You can also read the last installment of #TheCool for more information about her appearance on the console versions.

More information about these DLCs can be found HERE.

As a man of my word is here are the links for HK version of Xtreme 3!

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune HK PSN

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Venus HK PSN

Another week equals more Estival Versus DLC content!

Thanks to XSEED's Senran Kagura Facebook Page for the following visual aids!

Here's a look at everything in Accessory Set 2!

All items in Accessory Set 2 cost $0.99 a piece!

You can pick up Accessory Set 2 on PS4 & Vita for $6.99!

Here's a look at everything in Costume Set 2!

Each individual costume is $1.99 a piece!

You can pick up Costume Set 2 for PS4 & Vita for $7.99!

Usually this is the part where I say pick the Week 2 Mega Bundle for PS4 & Vita for $14.99!

However, you can save a pretty penny and I mean a pretty penny if you buy both sets separately.

I do mean actually $0.01 by buying them separately!

Never say TDG ain't out here saving you THAT CASH MONAY!

On top of that the Week 2 Mega Bundle doesn't have all the items in it as of now so it works out anyway.

If you do buy it is the bundle will be fixed when the next time PSN updates so your call on that!

If you're looking to add a new lady to your Estival Versus roster then let me introduce you to Ayame! Not to be confused with Ayane who's coming soon!

If this is what you wish for then you can pick her up for $3.99 on PS4 & Vita!

If you're looking for some additional story content then you can pick up the Dual Blooming Hearts DLC on PS4 & Vita for $4.99!

If you're looking for the music from Shinovi Versus then pick up the BGM pack for $4.99 on PS4 & Vita!

Also if you were looking for the Pit Girl outfit individually is you can pick that up on PS4 & Vita for $2.49!

DLC in the Summer Time!



Still in the lab figuring out what #TeamGRF is going to bring to the streets next! Know that heat is on the way!

The world of watching stuff has become and interesting place with stuff coming and going in the next couple of weeks so this will be fun!

MLP Season 6 is here and that was an episode that hit home for a special reason.

I remember little man's first couple of weeks and how sleep deprived we both were. So much so I fell asleep at work because I was up for 3 straight days! Wouldn't trade that time for anything though!

Regardless of such is I see where the show wants to go but the question is can it get there? We've got a whole season to find out!

Black Sails is done and that whole season was on point and they're setting those building blocks to what it is we're familiar with and it'll get a whole lot worse before it gets better! Can't wait for Season 4!

I finally got around to finishing Marco Polo because that Battle Stadium D.O.N video took about 5 hours to render and another 4 to get it on YouTube! Watch this show! You've got plenty of time with Season 2 premiering in 2017 so get into this show ASAP!

The crossover episode with the '87 Turtles happened and it was just a retread of what Turtles Forever already did! This could've been something great and I'm hoping with what it did do is it is building up to that something great!

Supergirl X Flash or the #KarryPowerHour was a better crossover than TMNT however it seemed a bit disjointed and the build could've been better.

This started with them revealing the crossover itself the way it did. That episode of The Flash with that small peek at Supergirl should've happened first and then the reveal that it was happening not soon after that. It didn't help that the episodes didn't match either so the build to it happening was lost as well.

I also understand how this had to come together so quickly so I can understand how this final product as a whole may not reflect how this happens in the future however this episode gave a lot of hope for a future where Supergirl is part of the Arrowverse and they've got plenty of ways to make this happen so here's hoping they do sooner rather than later!

The Zyuohger & Ghost crossover episodes were something. I get why it wasn't like they have been in the past simply because of the Kamen Rider 1 movie being what it is versus what the movies usually are in this instance.

However, both sides to "the crossover" were just pure laziness in every way possible and could've been just regular episodes of the respective shows without the element ever even being introduced. They could've saved this until later in the season for Ghost given the pace of the show. Just a bad scene all around. Allegedly there's going to be some payoff for this down the line so hopefully somebody pays me for the time I sunk into watching both episodes even though I do that anyway.

Justice League vs Teen Titans was the business but not for the reason you might think.

For the reason that you may be thinking is this movie is damn good! Did the characters and the story it was based on believable justice with what they had to work with! A must watch!

For the reason that's far away from your mind is that this movie did the one thing I secretly wanted it up to a run at The Judas Contract which is one of my favorite comic stories!

I honestly think if they would've went at this a couple of years ago like it was planned is it wouldn't be as good as it has the possibility of being with what's there now! They have the world, characters and a cast who can do that story justice. This isn't saying the OG Teen Titans cartoon didn't do so when they did it however the world they've built here can house the crazy that story dives deep into. I just hope they pull the trigger on doing it!

In other news, the returns are real! We got Empire, Archer, Banshee, The Vampire Diaries & The Originals on deck with more to follow!

The Usual Suspects are about to be at full power! I! CAN'T! WAIT!!!!



Botchamania 302!

SSFF with another episode of Punching Weight all about Resident Evil!

A new episode of Lindbeck & Lee where we find out who really is a Chubby Bunny! Featuring Breece Peepenbreek!

I'm feeling this remix of Jazzy NYC! Good on you Street Fighter V! Good on you!

I can respect the hustle on doing it for what you believe in! Godspeed Mega64!

I hope Vince knows that "You Can (Not) Redo!"

We'll find out Sunday if that's true!

One way or the other!

Our #ThrowbackClassic is Epic Rage Time: The Incredible Derp by Alligator Tub Productions featuring Grey DeLisle-Griffin as Derpy!

This came from a time where there was always fanmade Pony content until Hasbro put the quick chill on that! This isn't saying that it has come to a complete standstill but the fervor that was there to make these types of projects is long gone I see! A shame really!

If you're seeking a different look at Epic Rage Time then maybe XScourgeTailsX can assist!

I won't even say it!

Just watch some EX2+ from Game A-cho and be amazed!

That shall be that!

We thank you as always for riding with us!

It is appreciated more than you know!

Tell friends and enemies alike how we do!

New content from the #ModernDayVikingGang is always real and is always coming! Stay tuned!

The next shall be just that!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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