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#TheCool: The Legend of Midna: Twilight G.O.D! HD





It's a number. A big one. A number I knew was possible. A number that means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things when I know that I value quality over quantity.

I'm just an entity who wants to document his life for his son. I'm just an entity who wants to share writing those entries in that diary with those I treasure most. I'm just an entity who wishes to teach those that want to be taught so that my son has a true fighting chance at tomorrow. That's what this is, was and will always be.

So from #TeamGRF to you...THANK YOU!

Before we get to the business at hand is there's some new work in the streets straight from #TeamGRF that truly you should be aware of if you weren't previously!

Lucky for you that we're giving you another shot to correct this! We would heavily advise you take the second chance you've been given! See you on the other side of the looking glass!




There was a Nintendo Direct and things were said. There was only one thing said that actually mattered to me...


The question is will this come to Steam as well?

No release date as of yet but I'll keep you posted!

In your hood right now is The Legend of Midna: Twilight Bae Waifu Princess Queen!

Summer's coming on the 15th so with that being said make an attempt to get cozy with the ladies of Hanzō National Academy & Gessen Girls' Academy!

Don't forget if you want to play as the Ikki Tousen characters you can pick up the Sakura Edition in Japan on the 17th!

Later Days!

The 24th keeps the summer flavor going with a 4th trip to Zack Island in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3! For now enjoy the sights and a spotlight on Kokoro for good measure!

The 28th brings Season 3 of Killer Instinct and it'll include Rash, Kim Wu, Arbiter & Tusk at launch with more coming later.

May 17th is Valkyria Chronicles Remastered filled with all the special weapons and tactics!

June 9th is Gyakuten Saiban 6 and Maya's back and we all love that!

In the meanwhile you can get a taste of the game with an online demo HERE!

Object that!

Nioh looks amazing! What else can I say than I want this right now! Release date when I know it.

The DLC for Battride War Genesis is coming!

Spectre drops on the 10th!

The 17th is all about Chaser!

The 24th is Ghost Tokon Boost day!

All of it's free so if you have the game then why not snatch it!

I'll have the links as they drop.

Fighting Climax is on sale via PSN on PS3 for $28.39 & Vita for $19.79.

Do what you wish with this information.



Season 1 of The Muppets and I'm a bit mixed on how the back half went down simply because I appreciated how the show was before it changed. There was too much of a turn too soon on what they wanted to do and I appreciate the show's new turn. Will it carry over into Season 2 is anybody's guess.

Rosewood came back hard and I'm just glad to have something to watch alongside Arrow on Wednesday's. That'll change on the 30th with the return of Empire so let's just enjoy the peace while we have it.

Everybody needs to be on Hap & Leonard! For a show I took a chance on is that I want more right this second! Get this on your radar's ASAP!

I thought Once Upon a Time was something that we'd be covering in the next installment but it rolled back on Sunday and where they're going with the 2nd half of the season was something I didn't see coming at all! The show never fails to deliver the goods so I see this being no exception to that in any way.

As usual, I give love to The Usual Suspects for doing what they do the best! Your sacrifice to my entertainment is more than appreciated!



It's time! Michiru, Haruka & Hotaru time! April 23rd! Season 3! Get ready!

I wish to watch this! This will do the anniversary of the franchise justice! Thank You Yu-Gi-Oh!

I don't know if I'm calling Quick Look of the Year on this one but to quote Jeff Gerstmann "The opening to [Double Dragon II] is the fucking rawest shit ever committed to any medium ever!" The goodness starts at 16:50!

Speaking of it looks like the beef between Ryckert & Klepek is over after Patrick failed to defeat the monstrosity that's known as The Armageddan!

So Patrick lost his goatee, has to write a 10 page report on the RAW he went to and got roasted by The New Day for the cherry on top!

Even with Ryckert & Austin Creed setting aside differences for a worthier cause is they'll soon lock horns again in Mario Kart Double Dash at PAXAMANIA II on April 24th!

For now, desk has conquered Street Fighter V and you can watch all the madness above!

Brickroad played the 1st 6 Mega Man games. Thought you might want to know it happened.

I agree video, Laura Bailey for Queen of the Multiverses! I'd vote for that if I wasn't already in the running. Shouts to mattybuttito MB for the sequel!

FGB, thanks for reminding me that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder!

That shall be that!

You saw the title and you know what comes next!

I'm slanging Midna and Midna related art related accessories because I can do that because I can do that!


This right here is a throwback and the first piece of Midna art I ever featured by Slugbox! This art was featured in the installment of #TheCool entitled "K.A.R.M.A!" So nice I had to feature it twice!

Speaking of and keeping it a bit relevant is here's a Kirlia that's been touched by the twilight also by Slugbox!

If you want more of Slugbox then check the Patreon, Tumblr, deviantArt and!

Shots to Shad for this throwback that was featured in #TheCool installment "Winter Mid-Term Wrap Up!" that just the reminder that two great tastes do taste great together or known as the Chicken Wings & Nacho Cheese theory!

If you need more from Shad then check the Patreon@Shadbase on Twitter &!

Thanks to 空坊主 for a bit of Midna duality! I love how colorful it is compared to most Midna art I see so that's why it got the tap for the feature!

If you want more then check the Pixiv@solabozu on Twitter & the website as well!

Thanks to 優海 for this piece! I'm feeling the colors on this one too. Stark contrast from what I usually see!

Want more then check the Pixiv@yu_nagi718 on Twitter for just that!

Shouts to Average-Hanzo for the "you know" because of the "you know" because "YOU KNOW!"

More of the "you know" can be found on Pixiv!

Shouts to Maniacpaint for this one because more of that "YOU KNOW!" is never a bad thing!

More's on Patreon, Pixiv, deviantArt, Tumblr@BlueDem84247692 on Twitter!

Thanks to おデン for the reminder of why Midna is indeed the bestest! That you know you want it smirk THO!

More on Pixiv@o__den on Twitter & the website too if you so desire!

Shouts to SpectoruMato for this Midna overload!

Starting to get the picture?

More can be found on Pixiv, deviantArt & Tumblr!

Shouts to Inuki for BEST END because I'd write it this way if I had a choice!

Hit up Patreon and the Tumblr for more!

New episode of the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject is on the way so be looking for it and some other stuff as well!

As usual, thanks for riding with us and be sure to tell friend and foe alike how we do the damn thing around here!

Be ready to catch us when we do this thing next!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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