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#TheCool: My Xtreme Island Harem and Me!





Before we get to the business at hand is there's some new work in the streets straight from #TeamGRF that truly you should be aware of if you weren't previously!

You did it!


However, the #ModernDayVikingGang is in no way done with Streets of Rage!

We'll be checking in periodically with special playthroughs and reviews so be watching for that!

Thank You for waiting 6 years for this to get done!

With Streets of Rage in the "rearview" is the next logical step would be to take a look at Dynamite Deka AKA Die Hard Arcade!

This is the Sega Ages 2500 version on PS2 and is the definitive way to experience this game! So either import the PS2 version or CLICK THIS to buy the PS2 Classics version on PS3!

You'll need a Japanese account to do so but for ¥500 yen and no need to pull a PS2 out like we did is something worth considering!

With The A-Factor & Robeness247 in tow is we take #TheBattleChronicles to the world of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 and fun was had & violence unleashed! We'll be back to this game and other games in the series as well really soon!

Speaking of Robeness247 is this is one of the videos in question that he needed me to upload for him and when the rest become available then I'll let you know!

Check out his YouTube channel HERE!

Then J & I actually played Dynamite Deka!

Shouts to Great Grandaddy Mendoza AKA OG Wolf Hongo for showing us a good time until we had to beat his old ass!

It gets better after that but you'll need to tune in to the show to see what and how it goes down!

Please join us won't you!




Today, we go back to our home away from home on Zack Island as 9 ladies gather for all the fun she wants to have when Fame Douglas isn't involved in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 for PSFortune & PSVenus!






All you need to get started is a Hong Kong PSN accont and it isn't too hard to get one of those and some cash for it!

HK PSFortune Version 

HK PSVenus Version


Welcome Samurai Warriors' own Naotora Ii to the 5th Fame Douglas Tournament of Champions!

You can get the character for $5.99!

Any of her 5 additional DLC costumes for $1.99 a piece or all 5 in a pack for $7.99!

The best deal is to get both the character and the costume pack together for $11.99 for PS4 & XBONE!

This content drops on Steam on the 29th so I'll give the heads up on pricing next time but expect it to be mostly this.

More information about DLC for the game can be found HERE!

The final act of BlazBlue: Centralfiction "The Replacement Blue" drops in arcades on March 31st! Let the final battle for blue beating begin!

April 21st is Bullet Girls 2 and it's looking a lot like 1 and that could be good or bad! I'll be judge of that when it drops.

My Hero Academia: Battle for All is May 19th and here's a look at the cast!

May 31st is when it all boils over because One Piece: Burning Blood is going to bring this fight to Marineford and what happens next will change everything!

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is June 7th and maybe you should get to know the characters who share a book of destiny! Meet Gwendolyn the Valkyrie!

Want to learn all about Sylvie and whatever else lies inside?

Then you'll be needing THIS!

Coming soon is Yakuza 0 and the news is that there'll be a physical version as well so rejoice! Maybe there'll be one for 5 as well! One can hope!

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness will be on a PS4 near you later this year so find out what's going on and learn a bit more Fidel & Miki while you're at it!

Just so you know is the some of the Sega 3D Classic games on sale for $3.99!

Scroll through and see what's what because there's more to the story than just that!

Be sure click any pic to be taken to for more information about the game in question.

Here's your fun fact about this sale.

The games that aren't Gunstar Heroes, Streets of Rage 2 & Super Hang-On minus 3D Fantasy Zone: Opa Opa Brothers and the bonus Master System games make up the games of the 1st installment of the Sega 3D Fukkoku Archives!

Don't forget that the 2nd instalment is coming over here as the Sega 3D Classics Collection on April 26th so get the cash ready!

Just to let you know as well is that collection is a must buy for Power Drift alone because the only other competent version of the game exists on the Dreamcast as part of Yu Suzuki Game Works Vol.1 and that is an expensive thing to get your hands on trust me on that. The Saturn port is only 30 FPS if you care but it has a bunch of extra content to balance for that so if you wish you can check that version out as well.

The pics came from and be sure to check out all the current 3DS eShop deals in THIS THREAD over on CAG!

I wanted to tell everybody about this a couple of weeks ago but the videos were made private so I can't report on what I can't show you...UNTIL NOW!

DariusBurst Chronicle Saviours is already out every hood near you and the DLC that offers you the option to pilot other classic ships from other Taito games including the Inter Gray from Night Striker, Black Fly from Metal Black & RVA-818 X-LAY from RayForce is out now as well!

You can pick up each pack individually for $4.99 or pick up the pack with all 3 for $11.99 on PS4 & Steam!

The game is available on Vita as well however as of now the 3 pack doesn't have a link but it is cross-buy so get at it with no fear!

Coming April 7th to Steam at least is the SEGA DLC pack which includes Harrier from Space Harrier, Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone & TRY-Z from Galaxy Force II! I haven't seen a date for the release of this DLC for PS4/Vita but when I know then you will.

The thing that makes this DLC so special is how much attention is paid to each game that's crossing over and this is even given the fact that the only game of the 6 that's actually a horizontal shooter is Metal Black so to see these games really be gateways into the games themselves is mind blowing!

For example, you pick up gold as Opa-Opa so you can buy weapons on the fly!

When you play as the Black Fly is your enemies drop Newalones to power up your shot and there's even some hints of the beam struggle mechanic from Metal Black as well!

The X-LAY's all about that lock-on and to even sweeten the deal one of my jams "Penetration" by Zuntata is the song for the first stage!

Zuntata has been killing it for years and as a collective are responsible for some of the best music to ever grace video games so please do your research if you're not familiar!

This is an example of DLC done right and this should be rewarded by supporting it so more comes!

Can you imagine how deep this crossover hole could go? Cave? Raizing/Eighting?

Space isn't even a limit with what DLC could provide this game as it acts as gateways to more classic shooters!

Thanks, DariusBurst!

If you want more information about this DLC then CLICK THIS!




The Signal Axe says go for $FREE.99 DLC!

PS4PS3 & Vita!


Next up is Ghost: Tokon Boost!

Now summer's begun for real and your waifu of choice wants some new threads and a new do!

So what do you do?

Get the girl what she asks for of course!

I have some visual aids straight from XSEED's Senran Kagura Facebook Page to help us out in this endeavor!

So let me help you keep the lady happy!

Costume Set 1 (PS4 & Vita) for $9.99 which includes...

Nun & Nun's Veil
Cheerleader & Sun Visor
Nurse & Nurse Cap
Petite Devil & Petite Devil Horns
Pit Girl

Accessory Set 1 (PS4 & Vita) $5.99 which includes...

Battle Axe
Bummed Out
Black Bar
Bright Band (L)
Bright Band (S)
Rain Cloud

Hairstyle Set (PS4 & Vita) for $3.99 includes...

Top Knot
Parted Bangs
Cropped Bangs
Loose Perm
Double Buns

Hair Extension Set (PS4 & Vita) for 5.99 includes...

Top Knot Xt.
Side Knot Xt.
Regular Strand
Antennae Strand
Heart Strand
Nostalgic Strand
Ponytail Xt.
Pigtails Xt.
Double Buns Xt.
Double Knot Xt.

And as mentioned in the visual aids is there's a Week 1 Mega Bundle $19.99 (PS4 & Vita) which gets you everything at a $7 discount so use the visual aids to plan your ninja attack if you choose to mount one on this DLC!

Enjoy your summer!



There was more XBOX maintenance because #TeamGRF is preparing to unleash content so I did some research on some games I'd love to share with everybody!

One of those games I'm letting you know is coming is Guardians AKA Denjin Makai 2! That game is a beat-em-up masterpiece! You should really play the 1st one so you can have some appreciation for what 2 gets so right in every way possible! Expect that sooner than you think!

The other one is Armed Police Batrider! One of Raizing's best and is that for all the right reasons!

I've never been good at SHMUPS but I want to get to better at them so I can appreciate them even more than I do now! Showing some love to games in that genre is something I've always wanted to do and will be doing!

Know that Batrider will not be the first. There's a game that has to kick off all of that and that must be played first because I owe that game in particular a whole lot! Expect Batrider and that mystery game when the time comes!

I have covered a shooter before in my long history! I covered Gradius ReBirth as part of an opus of Konami's ReBirth series on Wii way back when. Go search for that if you wish!

In other news, all the superhero shows going dumb right now!

GOT HAM & Supergirl just going stupid and Supergirl's crossover with The Flash is next week and I'm so ready for that!

Speaking of is The Flash, iZombie & Arrow are back this week as we prepare for the onslaught of all the returning shows and the premiers right around the corner!

As usual, we thank The Usual Suspects for doing what they do and know that the sacrifice is appreciated!



Whoever made this is getting blocked on Kamiya's Twitter!

Regardless, the battle lines are drawn as Dante vs Bayonetta and Trish vs Jeanne take center stage on Death Battle! 50% of the participants aren't walking away from this one! The math guarantees such!

Lindbeck & Lee S2 is here and the first set of episodes feature Cristina Vee!

More of this coming soon!

You guys know I don't watch too many streams anymore but it is tradition that I tune into whatever Tekken stream is coming from Final Round and to say that the character select theme from T7 is engraved in my mind is an understatement!

There are very few Stage 1 tracks in video games that nail it but Penetration from RayForce does in the most awesome way possible!

Like I said earlier, get your history lesson in about all the amazing music that Zuntata has done over the years! Your ears will thank you for the blissful ride!

As I told you earlier is that soon one and all will hear the following phrase...WELCOME TO VIOLENT CITY!

That's when you'll know!

Until then, Choice or Die!



Shouts to 846号 for what you're about to see!

You're welcome by the way!

Thanks once again to 846号 and if you want more then be sure to check the Pixiv & @846Go on Twitter for just that and then some!

Follow THIS LINK to check the series of tweets where these pictures originated from!

As usual, we thank you for riding with us because we do appreciate it!

#TeamGRF always has what you need so expect your needs to be satiated by what comes next!

Be sure to tell friend and foe alike what the ride is like!

We'll do the next one when it's time!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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