Tuesday, September 15, 2015

#PocketChange: The King's Back?! Burn to Fight! Enjoy the New World of KoF!

Welcome to the world where there's a number after XIII! After the Tales of Ash it seemed like a wrap on the series and even SNK in way fans appreciate until some Chinese company bought them which led to the point we are right this moment. It all began in '94! Here we are now with the 14th installment in the classic franchise and I just wanted to take the time and try to dissect the trailer in ways that matter to me. This comes down to where the lore is currently and how is KoF doing things on the field of battle?

Lore's pretty easy. Iori's burning things so this is after the Tales of Ash. Is this however another XII scenario or are we moving on to the next saga? The website gladly welcomes you to "enjoy the new world of KoF" so I'll take that as a we're moving forward. If this is true remains to be seen at the moment. I'd assume from what we're seeing here is that this game is going to drop the throwback aesthetic that XII & XIII embraced heavily so what that means is anybody's guess but I'm interested in seeing what comes from it.

As far as gameplay goes even given the peek at gameplay it looks like battle's being done in 2.5D with 3D models similar to Street Fighter IV which makes more sense than it should. For that corner of the internet that's doing what you do in a day that ends in Y is I need you to listen closely at what I'm about to say. Regardless of all the Doki Doki Majo Shinpan, Sister Quest and Pachislot money is SNK can't afford to make 2D sprites or even that mystical trickery that XII & XIII pulled off even in their current state. This has been in production way before they were acquired so they had to do whatever they could to make sure there's a game to exist for you to lob your complaints at. Please remember what I've said while you formulate your opinions and then share them for the world to consume. Thank You!

Personally, I think the game looks fine for it being shown this early. A lot can change about its look and feel between now and when the game releases so if you have your doubts then give the game the time to mature and judge the final product on its merits and nothing else.

The only question I do have is the same one the streets have had since 2003. Is this Rock's time? He was always left out of the mainline series for respect for the wishes of those in control as I understand it but unless this game is going to lead to the mystical Garou 2 then it might be time to let the son of Geese loose on KoF in a real capacity. The only time Geese & Rock have ever had any meaningful interaction with each other was in Capcom vs. SNK 2 where they had a special intro so it would be cool to see that in KoF.

Who's next? What's coming? Where are we going?

These questions and more answered very soon!

THE KING'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What a difference 80 days can make! It's been that long since that initial trailer and my thoughts that came alongside them created this article in the first place. Because of the influx of news that came via Playstation Experience 2015 is there's no time like the now to take stock of where we've been and where we might hopefully be going!

A little over a month ago brought the news that Leona Heidern & Chang Koehan would be joining the roster and both of them look amazing.

The thing to take away from this is Chang's new choice of outfit that lets us know that he's spent some time in lockup in South Town. It does beg the question of where's Kim and his buddy-boy Choi are at the moment. I would assume given the context clues that Chang won't be teaming up with Kim this time around if he's even in the game but Choi's always a maybe if he makes it in.

The lead up to PSX brought the news that the other Bogard brother Andy would be a part of this tournament as well. I didn't notice anything new from him but all the classics look damn good however.

Then came PSX and with it a bunch of new confirmed characters including Kula Diamond, Ralf Jones, Billy Kane, King and THE SURPRISE...ANGEL!

The fate of her, May Lee Jinju & K9999 have been in the air for years because the question of who owned the rights to the new characters Eolith created for 2001.

There was the initial issue with Angel & May Lee not being in NeoWave initially and K9999 not even being in it at all even though it's been known for awhile now that's he's hidden deep in the game's code and semi-playable to boot.

"Angel" & "K9999" make a cameo in XI in the Alley stage if you can spot them.

Angel was also one of the main girls in Days of Memories ~Boku to Kanojo to Koto no Koi~ just in case you didn't know.

Then came Unlimited Match and with it Nameless and his job to erase K9999 from existence because of all the Akira nods that he & Angel represented.

Which brings us to now.

I'm very excited to see my favorite NESTS Saga character back and playable in XIV which is something I'd thought I would never happen! This event opens the floodgates of possibilities wide open where this a game where anybody from the past can come back and do what they do.

The trailer does drive home one very important point that needs to be discussed...


Divided into 16 teams of 3 Characters with 2 Edit Characters to round it out.

The only cast members that could almost make up a team right now are Leona & Ralf representing the Ikari Warriors.

I highly doubt that Kula & Angel will officially team up again even though in all versions of 2002 excusing NeoWave they're on the same team. Even with what we know is the 2001 Team does technically exist inside of NeoWave so there's that too.

I don't know if Kyo & Iori are our 2 Edit Characters this time around. They've weirdly bounced around the technicalities of being on canon teams since 97 with them being 67% of the Three Sacred Treasures. In 99, 2000 & 2003 they were Edit Characters even though in 2003 the Three Sacred Treasures team was selectable. XI brought them together with Shingo at Chizuru's request because she got snuck by Ash. XII being a Dream Match and XIII actually giving them teams to be on officially spoiled them actually being on teams during the Tales of Ash for all 3 episodes of it.

With these new possibilities given life is anything's possible and I'll be keeping up with it and maybe pick up that project I started so long ago.

This article will be updated as new news comes our way and I'll be dissecting the news for all the inside info you won't get anywhere else!

Stay tuned!


Been a minute since the onslaught of information from PSX and now the Taipei Game Show is live and with it some additional additions to the cast of KoF XIV!

K', Robert Garcia & Benimaru Nikaido have made their presence felt as the newest additions to the cast which bring the number to 13 out of the proposed 50 we shall see when the time comes.

Everything looking as it should even with Robert rocking the mustache. I do wonder why if they were going for an older look why they didn't reference NGBC for it which does beg the question of Ryo & Yuri if they should make it is should their look should get some alterations. We have plenty of Old Ryo to go around with Wild Ambition & Maximum Impact to be where I'd hope they'd look for inspiration. All we have for Yuri is that picture in the gallery of Mark of the Wolves for such inspiration so it is there if somebody wishes to take advantage of it.

When it comes to teams and the like is there's no way K' won't be leading a team with Kula involved and it wouldn't surprise me to see the big man Maxima making his presence known soon enough.

Depending on how teams flesh out is Robert & King are 67% of an Art of Fighting squad but I don't see this happening with all the possibilities of characters who could be in. King'll probably lead a Woman Fighters Team as she's done in the past which leaves Robert to rep AoF with possibly Ryo and either Yuri, Takuma or somebody else from the series.

Benimaru was a wild card during most of the Tales of Ash with him leading a team in 2003 with Shingo & Goro and joining Elizabeth & Duo Lon on the Rival Team in XI. The Japan Team got back together in XIII so there's that as well. Because nobody knows the team composition is Benimaru could land anywhere in a team of 3 as history has dictated since the start of the NESTS Saga so this'll be interesting to watch from a curiosity standpoint.

The reason for the update is simply because I didn't get the opportunity to make sense of the game itself because of my hype for Miss Angel however after reviewing the footage from the Taipei Game Show is that some of this stuff needs explanation for better understanding not only for you but for me as well!

NOTE: This movelist is the one from PSX 2015 so things may have changed since then.

Most of XIV is standard KoF fare but there's some new to some of the old and something just plain new so I'll do my best to explain the new of the new.

The thing to know is CD/Blowback Attacks have a wire property which lead to wall splats and all kinds of fun. Know that only offensive CD's have wire properties because imagine the game if you could wall splat on defense like that? Even though defensive CD's are managed by meter is that the game would be rewarding defense first in a game that's deals heavily in a footsie to rushdown game so be glad for that.

The new Rush mechanic is something you'd be familiar with from "anime fighters" and works mostly the same. I honestly had some initial doubts after seeing footage of Rush combos but it was explained that they don't do the best combo or max damage and are just there to make it easier to get into on the surface and I can respect that KoF wants to diversify by having a mechanic like that available. No matter what the game will always be Normal → Command Normal → Special → DM and that's the way I love it! I'd suggest if you don't know then learn it. It'll save your life!

Speaking of DM's is that in XIV if you have 2 meters you can EX one. This mechanic has been very prevalent in the UM series of games and in XIII as well so it is great to see it here as a way to expand offense in exchange for more meter.

On that same note about DM's is the real reason for the update to the article.

In some footage from the show you can see something called an Advanced Cancel which seems to be the act of canceling a DM to a CDM which isn't strange for KoF. From what is seen is that it is more akin to a Dream Cancel given that it was done outside of MAX Mode in this instance instead of being in the state and then canceling into it like you had to do Hyper Drive to do something similar in XIII.

You can watch this happening HERE.

The question at the moment about this can you do this in MAX Mode and how will it work if you do? Maybe during MAX Mode the cost for doing a CDM is reduced just like NEO Maxes are during Hyper Drive which would emphasise using MAX Mode Advanced Cancels for big damage and best usage for the meter expended.

This game continues to excite and surprise me at every turn and I'll just enjoy the ride to release.

There are so many questions and it would seem we'll get these answers and more sooner rather than later.

So when those answers come know I'll have the analysis you need to make sense of it all!


We're live in Hong Kong at C3 and KoF XIV's in attendance to flaunt its stuff with a new build featuring Robert Garcia, Billy Kane & King so it'll be interesting to see those 3 in action along with any new changes the build might provide.

It wouldn't be a KoF party without a new trailer and reveals so who's joining the fight?

A "new" character King of Dinosaurs who is probably just Tizoc with a new gimmick unless there's something I don't understand about the passage of time since the Tales of Ash. This isn't a new thing seeing as this has been done before with Raiden becoming Big Bear in Fatal Fury 2 so a gimmick change for the character wouldn't be totally out there. This does also bring into question if this is the case then how far along on the parallel of the actual SNK canon we actually are here? This would be uncharted territory for both timelines so it'll be interesting to see what comes of that.

As I called it last time is the big man Maxima is back and I love the sleeker look. He's the 3rd member of Team K' as there would be any doubt. From what the trailer showed is I didn't pick up on anything new but he did show off some staple moves such as the M4 Vapor Cannon, the M19 Blitz Cannon and the Maxima Cannon. Good ole Harry Ness back for another one!

Clark Still's here and he's still throwing folks because that's what he does. He showed off the Clark Lift which means he'll have the Mount Tackle and some additional followups as well. That S.A.B! That S.A.B or Super Argentine Backbreaker for those who don't know was there too and the Running Three ends in a Driver from a Cutter position so who knows what's up with that though. Good to see him back in the fold.

Finally we get the confirmation of the elder Bogard brother Terry and he's sporting a new look which also brings into question once again "Where in canon are we?" Remember that the Tales of Ash was supposed to be parallel to Mark of the Wolves in canon but after all the XII & XIII weirdness is even that's being brought into question. I do have to say I do love the new jacket though with its reference to GET IN THE RING! from Real Bout 2 and it also says "Live to Fight" on it as well. He has a new hat too. No longer rocking the Fatal Fury version of which I own 2 in real life is it now says "South Town Hungry Wolf" on it. I'm really hoping that SNK will get into selling some of these clothes for real because I'd rock both in a heartbeat. To actual stuff is we see him throwing out some classics such as the Power Charge, Crack Shoot & BURN KNUCKLE! The question I have is what kind of Geyser is that he's performing as his CDM? It isn't like any other Geyser I've seen in a game so it must be something completely new and super amazing! It's good to have my boy back in KoF! It wasn't like he was going to miss this because when has he ever?

The rest of the trailer was just some showing off of the other characters and the only thing I saw that mattered to me was Angel's still rocking the Unchain Circle chains and the Survivor's Banquet is back in some form.

In other news, teams seem to be forming as well including the aforementioned Team K', the Ikari Warriors and 67% of Team Fatal Fury with Terry & Andy. Also within that is I think Team Art of Fighting may be Ryo, Robert & King which would leave Yuri out if she's in and she'd be on another Women's Fighting Team with maybe Mai, Blue Mary or even somebody else. We shall see.

In context clues news is I think Angel & King of Dinosaurs may be on the same team and seeing as Angel & Tizoc are both from Mexico is it wouldn't be a stretch and if I'm free to reach here is if that's the case and there's a Lucha Libre team being put together with KoF characters from Mexico who wrestle then there's this guy named Ramon I'd like to introduce to you.

This game is getting better each time it gets the chance to show its stuff and I hope that C3 brings some footage of the new characters in the build so we can get a good look at what they're about.


Well, well, well XIV you've surprised me once again by doing this thing you've just done!

Tung Fu Rue's in KoF! The thing I'd never thought would officially happen has just happened! XI doesn't count so don't try to be slick on me. The thing is that I'm coming from a canon standpoint where in real SNK Canon Land is that Tung's been dead for awhile now when he was "killed" by Krauser in Fatal Fury 2 seeing as nothing after the 1st Real Bout is actually canon and he didn't appear again until Real Bout Special.

History lesson aside is that the man who has schooled much of the cast of Fatal Fury during his time is back and Tung hasn't lost a step with him showing off the classics such as the Senshippo, Senpu Gouken & Teigeki Ken. Tung's ready to put in the work and show these little whippersnappers what for!

Everybody's favorite slashing buddy boy Choi is back and we haven't seen him at all in a canonically playable fashion since 2001 and officially has been MIA since 2003 even though his buddy body Chang was in that same game on a team with Kim & Jhun before he hurt himself at an Athena concert and he as well has been MIA too since.

Regardless of such is Choi's doing what Choi does with the Hien Senpuu Zash to Houkou Tenkan, Tatsumaki Zan Shippuu & Shin! Chouzetsu Tatsumaki Shinkuu Zan being shown off in the trailer as well as a new DM to boot. Good to see him back and we'll discuss this return in some detail in a bit.

In another Andy-level meta move is Chin's been confirmed before Athena who never misses a chance to take a break from being the best Idol there is to save the world with those Psycho Psychic powers of hers.

From what's being shown is Chin hasn't missed a step since XIII!

There was some ↓A ➡ B ➡ ↓A ➡ B ➡ Suiho right into sipping on that Lean via Inshu! Also seen was the Tohkuhitenhoh & Gouran Enpou as well.

XIV may just be another solid showing for the old drunken master. That however remains to be seen.

In team news, this trailer does leave us with some questions to ponder upon.

Will the best buddy boy friends of Chang & Choi be teaming up again? On the record let me say that CvS2 was some of the coolest stuff for them and outside of the many maid pairs of Melty Blood is I wish fighters would do that type of thing more.

Is Tung the 3rd for Team Fatal Fury? It could be possible. Duck King in XI debuted the same way but I feel that Tung's a waste on a team like that. Let me just say on wax that one of my KoF Dream Teams was always Tung, Jubei Yamada & Lee Pai Long. It was a shame that NGBC didn't do much with that either even though officially Tung & Lee were a team in that game. I hope they take advantage of Tung's placement on a team because this is history right here.

Like I said earlier is that Chin pretty much stealth confirmed Athena. However, as Bobby "The Brain" Heenan once asked "Who's the third man?!"

As evidenced by 2003 is that the series isn't scared to leave Kensou on the bench and forget that he was the most important part to a side plot that was going on since '99 that the game just dropped after XI without much rhyme or reason as to why they did.

As much as I'd like to see Momoko again is everybody else loathes her existence so seeing that happening is a slim to none chance but with anybody and everybody coming out of the woodwork is there's hope for her. We'll just have to wait and see.

One step closer until we get to BURN TO FIGHT!

What else does this game have in store for us?

Stay tuned to find out!


I guess after having your whole cast leak is you've got to put your best foot forward and show the world what you've got.

KoF is doing just that by showing off some more goods including our first real new character. King of Dinosaurs doesn't count because he's Tizoc's heel persona. Spoilers!

This young lady on display today is Sylvie Paula Paula and somebody's been playing Maximum Impact because she's this hybrid of the Beart Sisters (Mignon & Ninon), Luise Meyrink and Xiao Lon. The Beart sisters are the magic in this equation or in this case Sylvie's Electrokinesis. One of Sylvie's DM's is Luise's Overture to Farewell and her look is heavily inspired by Xiao Lon's Another Model from Regulation "A". I enjoy things that reference the 2nd best KoF game ever to exist.

As we've already spoken about is Sylvie's attacks are Electric based and from the little shown off it would seem that Sylvie uses her Electrokinesis for rushdown purposes from the grabs and the move she shocked Clark with. There also seems to be a limit to her powers as she can get tired because that was in no way a taunt but how that factors into her game is unknown at the moment. I'm glad to see some new blood in the series and here's hoping the rest of the new members to the KoF family are just as interesting.

Our first returning character in this trailer is Vice who I thought was just an apparition along with Mature caused by Ash's meddling with things but seeing as I haven't explored XIII's Story Mode is there may be more to this than I know as of now as to why she's still around after the end of XIII.

Vice showed off Mayhem to Splash, Gorefest, Negative Gain and what may have been a CDM version of Overkill. Looking great for an alleged dead former secratary.

Our 2nd returning character this trailer is Kim because they want you forget he had a first name that was Kaphwan because that name reminds people that Fight Fever exists. Fight Fever has a hot character select theme. The rest of what it offers is questionable. Find out for yourself sometime.

Hangetsu Zan, Hou'ou Kyaku & the ending to the Rei Shiki Hou'ou Kyaku are the moves that Kim displayed in the trailer for your gawking eyes. Kim still has the kicks to dispatch justice and evil wherever it hides!

The rest of the trailer was Showoff City. Some highlights include the Ryuko Ranbu, Haou Shokou Ken, Chain Drive, Maxima Press to Press Plus, Kyoushuu Hishou Kon, Benimaru Collider, Surprise Rose, Loyalty Test For Liberalists, Gekishou, Geki Ha, Bareback Vulcan, Rebel Spark, a DM that ends in the 182 Shiki & DAT BUSTA WULF!

Also on display was a new stage that's seemingly inspired by or possibly the location of the Fatal Fury & Art of Fighting stages in '96 in the current present of KoF!

Shouts to The Fighters Generation for the '96 GIFs and such!

In team news is I have to assume here that Mature's pretty much confirmed and she'll be teaming up with Iori & Vice because who else would she team with?

The answer you're looking for is Adelheid Bernstein but just like they dropped the Dragon Power side plot with Kensou is outside of Rose playing some part in XIII is that I don't think he's coming back and even if he did that Vice & Mature would even team with him.

After how Chang & Choi got left on the sidelines for much of the Tales of Ash and XIII had Kim teaming with Hwa Jai and Raiden is I don't think they'll be getting the Korean Team back together. I have a feeling that one of the new characters will be teaming with Chang & Choi and we may see the return of Jhun Hoon and maybe even May Lee Jinju.

Given that canon is being played a bit loose is Dong Hwan & Jae Hoon are even possibilities but I just don't see them teaming up with their old man at least not now. If you had a Garou team is you either do Jae Hoon, Hotaru & Hokutomaru or Dong Hwan, B. Jenet & Gato. Both squads would be great teams to see and to get more of the cast out there. Rock's not coming if he's not with Kain & Grant! It can't be any other way here!

Speaking of, another one of my dream teams is Ryo as Mr. Karate, Kim as Mr. Tae Kwon Do and Andy as Mr. Ninjutsu. Far fetched indeed but KoF could make that work. Make that work KoF!

If the glimpse of Sylvie is anything to measure where we're going is the future is very bright! So bright it burns!


Those there stealth confirms! I told you my girl was coming back!


As per what used to be the norm is a change of clothes until XII & XIII had to reuse and recolor that sprite to make use of it twice. This still is a schoolgirl outfit but it's a different schoolgirl outfit so technically it counts as a costume change. I really hope with this game having said art style is alternate costumes are something that SNK is considering.

Unfortunately, Athena in transition to this new style lost her super duper cute and huggable figure that XII & XIII were using because it was trying to recreate how she looked in Psycho Soldier. Rest in Power, Apple Bottom Athena!

While Athena was on stage she did sing some of her greatest hits including jC ➡ C ➡ → + B ➡ HK Phoenix Arrow and Psycho Ball canceled into what looks like on investigation a DM version of Psycho Shoot or she may just be skipping the Shining Crystal Bit and can just do a Crystal Shoot as a DM now. Also her CDM is a Spirit Bomb of Psycho Power! I'm with that!

I'm just glad my baby girl's back! I'll explain why in a minute!

Moving on to our 1st new character of the trailer Luong!

If you haven't figured it out yet is she's a practitioner of Tae Kwon Do. That means something. You know what that is but I'll explain why in a minute.

I'm feeling Luong's style. She's like a less psycho Juri even though I love my Juri unhinged. She's definitely getting some play time. A humorous contrast to Kim in everything she does which is what this game needs more of. We once had it with Jhun Hoon & May Lee Jinju and I'm glad to have Luong as that counterbalance. Welcome to KoF, Luong!

Our 2nd new character of the trailer is Nelson!

And with this revelation it's time for #TripleDaGODSchoolsEmAll with a brief history lesson on boxers in the World of SNK! This is going to come together in a spectacular way! Trust me on this!

It all started with Michael Max in Fatal Fury 1. We haven't seen or heard him in a way that most would even appreciate since Fatal Fury 2. A passing mention and the less we talk pachislot the better we'll all be.

Mickey Rogers was canonically the first boxer in SNK's history because AoF takes place first. Haven't seen Mickey since he was in KoF '94 in the Mexico stage.

Fatal Fury 2 gave us Michael Max's future teacher Axel Hawk. For the record, Axel's stage in those games is a personal favorite of mine. Play some Fatal Fury Special to see what's so special about it.

It all "continued" in '94 with the leader of the USA Sports Team with Heavy D! who for some reason continues to get snucked for his and his teammates invites to various tournaments which is why we don't see much more of these guys when we should be!

Iori did the deed in '95 all on his own and then took out one of Geese's henchmen for fun and dragged the body back and won over Billy & Eiji and then he lost control of himself at the end of '95 and almost killed them both which neither man has completely gotten over! Check the intros when either Billy or Eiji face off against Iori in any preceding game for more fun.

CYS AKA the New Faces Team did the deed in '97. It was Chris who stole Heavy D!'s invitation. Yashiro took Brian's and Shermie took Lucky's.

Shermie actually did this a 2nd time in NeoGeo Battle Coliseum when she beat Lucky at a game of basketball and to top it all of he got beat by Mizoguchi for his invite to Regulation "A" so there's that too!

Sucks to be you guys. However, the running joke is and will always be funny! Make XIV is their time to shine again?

1998 was Real Bout 2 with it Rick Stroud who to this day is still looked over. That's the fault of the '99 producers choosing Xiangfei over him. Wonder why she's in everything including Wild Ambition? Now you know why!

1999 was all about Buriki One and Rob Python who's a beast but remember that show is all about Gai Tendo anyway. Somebody port Buriki One and all those HNG64 games to something, please!

2000 brought us a demo of Vanessa in '99 Evolution along with Seth and soon after would be in 2000 with K', Maxima & Ramon on the Hero Team. She was all the Rick we wanted in a dangerous MILFy package we can all and still do appreciate especially when 2002 hit and went all in on it! Then she had a stint on the top of the XI ladder and still is one of the more dangerous members of that cast.

There are some technicalities dealing with King Lion & Shen Woo when we speak on boxers in SNK. There's something about using kicks and giant ass sword slashes with a lion's face in it or taking drugs in the middle of fight and not using the art formally that have me erring on the side of not classifying them as boxers in this instance. Just wanted to clear that up.

Anyway, let's talk Nelson and how much of a boxer he really is.

He's largely doing his own thing and with a new character that's what you want when archetypes are involved. I can however see the hints of what Vanessa has been providing KoF and Heavy D! before her and Axel Hawk in Fatal Fury before him because punches from those characters looked like they hurt something fierce. He's sticking, moving and warming up Terry's ribs and that's what you want.

The thing is I have a feeling that there's a connection between him and Rick given his design and his use of the ending of the Howling Bull during what I'm assuming was his DM.

It could be that he has no connection to anything or anybody. You can't however overlook what's being shown but we'll all be set free by the truth soon enough!

Here's something else I noticed during my research was this that you can think on...


For the unfamiliar is this stage belongs to Terry in Real Bout 2. There's a dusk version that belongs to Rick but I was unable to find a shot of it and if I do then I'll put it in.

In the last update was nobody knew anything about the new stage and I took the clues given and linked that stage to KoF '96 without any further thought about its possible origins at all.

We all learned a couple of days ago the name of the stage was "Navajoland" and until I had to look at Rick for some comparison to Nelson is I would've never even came to even take a second thought about it.

That's the stage in question and maybe I may have been on to something when drawing that hypothesis forward and it would seem it goes deeper than I thought.

More on this as it develops!

Shouts to the SNK Wiki for the RB2 Terry Stage GIF and @SNKPOffiical on Twitter for the pic of Navajoland.

Regardless of the educated info dump is Nelson is showing how XIV does the thing and does it so well and he as well is a welcomed addition to the KoF family!

TEAM TIME with Triple Da G.O.D!

In THE NEWS of the day is Team ReXXX Unit is official now! My goto Edit Team has always been Terry, Iori & Athena and it's good to know that XIV will be providing this option for you and most definitely me!

We have 67% of the Psycho Soldiers Team with Miss Athena & Chin so who gets us a full team?


Bao?! We haven't seem him since his cameo in SvC Chaos. Go play some Chaos and see if you can spot him. And yes, Unlimited Match but that doesn't technically count.



We'll just have to wait and see!

Luong is the 2nd piece to this Kim puzzle I'm trying to solve I just know it! Not saying that she couldn't be on another team is that it just doesn't seem that's where the game's going to go with that.

When it comes to Nelson is I'm not sure. Maybe he's Team Fatal Fury's 3rd? More likely than not is he's teaming with somebody else and we'll find out about that soon enough.

In other news...

This is "Masquerade" which is the stage of Sylvie's team!

I'll be honest though, for 2 seconds I thought that was the following pic.

For those who don't know is this is the Boss Team (Geese, Krauser & Mr. Big) Stage from KoF '96!

It isn't that but I needed an excuse to show off more stages from games that are cool! Keeping the quotient!

This being Sylvie's stage doesn't give any additional clues to what Sylvie's all about however I wanted to show it off anyway.

Thanks to @SNKPOffiical on Twitter for the pic of "Masquerade" and The Fighters Generation for the GIF of the '96 Boss Team stage!

Here's my question, "Is Thursday trailer day?" I could get used to having something to look forward to so here's hoping!



Haven't seen Geese since '96! Last officially mentioned in 2003! Teased at in KoF-i!

THE MAN, Geese Howard is back and he's ready to stain things with your blood!

This trailer starts with a showcase of the Atemi Nage which hasn't changed much at all. He still has the high, mid and low versions of this counter move so use it right or get blown up. There's actually a variant he uses on Tung which activates a position switch so I wonder is that an alternate command or something you can cancel the move into before the slam?

I also wonder if can he Advance Cancel this like he could Super Cancel after it in XI or how it was in NeoGeo Battle Coliseum where he could do that special version of the Rising Storm from the Chuudan (B) Atemi Nage?

The historical thing to take away from that portion of the trailer is he's using the Atemi Nage on his previous foes from both Fatal Fury & Art of Fighting! There's a surprise in there and we'll talk about it later on.

Also on display here was the Double Reppuken, the startup to what may be the Rashomon, a combo of stA ➡ → + C (Fudou Sakkatsu Uraken) ➡ to what I'm assuming is a C Jaei Ken, Shippuken, Raimei Gouha Nage & RISING STORM! I don't quite know what that move is at the end of the trailer however I'll assume it's the ending of the Rashomon.


The other part of this trailer featured another perfect attendance character and was the Geese's first canonical fighting game defeat back when he was just a corrupt police chief...RYO SAKAZAKI!

Good ol' Ryo. He really needs to seal the deal with King because she's not a lady you keep waiting and Mr. Karate wants some little Sakazaki's running around deflecting laser beams from space and such!

Ryo's still with the classics including the Ryuko Ranbu, a combo of jD ➡ C ➡ C Kohou ➡ C Zanretsuken, a combo of jC ➡ → + A (Hyouchuu Wari) ➡ C Ko'oh Ken, a combo of B ➡ D Hien Shippu Kyaku, a combo of jC ➡ C ➡ C Ko'oh Ken ➡ which is then Super Canceled into a Haou Shoukou Ken and the Tenchi Haoh Ken!

Looking good as usual and speaking of is I'm surprised he didn't a Mr.Karate 2 makeover. I guess those are for the rich I guess.

In other news...

Well there's your Joe Higashi confirm! Looks like we have Team Fatal Fury set! The Hungry Wolves are back on the hunt again!

Looks like Clothing Destruction is back too! I think this is a stealth Yuri confirm because why would they bring something as iconic as that feature and not have the only other character it worked on? We'll see if I'm right!

With Ryo in the mix is do we have a AoF team? I think Yuri's on the way given what I just said so with that I'm calling my shot and predicting that King & Mai are 67% of a Women Fighters Team. Who's the other 33% of that equation is very unknown to me at the moment with no evidence to even hazard a guess at it.

We also got a couple of screenshots from @SNKPOfficial on Twitter we'll take a look at as well.

This is the stage Nelson was doing his thing on and it's located in South America. They also shed some light on Nelson saying he's fighting with bionics because he lost one of this arms in a previous fight and he's only in the tournament to save somebody else. More clues as they come!

That's a Shining Crystal Bit by the "Psychic Idol" Athena Asamiya with actual bits! Not fried ones at all. No idea if she's throwing them at all but to know the move is back to the way I appreciate it is that it I had to let the streets know!

It looks like Thursday is trailer day so we'll be back then for more insight on The King of Fighters XIV!


In today's news, I called this damn near 6 years ago! I guess I was the leaker from the future in the past all along I suppose!

Don't believe me?!


If you want to get interactive with it then click it to be taken to the post in question just so you know I didn't just fabricate this out of nothing!

SNK, stay out of my head! I'd appreciate it very much!

However, if y'all need my help just ask! Roster ideas?! What to release next?! Whatever you need! I GOT YOU!

We can discuss payment upon services rendered!

One of these days we might just have to discuss this whole list in detail. Just know for now is that we will be talking Team SNK PachiSlot All-Stars in a bit though.

Anyway, Mui Mui from Dragon Gal is in and this is some Ikari Warriors & Psycho Soldier level of character because how she has been adapted from another medium and added to the roster of KoF!

The origins of this series were based on this very concept and I'm glad that SNK is going back to that with Mui Mui and we can only hope she's just the beginning.

I need everybody to understand how and why it's important and historic that Mui Mui's in KoF!

I helped a bit with uploading all the Trailer & Promotional Movies for the 1st, 3rd & 4th games! The 2nd didn't have one I could find but if I do I'll get it up there too.

Like I just said, the Dragon Gal series is a very important and historic moment in SNK's history back in 2004 when this came out! Dragon Gal was SNK's first pachislot machine that they did on their own and since then Mui Mui has become the mascot of the division which is why she made the jump to KoF just like the cast of Psycho Soldier & Ikari Warriors all those years ago.

Just so you know is this isn't her first role outside of Dragon Gal.

She makes cameo appearances in some of the other SNK pachislot games just to drive home her importance to them.

She's also a guest character in the RPG Sister Quest which is in and of itself a spinoff of a pachislot game of the same name.

Also if you listen out in the Neo-Geo Land Stage in MI2 is one of the songs from the 1st game is there as well.

You can check out the history of the pachislot releases HERE if you'd like!

When it comes to what she showed off in the trailer is a lot of this stuff is new to her given what I've seen from is pretty unique to her even given use extensive use of her style of Kung Fu in Dragon Gal.

I guess this is payback for Xiangfei getting in '99 over my fam Rick! JUSTICE!

There's a lot we haven't seen from her as of yet so anything you see in The History of Mui Mui is fair game even the rest of the characters you see.

I'll take some time out to discuss her 2 partners as part of the SNK PachiSlot All-Stars from the picture from earlier.

This is Love Heart who's is the main character of SkyLove another original pachislot game by SNK from 2008!

As you see, she's a pirate who dual wields pistols and is on a quest to kill the man who killed her father.

Cool character design and given this would be an awesome addition to KoF or any other SNK crossover!

This is Chiffon the main character from Sister Quest series of pachislot machines & RPG's!

She's a heroic girl with a sword however she makes up the trinity of original main characters from their pachislot games which is why she rounded out that team.

It'd be amazing to see both Love Heart and Chiffon make it into KoF so all 3 of them can represent SNK's history in pachislot!

If you want to learn more about Team SNK PachiSlot All-Stars you can do so like this...

The following are links to the webpages of all 4 of the Dragon Gal PachiSlot games...

1, 2, Shura & Souryu!

You also can play recreations of the Shura & Souryu Dragon Gal machines on your iOS & Android devices if they're compatible,

The following are links to the webpages of all 5 of the Sky Love PachiSlot games...

12: Sky's Reunion34 & Senkuu no Kiseki ~Sky Love~!

You can play recreations of the 1st & Senkuu no Kiseki Sky Love machines on iOS & Android devices if they're compatible.

If you're looking for info about the Sister Quest pachislot games then you'll find the 1st & 2nd games at the link.

If you want to get in on SNK's current cash cow Sister Quest RPG then you'll find the site HERE.

On the other side of the new character coin is Kukri and he can control sand.

Calling this one now too, he's on the same team as Sylvie given the context clues of the trailer.

Kukri looks beast with ways to use that sand for both offense and defense so he'll be a tricky character to get to know however those who do will have something for their foes to fear.

In team news and I don't know how I missed the biggest no duh so far here is that Geese and Billy are on a squad because why wouldn't they be.

Who a 3rd is for them is anybody's guess given how crazy the roster's been. You've got characters like Raiden, Hwa Jai, Eiji, Yamazaki or even Mr.Big.

You could get really out there with Ripper & Hopper who have been historically known in canon to be some real monsters. Possibilities are limitless on that front.

Speaking of...

We got our first real look at the top of Geese Tower where it never happened in this canon or any other because Wild Ambition is a huge retcon to Geese falling from said building in Fatal Fury 1! He somehow still came up with the Shippuken regardless of this though. PLOT HOLE!

Also there's his #2, Billy Kane showing some respect to his boss as well.

Thanks to @SNKPOfficial on Twitter for the above pictures!

I'd love for SNK to make Team SNK PachiSlot All-Stars a real thing! SkyLove was one of their best machines and Sister Quest RPG is making SNK that Doki Doki Majo Shinpan level money! So getting them out there could be great for a multitude of reasons.

When you look at what else they could grab from their roster of pachislot characters is Super Otosan because he's a superhero. There's Ron from Doki Doki Akazukin and more importantly Alice who they still haven't done something with since Days of Memories.

Like I mentioned earlier is anybody else from Dragon Gal, SkyLove or Sister Quest if they want to dive deeper into that. There's some depth on that bench if you look!

However, characters with stranger origins in other media have made great fighting game characters. The greatest example of this hypothesis being proven is one Captain Falcon from the Smash series so anything is possible so we'll have to wait and see.

Hope you guys learned a bit more of your SNK history in this update because Mui Mui deserves it and then some!


We get it! KoF isn't the same with our favorite busty ninja even though the biggest bust crown in KoF doesn't even belong to her!

That title is shared between Shermie and Angel so you're going to have to let that one go!

Great characters are not design alone however her bouncing bust has made her legendary and that much can be admitted!

What did Mai have to show off for us today?

The first thing she did is a question I'd love the answer to.

There are only 3 DM's in her history that start like that...2002's Shiranui-Ryuu: Kyuubi no Kitsune, NGBC/XI's Kuuchuu Gekka Botan & XIII's Shiranui-Ryuu: Kunoichi no Mai or the DM could be all together new.

A combo of j.B ➡ cr.A ➡ cr.D, a combo of st.C ➡ Ryuu Enbu, a combo of st.A into what I'm assuming is a → + B or D Command Normal ➡ Air Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi, (Charge) Musasabi no Mai which seems to have juggle potential because a st.C came out after she landed, Fuusha Kuzushi, Yusura Ume, Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi & Kagerou no Mai.

It would seem a laundry list of her classics will be at player's disposal when the time comes so Mai fans rejoice!

Now, let us give a welcome to our new character of the trailer...Banderas!

As ninja as he comes off is Banderas isn't really a ninja name so we'll go fanboy and I'd be totally right about that.

It is good to see all of Mai's Andy antics get turned back on her for good measure even though we all know deep inside Andy appreciates and loves her attention no matter the way he actually acts about it.

The question is, what type of ninja is our fanboy?

He isn't Eiji or Zantetsu because Last Blade is canon to KoF while Samurai Shodown is not.

There's a small sample of Hokutomaru in there with the substitution logs.

He definitely isn't Lin.

Nor is he Ron.

Not Duo Lon either.

Not even Malin. And yes, Malin is a practitioner of Ninjutsu and a master of Hammer Space! Literally.

There's some hints of Nagase in there because I have to mention the Maximum Impact series every time it presents itself!

The answer you seek however is in the game that isn't canon in Samurai Shodown given I see a lot of both Hattori Hanzo & Galford D. Weller!

So if you're going to GO NINJA with a KoF character then you should go with the best SNK's got and the OG's of the movement!


The kid does have an Izuna Drop so I guess this automatically qualifies him for his Ninja Club Card so I suppose that nobody's no longer allowed to question his ninja credibility.

Fanboy or not is Banderas is doing the thing and maybe seeking out one the current masters of Shiranui-ryuu Ninjutsu for further tutelage is probably a good idea seeing as Andy's still busy with Hokutomaru's training at the moment.

I'm feeling Banderas simply because he's a breath of fresh air in KoF with what he brings and we need more of that!

And so I don't leave her out...He isn't even Xiao Lon!

In other news, we got some story information about last week's trailer stars of Mui Mui and Kukri.

Mui Mui's story is just transplanted from the Dragon Gal series where she's on the hunt for a special magical item which will enhance her Dragon Power.

It would seem Kukri has been invited to the tournament by this year's sponsor which does further my hypothesis that he and Sylvie are on the same team.

Speaking of teams is Mai & King are a team and that I can safely call however it's their 3rd is my question.

The easy money would be on Blue Mary because that makes sense and I love when Harumi Ikoma says "HEY HANDSOME BOY!" so if KoF wants to give me that is I'm cool with everything that means!

However given how things have gone is their 3rd could be anybody so all I do is wait to be presented with the answer by SNK on the matter.

Banderas is on a team with Nelson and I'll take the bet on that. This is a context clues guess given that this week's trailer took place on the South America stage where we were introduced to Nelson a couple of weeks ago so that's a safe bet I'd think.

That's your trailer!



Times like these make glad I am who I am and stand up for what I stand for! I made a conviction to see this roster get revealed on SNK's time and not some attention whore's time and it made what I saw and what I'm about to breakdown worth the wait!

After the info bomb we know 98% of this roster and some story motivations!

Even still I have a large amount of questions and maybe discussing it with everybody else maybe I'll get what I seek in some answers!

This was the trailer that changed everything!

We now know our 16 Teams of 3!

We have our Sub-Boss and organizer of this tournament!

We may even have our new protagonist and how everything that surrounds him may be a historical throwback to a non-canon event in the SNK Prime universe!

Don't believe me? You will after this!

Goro Daimon, Kyo Kusanagi & Benimaru Nikaido

A classic team in KoF even though they've been more off than on since the end of '97!

Even given how much this is a semi-regular thing to see the three of them together is you never know how the story can pull Kyo from this team at anytime so don't be surprised if at the end of this saga this team isn't the same composition you see before you!

Mature, Iori Yagami & Vice

It really isn't that surprising that this is Team Yagami. Mature & Vice have their own reasoning for haunting Iori and it would seem these two are never going away as long as Iori keeps down this path he's on.

Not like he really cares seeing as he just wants another excuse to cross flames with Kyo so if some ghosts fill out his team of 3 is he doesn't really care one way or the other.

Maxima, K' & Kula Diamond

These 3 are just fan favorites and that's just how it is!

At this point these 3 are just fixtures of the wall of KoF! You just don't remove them simply because you understand that they fit in just fine.

However, they haven't had anything to do plot wise since the fall of NESTS! There's a side plot about Whip and the truth about K' & Kula that the story touches upon when it feels the need to do so but it isn't anything important unless you're invested in the characters involved.

End of the day though, more Kula Diamond is more Kula Diamond so on that note alone is no entity is allowed to lodge a complaint that Team K' is in attendance for another one!

Andy Bogard, Terry Bogard & Joe Higashi

Only once in this series history has this team been without both Andy & Joe and that was in XI when Terry ran with Kim & Duck King because Andy was busy with Hokutomaru and Joe hurt himself before the tournament even started.

Regardless, The Hungry Wolves are ready to what they do best!


King of Dinosaurs, Ramon & Angel

If you wish to scroll up some is I called Ramon as this team's third so long ago!

The thing about this team is even though they're repping THE DIRTY DIRTY SOUTH is they've never left comfort zones of teams until now.

King of Dinosaurs was always repping Fatal Fury in some way. Ramon was always on a team with Vanessa. Angel was always with Kula, Foxy or K9999. Until now!

Just know, in the case of Ramon and Angel is NeoWave doesn't count.

This is one of the best team compositions in the series history because of what it does for these 3 in terms of exposure and getting them back out there for fans who wanted to see these characters return!

Yeah, I was one of those fans!

Luong, Kim & Gang-Il

No May Lee Jinju! No Jhun Hoon!

Luong & Gang-Il however will do just fine.

My understanding of this team composition is Gang-Il & Luong are husband and wife and Gang-Il is Kim's master.

Here's something else to think on.

If this connection is SNK Prime canon as well is this gives us another link to Savage Reign & Kizuna Encounter via Kim Sue-Il even though that was always canon though. Just as Zantetsu and The Last Blade with it is canon because of Eiji.

I'm very interested to see what Gang-Il is all about so can't wait to see him in action!

Mai Shiranui, King & Alice Garnet Nakata 

I had a feeling with Mui Mui getting some love that Alice wasn't far away but I wasn't expecting her in this capacity at all.

The thing is that Alice is a blank slate for the most part except her alleged origins as another character, her appearance in Days of Memories and the little she did do in Legend of Wild Wolf.

This'll be interesting to see what they do and how they do so.

Zarina, Nelson & Banderas Hattori

I had a feeling about Nelson & Banderas and it looks like my hunch was spot on and taking a shot at Zarina is there's no room for Momoko because if Zarina isn't a Capoeira user is I'll eat a hat made of Nacho Chips with Cheese in the middle. Take me on the bet.

We did learn a bit more about Banderas this week and he isn't the fanboy I thought he was. He's actually doing his best Art of Fighting impersonation seeing as he entered the tournament to get some attention for his dojo. The whole surname thing though is another matter entirely but again we know he has an Izuna Drop so he's a ninja for real real and not for play play!

Regardless, can't wait to see more of these three.

Leona Heidern, Ralf Jones & Clark Still

The Ikari Warriors. Another of the many stalwart teams with Leona's adoptive father stepping back and letting her do her thing. We haven't had a playable Commander Heidern since 2001 and that was only because they needed to fill the team of 4 that year.

There's something to Leona that we'll discuss in a bit so remind me to do just that.

With some other things we now know is I wonder is my team of Marco/Fio/Hyakutaro more of a realistic possibility than it has ever been? We'll just have to see!

Hein, Geese Howard & Billy Kane

This Hein fellow is where my questions lie because as soon as I learned his name is my first thought automatically went right to what would his link be to Marie & Kain if there was one to be had at all.

We don't know much about Hein at the moment, however, given that he's teamed with a monster like Geese Howard then there's a reason for it and only he knows what.

Other than such is that it has been way overdue for Geese to return to the KoF stage seeing as he doesn't do such too often usually letting Billy handle the lightweight. Once again just know if Geese is going to stain his hands with your blood is there's a reason for it and only Geese knows what the play is for actually accepting the invite and participating this time around.

Robert Garcia, Ryo Sakazaki & Yuri Sakazaki

Team Ryuko no Ken! Another team always lead by Ryo with Robert usually right beside him with Yuri, Takuma or in 2 known cases King in the 3 or 4 spot.

It wouldn't be KoF without this team and it's good to get that Yuri confirm. She does look a bit more mature here but they didn't go too far with it though.

I do wonder how much of a Capcom influence Yuri will have in her movelist in this installment? One of my favorite things to look forward to!

I wonder will we see Mr.Karate in this saga?

Choi Bounge, Xanadu & Chang Koehan

It's always great to see best friends do what they do best and actually cash in on the original idea to boot.

Originally in '94 Chang & Choi were supposed to be a part of an escaped convicts team but at the last minute Kim was added and so was their rehab storyline.

With adding Xanadu to the mix and Kim doing his own thing is this opens up possibilities so we wait for those to show themselves along with what Xanadu can do!

Mui Mui, Nakoruru & Love Heart

67% ain't bad all but the 33% of this I would've never called, ever!

This is even given history where Nakoruru has been in a KoF game before!

This same history reminds us that Hayate, Jyazu, Gai & Silber were all in XI.

However both of those games are canon to Prime & KoF where as Samurai Shodown never was to either and with the team being called Another World is still the case as of now.

Depending on how you wish to look at how Nakoruru ultimately became a Goddess in Samurai Shodown by the end of it is there's a bunch of explanations on how she, Mui Mui & Love Heart became a team including the whole thing where Nakoruru can cross between worlds because of her Goddess status.

How the 2 pachislot girls fit in this equation is very unknown at the moment and with that another journey for answers begins again!

I can't wait to see how Love Heart does what she does! Lots of possibilities from Sky Love to use so here's hoping they use them!

Chin Gentsai, Athena Asamiya & Sie Kensou

It would be at this point I would start singing the Psycho Soldier theme but I will spare you that for now.

Looks like their 3rd was Sie Kensou. Makes all the sense in the world because this is usually what this team usually is because it properly represents the franchise in question.

I do wonder what Kensou will be like after his XII & XIII outings where they switched him up a bit and made him an awesome character to play as because of that change.

This question and more answered sooner than you think!

Mian, Sylvie Paula Paula & Kukri

As we already knew is that Sylvie & Kukri were invited by the tournament's organizer and given what we've seen from both Sylvie & Kukri is there's something afoot here because it wouldn't be KoF without some ulterior motive for why fisticuffs are happening on a grand stage!

Mian is another question wrapped in an enigma but I do know Mian's female and not that it means much is that's something to start with.

More questions now. More answers later I hope.

Tung Fu Rue, Shun'ei & Meitenkun

So Tung ended up on a team with 2 kids.

The thing is that this does answer a question if I'm right as to why Geese is actively participating in this KoF this time.

Shun'ei & Meitenkun may be the reincarnations of Jin Chonrei & Jin Chonshu and Shun'ei seems to be heavily involved in this game's proceedings as he's the main character for this saga.

We don't know much about the Jin Scrolls to start with or what happened to them after Geese used them in this version of the story so if this is the case then there may be motive for Geese to get his hands dirty because these two exist.

Regardless of that is it would make total sense that some shady folks looking to take over the world would be after whatever power Shun'ei and Meitenkun may wield and given history is that's never a good sign.

Maybe within these 2 kids is the answers we all seek? Or maybe this is something else entirely!

The answers soon come!

The rest of the trailer lets you know all the fun stuff you can do like...

Climax Cancels which were once called Advanced Cancels!

Climax Cancels are the act of canceling a Desperation Move into a Climax Desperation Move which from what I've noticed doesn't cost any additional meter to perform.

MAX Mode has been switched up a whole lot since we last saw it.

First off, MAX Mode is now tied into the Advantage System.

You start the fight with 50% of it available and you gain an additional Super stock and an additional 25% MAX Mode duration for each additional teammate you lose.

This is a wonderful way to have MAX Mode be fair and still be a factor during the whole battle!

Also in an accidental nod to Darkstalkers is during MAX Mode is any Special that can be EX'ed can be in exchange for a bit of your MAX Mode duration!

Be sure to pile on the damage while you're in MAX Mode!

You can still do the same things you always could and now you can do even more!

In trying to make the game accessible for everyone is the Rush mechanic has been introduced! By pressing Light Punch repeatedly is you'll get an auto combo and if you have the meter is the combo will end in a Desperation Move.

For anyone new wanting to give this game a look is please know that Rush Chains are not the most damaging option and you'll still need to learn your character in order to know what the best combo options are!


This is the 4th Arc in KoF so no internet XIV isn't a reboot because if it was then it wouldn't be doing the things it's doing!

I wonder what part the major characters from the Tales of Ash will play in this one? More Elizabreasts & Oswald please!

Every fighting game has one these however not all of them ship with one!

There's Trial, Time Attack & Survival Modes for you play with so please do that!

There's a Training Mode because this is a fighting game in the year Two-Thousand and Sixteen!

There's going to a gallery mode of pictures old, new and new to you!

Fun fact about this picture is these 5 make up The Band of Fighters!

They're an image band that was completely separate from the KoF or Prime canon and they just sang and had a good time and solved problems doing so!

Maybe they're a special Edit Team in this game?

Party Battle's back from XII and is much the same with 3-on-3 battles with 6 people which is always a great thing if you can get a team that can do work!

Should be fun for people who do the online thing!

Maybe they'll have some form of this for offline where you can do this with 6 sticks.

Every fighter has an online training mode now so why would KoF XIV be any different!

This picture speaks for itself!

The clock's ticking!


You thought it was over but yet we're just getting started!

Our newest teaser trailer features both Nakoruru & Shun'ei in the "Showcase Shodown!"

So let's get to work!

Let us start with the current Goddess of Nature Nakoruru who has once again stepped into a world not of her own and she's in KoF along with Mamahaha and she's doing that work! What would you expect of a Goddess of Nature anyhow?


A combo of A ➡ B ➡ Annu Mutsube, her throw that ends in a Shichikapu Etu, Taka ni Tsukamaru ➡ Kamui Mutsube, Shichikapu Etu, Rera Mutsube, Shichikapu Kamui Irushika and an all new Ranbu attack which might replace her Elerush Kamui Rimse however it didn't look like she jumped from Mamahaha before it started so it still might be a whole new thing.

Also know that this isn't Nakoruru's first foray in KoF!

She's a playable character in Nettou! The King of Fighters '95 on Game Boy and she was also Yuri's Another Striker in 2000 as well! There are also cameos of her in other KoF games! However, I'll leave those for you to find!

This right here is more history in the making because never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought a Samurai Shodown character would actually make it on a KoF roster!

This open the floodgates for anybody to make an appearance and here's hoping that KoF is welcome to more SNK classic characters like Nakoruru in the future!

The other half of this feature is all about our new protagonist Shun'ei who I'll state once again may just be the reincarnation of Jin Chonrei.

Regardless of that point is there's something to Shun'ei with those hands of his.

What they do and why some evil origination wants this power remains to be seen.

Just know if the bad guys want it then in their hands it's bad news for everybody.

Correct hypothesis or not is it does explain why Tung would be nearby. Somebody's gotta teach him to focus that power and who better than the best out there.

I like what I see from him and I want to see what Meiteikun has to offer KoF as well!

Surrounding our "Showcase Shodown" was some new stuff on display such as...

Ralf Kick, V-Slasher (However her red hair and eyes has me wondering has she finally controlled the Orochi power inside or is this an alternate costume), the move that Vice does may be end of her CDM Obscura, Surprise Rose, Shiranui-Ryuu Ougi: Kunoichi, Tei, Mui Mui's Giant Dragon Death Beam (Workshopping Name) & Kukri's Sandsycho Crusher!

We still not done yet!

This game is embracing 2016 with pre-order costume DLC for Kyo with his Orochi Saga look.

In other "DLC news" is allegedly there's a leaked list with DLC characters and because this is a No Attention Whore Zone is I haven't even peeped it and won't until SNK's ready to reveal the information!

I really thought I would be free to mingle with everybody else and share in the excitement but I have to go back to the shadows once again and make sure if this is a thing is that I avoid being spoiled by it at all costs!

I do wonder if this is where we're going with this is who else will have DLC costumes and what other types of DLC could SNK sell to enhance the experience at a cost?

These are the words left behind by "The Tournament Master" Antonov and invoking how this all started with a "R" is these words let you know that the struggle begins here and now!


What are Antonov's plans?

Who's really behind this year's KoF?

Are there even more surprises in store for us all?

Stay tuned and find out!

In the meantime, CLICK THIS to be taken to the US version of KoF XIV site where there's loads of info waiting for your eyes to see!

Everything you just read in video form! Enjoy!


After a lull on the trailer front it looks like KoF is back to work with a look at Team Japan.

Up first is Kyo Kusanagi in which he starts off by showing off his new followups to his 114 Shiki • Aragami Chain which are...

127 Shiki • Yanosabi➁ (→↓← + A/C) ➡ Ge-Shiki • Migari Ugachi (A/C).

Also on display was...

EX R.E.D. Kick ➡ EX 100 Shiki • Oniyaki

182 Shiki ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Ura 127 Shiki • Yaegaki!

Next up in this showcase is Benimaru Nikaido with...

C Raimeitou

EX Benimaru Collider ➡ EX Iai-Geri ➡ EX Inazuma Sandan-Geri

st.D ➡ A Raijinken ➡ Super Cancel ➡ Raikou-Ken ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Raiha Jinoh-Ken!

Finally up for Team Japan is Goro Daimon with...


Chou Oosoto-Gari

st.C ➡ EX Tenshi-Gaeshi ➡ EX Kumo-Tsukami Nage

Note: All move names were taken from The King of Fighters XIII. If there is a discrepancy it'll be corrected when his move list is released by SNK!

It looks like these team trailers will be lull in comparison to the knowledge bombs that needed to be dropped when the teasers were dropping.

Not only does it look like this is how we'll be introduced to the rest of the cast is on top of that a team trailer a week with the math given will take us right to release day with the Antonov and the final boss trailer some time after that!

Who knows if we'll get more trailers similar to the teasers and trailers from the past. Just know I'll have everything you need and things you never did as we make our way to the release of The King of Fighters XIV!

This Week's Episode: Sexy Deadly Secretaries of the Dead Starring Iori Yagami!

Here we are in Week 2 and it's all about Team Yagami!

Mature's so hype to get some shine is she starts the trailer with her CDM!

Also a new stage too...

Which is just the USA stage from '95 in the moonlight!

Fitting for reasons of course!

Shouts to The Fighters Generation for the GIF of the '95 Yagami Team stage!

Now a mini-showoff showcase ensues with Iori's A 100 Shiki • Oniyaki, an Evasive Roll to cr.D, Ge-Shiki • Yuiori ➡ cr.B & st.D.

Vice then shows off Death Blow, cr.D, C Splash and her CD Attack.

Let us now handle the business that is this trailer properly!

First up is of course Iori Yagami and there was...


EX 108 Shiki • Yami Barai ➡ 100 Shiki • Oniyaki

Kin 1211 Shiki • Yaotome ➡  Climax Cancel ➡ Kin 1218 Shiki • Yatagarasu

Next was Vice and on display was...

CD ➡ Deicide ➡ Super Cancel ➡ Negative Gain

EX Deicide ➡ st.C ➡ Monstrosity ➡ Mayhem ➡ Derivation

Mayhem ➡ Derivation ➡ Super Cancel ➡ Overkill

Negative Gain ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Obscura

Finally was Mature and there was...

Deathrow ➡ Deathrow the Second ➡ Deathrow Final

CD ➡ Ebony Tears

B Metal Massacre

D Metal Massacre ➡ Super Cancel ➡ Nocturnal Rites ➡ Advanced Cancel ➡ EX Heaven's Gate

Notes of Interest

It would seem that Advanced Cancels are back and they're activated by canceling a DM to an EX DM which means this is the only way as of now to perform an EX DM outside of MAX Mode.

Because of game mechanics Super Cancel ➡ Advanced Cancel ➡ Climax Cancel would seem to be impossible unless there's something to MAX Mode we don't know about.

Also for note is Super Cancels as of now seem to free to use so please use them!

Team Yagami's a wrap!



Time to dive into another one!

This one featuring The Legendary Hungry Wolves that make up Team Fatal Fury!

Let's go to work!

A brief look at Navajoland leads right into our mini-showoff showcase with Terry as he shows off the A Power Wave, C Burning Knuckle, C Buster Throw & D Crack Shoot.

Andy makes his presence felt with A Hishou-Ken, C Zan-ei Ken, C Shouryuu Dan, st.D & D Kuuha Dan!

Now, the real show begins!

Terry gets us going for real with the following...

j.C ➡ st.C ➡ EX Crack Shoot ➡ EX Rising Tackle

j.D ➡ st.C (2 Hits) ➡ EX Power Charge ➡ EX Power Geyser

C Burning Knuckle ➡ Super Cancel ➡ EX Buster Wolf ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Star Dunk Volcano

Up next our ninja Andy sneaks through with this set...

EX Zan-ei Ken ➡ EX Shouryuu Dan

st.D ➡ C Zan-ei Ken ➡ EX Zetsu • Hishou-Ken

st.C (2 Hits) ➡ MAX Activation ➡ st.C (2 Hits) ➡ Hirate Uchi ➡ Super Cancel ➡ EX Chou Reppa Dan ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Air Chou • Shin • Soku • Zan-Ei Ken

To finish things off for now is "Moon Man" Joe Higashi with the following...

st.CD ➡ A Hurricane Upper  ➡ st.B

j.D ➡ Close st.D ➡ My assumption is this is a new command normal performed with → + D and hits twice ➡ EX Slash Kick

EX Tiger Kick

C Sou Hiza Jigoku

EX Bakuretsu Ken ➡ Bakuretsu Ken Finish ➡  EX Tiger Kick

st.C ➡ EX Hurricane Upper

Close st.D ➡ MAX Mode Cancel ➡ Close st.C ➡ Unnamed → + D Command Normal ➡ EX
Bakuretsu Hurricane Tiger Kakato

EX Ougon no Kakato ➡ cr.A ➡ st.B

Close st.C ➡ C Hurricane Upper  ➡  Super Cancel ➡  Bakuretsu Hurricane Tiger Kakato ➡ Advanced Cancel ➡ EX Screw Upper

Note: On May 27, 2016 the move lists for the additional 12 characters added to the traveling demo were officially added to the official JP website and it would seem the command normal for Joe that was thought to be → + D is actually ← + B! #LearningStuffs

Notes of Interest

It would seem that MAX Mode and its activation in Single Play is determined by the same factors of the Advantage System that are present in Team Play.

Also if you cancel into MAX Mode is it reduces activation time by 50%.

3 down and so many more to go!

Join me for another breakdown next week!

The Invincible Dragon, The Raging Tiger & The Sexy Kyokugen Princess Are Back to Fight Again!

Time for Team RyĆ«ko no Ken to show what they've got!


We start off Ryo demonstrating that his C Kohou has some invincibility on the way up. Then there was the Haou Shoukou Ken & Zanretsuken!

Then Mr. Garcia came through with the C Ryuga, Haou Shoukou Ken & the Gen-ei Kyaku!

Let's get into this trailer real proper like!

Up first is The Invincible Dragon with...

Jyoudan Uke ➡  EX Ko-Oh Ken ➡  EX Hien Shippu Kyaku ➡  EX Kohou

j.C ➡  st.C ➡  C Ko-Oh Ken  ➡ Super Cancel ➡  EX Ryuko Ranbu ➡  Advanced Cancel ➡ Shin • Tenchi Haou Ken

Next up is The Raging Tiger showing off...

st.C ➡  Ryuu Hanshu ➡  MAX Mode Cancel ➡  st.C ➡  Ryuu Hanshu ➡  EX Hien Shippu Kyaku  ➡ EX Gen-ei Kyaku ➡

D Hien Ryuujin Kyaku ➡  C Ryuuga ➡  Super Cancel ➡ EX Haou Shokou Ken ➡  Climax Cancel ➡  Mu-ei Shippu Ryu Zansho

And to round it out is The Sexy Princess of Kyokugen Karate with the following...

j.C ➡  st.A ➡  C Saiha

st.B ➡  C Yuri Chou Upper

The 100 Blows

Houyoku ➡  Daegeki

C Saiha ➡  Super Cancel ➡  EX Chou Saiha

C Ko-Oh Ken ➡  Super Cancel ➡  Hien Hou'Oh Kyaku

EX Haou Shoukou Ken

Chou! Ryuuko Ranbu

With that another one in the books!

This Trailer Is Unofficially Brought to You by Tough Actin'® Tinactin®!

No May Lee Jinju! No Jhun Hoon! NO PROBLEM!

Team Kim's bringing that feet heat!

Once again, this trailer is unofficially brought to you by Tough Actin'® Tinactin®!

We start off the trailer with some Luong action!

st.A ➡ Tsui ➡ B Rin, cr.D, st.B, & D Rin  ➡ B Geki

Then Kim shows off a bit...

j.D ➡ st.D (2 Hits), → Sanren Kyaku & j.D ➡ st.B ➡ Twio Yop Chagi ➡ D Air Hangetsu Zan

Feet 4 Real!

Once again, this trailer is unofficially brought to you by Tough Actin'® Tinactin®!

Up first is Kim No First Name Needed!

j.A ➡ Hishou Kyaku ➡ Super Cancel ➡ Air Houou Kyaku

st.D (2 Hits) ➡ MAX Cancel ➡ st.B ➡ EX Hangetsu Zan ➡ Twio Yop Chagi ➡ D Air Hangetsu Zan ➡ Air Houou Kyaku

j.D ➡ st.B ➡ D Hangetsu Zan ➡ Super Cancel ➡ Houou Hiten Kyaku ➡ Houou Kyaku  ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Zero-Shiki Houou Kyaku


EX Ren ➡ EX Rin  ➡ EX Geki ➡ EX Geki (Keep)

st.A ➡ Tsui ➡ MAX Cancel ➡ st.A ➡ Tsui ➡ EX Rin ➡ EX Geki ➡ EX Geki (Keep)

st.A ➡ st.C ➡ Tou ➡ Advanced Cancel ➡ EX Tei

st.B ➡ A Geki ➡ Super Cancel ➡ EX Tou ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Ben

This is an interesting point we find ourselves at because this is the first character I've ever had to breakdown with no movelist to do so.

Thing is, because he's a Taekwondo Master and a lot of his moves have been used by SNK's many practitioners is that I do have something to refer to. So I'll do the best I can with what I've got!

That first attack he does actually reminds me of Iori's Ge-Shiki • Yuiori.

The 2nd is his version of a Hangetsu Zan.

Number 3 is a st.CD.

The 4th is a → Sanren Kyaku.

Number 5 I think is Kim Sue-Il's Sanren Geki x 3 ➡ D Hangetsu Zan.

The 6th & 7th are Kim Dong Hwan's Raimei Zan to various follow ups.

Number 8 is the D Air Hangetsu Zan.

9th is Kim Jae Hoon's Shakka Shuu complete with the autoguard too!

Our Number 10 is Dong Hwan's Raimei Dan  ➡ Advanced Cancel ➡ EX Some DM Version of Hien Zan if I had my guess.

11th and finally is st.C  ➡ His CDM Version of the Houou Kyaku

I love what I see from OG Yung Gang-Il!

Can't wait to put actual names to moves but that'll come another time!


This is the week where gaming does its best trot to show the world what's coming soon and KoF isn't going to be left in the dust!

There's a lot for you to see and for me to breakdown so off to work we go!

Welcome to KoF Station Channel XIV!

These videos will give you all the behind the scenes info and it is being hosted by Mitsuhiro Ichiki & Tomoaki Maeno who's the new voice of Kyo Kusanagi!

A lot of what's on display is stuff you've seen already but the bits of info that you get make it well worth the watch regardless of it!

Stay tuned for the next episode sometime in July!

This trailer is most of what we've discussed before and in my case reacted to!

Cool stuff to see so give it a look see!

Our main event is a look at Team Villains and I've been looking forward to seeing Xanadu do his thing so with that...TO WORK!

Time for a bit of showoff time featuring Chang Koehan!

C Tekkyu Funsai Geki, A Dai Hakai Nage, st.CD, a Roll, j.C & Hiki Nige!

Buddy Boy Choi wants in on this too!

st.C ➡ Mukuro Zuki, → Zujou Sashi, cr.C ➡ C Tatsumaki Shippuu Zan, D Senpuu Hien Shitoutsu ➡ → Shitoutsu Bunki X 2 & C Kyoushuu Shitoutsu

Bad Guys, Bad Guys! Bad Guys, Bad Guys!


First for Team Villains is Chang Koehan!

EX Tekkyuu Funsai Geki ➡ Super Cancel ➡ Tekkyuu Dai Assatsu

C Tekkyuu Funsai Geki ➡ Super Cancel ➡ MAX Tekkyuu Dai Bousou ➡ Tekkyuu Dai Ousatsu

Next up is Choi Bounge!

EX Hishou Kuretsuzan (Front) ➡ ↓ Shitoutsu Bunki ➡ cr.A ➡ EX Tatsumaki Shippuu Zan

st.C ➡ Mukuro Zuki ➡ Shissou Kyoujinzan  ➡ Advanced Cancel  ➡ MAX Shin! Chouzetsu Tatsumaki Shinkuzan

cr.C ➡ MAX Cancel ➡ cr.C ➡ Shissou Kyoujinzan ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Shin! Chouzetsu Senpuu Hien Shitoutsu

What's up with Xanadu though?

Don't know.

No movelist to refer to for a breakdown but I can talk about what I do see.

Counters! Flail Dem Hands! Sneezes! Nap Nap Time! Compact Ball Rolling! Super Flail Dem Hands! Super Throw Dem Hands! Bathe In the Light of Something!

Honestly, I like what I see! Xanadu looks like a character who can control space with his various attack and command throws and they do damage so I'd watch myself around this one!

A triple threat trailer breakdown!

Enjoy what's left of E3 and we'll do this again next time!

3 RSVP's to Beatdown Central! No Regrets Required!

This is going to be fun!

The following is years of playing fighting games, 2 move lists and a bunch of guesswork to figure this all out! MY FAVORITE!

Shock me! Sand me! Submerge me!

Let's breakdown a trailer!

Sylvie starts us off with st.A ➡ Guillo-Ton! & D Bootie Bootie.

A cut to people and then a cut to Kukiri with D Nessa Senpuu, C Nessa Jin and his CD.

Another cut back to Sylvie with st.A ➡ Guillo-Ton! ➡ A Denki Kaijin.

Back over to Kukri with st.A ➡ Fussa Ken ➡ D? ➡ D Nessa Senpuu & → Miken Funsai.

Right back to Sylvie with D Kaiten Coil & ← Paula Hip.

Time to get it in proper like!

First is Miss Sylvie with...

[MAX Mode Activated] CD ➡ EX Dischar-Jing ➡ EX Denki Kaijin ➡ A Denki Kaijin ➡ EX Kanten Coil

st.A ➡ C Discharg-Jing ➡  Super Cancel ➡ Magneto-Trapo! ➡ Advanced Cancel ➡ MAX Paula Experiment

CD ➡ Mechahaya Reboot  ➡ MAX Magneto-Trapo

Kukri time...

j.A ➡ EX Air Bossa-Shougeki ➡ EX Nessa Jin

EX Gen'ei Saijin ➡ EX Nassa Senpuu

C Nessa Jin ➡ Super Cancel ➡ Nessa Goku Fujin

st.C ➡ Fussa Ken ➡ C ➡ MAX Cancel ➡ st.C ➡ Fussa Ken ➡ C ➡ EX Nassa Senpuu ➡ Super Cancel ➡ Nessa Goku Totsuha

EX Nessa Goku Fujin ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Goku Nessa Housairyu

Mian has no movelist so I'll do what I can here.

I see a lot of influences here in Mian. Both SNK and not so SNK!

I see some Lee Pai Long, Kyoshiro Senryo and even some Katara & Korra during that 3rd sequence of moves.

You can see the fluidity and showmanship in her moves which is why the Lee & Kyoshiro mensions came about.

The last one isn't much of a stretch once you realize she's actually manipulating water which does in itself answer a lot of questions about Antonov's intentions.

Also nice to know she's a cutie under that mask!

I like what I see from Mian and she as well will be a wonderful addition to the KoF family!

Welcome aboard!

That's a breakdown!

Another one next week!

A Boxer, a Ninja & a Capo Walk Into a Bodega...

Time for Team South America to take the stage and so take the stage they shall!

This is going to be another fun one and not for the reason you'd think!

You'll know what I mean before it's over!

Break it down!

Looks like I don't get very far before doling out the explanations on what's happening.

Nelson has a Command Normal chain that start from 3 different possible command normals (← + A, → + A & ← + B) and they can be followed up with ↑ / ↓ / ← / → + B ➡ ↑ / ↓ / ← / → + C  or ← or → + D.

Even with all this given is I'll try my best to guess at these strings as they come up but there's no promise of 100% accuracy!

Nelson starts us off with a brief demo of what he's got!

Your Neck (→ + A) ➡ Not Yet!  (← + B) ➡ It's Over (→ +C), Your Belly (← + A), Scoop Out! (→ + B) ➡ Reap! (↓ + C) , C I Will Hit Ya Until You Go Down & ← Belly Smash.

Here come Bandeiras with some show off as well.

st.C ➡ → + A, → Jigoku Wheel, Iguazu Otoshi & st.C ➡ → + A ➡ B Shining Ninja Arts



st.C ➡ C I Will Hit Ya Until You Go Down

[MAX Mode Activated] EX A Step Into Victory ➡  Your Belly ➡ Up! (↑ + B) ➡ Lay Down (↓ + C)

Your Belly ➡ Down! (↓ + B) ➡ Reap! ➡ Forward! (→ + D) ➡ MAX Mighty Punch  ➡ Critical Cancel ➡ Victory Punch


st.D (2 Hits) ➡ MAX Mode Cancel ➡ st.B ➡  EX Tengu no Tobikiri

cr.A ➡ C Tengu no Tobikiri ➡ Super Cancel ➡ MAX Kama Itachi

st.C ➡ D Shinobiashi ➡ MAX Tatami Gaeshi ➡ Critical Cancel

Say hello to Miss Zarina!

It also looks like I won't be eating that hat because she is a Capo user after all.

From what I've seen there isn't a lot of Momoko to be seen in her which is surprising and not so at the same time!

This is also given the fact that Zarina may not be ESP inclined like Momoko is which led to more of her attacks fitting in with her teammates that year of Athena Asamiya & Sie Kensou versus how Zarina is a straight-up Capo practitioner like those that have come before her in Richard Meyer, Bob Wilson & Soiree Meira.

Regardless of the comparisons is Zarina looks to be an amazing addition to the roster and we can only hope that there's room for Momoko in games to come!

That is another breakdown complete!

Until next trailer...

The Following Announcement Has Been Paid for by the Mexican World Order!

Team Mexico is in the building!

No bootlegs required!

I've been waiting on this trailer just so I can see more of Miss Angel in action!

Also there's our first look at Ramon since his last canonical outing in XI and last appearance in 2K2UM so this should be quite a breakdown!

We start our trailer with a bit of Angel time...

→ Go Go Futen Girl, st.CD, cr.C, D Red Sky of Japonesia & st.C ➡ → + A (New Command Normal) ➡ D Red Sky of Japonesia!

Then came King of Dinosaurs...

st.CD, D Assault Raptor, st.C, C Ankylo Hammer & cr.D.


From atop the heavens, the deadliest vixen named Angel descends...

st.D ➡ Senseless Chatter ➡ Formalist Blue ➡ Train To See Cherry Blossoms ➡ With a Lamp for the Pathway ➡ Lost Homeland

MAX Blue Monday Parade ➡ Survivor's Banquet

Note: In Vanilla 2002 you actually had to land Blue Monday Parade in order to activate Survivor's Banquet as Angel's HSDM.

I have no idea if Survivor's Banquet is something that only happens when the MAX version of Blue Monday Parade is used or is a follow up to the move in any situation.

st.D ➡ MAX Loyalty Test For Liberalists ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Heavenly Embrace (Not the actual name of the move.)

From the time once past, arise King of Dinosaurs!

C Zetsumetsu Hurricane

EX Assault Raptor

st.C ➡ EX Super Zetsumetsu Hurricane

st.A ➡ Dinner of Dinosaur ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Tyra Mosa Dread Carno Gaoh!

Now approaching the ring, The Yellow Devil...RAMON!

→ Arm Whip
[Not Seen] Tiger Road ➡ Cross Chop
st.C ➡ Tiger Neck Chancery
Tiger Road ➡ Cross Chop
cr.C ➡ df+b ➡ A Feint Step
Bird of Paradise
Headbutt ➡ Hiki Okoshi ➡ Super Cancel ➡ Savage Fire Cat (He does the El Diablo Amarillo Ramon though.)
Rolling Sobat ➡ Flying Body Attack ➡ Hiki Okoshi ➡ MAX Tiger Spin
Tiger Road ➡ New Follow Up ➡ Hiki Okoshi ➡ Climax DM

And that right there is a breakdown.

Don't think I didn't notice that Angel has a new seiyuu that isn't either Miina Tominaga or Mayumi Shintani who voiced her in 2001 and her appearances in the many versions of 2002. So I wonder who the lucky lady is? We shall soon see.

Until next trailer...

Alone in Geese Tower: The New Old Nightmare!

Looks like there's more DLC incoming with a Nightmare Geese costume for the ruler of South Town hisself, Geese Howard!

This seems to be a bit different than the Orochi Style Kyo DLC costume because of all the bells and whistles with this one. His aura and projectiles are purple instead of blue and his voice has been deepened and distorted as well. A damn awesome take of his P2 Real Bout Special costume if I do say so myself!

The other thing to notice here is that the stage the fight is taking place on is an alternate version of Geese Tower and I wonder how that works via the Stage Select?

This costume along with Orochi Style Kyo and the Neo Esaka Dynamic Theme are the digital pre-order bonuses for the game as of this writing. You can pre-order the game on PSN HERE for $59.95.

In other news, it seems there's a demo for the game coming soon somewhere at some point allegedly on July 20th.

There hasn't been any official word and if there is something substantial to report about the demo is you'll read about here.


All the Condiments for the Lord of South Town!

Today is a day that will live in infamy!

Bras will be stained and there's nothing anybody can do about it!

Team South Town is ready to rule this and every other stage!

Rule on! Rule on! RULE ON!

We start this off with a brief demo from THE right hand man, Billy Kane!

st.A, st.B, st.C, → Ippon Tsuri Nage, cr.A, cr.C, j.C & st.CD.

Then a brief demo of the new guy, Hein!

st.A, st.D, → Skewer, cr.A ➡ cr.B & st.CD.


cr.A ➡ Boutakabou-Geri ➡ MAX Guren Sakkon

[MAX Mode] EX Kyoushuu Hishou Kon ➡ MAX Chou Kaen Senpuu Kon

Chou Kaen Senpuu Kon ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Sakkon • Dai Shounetsu

Dear SNK,

Didn't think I noticed that Hein may have some relation to one Oswald.

Oswald's moves are named after cards and Hein's after chess pieces. I see you! I see you!

Now to the breakdown!

st.A ➡ Bayonet ➡ C Pawn

D Bishop ➡ C Rook  ➡ B Castling ➡ cr.D

C Rook ➡ cr.B ➡ Queen ➡ Advanced Cancel ➡ MAX King

st.C ➡ Bayonet ➡ MAX Queen ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Domination



st.C ➡ Raikou Mawashi-Geri ➡ Raimei Gouha Nage

MAX Oni Hanmon [As a counter to Terry's C Burn Knuckle]

st.A ➡ MAX Mode Cancel ➡ st.A ➡ EX Fudou Ken  ➡ Fudou Ken • A ➡ Raigou Reppu Ken ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Raging Storm

That is a breakdown!

There's a special treat coming before the next one so be watching out for it!

If I actually called it right this time!

By the by, all 48 characters now have their movelists up on the website HERE!

Figured you'd wanna know that!

Until next trailer...

The King of Fighters XIV Presents...The Sunday Funday Story Spectacular! 



We've learned the following from this trailer.

Antonov has declared himself the first champion of The King of Fighters even though there has been 10 of them canonically and only one team outside of a team that didn't have the main character of the saga on that team or involved with the final outcome was in 2003 when Leona Heidern, Ralf Jones, Clark Still won it by beating Adelheid even though the team of K'. Maxima & Whip did the dirty work of beating Mukai.

Kyo and Iori still beefing because what else will they do?

It would seem K' & friends are working with the Ikari Warriors this time around. Not surprising because of the link that Whip serves between the two factions.

We get a glimpse of Alice who's Climax DM seems to be her missing the landing after a Crack Shoot comically.

We also get a glimpse of Love Heart who's doing nothing strange to anybody who's watched SkyLove being played.

There might be something at play here with the emphasis on the scene where Hein uses Domination on Vice.

The supernatural entity the trailer mentions isn't Orochi but something new entirely. This may have something to do with something we'll speak on in a bit.

It would seem that Saishu knows something about this new threat according to Kyo.

It's super cool to see Nakoruru standing side by side with Tung and this explains why she and the rest of Team Another World is here. Nakoruru as a goddess of nature doesn't step in unless things are really, really bad so whatever this threat may be isn't something to be taken lightly.

Meitenkun mentions that Shun'ei's power is resonating with whatever this thing is. This also leads into my new fan theory about where the story might be leaning and more on that in a bit too.


This demo will include the 7 characters in the picture above and you get a cool theme when you download it as well!


We finally get a glimpse of "The Tournament Master" Antonov and he is a monster!

Just feats of strength all around!

The thing is, that's not what's at play here.

After looking over Antonov is he started to remind me of a familiar face from an alternate KoF timeline..that being Maximum Impact's Duke.

This then leads me to believe with bit of story we got is I may have been focused on the wrong set of twins.

I should've been looking the way of Alba & Soiree Meira instead of the Jin Twins.

This isn't even about the reincarnation theory that I was originally working off of even though a couple of trailers have played with the idea of how many fighters in the SNK Universe that Tung has actually been involved with in the various ways he has done so.

Much of what I gathered from the story trailer really gave off similar plot vibes to what Maximum Impact did when it explored Alba & Soiree's heritage in Part 2.

I won't spoil it for you on what that plot brings to the table but it is interesting on the things that make you think and reflect on things like that.

This is also a hint to play the Maximum Impact series because you should!

Wasn't expecting any of this at all but should've because of EVO.

It is more than welcome with the goodies that came with it!

We should be back to normal with a team trailer breakdown next update.

All the above with a Triple Da G.O.D! twist!

Y'all enjoy that!

Until that next trailer...

The New Normal Is Tuesday?!

Right on time as the demo drops on PSN is another installment of KoF Station Channel XIV is here and there's some sights to see so be sure you see them all!

Following that drop is the Team China vid dropped unexpectedly and I have no idea what this does for what we've become accustomed to. So for now just revel in it and get ready for the breakdown as it's always done around these parts.

We start off like always with a sneak peek of what's to come with Shun'ei leading us off.

st.A ➡ st.C ➡ st.D, cr.D, st.CD, → Buster Knee Kick, Thruster Vision • Front ➡ j.B ➡ st.A, → Aerial Leg Throw, C Scarlet Phantom, & C Aqua Spear.

The OG Tung Fu Rue follows that with this...

j.B ➡ cr.B ➡ cr.D, C Senshippo, j.B ➡ st.B, j.C ➡ cr.A ➡ cr.A, st.CD & → Tetsuzankou.



st.A ➡ st.A ➡ MAX Mode Cancel ➡ cr.C ➡ EX Scarlet Phantom ➡ EX Rising Efreet ➡  C Scarlet Phantom

st.C ➡ Sky Axe ➡ A Blau Wing ➡ C Scarlet Phantom

cr.C ➡ C Scarlet Phantom ➡ Super Cancel ➡ Specter Extension ➡ Advanced Cancel ➡ MAX Gaianic Burst

cr.C ➡ C Aqua Spear ➡ Super Cancel ➡ MAX Specter Extension ➡ Demolish Dimension

Master Tung is up next!

C Air • Senpuu Ken ➡ st.A ➡ C Geki Hou

cr.A ➡ cr.C ➡ MAX Senpuu Gou Ken

cr.A ➡ EX Shou Ha ➡ EX Senshippo ➡ Dai Geki Hou ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Kyoku • Koureishin

Meitenkun! Time to wake up!

Nezou Rengeki
Far st.B
→ Feint Makura
j.C ➡ st.C ➡ Sen-Siss Hou ➡ Sen-Siss Hou (Follow Up)
A Makura Nage
C Makura Nage
j.A ➡ D Ressen Kyaku
Level 3 C Geki Hou
MAX Chou Geki Hou
A Makura Nage ➡ Super Cancel ➡ MAX Hakuchuu Musou
Daimeiten Hou

That's a breakdown!

Make sure to pick up the demo HERE if you haven't yet!

Until next trailer!

Let's Get a Round-O-Sound for Our Musical Guest...Athena Asamiya!!!!!
Also Featuring Chin Gentsai & Sie Kensou.

Team Psycho Soldier is in the place to be and ready to rock the house down!

For now, our opening act...

We start with some Athena love with this number...

j.A ➡ cr.A ➡ cr.D, C Psycho Ball, D Phoenix Arrow, C Super Psychic Throw & ← Psychic Attack!

Chin's in the cut sipping that lean...

st.A ➡ st.A ➡ st.C, Uron Kouchuu, cr.D, st.CD, B Suiho, C Getsuga Chougeki & Nikikyaku ➡ Nikikyaku (Follow Up).

Team Psycho Soldier...YOU'RE ON!


st.D ➡ MAX Mode Cancel ➡ st.C ➡ Phoenix Bomb (Air) ➡ D Phoenix Arrow ➡ Shining Crystal Bit

cr.C ➡ C Psycho Ball ➡ Super Cancel ➡ MAX Crystal Shoot ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Athena Explosion


[MAX Mode] st.C ➡ Nikikyaku ➡ Nikikyaku (Follow Up) ➡ Nikikyaku ➡ Nikikyaku (Follow Up) ➡ C Getsuga Chougeki ➡ Inshu

D Suiho (As a cancel to Tung's st.C)

st.C ➡ A Getsuga Chougeki ➡ Super Cancel ➡ MAX Tetsuzankou

[MAX Mode]  Nikikyaku ➡ Nikikyaku (Follow Up) ➡ Tetsuzankou ➡ Gouran Ennhou

C Getsuga Chougeki ➡ Inshu



[10 Sips of Lean + MAX Mode]  Nikikyaku ➡ Nikikyaku (Follow Up) ➡ Tetsuzankou ➡ Gouran Ennhou


→ Tomoe Nage
C Choukyuudan
D Senkuu-Tai
j.B ➡ C Ryuusou-Geki
st.C ➡ A Ryuurenga Chiryu
st.D ➡ D Ryuugaku-Sai
C Choukyuudan ➡ MAX Shinryuu • Choukyuudan
MAX Shinryuu Seio Rekkyaku
Zesshou Chirinshouha

Hope you enjoyed the concert!

Until the next...


This update is brought to you in conjunction with #TeamGRF by Sheep in the Big City!


Indeed it is! Team Ikari Warriors are in the building and they about to make it napalm!

Let's breakdown a trailer!

We start with some Ralf with st.C, st.D, cr.D & cr.C!

We follow that up with Leona with st.CD, st.C, cr.C, cr.D

Then there was Clark with → Nagepanashi German, ← Fisherman Buster, → Death Lake Driver!



[MAX Mode] st.D ➡ EX Ralf Kick ➡ EX Gatling Attack

C Dive Bomber Punch

st.C ➡ A Gatling Attack ➡ Super Cancel ➡ Bareback Vulcan Punch ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Ralf Super Phalanx


[MAX Mode] st.D ➡ EX Earring Bomb ➡ EX Grand Saber ➡ Grand Saber (Follow Up)

C Moon Slasher ➡ Super Cancel ➡ MAX V-Slasher

st.CD ➡ C Grand Saber ➡ Super Cancel ➡  MAX Slash Saber ➡ Climax Cancel ➡  Leona Blade


st.C ➡ EX Super Argentine Backbreaker ➡ EX Mount Tackle ➡  Clark Lift ➡ Sleeper Lift (D.D.T) ➡ Flashing Elbow

cr.C ➡ C Gatling Attack ➡ Super Cancel ➡ MAX Running Three ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Ultra Clark Buster

That's a breakdown!

Until next trailer...


Before we get to the business at hand is a new installment of KOF Station Channel XIV is now available and is for anyone looking to get a grip on the basics. This installment features Ai Kakuma, the new voice of Yuri Sakazaki who's replacing Kaori Horie who's been doing her voice since Art of Fighting 2 and last heard in The King of Fighters XIII!

On August 19th, Justin Wong, Ogawa, Go1 & sako will go head to head in a special exhibition Round Robin to see who will be crowned...The King of Fighters!

With a stacked field like that is you know it will be something to see.

Tune in at 7:00 PM Japan Standard Time on the SNKoffical Twitch Channel for this one!

That's 5AM Central Standard Time so please adjust for your hood!

With all the preamble out of the way is let us get to the business at hand...TEAM ANOTHER WORLD!

This team and I have some history and if you haven't read about this history I'm speaking on is you should scroll up a bit and read up on that history, even more history and fun tidbits about these 3 ladies we're about to shine a spotlight on!

Let's breakdown a trailer!

This trailer starts off with a bit of Nakoruru with st.D, st.C, [Clinging to Mamahaha] ➡ Yatoro Pokku, cr.D & → Ryuten Kyougekijin!

There's also some Mui Mui with some of that st.C, Nouten Kudaki, cr.C, cr.D, st.CD, st.D & C Daientou!



[MAX Mode] st.C ➡ EX Amube Yatoro ➡ A Annu Mutsube ➡ EX Rera Mutsube

st.D ➡ A Annu Mutsube ➡ Super Cancel ➡ C Inepu • Ikashima • Wanpe • Chuie ➡ Advanced Cancel ➡ MAX Irusuka Yatoro Rimuse

st.C ➡ Chitenzan ➡ A Annu Mutsube ➡ Super Cancel ➡ Irusuka Yatoro Rimuse ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Kanto • Kamui • Mutsube


C Doraryutotsu

[MAX Mode] st.C ➡ Nouten Kudaki ➡ EX Ryusougeki ➡ Ryusougeki Derivation 2 ➡ Ryusougeki Derivation 2-2 ➡ Super Cancel ➡ C Higi • Chouryuha

 st.C ➡ Nouten Kudaki ➡ MAX Enten-Gouryuha ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Seiryutenmei


→ Strike Brain
C Rush Heart
C Peace Slash
D Sky Anchor
C Rising Heart

[MAX Mode] st.D ➡ EX Sky Anchor ➡ EX Rush Heart ➡ EX Peace Slash

st.C ➡ Love Heel ➡ D Sky Anchor ➡ Super Cancel ➡  MAX Elision Wave

MAX Sky Love Arrow ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Senkuu Buster Sword

That's a breakdown!

Haven't had your fill of Sexy Sky Pirate yet?!

Then do I have news for you!

The above playlist has all the Sky Love PV's for Sky Love 1, 2, 4, & Senkuu no Kiseki all right here and just for you!


Until next trailer!


All 16 Team Story prologues have been uploaded to the website and you can read them HERE!

Above are my G.O.D! Notes on this subject just in case you're not down with reading all 16!

Happy story time...

The Queens of Punch & the Princess in Training!

The Queens of Punch are in the building with newcomer Alice Garnet Nakata and don't let the beauty make you drop your guard. Doing this will get you dropped to the ground quick because these ladies don't play!

Time to breakdown a trailer!

King's up first serving up some st.D, st.C, st.CD & A Venom Strike!

In the shadows is the Beguiling Ninja Babe with st.A, st.C, → Fuusha Kuzushi & st.CD!

Time for some Illusion bottle service!



st.D ➡ MAX Mode Cancel ➡ st.D ➡ Sliding ➡ EX Tornado Kick ➡ EX Trap Shot ➡ Super Cancel ➡ MAX Surprise Rose ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Illusion Dance


[MAX Mode] EX Kachousen ➡ st.A ➡ EX Ryuuenbu

st.A ➡ EX Ryuuenbu ➡ MAX Chou Hissastsu Shinobi-Bachi ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Shiranui-Ryuu Ougi • Kunoichi


Before we get into this breakdown I will say once again that I love every single nod that Alice brings to the table! Wonderful work SNK!

Now my job here is to point out as many of those nods as I can!


st.D = King's st.D
cr.C = You can either attribute this to Ryo's st.C or the 2nd part of Rick's C Hellion
st.C =  Looks like Rick's Blazing Sunburst
Far st.D = Joe's Far st.D
cr.D = Can't attribute this to somebody off the top of my head at the moment.
j.D = No idea at all.
j.C = Yuri's Chou Knuckle
→ Chaibudai Gaeshi = Celebration from The Legend of Wild Wolf
st.CD = Terry's Power Stream
D Tiger Crack = Joe's Tiger Kick and Terry's Crack Shoot
C Southtown Variation  ➡ Southtown Variation • Charge = Andy's Zan-Ei Ken & Terry's Power Charge
C Wolf Combination ➡ Wolf Combination • Upper ➡ Wolf Combination • Wave = Terry's Burn Knuckle, Joe's Screw Upper & Terry's Power Wave
D Diving Tackle = Mai's Musasabi no Mai & Terry's Rising Tackle

st.C ➡ Garnet Spin ➡ MAX Mode Cancel ➡ st.C ➡ Garnet Spin ➡ EX Wolf Combination ➡ Wolf Combination • Upper ➡ Wolf Combination • Wave

C Wolf Combination ➡ Wolf Combination • Upper ➡ Super Cancel ➡ MAX Special Wolf Combination

Special Wolf Combination = Joe's Tiger Kick & Terry's Rising Tackle

C Southtown Variation ➡ Southtown Variation • Charge ➡ Super Cancel ➡ Shadow Dunk

Shadow Dunk = Andy's Zan-Ei Ken & Hotaru's Shoshou Tenrenge

Full Set Alice = Terry's Burn Knuckle & Crack Shoot

A couple of little notes before we leave.

Domestic abuse in all 3 cases.

A little new stage, old stage going on here! It does look more like its Re-Bout counterpart but still worth the mention!

Credit to The Fighter's Generation!

Splendid Soldier seems to be this mashup of Sha-La-La from '99 & I'm Hot for You from 2003!

That's a breakdown!

Until next trailer...

It Seems to Be Whole Lot Kula in Here All of a Sudden!

If there's a way to send off breakdowns in style it would seem that Team K' is the team to get us to the finish line!

Time to show off the best of NESTS!

Let's start with a burning helping of K' with st.C, st.D, → Knee Strike & One Inch!

How about some Kula Diamond to cool off with C Counter Shell, st.C & → Ice Sledge!

And some smooth Maxima to wash it down with [1 Hit of Armor on Ramon's st.C] st.C,  [1 Hit of Armor on Ramon's st.C] cr.C & [1 Hit of Armor on Ramon's st.D] C M-4 Vapor Cannon!



st.CD ➡ MAX Mode Cancel ➡ Ein Trigger ➡ Second Shell ➡ Chain Drive

st.C (1 Hit) ➡ Ein Trigger ➡ Second Shell ➡ Heat Drive ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Hyper Chain Drive


[MAX Mode] st.C (1 Hit) ➡ One Inch ➡ EX Diamond Breath ➡ EX Ray Spin ➡ Ray Spin (Stand) ➡ C Crow Bite ➡ Super Cancel ➡ Diamond Edge

st.C ➡ MAX Mode Cancel ➡ st.C ➡ Frozen Arena ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ Glacier Ridge


cr.A ➡ M-9 Maxima Missile (Prototype) ➡ MAX Mode Cancel ➡ cr.A ➡ EX M-4 Vapor Canon ➡ EX Maxima Press ➡ Maxima Press (Follow Up)

C M-4 Vapor Canon ➡ Super Cancel ➡ Double Vapor Canon ➡ Advanced Cancel ➡ MAX M-24 Atomic Laser

C M-4 Vapor Canon ➡ Super Cancel ➡ MAX Double Vapor Canon ➡ Climax Cancel ➡ MX-III CIWS Launcher

That's that!

We aren't done done quite yet!

There's still a final boss!

There may be DLC characters!

There's still plenty KoF XIV for me to talk about and I'll do it here and on the YouTube Channel so please stay tuned!

Until next time...

-Triple Da G.O.D!


  1. Dude why are u talking about characters possibility being in game while the leak is 100% legit and shows all chars !!

    1. Haven't looked at it, don't care about it or value its existence. This way I'm free to speculate and have fun with doing such instead of having the mystery and majesty taken away from me as it has from you and everybody else that chose to have it taken away. You can enjoy knowing and I can enjoy speculating until all 50 characters are revealed.

  2. Oh God! You made the best review in the Internet!!!! The Future is Now!!!