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#TheCool Special Edition: Corrections, Comeups & Quality Control!

Welcome to #TheCool's Employee Lounge! We don't normally let people in here but I feel that this warrants such an occasion! Why? Because we fucked up! Badly infact! So much so is that we needed to sit folks down and go over some corrections that were made. The reason why this is a thing is because I've shifted over to using Chrome again and what I noticed was the no duh of the century. If you use a Google product in combination with other Google products it works a whole lot better. In coming upon these mistakes we're about to highlight is Firefox would let me know things were cool and then we'd let you guys aboard the train not knowing something was messed up until after people have rode the train. There have been times where I've mentioned that things have been fixed just on random passthroughs of old installments but these corrections needed to be highlighted with the promise of better quality control from here on in.

If you see something that looks out of place then please let me or maintenance know so we can fix whatever the problem is ASAP!

Our goal is your comfort while you ride which in turn makes sure you continue taking that #LastWeekRightNow trip with us instead of others. We as always thank you for your continued patronage and please continue to keep riding with us! We'll make it worth your while!

Let us get to work of correcting old follies.

From #TheCool: Shooting Peaches, Massive Melons, Sexy Strawberries & Fog Machines: MIKA'S ULTIMATE FRUIT SALAD! is there were a couple of messed up video links. Here's what you missed.

Shouts once more to the Stop Skeletons From Fighting Collective for this review of Faxanadu. Awesome review for an awesome game. Give it a watch.

Episode 2's in the streets now and the installment where this mistake came from included a link to TeamFourStar's webpage where that episode can be seen. It's on YouTube but you have catch this week's installment of #TheCool to get that link or find if for yourself before then.

This piece of wonderful art by ButchaU was supposed to be featured as part of the Mika Art Bombsplosion but I messed the links up and you got another picture instead.

Regardless of such, shouts to ButchaU for some Mika X Nadeshiko X Peachy Goodness! If you'd like to see more then visit his webpagePixiv and on Twitter @butcha_u!

After the fact is I discovered the above picture from the Reverge Labs Whiteboard but I have no idea who drew it. It looks like could either Alex Ahad or kinucakes who drew this. Regardless is if you click the picture it'll take you to the source. If anybody can answer my question then get at me so I can credit the picture accordingly.

For the record, I'm so ready for a sequel to Rumble Roses XX. Just saying.

From #TheCool: Views From the Rearview is you missed the throwback video of the week.

A classic YouTube Poop about Matt Hardy on Power Rangers. It makes sense from the WWE and Power Rangers side if you understand the sources. Funny regardless though.

Given when this information dropped is that installment would've had the privilege of talking about the batch of characters that were announced that week for Project X Zone 2. Feel free to scroll and see who falls where. I'll be sure to fill in blanks where necessary just for explaining who's who and what's why for purpose reasons.

Just to mention it is that Chun-Li & Xiaoyu are the second mixed company Pair Unit in the game with Strider Hiryu & Hotsuma being the first mixed Pair Unit that was announced for the game.

I need to comment on this. This game is full of ninjas; There's Strider Hiryu, Hotsuma, Natsu & Kage-Maru. Now there's Hibana from Nightshade. You should play Nightshade and its prequel Shinobi on PS2 if you haven't yet. Some great action games that I thoroughly enjoyed back in the day. Make sure to have a clear Shinobi save first and then start Nightshade on that same memory card. You'll thank me later.

This is a new character Sheath who's new to the series. From screenshots she seems to be teamed up with Saya for whatever reason. Don't know much outside of that for now.

Sylphie from Forgotten Worlds is back but she isn't a playable unit as she was previously in Namco X Capcom. Her specials from that game are a must see even if you don't plan on investing time in the game. Awesome stuff for Capcom fans in there if you're looking for it. In PXZ2 she's actually one of the shopkeepers we know about at the moment. You never know, she may be recruitable later in the campaign so here's hoping.

This is Miyuki from Ordyne an obscure shooter by Namco. Miyuki surprisingly enough as a shopkeeper in this game is serving the exact same function as she did in Ordyne. If you wish to know more about Ordyne then click her picture to read the awesome HG101 writeup about the game.

The pictures you see here came from THIS 4Gamer article. You can read said article for more information about the characters you see here.

From #TheCool: Sieg Heil! G.O.D!'s Here and I'm All Out of Bubblegum! is that I learned that you can't trust what Firefox shows you while previewing a blog.

Blogger & World Star don't get along when you embed their videos. So just in case you missed Episode 11 of Nigga Turtles here it is for you!

From #TheCool: Surviving the #E32015 Storm! is the hoopla of what went down killed quality control. Here's what you missed.

We know now that game's well and funded many times over. Call me when there's a product to show.

If you happened to miss the Star Ocean trailer then here it is for you.

From #TheCool: Prelude to the Storm 2015 is that the reason there were so many mistakes is because of the rush to get it out before Monday's E3 coverage started so enjoy all that was missed because things were missed.

Talk about the above 3 videos but don't dare link them so people can see the videos for themselves and put some context to what you're talking about.

I missed this video due to a different video showing up twice instead of this one at least being there once.

How did I forget to tell you that the penultimate episode of TOME dropped? It happened and I feel shame for it. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

This was supposed to get those familiar ready for all that Giant Bomb E3 coverage. For those not in the know is Lock Down is a song in heavy rotation during Giant Bomb breaks during their E3 coverage.

These 2 videos were linked to bestow a very important lesson upon you. DON'T! LOVE! HOES! Just don't do the shit!

From #TheCool: Power Play 2: Prelude to the Prelude is that I just replaced one of the video links to the official source of said video.

For the record, I usually don't replace video links in any fashion just for the integrity of the article. A decision I made long ago and for now I'll be sticking to it. If that so changes, I'll let you know.

Before they hated on XIV, the streets were wishing this Pachislot game was that. Strange, life is.

From #TheCool: Forever Together Toward Adventure Tomorrow! is the link just failed to show up so I had to replace it.


From #TheCool: Everyday Wisdom With Wicked Lady, The Good-Looking Guy, The Goddamn Batman & Mr. Squirrels! is links only work when you link correctly. Fail and you fail.

I failed to completely add the link for this TvC match and because of that is it just showed up as a non-existent video. Triple check your work!

From #TheCool: Centennial Hug Battle XXXtreme Some of the HTML bled into a sentence and I just corrected the sentence. This is the video and the corrected sentence in question.

Have I ever told you that I loves me some Laura Bailey? This has been a moment where I told you I loves me some Laura Bailey!

Maybe if I ask real nice she'll wink at me and I'll just disappear from existence. Fate is fate.

Thanks for stopping by the employee lounge! Hopefully you can come back through under different circumstances next time.

Thank You again so much for riding with us because we appreciate it. Like I said earlier, if you catch something out of place, have any questions, comments or want something featured then be sure to get at me on Twitter @TripleDaGOD, Facebook or just shoot me an e-Mail through the blog and we'll get it together post haste.

Quality Control at Maximum Output! We shall not meet like this again!

#TheCool's getting prepped to leave the station so be prepared when #LastWeekRightNow comes!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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