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#TheCool: Views From the Rearview


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Before the end of the year you can own Yakuza 5 in English or whatever language isn't Japanese. Digitally. I'm still holding out the hope this will get a physical release because my shelf will look strange without it. Since the announcement however the Internet has been buzzing about being forced into only having a digital option to own the game and looking at both sides this is where I fall on the subject at hand.

I've never been a fan of the digital distribution model simply because of how easy it is to lose everything you've bought or in the legalese you "sign," rent the items you purchase. When you agree to said terms is you're paying to borrow something from said service until either the service doesn't exist and you can no longer access your purchases or something bad happens and you lose it all. If this was a physical copy then something in the physical world would have to happen to it in order for me to no longer have it and choice to own it again would be on me and I would own it and not be in a position of borrowing it from the storefront where I purchased the digital copy from. There's a huge difference between rent and own and digital versus physical is the line that battle walks and will until parity is reached on the digital side of things.

On the other side of this same argument is the folks who say support it regardless because they might localize future games in the series if you do. Problem with this logic is nobody who matters in the conversation has said this out loud and won't. Yakuza 5 even existing in this manner is a goodwill gesture by Sony and should be treated as such. SEGA bailed on the series after 4 & Dead Souls overwhelmingly underperformed and from a business standpoint I don't blame the decision makers for seeing it that way. So if the future of the series in the states depend on the game selling then make that point very clear so that I know the responsible choice to make. Seeing this series thrive is important to me so if the feeling is mutual on the other side of the fence then act like it. Not that hard to do.

This should be an interesting experiment to watch and see what develops from it. There's a lot riding on Yakuza 5's success. Not only for the sake of the franchise but also for #BuildingTheList being a force in what Sony helps bring to gamers on their platforms in the future.

If you wish to pre-order the game on PSN you can do that HERE for $33.99 which is 15% off of the $39.99 price tag when the game drops. Whenever such an event takes place in this plane of existence. You also get a special theme for your pre-order as well.

Happy Yakuzing?!

Azure Striker Gunvolt is coming to Steam and if you skipped on the 3DS version then you have a chance to play an awesome action game the way it was meant to be played. From my understanding is at one point is the game was supposed to have an English dub but it didn't happen and when the game was released outside of Japan is we got the game and the localization left important bits of the story out of it which didn't personally sit right with me at all. The Steam version has the Japanese dub and all of it fully localized so you get all of the story the way it was meant to be presented to you.

They'll also be adding content to the game for 6 months after release which includes a speedrun mode out of the box.

Also just like the 3DS version is you'll get a free copy of Mighty Gunvolt if you buy the game within the first 30 days of release. The DLC levels are also included as well so if you didn't pick this one up either then for $15 both games are one hell of a deal to be honest.

You'll be able to get your hands on this on August 28th and when the game's available you can get it HERE!

Speaking of Steam is River City Ransom: Underground is on Steam Greenlight and you can vote for it HERE! The big news here is that it would seem that if there were issues with Arc System Works and the Kunio-kun license it would seem that they've been resolved. This is great for whatever the future holds for it. If they decide to go on a delisting spree is let me know first so I can actually own Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons for "reasons."

To complete our Steam news portion is my favorite Cop/Firefighter/All-Around Super Cutie Patty Wagon is going back to school?! Mighty Switch Force! Academy is now in Early Access on Steam and WayForward needs your help to make this game the best it can be! By getting the game you can give your feedback and help this be the best MSF game yet. If you wish to help in this endeavor then for the low, low price of $9.99 you can do just that RIGHT HERE!

It isn't an American dance party without everybody's favorite Private Dick, Naoto Shirogane!

More Moero Crystal? We got that!

In the "We Knew This Was Coming but I'm Hype as Fuck For it Anyway News of the Week" is Pokkén Tournament is coming to the Wii U this Spring. Also a alternate version of Pikachu known as Pikachu Libre which is one of the Cosplay Pikachu outfits from Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire will be playable as well. I don't know if this Pikachu will join the arcade roster before the Wii U release but if that becomes such a thing then I'll let you know.

This is Judgment of Rage. Watch this trailer. If you feel so compelled to see this become a reality then give money HERE!

This looks mad sick and I want to see this happen. Here's hoping it finds the funding it needs to become a part of our reality!

A message from #TeamGRF and People Like Us! Thank You!

Pictures don't lie at all. We've talked a bit about Xtreme 3 in previous installments but now there's some actual information to actually talk about. Xtreme 3 will have 2 separate versions Fortune (PS4) & Venus (Vita). Each version will take advantage of what that system does best but at this time I don't know about any cross features between the 2 versions if there are any at all.

The thing is only 9 of the girls will make it into Xtreme 3 and nobody knows what will happen to who's left out. The thing is you can help choose which 9 girls make buying themes of your favorite DoA Lady of Choice for your PS4 and PSVita. Let's not forget the part where while these themes are available in all regions is only ones bought in Japan & Asia count in the vote tally. Remember how I told you forever ago to have multiple accounts for all regions? Coming in handy right about now.

If you wish to become a part of this madness then here's a link to the official voting page with all the rules in Japanese and links to all 16 themes for both systems. You'll find that HERE. We'll learn the 9 girls chosen at TGS sometime next month. This should get pretty interesting.

Thanks to 4Gamer for the pics and you can find the article where the pictures came from HERE.


I've been in the lab really considering what it is I do, want to do and really thinking do I even want to do what it is I'm already doing in the capacity in which I do anymore. I take a look around at the state of the game as it stands and my contemporaries have taken things to a whole new plateau and that I appreciate and duly respect. When I had that shine is you only had it for bragging rights and there wasn't a lot you could really do with that back then. At this point the game's too crowded because everybody wants a piece of the pie because everybody believes they can be THE ONE. What it is they don't realize is that number that's in constant play...ONE! That number isn't your friend and you'll make plenty of enemies to be that number. I've seen folks try to 1:1 who they think is ONE and it looks wrong and ends in disaster. I've seen content from folks and see them try to copycat their way to attention and it makes me sick to my stomach. If you can't be you and be ONE then what's the point of being ONE at all!?

All of it considered has really made me take a real hard and honest look at what I've put out there from then until now and makes me question the next move to make if there's even one to make. If I just want to do this for the sake of just doing it then I have to get my mind in that mode to just make it happen and not be my own roadblock but my own stepping stone as it should be. If I wish to best my contemporaries which is something I know that's truth even at this point and something I can make so is I have to take some necessary steps and be ready to make some big sacrifices to do that. Looking at the mathematics of a decision like that is the numbers don't compute in a way that speak to making a decision of that magnitude at this time.

I know what it is what I want to do. The thing is making it work in a way in which I'm winning from every direction. Finding the combination of decisions of making that happen is what I'm the lab cooking up at the moment. We'll see what I'll bring back for the world to see!

In other news, more Dissidia. I also played some Rockman Minus Infinity and Twisted Tales of Spike McFang for reasons I don't know other than I had fun doing so! The way it should always be.

Ballers Season 1 has come to a conclusion and if you haven't watched it then time to get to the business! Can't wait for Season 2.

If you don't have Survivor's Remorse on your radar then time to get to that as well! Got in a marathon of the first season and the first episode of Sesaon 2 over the weekend and it as well is a must watch. A shame I didn't get on it sooner. Don't make the same mistake.

They finally showed Part 1 of Vixen dropped and they should've put the whole episode out instead of how they're handling it currently. It has promise and hopefully gets picked up in a way to suit the show better. You can watch that HERE.

Also got a chance to watch Super Hero Taisen GP Rider 3 & Episode 1 of Rider 4 and let me let you in on something. Watch the movie now and wait for all 3 episodes of Rider 4 to be subbed. The movie delivered and this time had a bit of focus on Faiz after the last SHT, Black, Zeronos and a bit of Garren to boot. Episode 1 of Rider 4 is a crazy mess and picks up literally right after the movie ends. Good stuff so far and can't wait to see the rest.

We're at the half way point of Ninninger according to the show and even though this episode was a clip show it did whether on purpose or accident set up some stuff for the end game. Whether the show actually does something with what it gave is another thing entirely.

SummerSlam was pretty decent even given some so-so matches and odd finishes that set up what was to come. AYYYY, WE WANT SOME NEW DAY!!!!!!

As usual, many thanks to the Usual Suspects for doing what they do better than anything in the business!


Thanks, Skullgirls! What an awesome ride! Best of everything to Lab Zero as they dig in for Indivisible.

A ditty about all the Moustaches out there in these streets. Good on you!

As a scholar and leading source of fighting game lore is I've never seen the lore of Tekken told in a way that made sense until right now.

Botchamania 285!

Every single day of your life is "The Greatest Day in the History of Our Sport!" LIVE LIKE IT! A message from #TeamGRF and People Like Us! Thank You!

Trying to remember and locate this video led to weird loop of things. You'll see what I mean. In other news, shame this MUGEN game never truly came to fruition.

Continuing Throwback Theater this week is I ended up back in a familiar spot and saw this classic and I had to share it for the one time.

Rounding out Throwback Theater this week is the fact in knowing that real niggas know what's really hood! Trust!


Shouts to Fumio936 for some Baewulf & Mathilda love! I want to play some Anarchy Reigns so bad! Shame that SEGA sent the game to die in America. What could've been!

If you want more art like this then be sure to check out Fumio936's Tumblr for even more like it! 18+

That shall be that!

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