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#TheCool: Jam Kuradoberi & Star Butterfly vs. the Forces of Evil Xrd -Revelator- EXTREME!


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Before Kokonoe there was another ASW girl who held my heart and her name was Jam Kuradoberi!

When I think about how I got to that point I went through a long Chipp phase and then dropped him for Slayer and all of this was during my tenure playing #Reload at my arcade. I didn't pick up Jam until I started getting into some real lab work with #Reload on XBOX and then Slash on PS2 when I imported it and I haven't looked back. I did pick up Order-Sol purely by accident during that same lab time with Slash because I was trying to see what was good with Dragon Install: Sakkai and liked the character so much that I dropped Sol and kept playing him instead.

I figured I'd share this bit of history with you because learning my girl was back brought all those memories very forefront for me.

Regardless of such is Jam's joining Revelator alongside Johnny & Jack-O and they'll be doing it on August 25th! Know that #DoaGHThaDOJO will be adding this to the line up as soon as match footage becomes available. Be watching for it!

I bring news from the joyous garden of Life & Hometown!

First of all is if you haven't picked up Burst on 3DS is that it is on sale for $19.99 on the eShop right now! So if you need to get ready for even more here's where you can start.

Deep Crimson drops on September 15th and if you happen to have a save file for Burst is you'll be able to play as Ikaruga's brother Murasame for free. In Japan they released him as DLC later on but at this time I have no idea if this'll be the case when it drops here but you'll take my advice and buy Burst and this won't matter to you at all.

Coming soon to Estival Versus is the other side of the Senran Kagura X Dead or Alive Collaboration Project with Ayane as DLC for the game. The DLC should drop on the 25th which would be the next PSN update so if you imported the game then be sure to watch for it when it comes out.

Coming soon to your American P4D Dance Party is one Yukiko Amagi!

HuniePot, the studio that brought you HuniePop are taking their talents and brining you their take on the management simulator in HunieCam Studio! Trailer explains the premise perfecly and if you're feeling it then CLICK THIS to vote for it on Steam Greenlight!

Just a reminder, 3D Gunstar Heroes drops on the 20th so get your monies ready! In the meanwhile read about the process of brining the Treasure classic to the 3DS in Part 1 of this interview with M2. You can do so HERE!


Still making my way through Shade Impulse slowly but surely. It'll get done. Someday. Maybe.

I can confirm for all of its 90's flare is that GI Joe Extreme is still good. I don't really have the fondness for the 80's show like most do because Extreme is that show for me. I wish they would release it on Blu-Ray or at least show it on TV but that didn't happen when The Hub was around so highly doubt it will now.

Go watch Star vs. the Forces of Evil! I was finally was able to see what all the fuss was about and the fuss was right on the money! Just a great show in the sea of not so good so give it a couple of episodes when you get the time.

Season 2 of Power took it to Hamsterdom and beyond! Season 3 is going to the business so its time to see what the fuss is about over this way!

Dino Charge finally came back and its being the one thing I need it be...BETTER THAN MEGAFORCE! Do more of this please! Thank You!

Thanks as always to the Usual Suspects for doing what they always do! Appreciated to the fullest!


I don't believe I'm even saying this right now but Powerline performed at the 20th Anniversary Reunion for A Goofy Movie! Shouts to Tevin Campbell for the one time. I remember when he was THAT DUDE way before Usher was. This is also a reminder to myself of how many times back in the day I watched A Goofy Movie. That number for your records is too many to count at this point.

The #PAXRUMBLE will soon be upon us so as I remind myself that "It's real to me dammit" is a look at PAXAMANIA 2014 from all sides is something worth looking at.

Speaking of sort of related activities to the above is Mario Party Party 5 is happening live at PAX Prime. Somebody playing may not even make it to the #PAXRUMBLE. This should be interesting.

If Giant Bomb was a TV Show? I've asked this question before but Fun Punditry takes that What If? and gives us flavors of Giant Bomb Nine-Nine, Arrested Bombvelopment & Giants and Bombination to really give us a taste of what could be.

I remember our Throwback of the Week fondly. I remember in the Summer of 2001 seeing this video getting heavy play on MTV & TRL and the song was very catchy and still a favorite of mine to this day. A shame the group never got the opportunity to capitalize on the success of the song. Something about some buildings as I've heard it told.

Be sure to check out the latest episode of History of Power Rangers all about Samurai HERE.

We've got a lot of Jam pics to share because of her inclusion in Revelator and to celebrate here are some of my favorites I've recently seen!

If you'd like to check out more from 蘇芳サクラ then be sure to visit their site & Pixiv for more.

If you wish to see more art from 茶鳥 then checking his site, Pixiv or @irresolution on Twitter would be ways to do that!

If you want to see more art from ぽせき then be sure to check for more on Pixiv and @psk_sk3 on Twitter as well!

Y'all know what's up. Click a link at your own discretion! 18+ NSFW and all that!

That shall be that!

As usual we thank you for taking this ride with us! We always appreciate your patronage!

Y'all know the next time this train is pulling from the station so be here when it does!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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