Tuesday, March 15, 2016

#PocketChange: The Majesty of the Surprise! A Dead Art Form?!

There used to be a time where you waited and rumors were just dismissed as lies no matter how much of the truth may have lived within its shell.

Now with our society more connected than ever and the need for ego to outweigh common sense is that more and more our connected world is being filled with those with a thirst for the spotlight no matter what it costs others which brings us to our subject.

I woke up to the news that the roster for The King of Fighters XIV was leaked for a second time. From my understanding of the first leak was that it was semi-vague on who and what however this time a picture is worth every word in every book out there. I didn't look at the first one and damn sure won't be looking at the picture either and I hope that I can keep the purity of not only the surprise and have the fun in speculating for myself and the ongoing KoF XIV article because I enjoy speculating that roster for the sake of speculating that roster.

Again, this isn't the first and damn sure won't be the last the last time so in that "Spoilers for the things you want not spoiled have always been here so get used to it!"

A couple of examples if I may...

Street Fighter V had this issue bad and still does right now. Ono wanted to troll with Laura so bad and a shame he couldn't. He wasn't his happiest about that. Still hope that Laura gets that as a costume down the line.

I looked the Street Fighter X Tekken leaks directly in the face as heresy even given the fact of who was giving the information. Don't forget how data mining brought that game a set of problems that it never quite recovered from. There were some other issues the game had that did it in but I still feel that it's a good game though regardless of all those faults.

Both Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 & Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars casts were leaked because of some HTML left out in the open. For the sake thereof is a lot what UAS brought to table was easily guessed before the roster leaked because of the scope of what the license afforded the game to actually realistically pull of. Still no Yattarou & Go in the end but those licenses though.

Killer Instinct just had a big leak with 2 of their upcoming characters getting out there somewhere. I can confirm that none of those characters are Joanna Dark, Vela from Jet Force Gemini, Nicole-458 or The Dark Queen from Battletoads. I really want Joanna Dark though. She'd be good in a fighting game. Take some cues from Lien Neville from Maximum Impact on spies in fighting games for some clues.

Everyday there's a new forum post on game forums about what's that word and that's just echoed by news sites and in most cases with no fact checking done beforehand with said information because we need that traffic cash though.

How many movies and TV shows can you name that have just had their future laid to bare in text form for your eyes to see?

I heard recently that the next arc of Steven Universe has been spoiled to no end and that sucks for whoever was caught in that because that fan base stays on information. The Crying Breakfast Friends weep for you and your loss.

Everybody has that one guy (Ours is Steve-O but he's gotten a lot better since spoiling chapters of Bleach & Naruto back in the day.) who just lets out what they know before you do. Be sure to let that person know how you feel about that stuff, It was how we got Steve-O to be a bit more courteous when it comes to that kind of information.

The thing is this has been happening for years in all media way before our connected world. There is no such thing as a secret and again because of our connected world and the ego that blinds others is the experience is ruined for those appreciate the majesty.

The question is: "What can you do to preserve the majesty for yourself?"

I do my best to avoid social media when I know that the talk is going to be heavy on certain subjects which is the most important and proactive step you can take.

Wrestling is a humongous one because of how it always trends on Twitter and always a hot button issue on Facebook with those I choose to communicate with. It was this same reason that made me make the decision of unsubbing from the WWE's YouTube because of how my schedule was then on Monday nights coupled with YouTube is my hustle so I can't avoid it for long periods of time.

There was a YouTube channel I was subscribed to that was spoiling TMNT through titles of videos and thumbnails and it happened two weeks in a row and I just had enough of it and just said deuces. Just for context is this was back in the beginning of Season 2 when this happened.

Pony Season is another major one because of how dedicated that fan base is to sharing their love of the show through all forms of possible media so I have to add Tumblr and every fan art site on the internet to my no go places until an episode has been watched because of how much those types of sites explode with conversation and art when this happens. I'm not mad because you enjoy something as awesome as MLP but I like the surprise of the episode just a bit more.

Kamen Rider, Super Sentai & Power Rangers are just crazy to dodge because the show has toys to sell and that usually gives away plot points which are usually new powers for the heroes of Japan and the stories adapted from the adventures of said heroes. This used to be the worse because of how I interacted with the media and those who consume it. I had to unlike a couple of Facebook pages and completely distance myself from certain forums so I could continue to have that majesty for myself. The rule generally is don't walk into TokuGAF until after you watched the episode. It has been and will continue to be a working formula.

Critical Role is probably the hardest to dodge because of my schedule to watch it live on Thursdays so that wait until the following Monday when episodes go up is an exercise in dodging spoilers because Critters are a fierce bunch and couple that with the actors who love what Critters do and spread it around is that show is watch live or else. Love the show and my fellow Critters regardless!

As somebody who tunes into a lot of TV shows is that because of how I deal in social media is outside of wrestling and MLP it isn't as dangerous of a territory to tread through as those prior instances provided.

I know when the hype is strong for something and I feel that the payoff is coming so I'm sure to interact with that ASAP and if I have to brave the minefield of our connected world is I'm careful in what and who I interact with until I interacted with that media in question.

Every now and again J will give the word on what needs my attention ASAP and I do my best to follow those cues because I want to discuss what's getting my brother hype so I can share in that too.

I've let my curiosity get the better of me more than once and every single time I've regretted doing so. Hype is a two-way street so learn how to cross properly or pay the price.

The thing is, you're your best chance of surviving the minefield of our connected world. You've been part of it long enough and you know what time it is. Make the choice on what you want to see and stick to it. While you can point the finger is at others is be sure to look in the mirror and point the finger at yourself when it's necessary to.

This is a part of our world and it's never going to disappear.

If you're like me and appreciate the majesty of the surprise then you'll have fight to keep it!

An arduous battle it is, however know if you treasure it then know your fight for it will pay back in dividends!

Safe travels out there!

-Triple Da G.O.D

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