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#TheCool: A Fuller House of 151 Pokémon is My Destiny!





Before we get to the business at hand is there's some new work in the streets straight from #TeamGRF that truly you should be aware of if you weren't previously!

It seems the choice was made for you for the worst to happen so we have to see it through. I do have a feeling you'll get a second chance at this. Give it some time!




Happy Anniversary, Pokémon! The Japanese Anniversary to be exact about it.

Regardless of that, Pokémon is one of the most influential games in history and if you look back to the aftermath of its booming popularity to now is you can't miss how many games tried to do what it did with varying degrees of success.

You can cop Red, Blue & Yellow on the eShop now for $9.99 a piece for a nostalgia hit with some purpose.

Also coming this year is the 7th Generation of Pokémon in Sun & Moon and you'll be able to move your Pokémon from RBY & Green for my Japan folks to Pokémon Bank into Sun & Moon which "fully" bridges all the series together for the first time. No idea if Gold, Silver or Crystal will get this same treatment at some point.  Even with HeartGold & SoulSilver existing is because of how GSC functioned is having them digitally would preserve them in a way that most would appreciate so who knows.

I want Pokemon Stadium so bad for Wii U & NX. I'd do things to have those games collaborate digitally and I have a feeling its coming! You can quote me on this.

Here's to your first 20 Pokémon and next year I'll get you a real drink. No water or lemonade because nobody here is a thirsty law enforcement officer! Remind me because I'll forget.

Raiden V is in a hood near Japan this week and you cop it for the low, low price of  ¥7,344 digitally HERE!

The news is that Raiden V will be in a hood near you in the near future so if you can wait a bit then you'll be able to get it that way. I can almost guarantee that you'll only have a digital option so if you want something a bit more tangible then you'll need to import this one.

Azure Striker Gunvolt on Steam has updated with an Easy & Hard mode so if you need a way in or want to challenge yourself further then you have a way to do just that. You can cop Azure Striker Gunvolt HERE!

DLC Pack 1 for UNS4 drops on March 15th and it comes with a Shikamaru side story, a costume for Naruto, Combination Techs for Shikamaru & Asuma, Team 8 (Hinata, Kiba & Shino), The First 6 Hokages and Naruto & Boruto and additional content as well.

Note: The 6th Hokage & Boruto were Pre-Order DLC so I'm just letting you know so if you don't have it then you'll need to hustle up on that and eBay doesn't look like the way to go. On top of that, DLC that was like this in the past like Goku Naruto was never released anywhere so I'd wager that that DLC will be the same way so good luck in getting it.

This DLC is $9.99 with 2 more coming with prices for those unknown at this time.

However if you cop the Season Pass for $19.99 is not only do you get all the DLC is also you get a bonus Combination Tech for the Akatsuki as well. You can also get it by buying all 3 packs of the DLC but if you're copping all 3 then get the Season Pass and be done with it. Also, I don't think this'll get a Full Burst-like expansion so this may be your only way to get the content period but that could change and I'll let you know if it does.

You can get the Season Pass for PS4, XBONE & Steam HERE!

The Steam version doesn't drop until March 7th just so you know.

Mortal Kombat XL or just the GOTY Edition for clarity. The way this stuff breaks down is crazy but I'll get you through it.

If you've never bought a version of X then your job is to cop a version of XL. You can either get that physically or digitally on PS4 & XBONE for $59.99.

If you're currently on X then your options depend on what you've done already.

If you bought X and never bought any DLC then you'll want the XL Pack that gives you all the characters and most of the Costumes. You can get this on PS4 & XBONE for $24.99.

If you bought everything pre-dating XL then you'll want Kombat Pack 2 which is everything from the XL Pack except the Kombat Pack 1 items for $19.99 on PS4 & XBONE.

If all you want is one of the characters from Kombat Pack 2 then they're $4.99 a piece on either system and you're on your own hunting that down.

My suggestion, wait until the physical version of XL bottoms out and get that on the cheap. That's my plan and I'm sticking to it.

Coming to Maxi Boost ON is Luin Lee in the CAMS-05 Mack Knife! This Gundam will also be DLC for VS-FORCE on March 9th.

A retrospective about The Legend of Midna which drops on March 4th!

March 15th is Estival Versus in a hood near you and Japan's getting in on this with the Sakura Edition on the 17th too!

Here's the thing, if you want to play as the Ikki Tousen characters is you can only do that on the Japanese versions of the game so a copy of the Sakura Edition might be in your future. That version also comes with some DLC as well and no idea if that'll be coming to the US or EU versions of the game.

Also when the Sakura Edition drops is there'll be a sale on the DLC and when that happens I'll have the lowdown for you.


Up next on the Selection of Perfection platter is Nyotengu so enjoy and get ready for more on March 24th!

Arnas! Form Change! It's a thing she can do. The trailer can explain it better than I can. March 29th!

Speaking of March 29th is Resident Evil 6 is coming to PS4BONE. Following it 5 this Summer and 4 before the end of the year.

Note to self: I really need to see that L4D2 content on the PC version. Do that.

June 7th, comes the Revelator! Episode 2 of Xrd is coming with all the characters we've already talked about and soon with it comes the Queen!

Also on June 7th is it'll be story time with Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir!

6 Heroes, 1 United Destiny!

Time to get your read on!

In other news is those colors for Nitroplus Blasterz finally came out and they're yours for the low, low price of $FREE.99!

Marvelous Orange (PS3/PS4)

Royal Blue (PS3/PS4)

Cop these ASAP because I don't if they'll charge for these because these colors were part of the LE in Japan so get them now.

Also, if you didn't cop Heart & Homura during the $FREE.99 period is they cost $5.99 each or $9.99 for both. Have fun with that.



Did some OG XBOX maintenance and that turned into a Dragoon Might session which I always love! My Layla's beast but she needs some work and that I can admit. Work that I'll be glad to put in when the time presents itself. Who knows #TripleDaGODExplainsItAll with a Layla primer? Like they say in McWorld..."Hey, it could happen!"

Also it was some Cannon Dancer/Osman involved and that game is still good but when was ever not that? Go play Cannon Dancer! THE END!

Fuller House hit the streets this week and I'll say that the show goes and I appreciate that all the nostalgia is mostly front loaded in the first episode. This show is on point including the humor that constantly pokes fun at the show's existence and Michelle's absence within that. It might be a hard sell for anybody who wasn't part of the TGIF movement, however the show has a heart where it counts and it's worth a look on that alone. It does take a second for the show to come together but once it does you'll want more. In other news, Jodie Sweetin THO!

GOT HAM AKA GOR DON is back and with it our 2nd act to this season and this will go places and I'm more than glad to let the show take my hand!

In the thing the shows themselves never said would happen again is The Vampire Diaries crossed over with The Originals and by doing so rebuilt the bridge we knew existed but the shows never crossed too much outside of a reference or two to said events from one show to another and Tyler hopping back and forth between the two for a little while. I have no idea what the future holds for either show but TVD only has the juice for one more season and may be dragging The Originals down with it so who knows.

Most of The Usual Suspects are on break until the end of the month but for now Rosewood is back this week and I'll have the goods on that next time we does what we do.



New episode of Mortal Kombat from DashieXP!

Got the newest MES cart on deck and with it a Metroid medley! Awesome stuff!

SSFF is back with a new joint call Punching Weight that gives the lowdown of games that go above and beyond! Episode 1 is about GBC games and the 2nd episode is all about hidden remasters and ports in some recent classics. brings you an AZU573 CMV exclusive for Regulation A. You'll pick up a thing or two watching this right here.

If you want more of AZU573 then check the website for more!

That shall be that!

To celebrate Pokémon turning 20 is the art for the train this week will reflect this historic event in history!

Shouts to さいとう なおき for this portrait of Jessie, James & Meowth who are still keeping Team Rocket relevent after all these years! I hear in the anime is they grew out of that bumbling phase and are quite competent as villains and more so as trainers even though Ash's been super nerfed on more than one occasion for name a reason. Don't watch the anime anymore so can't confirm or deny any of that though.

If what you want is more like this then check the website, Pixiv and @ _NaokiSaito on Twitter!

Thanks to Takeshima for this collage of Eevee evolutions! I remember how many times I had to beat Gym Leader Castle in Pokémon Stadium to get all the evolutions in RBY! Good times man!

If more's what you want then be sure to check out Pixiv, Seiga & @takeshimaxfj on Twitter!

I'll be honest, the only reason I know of the above picture's existence and the ones that make it up is because of this episode of Two Best Sisters Play: Pokémon Snap by 2Snacks. These videos also caused me to turn a corner on the BFZ and I'm a fan of what they do now because of it. Can't wait for the Super Smash Bros. vid that's supposed to drop soon!

Let us put this to rest now!

Dawn/Hikari is best Poké Girl and that is what it is!

Shouts to nasoyon for this picture of Dawn!

Be sure to check that TumblrdeviantArtPixiv and @na4_n on Twitter for more!

However, I ship Ash & Misty because that makes sense! The only ship that ever was!

There are many PokéRaps but the OG version is the only version! To this day, I can still sing any one of the 5 on command because that's how much I heard this song before I caught the bus to school! Memories!

The Pokémon Theme, Pokémon Johto & Unbeatable are great themes but Pokémon World is the GOAT and I dare you to make a case saying otherwise! You may be able to make a case for the Pokémon Theme but not much else though!

Thank You Pokémon for all the memories and maybe I'll get back into the series for real and make some more really soon!

As usual, we thank you for your patronage and we know you'll be back and you'll bring your folks too!

New episode of the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject is coming later this week so be watching for that as well!

Y'all know the drill and if your friend doesn't know then be a friend and let them know!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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