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#TripleDaGODExplainsItAll Presents...Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S: Jougai Rantou!? Shuyaku Soudatsusen (SNES/Super Famicom)

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S: Jougai Rantou!? Shuyaku Soudatsusen roughly translates to “Pretty Solider Sailor Moon S: The Star Scramble Street Brawl?!”

BSSSS is a 1-on-1 Fighting Game which bucks the trend of the 2 previous SNES games in this series by Angel & Bandai which were side scrolling beat-em-ups which features all the Senshi in this season of the anime except for Hotaru Tomoe AKA Sailor Saturn.

The Cast of Characters of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S: Jougai Rantou!? Shuyaku Soudatsusen

Usagi Tsukino AKA Sailor Moon

Ami Mizuno AKA Sailor Mercury

Rei Hino AKA Sailor Mars

Makoto Kino AKA Sailor Jupiter

Minako Aino AKA Sailor Venus

Chibiusa Tsukino AKA Sailor Chibi Moon

Setsuna Meiou AKA Sailor Pluto

Michiru Kaiou AKA Sailor Neptune

Haruka Tenou AKA Sailor Uranus

Gameplay Modes & Notes

The game has a story mode where the Senshi hold a fighting tournament to determine who will be their new leader.

You fight the 4 other Inner Senshi in a predetermined order depending on the one you selected and then Chibi Moon, Pluto, Neptune & Uranus.

There’s a special prize for winning the tournament so make sure to finish the game with your favorite Senshi so you can see what it is.

The game also has the basic versus modes which include both a VS 2P & COM, Practice & Tournament Modes.

You can also select a Senshi’s alternate costume by pressing B or X on the Senshi Select.

Normal & Easy Operation Modes

This game has Normal and Easy Operation modes for playing which you can choose before battle.

The Normal Operation Mode uses 4 attack buttons (LP, HP, LK & HK) along with familiar and somewhat unfamiliar commands to activate them.

Easy Operation Mode allows you to use L (Weak Special Attack) or R (Heavy Special Attack) in conjunction with any attack button to do special moves replacing the default commands for said moves. L+R will activate a Senshi’s Desperation Move when active.

Unless there is a gap of skill between 2 players is 2 players of skill and knowledge of fighting games should never use Easy Operation Mode. EO allows for access to easier combos without considering the dexterity involved with pulling the move off otherwise. The choice is yours on this subject.

Ability Customize System (ACS)

You also have access to the Ability Customize System or ACS before battle which gives you 10 Points in Story Mode/15 Points in Versus Mode to power up one of six Abilities.

These are what each of the 6 icons represents going clockwise from the 12 o'clock position.

1. Elemental Energy

When you increase this ability your elemental attacks do more damage. (Shabon Spray, Moon Tiara Magic, Fire Soul Bird etc.)

This is the ability that should always be something you consider increasing because of the damage increase this ability provides moves of this nature. This is also great if you wish to use your chosen Senshi for the zone versus rushdown offense.

2. Question Mark

When you increase this ability is your Desperation Attack does more damage.

You can access your Desperation Attack at either 20% HP or lower or when there’s 10 seconds left on the clock.

You’ll know when Desperation Mode is activated because when your chosen Senshi’s HP reaches that threshold is her standing animation will change or you’ll see the heart above the timer start to flash.

With DM’s in this game being what they are is you’ll most likely finish your opponent off way before DM’s would come into play.  An increase here is more for Story Mode than it is for Versus Mode because of how crazy the AI gets when you face off against them especially when you face the Outer Senshi later in Story Mode.

3. Defensive Power

When increasing this ability it strengthens your overall defensive power.

You’ll either want to increase this ability or Life Energy or a balance of the two. This is great for both Story Mode and Versus Mode.

4. Playfulness

Increasing this ability increases the random chance a Special Move fails or that you fall down when you do back dash.

This is just a way to handicap yourself if you feel the need to do. You’ll do best staying far away from the thought of increasing this ability.

5. Life Energy

When you increase this ability is you increase your life an additional 10% beyond the maximum value.

You have 96HP at base and you increase it 9.6HP for each point and putting 5 points in grants you an additional 48HP for a total of 144HP.

Even given this information is your DM still activates at 24HP regardless of how high your total HP is because the game only considers your Senshi in Desperation Mode based on base HP values.

The game actually calculates up to 145HP if you were to cheat and set anything beyond that threshold is the game considers values of that nature to be 0HP no matter how high you set it to.

6. Attack Power

When you increase this ability is non-elemental attacks increase in power. This includes throws, holds and command throws as well.

This is a choice based simply on the offense you wish to wield with your chosen Senshi.

The zone should be for Elemental Energy and rushdown Attack Power. Strike a balance between the two if you feel the need to.

Be sure to keep in mind how the ACS can deeply affect the Meta if it is used. If you decide to use it is let the ACS setup be blind for both players and losers have the option to alter their ACS setup if they so choose. You may also want to not even use the ACS and just decide fights at base. Make the judgment call on this.

Battle Information

Every single Senshi controls and feels differently. Be sure to experiment with each one to find out how.

You have a back dash that’s invincible except for the last 3-4 frames where your vulnerable again as your Senshi is recovering from it..

There are two different types of Grapple Attacks.

Any Grapple Attack that’s considered by the game to be of the Throw variety can be teched with HK + any other button whether the Throw is in the ground or in the air for Senshi who have that option.

The window to tech a throw is very small and because the animation is Senshi dependant is this window to tech a throw can slightly vary. Expect anywhere between 10-15 frames to activate a tech which is a long time but not one at the same time.

Any Grapple Attack that’s considered by the game to be of the Hold variety can’t be teched at all.

Throws do more damage while holds do less. Not all Senshi have both options so be sure to know what your Senshi can do to make the best call.

Chains and Combos in this game work like this. You’re free to alternate LP/LK attacks as long as they are connecting naturally in a combo. Once you introduce a HP/HK into that string you’re not allowed to go backwards. Every normal in the game can be canceled into a Special/Desperation Move on the first possible frame in which the move recovers.

Stun time varies depending on the move in question. As long as your foe is in hit or block stun is they can do nothing but wait until their first frame of neutral to react in any way that’s fast enough to counter what’s coming.

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