Thursday, April 14, 2016

#TheCool: The Old New Normal!





Before we get to the business at hand is there's some new work in the streets straight from #TeamGRF that truly you should be aware of if you weren't previously!

This right here is a classic for EvilFreakzilla & I for the reasons it is!

So many memories and we made a couple more in this video!

If you ever wondered what it was like in The Lab then this video about Fight Fever should give you a clue on that.

It didn't start that way but it ended that way and I might just give the streets more peeks at my lab work in the future!


Dynamite Cop is on the way!

In the meantime, some Die Hard Arcade on the Saturn just for you!







The 15th of April will bring Kio Asuno in the Gundam AGE-FX to Maxi Boost ON!

On the 19th of May, one hero will stand above all others!

Will it be Ochako?

Maybe Tenya?

This question gets an answer in My Hero Academia: Battle for All!

The day after #DayoftheBasedGOD is Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness!

A look at Fiore, Victor & the battle system should do for now!

August 30th is AOT: Wings of Freedom and it'll be time to Giant Attack Aggressively!


You want THIS!

In other news, Atlus is on localization & publishing duties again so do with this information what you will!

Garland's in Dissidia Arcade now!

With him comes some balance adjustments, costume colors, weapons and more!

Shouts to FamitsuTube for the look at Garland's move set!



As usual, #TheHustle's here to give you all the DLC & sales you need!

Because we're in Senran Kagura season is there's more DLC for you to get at!

What's there to get at?

Look at all these costumes your favorite girl could be wearing!

Pick up a single costume for $1.99 or the complete set for $11.99!

If you want to get it for yourself then click the pic to be taken to the store page!

It does link to the PS4 version but the DLC is cross-buy so it doesn't matter much!

For $5.99 you can pick up the Mission Set which includes the following missions...

Gessen vs. Hanzō
Hanzō vs. Daidōji
Hebijo vs. Crimson Squad
Crimson Squad vs. Rin

Also, the PS4 version includes two bonus missions: Ultimate Final Showdown & Ultimate Final Showdown (Sayuri)!

Click the picture to be taken to the PS4 version since there's no link for the Vita version.

Remember, cross-buy DLC!

If you're being thrifty then the Weekly Mega Bundle 4 is just for you!

For $14.99 you get all the above and that's quite a discount if you want it!

Pick it up on PS4 or Vita!

If you're looking for a new avatar then there's some Senran Kagura avatars now available!

Scroll through and see what's what and we'll talk damage below!

If you see something that catches your eye on the way then click that picture to be taken to that particular bundle!

The above picture explains it all! Just like I do!

Click it to be taken to the Avatar Set Mega Bundle Page!

That picture was provided by XSEED's Senran Kagura Facebook Page!

All the others were provided by @Marvelous_Games on Twitter!

Happy Summer!

We haven't talked Valkyrie Drive in a minute!

This trailer dropped and it reminded me there's some stuff to give your Liberator or Exter of your choice some sexy if you choose!

Here's the deal!

If you want the full game digitally you can get that HERE for ¥6804!

This does come with the costumes that were included in the First Print Edition of the game if you missed those or you could buy THEM for ¥1000 if you wish to get the game physically and can't get one with a code!

If you wish, you can add Mirei & Mamori from Mermaid for ¥650 if you want! Highly suggested however!

If you're looking for some crossover is you can get a Senran Kagura Dekamori Accessory Set for ¥1000!

If you're just looking for non-crossover accessory sets then there's the Sway Accessory Set for ¥500 and Accessory Set 1 & Accessory Set 2 for ¥750 a piece!

Also a pair of $FREE.99 underwear!

If you wish to check the full slate of DLC items for Bhikkhuni then you can do so HERE!

Also in the streets now is Moero!! Pro Yakyuu 2016 on PS4!

If you're wondering what that is then it's a 2016 Edition of the NES classic Bases Loaded!

You can get it HERE and it'll run you ¥864!

In Skullgirls PC news is the 2nd Encore DLC is out and until 420 is you can get everything at a steal!

The base game now costs $9.99 & the DLC characters are $1.99 each...FOREVER!

If you're looking to expand into 2nd Encore is that'll run you $14.99 which comes with all the 2nd Encore upgrades plus all 5 DLC characters!

If you don't own a DLC character you can get the DLC at 33% at $10.04 before 420!

If you own one of the 5 DLC characters is you can get the DLC for 50% at $7.49 before 420!

If you don't own a DLC character and want in on this then this just buy a DLC character and get the 2nd Encore content and save 56¢ if you want to be thrifty on it!

Regardless, no excuse to get on one of the best fighters in the business today!

You can check out the Skullgirls Steam Page HERE!

You can get the official word about all of this from Mike Z HERE!

Strip Fighter 5 dropped too!

You can get THE VERSION or the censored one!




More heat in the lab as we cook this work up like #TeamGRF does it! I want to talk about it but I love just scorching the streets with no prior warning! That's the word!

The Usual Suspects have been on the J! O! B! since we last did what we did what we do and well...

We know who's in that grave on Arrow now. They chose poorly I will say! Given how things now work is nothing is certain anymore so we'll see how concrete this is.


You should marathon Animals the first chance you get because that show was greater than I thought it would be and I want more of this so here's hoping for more of it!

I'm glad I gave the new Powerpuff Girls a real chance! The early drama that surrounded the show was pretty bad however given what the show is now is that it was for the best to "spice" it up a bit with some "sugar" because it makes "everything nice!" This show wasn't made for fans of the original in mind given its approach to how it wishes to do things. It was made for the kids of now and that's what you have to do and I respect the show for catering to its audience and still being a great watch because of it!

Kamen Rider Amazons is that dumb! I had some thoughts on what it might do but what it did was even greater than I thought. That was the perfect Showa show to go back and put a spin on and I'm feeling the spin so give it a whirl if you're curious!

Is House of Lies still going dumb? YES!

You should put Rush Hour on your list most definitely! I felt that the adaptation of the 1st movie was a bit rushed and should've been 2 episodes instead of one. This is even given the fact that the way they chose to adapt it is a lot better for TV and will flow better as a weekly. I have to say that the chemistry between Hines & Foo just works and without it the show would fall apart and not live up to the original. So give it a shot!

iZombie went extra stupid during its 2 part Season Finale and Season 3 is going to be THAT BIDNESS! WATCH IZOMBIE!

We've got Garo: Makai Retsuden coming along with who knows what else!

Thank You, Usual Suspects!



Still hyped for this movie? YES!

The crossover you never dreamed is here...Critical Role X Kinda Funny?!

Lindbeck & Lee X Cristina Vee X Sushi?!

This could go places!

This look at this Rockman X3 proto is provided by CD.21.21 CD.21.21!

See if you spot what different in Shining Tigerd's stage!



Here's a special episode of Cooking with Triple Da G.O.D!

What do you get when you combine...

Some MILF?!

A whole bunch of Ninja?!

A bit of Ice Princess?!

And add a dash of Shanoa!?

You get some featured art by loliK!

Check out more of his art on Pixiv!

Here's a real truth about me to all of you!

I give you my permission to put your legs around my neck and do whatever you wish to!

I'll show you mine if you show me some Somersault Justice!

This is poison I could taste and be completely and totally OK with!

Thanks to NaSO4 for the enlightenment!

Be sure to check her TumblrPixiv and @na4_n on Twitter for more!

As usual, we thank you for coming to kick it for a bit!

#TeamGRF is running these streets and we'll be getting you what you need soon enough!

Be sure to tell a friend and a foe how we does it around here!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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